It is of the greatest importance to recognise that presenting an incomplete case always affords an advantage to those who are in possession of one more comprehensive.

It must be obvious to very many people, particularly to the more senior, that this contemporary civilization has suffered a catastrophic retrogression in the past 60 odd years, to go back no further. Sixty years represents two generations, and over that period education has steadily become more centralized, until it has more and more approximated to a system of indoctrination. There is what used to be a well-known saying, attributed to the Jesuits, to the effect: "Give us a child for its first seven years of its life, and others can have it after that".

But modern 'education' has gone further than that. Because of the movement of the generations, ideas implanted in the earliest years are "progressively" (the pun is intentional) developed through higher grades of 'education'. The universities have been targets of revolutionaries for a much longer period than sixty years; but the rate of change in the past fifty years is so fast as to be obvious to anyone who fifty years ago entered university.

This changing educational process is like painting a white wall red. The first small section looks like a stain on the white wall, and the task endless; but towards the end the whiteness looks like a stain on the red, and the end is clearly in view.

Now with the proliferation of the dogmas of 'political science', there has been an avalanche of books and articles on political and economic matters; but this avalanche is polemical rather than scientific, and as far as public opinion is concerned, is confusing rather than enlightening. The fundamental cause of this confusion is that the polemicists present incomplete cases. But this incompleteness is more and more one-sided -- there are selective omissions as dogma supersedes fact.

The question is: "Is there a cause for these omissions?"

The review Zimunism is a compressed attempt to answer this question but can only claim that while still an incomplete case, it makes good some vital omissions in current discussions. These concern in the main the actual operation of the monetary system and the activities of the operators; and the question as to what Benjamin Disraeli meant in his novel Coningsby (which expressly conveyed his own "suggestions") when he wrote: "So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes".

Zimunism is incomplete in the sense that a skeleton is incomplete in relation to a body. The works referred to in the text, together with many others, provide sufficient "flesh" to complete a body.

As for Mind, this is to be discerned in autobiographies, and statements of witnesses given in reports of judicial-type enquiries.

And finally, the nearer one comes to a comprehension of the complete 'case', the more conviction grows that there is indeed a "conscious, organized, Evil Purpose in the world." Any reader of Zimunism who is perplexed and concerned by the present and future state of the world should re-read this review after a few days, since the necessary compression of the treatment may make a first reading difficult to grasp.


"The British Government is withholding Cabinet papers dating back to 1946 which relate to Palestine and the British Mandate before the creation of the State of Israel. They won't be made public for another 20 years. The papers were due to be released yesterday under a 30 year rule, but they are still regarded as too sensitive to be made public. A BBC correspondent says the documents concern a year of diplomatic and political activity which if made public thirty years later could be harmful to international relations and to individuals who were involved in the creation of the Jewish State."
-- ABC News Broadcast, Jan. 2, 1977

The Times (May 1, 1977) reports that the Cabinet papers relating to Palestine and the British Mandate prior to the creation of the state of Israel, have now been released following complaints from Lord Bethel, the historian. The Cabinet Office "discovered that a fault in the inter-departmental machinery determining the release of documents under the 30-year rule was responsible . . .

"The Cabinet Office has made clear that incompetence rather than any decision on grounds of sensitivity was responsible . . ."


In its issue for June 3, 1939, The Social Crediter began publication three months before the resumption of World War on Sept. 3 -- of a major work by C.H. Douglas: 'Whose Service Is Perfect Freedom'. Chapter I reviews in then contemporary terms the central thesis of Douglas's first book on Social Credit -- Economic Democracy -- "that centralization of power over initiative as opposed to individual freedom is a persistent and conscious policy". As the author says, "every effort has been made to obscure the fundamental issues"; and he observes "it is difficult to make the general public realize that 'Communist v. Fascist' is, in the main, only the old Party game in a new dress." We may add that "Capital v. Labour" is another name of the game.

This latter is a pernicious antithesis. Both Capitalists and Labour base their fundamental policy on Full Employment. Of this Douglas wrote: "Its absurd exaltation . . . is to my mind clear proof that it is consciously used to 'play both ends against the middle', and so to perpetuate world slavery, by making employment a condition of a reasonable standard of life".

This exaltation has now proceeded to a point where it has virtually replaced religion as a philosophy of the meaning of life, and in particular, of the meaning of individual life, of individuality. Because of the enormous increase in productivity (see The Social Crediter(TSC) Nov./Dec. 1976), material values are steadily displacing spiritual values. Consider the great old Cathedrals. Enormous human labour went into their building, but they bear witness in their elaborate craftsmanship to the loving care with which they were built. There is nothing spiritual about contemporary office blocks. These are cathedrals built to the worship of the Golden Calf, whose service is enslavement.

Now a persistent policy -- and in this context persistent means going back centuries -- derives from a deep-seated philosophy; and in this case Douglas came to the reluctant conclusion, after close consideration of facts and less tangible evidence, "that there is a fundamental relationship between the troubles which afflict Europe and what is known as the Jewish problem . . .

"That Jewry as a whole has a permanent policy which aims at establishing the individual Jew as a member of a 'chosen', superior, dominant and ruling class in every country and over the whole world, is the charge, and it appears to be established by a consideration of the part played by Jews in both general and economic history, so far as I am familiar with it. In short, the Jew has the policy of his philosophy . . . "

The point that I am concerned to make is that it is sheer insanity not to recognise that the world is always at war and must always be at war just so long as there is an attempt to impose a 'system' on any people or person, and that an international attempt of this nature which is being actively pursued by Jewry means that the first and primary enemy is within the gates of every nation . . .

"I believe it has only to be pointed out to be admitted, however, that the sphere, in which the Jewish race operates so largely as very nearly to control it, is that sphere which in the Middle Ages was regarded as the sphere of Black Magic, but which we now term 'suggestion' or 'the psychology of the unconscious', and imagine that thereby we are saying something modern and scientific.

"The outstanding instance of this is the hypnotism which has been exercised over the whole world by the financial system, so that almost without exception people have come to believe that bits of paper are more important than fields of grain, and figures in a book are a measure of the solid worth of a human individual and the only passport to a tolerable existence. But the hypnotism of finance, while perhaps the most important exhibit of black magic or the misuse of suggestion, is by no means alone, either in the mediaeval or the modern world. In the former, Jews obtained control over chivalry by the hypnotic propaganda associated with the Crusades, and the money-lending transactions which were required to make the Crusades possible . . . In the modern world, high-pressure salesmanship, fantastic advertising, the portrayal upon the moving picture of a type of society which, fortunately, does not exist to any extent outside Hollywood, the filthy 'crooning' of Bowery melodies by the British Broadcasting Corporation, are all instances of the almost diabolical faculty for destroying a 'just relationship between the mind and things'. The conspiracy in the Jewish-controlled press to misrepresent world economic problems as primarily concerned with the provision of employment, the continuous misdirection of the Labour Party (now a War Party), the use of every opportunity to filch away individual initiative and centralize it in practically anonymous and international financial institutions supported by a propaganda which distorts and perverts any information the general population may acquire, are simply modern 'black magic'. In the face of a world which by these methods and policies has been brought to a condition rightly described as Insanity Fair, we are so bemused that we imagine that still more 'Government' (delegated power) will save us, and that anyone can manage our business better than we can manage it for ourselves. Every civilization in history has perished of this cause -- that 'leaders' and institutions have been allowed to assume powers for the exercise of which they could not be brought to account, and which we have no justification for resigning, while at the same time functional indiscipline has been advocated and practiced".

That was 1939 -- before TV, as it were. The policy has been pursued and intensified, and world society is in chaos, with another major phase of World War imminent. Soviet Russia has stock-piled heavy war-material in Somalia; the Chinese Communists are building a north-south railway from Tanzania to Zambia, and have in those countries 35,000 Chinese soldiers disguised as "railway workers", and have tanks at Dar-es-Salaam, and a fleet of torpedo-boats at Zanzibar. The Americans are financing a great road north-west through Lesotho. And the Soviet-armed Cubans are still in Mozambique. The German-Jew-immigrant-American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger laid a snare for Prime Minister Ian Smith in Rhodesia, and the Labour Government (once more a War Party) in Britain is on the point of springing it. (See: The Siege of Southern Africa, by Douglas Reed: MacMillan South Africa, 1974).

It is of the utmost importance to grasp the magnitude of what we are up against. The first phase (1914-1918) of World War, the Great Depression (1929-1933), and the second phase (1939-1946) of World War, are merely peaks in a continuing war against existing civilization. There has been no peace with the 'end' of World War. We are currently in phase III -- in a way, war by proxy, in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, and Africa, and guerrilla wars elsewhere. The objective, under cover of the threat of an annihilating atomic war, is to take "the West" intact, without destroying its industrial base, but with the enslavement of its peoples. Under cover of that threat, we have had the Cold War, during which the USSR moved towards strategic superiority, while the West was lulled by assurances of safety under the American nuclear "umbrella", and NATO was alleged to be superior to the USSR. Now we have detente, meaning relaxation; but the French meaning is "trigger".

But progressively the propaganda, the hypnotism, has altered. Just as in the years of Hitler's rise, newspapers like The Times, played down the threat until war was unavoidable, so such papers have played down the Soviet threat until now, the Soviets having gained numerical and strategic superiority, they are increasingly plugging the line that "we" must increase our defences, with an obligato of "suicide or surrender".

If the Soviets have, or are believed to have strategic superiority, it is unnecessary to exercise it through war unless, if an endeavour were made to overtake that superiority, it should become threatened. Otherwise it is only necessary to await the coming economic collapse of 'capitalist' society and concomitant Communist-led revolution, while the Red Army stands ready to support the revolutionary leadership -- until permanent all-Communist arrangements are made.


By the time Chapter VI of "Whose Service Is Perfect Freedom" was published, World War had been resumed. In this Chapter Douglas wrote: "The real objectives of the 1914-1918 war were the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, the League of Nations, and the financial subjugation of Great Britain." We think that a further objective, the extraction of the Balfour Declaration from the British Government by the Money-Power in New York should be added. It was following this Declaration that the U.S. entered the war. The Declaration is not much remembered these days, but of Lord Balfour the Encyclopaedia Britannica: Micropaedia Vol. I says: "His most important action occurred on Nov. 2, 1917, when, prompted by the Zionist emigres Chaim Weizmann and Sakan Nokolow, he wrote a letter to the 2nd Baron Rothschild, head of the English branch of the famous Jewish banking family. The Balfour Declaration, pledging British aid for Zionist efforts to establish a home for world Jewry in Palestine, gave great impetus to the movement that eventually resulted in the establishment of the state of Israel".

There was a good deal more to it than that. In Betrayal By Rulers (Western Islands: Boston 1976). Prince Michel Sturdza, former Rumanian Foreign Minister, writes:

"The opening by the British Foreign Office of its confidential pre-1918 files showed how the Zionist ideas had developed from the cherished imperial dream of a few individuals to the point of execution. In 1916 the military situation of Great Britain and France on the battlefields and the ocean routes was at its lowest ebb. That was the year when Chaim Weizmann and Samuel Landman, two influential British Zionists, finally succeeded in convincing the responsible British and French authorities that the best way, perhaps the only way, to induce the American President to come into the war was to secure the cooperation of Zionist Jews, and then to mobilise their surprisingly powerful forces in America and elsewhere in favor of the allies on a quid quo pro basis . . .

"The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was the result of the secret agreement of 1916. It stated that the British government would provide for the establishment in Palestine of a national home for Jews, 'without prejudice to the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities existing there.' The last obstacle to Zionism's full cooperation with the allied cause was removed with the fall of the Tsarist regime. And finally, in response to repercussions from the carefully prepared Lusitania incident, President Wilson consented to abandon his 'too-proud-to-fight' posture and threw the United States' might on land and sea into the war on the side of Germany's enemies".

L. Fry, in 'Waters Flowing Eastward', (The British American Press, Chatou (S. & O.) France: Third Edition, 1934. [Later, revised and enlarged, editions published by Britons Publishing Co., Devon].) quotes from a letter written by Louis Marshall (President of the Jewish delegation at the Peace Conference) to Max Senior, an anti-Zionist associated with Rabbi David Philipson: "The Balfour Declaration with its acceptance by the powers, is an act of the highest diplomacy. It means both more and less than appears on the surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan: it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon . . . All the protests they [non-Zionists] may make would be futile. It would subject them individually to hateful and concrete examples of a most impressive nature. Even if I were disposed to combat Zionism, I would shrink from the possibilities which might result."

"Thus", writes Fry, "Zionism gained its ends: in Berlin and Petrograd by subversive activities, in London and New York mainly by diplomacy. Without the influence of Zionism in America during the Wilson administration, and American money, the Balfour Declaration, obtained by the efforts of Weizmann and Sokolov, would have remained a dead letter". (The attentive reader may have observed that the authorities quoted in reference to the Balfour Declaration give different names for Chaim Weizmann's 'companion', or witness. The Encyclopaedia Britannica is merely dismissive of the whole incident -- a mere act of statesmanship on the part of Lord Balfour. But it is well established that the adoption of cover names is a powerful ingredient of conspiracy. All that can be said is that Weizmann was accompanied by a companion in this delicate negotiation which has led to the present state of the world).

This is not the history taught in schools; but it is history nonetheless, and an understanding of it is essential to an understand of the present and of the almost certain future. Prince Sturdza, in this context, writes: "Jerusalem is, in the last analysis, the centre of the Palestine problem, the centre of the whole Middle East problem, and it might easily become the centre of the world peace problem too. For Jerusalem is not, for Zionism, just one more locality to be included in the Jewish state. It is the longed-for capital for which the Jewish people have sighed for two thousand years, the symbol of its force and cohesion, the Metropolis (soon to be inhabited by millions of refugees from Russia) which already dreams of the Euphrates as the limit of its dominion.

"Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state cannot subsist at the extreme edge of a long, narrow corridor, surrounded by hostile populations. To be truly viable, Jerusalem must be the navel of the Zionist state, broadly and safely soldered to the rest of the territory, and with secure outlets to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea . . ."

As a global phenomenon, Jews have two aspects. Before World War I, Jews everywhere were nationals of the countries where they resided. But they retained an international identity as a distinctive people, based on a racial identity as maintained by marriage laws and religious and other doctrines. And where there is law, there must be an organization to maintain and apply that law. Thus, though dispersed, the Jews were internationally organized in a way that other nationalized immigrants to various countries are not.

With the granting of a 'home' to Jews it became possible, at the expense of the Arabs, to locate a government of Jews geographically. Then the growth of the Zionist movement could offer the prospect of a more overt and formal Government, which was achieved by war on the Arabs and the British, culminating in the establishment and expansion of the State of Israel, formally recognized by other States, and the U.N.

In all this, a distinction must be made. Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews. There are gentiles who consciously pursue Zionist objectives. Probably the majority of Jews are regarded by Zionists as troops, just as while all Germans were not Nazis, the German Government used Germans as troops in the pursuit of German national objectives. Whatever Hitler's nominal position, German national objectives were in the hands of the Great German General Staff, a continuing and internationally organized entity, linked with cartels on a global scale. (See: The Brief for the Prosecution, by C.H. Douglas, Chapters V and VI).

Thus Zionism, in essence, like Aryanism, is an ideology. And ideologies manifest in a way quite analogous to instincts. Just as the sexual instinct gives rise to a pattern of behavior, so does an ideology. The objective of the sexual instinct manifests in mating: the objective of Aryanism, or Zionism, manifests in centralization of power. Instinct and ideology are more inclusive -- go back further in the past -- than race, and race becomes a tool of ideology.

World War II would not have been possible without Germany's capacity to make fuel oil and its derivatives on a massive scale from coal. The patents covering this process were held by Standard Oil in the U.S.A., which supplied these and the technological know-how to Germany. General Electric, ITT, and other Corporations also contributed to German rearmament on a massive scale. Full details of all this, and of much else besides, supported by documentary evidence and references to U.S. government files, may be found in Antony Sutton's'Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler'. ('76 Press: Seal Beach, California. 1976).

Douglas concludes Chapter VI by observing that Hitler was forced into war (and anyone who remembers the post-Munich propaganda campaign -- largely a display of wrath in the U.S., but ably seconded by the British Press and the Labour Party, could not doubt that) and wrote: "It is, therefore, I think, quite possible to state the real as distinct from the proximate objectives of the present war.

"They are:

"(1) The establishment of the International Police State on the Russian model, beginning with Great Britain. ('Can we finally rid Europe of barriers of caste and creed and prejudice? . . . our new civilization must be built through a world at war. But our new civilization will be built just the same.'
-- Mr. Anthony Eden, Broadcast to America, 11th September, 1939).

"This contemplates the complete abolition of civil rights.

"(2) The restoration of the Gold Standard and the Debt System.

"(3) The elimination of Great Britain in the cultural sense, and the substitution of Jewish-American ideals.

"(4) The establishment of the Zionist State in Palestine as a geographical centre of World Control, with New York as the centre of World Financial Control".


It is now a generation since Phase II of World War ended with the atomic bang. The U.S., with a country untouched by war, richer and more prosperous and more powerful than ever before, appeared as the savior and peace-keeper of the whole world. The British, who had been hypnotized into a belief in the Four Freedoms for which the war was ostensibly fought, and the blessings of the Welfare State, got instead Crippsian Austerity "work or want." And, over the succeeding 30 years, "elimination in the cultural sense" -- dilution by massive immigration of alien cultures, and breakdown of tradition through the efforts of the BBC, TV, and much of the Press.

In its issue for Sept. 11, 1948, TSC published the following note by Douglas:

"There is higher authority than ours for the observation that though one rose from the dead, yet would they not believe. Yet, to take only the period of history covered by the three hundred years since Cromwell, the evidence for the existence of a conscious organized, Evil Purpose in the world appears so overwhelming that it would seem axiomatic that mankind could have no prior interest than to root out its Incarnations wherever found. Yet, so far as we can judge there is general though not universal apathy on the subject, and where there is not, the concern lacks focus.

"It is probable that one factor in this situation is the identification of nations with the policies they appear to pursue. For nearly two hundred years, Germany has been the embodiment of this Evil Power, yet it is not intrinsically German. Russia appears to compete with the United States for possession of the Banners of Hell yet Russians, as individuals, like Americans, are no doubt good, bad, and indifferent.

"The situation is in fact not greatly dissimilar to the group psychology explored by Gustave le Bon in such books as Psychologie de Peuples, and, recognizing this, we can see that a nation, considered as a group, is not rational; it is a force, not an intelligence; and therefore one nation or group after another can be used and manipulated by a concentrated Supernatural, Conscious Intelligence. The geographical shift of the Storm Centre in Europe from Spain to France, via Holland and England to Germany, and now to Russia is paralleled by the shift of certain activities, largely but not wholly Financial. This Storm Centre has, of course, its secondaries, its 'Fifth Column' everywhere.

"'Britain' is now apparently the target of the most venomous hatred by its manipulators, a position we have usurped from Imperial Russia; and the practical lesson to be learnt from this analysis is to direct our attention to the current Storm Centre. It is not in Russia, except as a fulcrum for Wall Street; Russia is finished; it is in New York."


When Douglas wrote of the opinion he had formed on the Jewish problem, or the "facts and less tangible evidence", such evidence in the legal sense was scanty. But in the years following the conclusion of Phase II of World War, an increasing number of books exposing conspiratorial activities were published, particularly in the U.S. They were almost entirely ignored by the reviewers, and many were suppressed; however, the John Birch Society and its affiliates arranged for the reprinting on a large scale of a very representative selection of books containing highly important disclosures of conspiratorial activities. For example, when the USSR exploded an atomic device years before it was generally believed possible, few people outside inner government circles in the U.S. knew that the necessary materials and technology had been secretly transported from the U.S. to the USSR in 1943 -- before the release of the Hiroshima bomb. This whole story is given in the book From Major Jordan's Diaries (1952: Harcourt Brace & Co., New York. Reprinted in American Opinion reprint Series, 1961).

In June 1946 the Report of the Royal Commission in Canada was made public. The Commission was appointed by the Canadian Government under Order in Council P.C. 411 of Feb. 5, 1946, to investigate disclosures made by Igor Gouzenko, a Russian cypher clerk employed as a "civilian employee" of the Soviet Embassy at Ottawa. In its Introduction to the Report the Commission says:

"[Gouzenko] has undoubtedly been a most informative witness and has revealed to us the existence of a conspiratorial organization operating in Canada and other countries. He has not only told us the names and cover names of the organizers, the names of many of the Canadians who were caught 'in the net' (to employ the phrase used by the documents) and who acted here as agents, but he has also exposed much of the set-up of the organization as well as its aims and methods here and abroad.

"There can be no doubt in our minds that these attempts, very often successful, to obtain here secret and confidential information cannot he qualified as casual or isolated. They are not merely the acts of over-zealous Soviet employees anxious to inform their own Government. The set-up of this organization in Canada is the result of a long preparation by trained and experienced men, who have come here for the express purpose of carrying on spying activities, and who have employed all the resources at their disposal, with or without corruption, to fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

"Some of these men have undoubtedly been well-schooled in espionage and Fifth Column organizational methods, and in political and psychological [Black Magic] techniques."

The Report 733 pages includes the examination of witnesses and comments on their testimony. Its publication produced a limited sensation, but little effect, although it was made obvious that what was revealed as happening in Canada must also be happening in Washington and London and indeed throughout the world. The Report in fact was a detailed disclosure of a segment to a single global conspiracy.

One of the features which stands out in the Report is the high proportion of Jews among the conspirators. The Jews as a people are also a global phenomenon, internationally organized. This is not to suggest that Communism is a Jewish conspiracy per se, but the evidence is overwhelming that Jewry and Communism are co-extensive and interlinked, just as is the international financial system, which controls national finances by imposing the necessity of obtaining "foreign exchange" or "international reserves" as backing for national currencies. These book-keeping transactions have largely displaced gold; but the idea of International Drawing Rights on the International Monetary Fund, and of "Paper Gold" of the World Bank, maintain the effect of the Gold Standard and the Debt System, which is the mainstay, for the present, of World Government.

The Canadian Report also reveals (Introduction):

"As early as 1924 there was an organization at work in Canada directed from Russia and operating with Communist sympathizers in Canada. Two of the most active persons in this organization were Fred Rose, born Rosenberg, in Lublin, Poland, and Sam Carr, born Kogen or Cohen, in Tomachpol, Russian Ukraine. Sam Carr, speaking Russian perfectly, went to Russia. While in Russia he took a course at the 'Lenin Institute' where matters taught included political subjects, and also such practical subjects as the organization of political movements, fomentation or extension or prolongation of strikes for ulterior purposes, sabotage methods, espionage, and barricade fighting. The students received a very good education as 'agents conspirators'."

The date 1924 above is noteworthy. The general public idea of Russian Communism is of an uprising in 1917 which overthrew the Tsar. What, these days, would be called a "Social Democrat" government was set up under one Kerensky; but this in turn was overthrown by the Bolsheviks under Lenin. The chief concern then was to consolidate the power of the revolutionary government by means of carefully planned terror, and to extend the revolutionary government's area of control and ward off outside interference in the period of consolidation. The former task was conducted by Lenin, the latter by Trotsky.

This was a massive enough task; but it was obviously the implementation of a well thought-out programme. The 'Russian' Revolution of 1917 was the eruption in manifest form of a subterranean revolutionary activity with an underlying continuity of centuries, which in its first 'modern' manifestation appeared in the French Revolution of 1789. Here for the first time was put into operation the technique of creating genuine grievances among the population by high-level manipulation of resources, then exploiting these grievances to break up the existing order of society. It erupted again in 1848, provoked and guided by the same strategems and deceptions as fifty years before.

The history of conspiracy reaches back to antiquity, but its modern, 'scientific' incarnation has its origin in the founding in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt of the Order of Illuminati in 1776 -- two centuries, six generations, ago. Here we see the exact formulation of that very cell system uncovered by the Canadian Royal Commission, by which large numbers of individuals are organized on the horizontal level into small groups of as few as three people. Above this is a smaller horizontal level, similarly organized, but each member of this cell being responsible for one of the cells below, and so on upwards. This, of course, is the pattern of organization of armed forces and bureaucracies and industries -- an organizational pyramid of control to enable the conduct of operations. But the critically distinguishing feature of the Illuminati was its extreme secrecy, maintained by penalty, ranging from blackmail to murder. The lower cells were kept in ignorance of the higher. The Order was briefly exposed in 1786 and revealing documents were seized; but the exposure was not complete -- the secrecy prevented that -- and the Order went underground. (Weishaupt is not accorded an entry in the current edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. A brief entry in the Micropaedia refers to the Illuminati as "a 19th century nationalistic Italian intellectual movement." In the section on the History of Italy, the Encyclopaedia, referring to the effect of the French revolution on Italy, says: "The moderate and constitutional demands of the Masonic lodges began to be accompanied by more democratic demands, and there were in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Naples cells of Illuminati, republican freethinkers, after the pattern recently established in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt". So much for history.)

For a full account of all this, the reader is referred to World Revolution, by Nesta Webster. (Britons Publishing Co., Devon. Revised Edition, 1971). Suffice it to say here that modern Communism was conceived within Illuminism, and that its higher direction was, and is, by Illuminism. And Bolshevism, led by Lenin, was a minority within Communism as generally understood. Lenin was, according to information related by Mrs. Webster, recruited by one Israel Lazarevitch Helphand, who had adopted the pseudonym (a routine procedure of the Illuminati) Parvus, a Jew of the province of Minsk. Lenin was also a paid agent of the Germans, and he was sent into Russia by the Germans in a sealed train, at the suggestion of Parvus. Once there, he recruited trained revolutionaries, most of the senior ones being Jews, from various parts of the world. So the 'Russian' Revolution was in fact an international invasion of Russia, which promptly by ruthless terror enslaved the population.

Thus the Canadian Commission's finding that in 1924 "there was an organization at work in Canada directed from Moscow" is not so surprising as it seems at first sight. The conquest of Russia had provided a territorial base from which to plan and organize further territorial and ideological conquests. And that original conquest had been financed by International Finance, ('Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution' by Antony C. Sutton: Arlington House, New Rochelle, N.Y) and has had its industrial base provided and financed by Finance and International Cartels, largely from the U.S.A., Western Europe and (then) Great Britain. Sutton writes (Preface): "We find there was a link between some international bankers and many revolutionaries, including Bolsheviks. These banking gentlemen -- who are here identified -- had a financial stake in, and were rooting for, the success of the Bolshevik Revolution."

Recall the opening quotation from "Whose Service Is Perfect Freedom": "that centralization of power over initiative as opposed to individual freedom is a persistent and conscious policy," and compare Sutton (Chapter 1): The accepted conceptual spectrum of political left and political right is that "Bolsheviks are at the left end of the political spectrum and Wall Street financiers are at the right end; therefore; we implicitly reason, the two groups have nothing in common and any alliance between the two is absurd . . .

"On the other hand, it may be observed that both the extreme right and the extreme left of the conventional political spectrum are absolutely collectivist. The national socialist (for example, the fascist) and the international socialist (for example, the Communist) both recommend totalitarian politico-economic systems based on naked, unfettered political power and individual coercion. Both systems require monopoly control of society . . .

"Therefore, an alternative conceptual packaging of political ideas and politico-economic systems would be that of ranking the degree of individual freedom versus the degree old centralized political control . . ."

The Inner Conspiracy -- going back centuries, but explicitly revealed by the exposure of the Illuminati and the seizure of its documents is like the molten interior of the earth: the visible revolutionary outbreaks, most obvious in the French Revolutions, and the Bolshevik Revolution which was a continuation of the purpose of the French revolutions, are like volcanoes breaking through the earth's crust, obliterating the pre-existing order of Nature.

This continuing purpose is now reaching a further climax in Africa, where already the ordered progress of colonialism has been laid waste by the provocation of tribal warfare. Actual national independence is now virtually confined to Southern Africa, and on this the last hope of this civilizations' survival. To quote Douglas again: "In this, the gravest crisis in the world's history, it is essential to realize that the stakes which are being played for [international control of vital raw materials] are so high that the players on one side, at least, care no more for the immolation of the peoples of a continent than for the death of a sparrow". And in "free" Africa, it will not be the native populations who control the vital raw materials.

It is this background that led Douglas to delineate the real objectives of Phase II of the War as quoted above.


In the last few years leading to the resumption of World War, the military threat of Germany (re-armed by International Finance) was the leading theme, and the pretext for going to war was to save Poland. The 'detente' (trigger) was the Hitler-Stalin Pact. But during the course of the war (by this time being fought for the "Four Freedoms") -- and particularly when it became increasingly clear that Germany would be defeated -- the nature of the war seemed to metamorphose. Poland had been partitioned and was soon forgotten. With the German attack on Russia, the propaganda switched overnight, and the chief objective seemed to become that Communist Russia must not be defeated. Most of the Pacifists seemed to become "Second-Fronters Now" -- both men and women.

A book fairly recently published (its Foreword is dated August 1975, but the date of publication is not given) gives a more completely different insight into this metamorphosis than almost anything previously available. It is entitled "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century," (Historical Review Press: 23 Ellerker Gardens, Richmond, Surrey, TW1O, 6AA), by A.R. Butz, now Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering in Illinois, U.S.A. (This Press also published an earlier and less detailed book: "Did Six Million Really Die?" by Richard E. Harwood).

This is a meticulous examination of the "holocaust" legend that Six Million Jews were "exterminated" by the Germans during the war, chiefly by poison-gas in "gas-chambers", and disposed of by cremation. Half of these killings were alleged to have taken place at Auschwitz in the thirty-two month period between March 1942 and October 1944. (A short review of the propaganda of the period is given by Douglas Reed in his book Lest We Regret (Jonathan Cape: London, 1943). Reed picked up contradictions and absurdities in what was being said and written, but at the time there was no possibility of verification one way or another). That is more than 3000 people every 24 hours throughout the period. Thus the simplest calculation, as above, is enough to discredit the allegation, and in fact this calculation was published by Douglas soon after the figure of six million became current. To dispose of 3000 bodies in 24 hours is virtually an impossible task; but to do so by cremation for two years continuously is pure fantasy.

Animal bodies are, under ordinary conditions, non-combustible; a hot flame will char the outside, forming a carbonized shell like the shell of an egg. By itself, it will not continue to burn. Any reader with access to a household incinerator should try burning a dead dog or cat in it to prove this for himself'.

Cremation requires an oven temperature of 1000 degrees F -- about 540 degrees C. This high temperature is attained by pre-heating the firebricks of the construction. Diesel fuel oil is efficient for this purpose; propane gas is less satisfactory -- it may be difficult to reach 900 degrees F. In a modern crematorium oven the corpse is placed on top of three grates arranged one above the other in the pre-heated oven, and while the burners are kept going, a forced draft of air is blown in below the body to provide separate air for combustion, and a draft is maintained by a chimney above. Under these conditions it requires 60-90 minutes to reduce the body to ash. Gas fired ovens require a longer time. (A macabre confirmation of the virtual impossibility of mass incineration of corpses is revealed in the ABC news report (March 28, 1977) following the ground collision of two Jumbo Jets at Santa Cruz Airport Tenerife, in which both aircraft were reported to be completely burned in a very short period. CORPSES were later collected and stockpiled for identification. Obviously large quantities of fuel were involved in the conflagration, and aluminium alloy, representing the main structure of the aircraft, IS inflammable under such conditions. But the CORPSES remained).

Stories of burning bodies in pits or trenches in the open are even more ridiculous. They will not burn at all, and thus would still have to be buried. The only way for a quick disposal of large quantities of dead is mechanical cutting and filling of trenches; and it would take a lot of trenching to dispose of six million corpses equivalent to six-sevenths of the population of London, or half the population of New York, twice that of Sydney.

Butz's book text and references -- is over three hundred pages of carefully researched material, covering the origin of the six million myth, and those responsible for it. It should certainly be studied by professional historians, all of whom have either shunned the subject, or accepted the myth passim, paying "some lip-service to the lie, when it comes up in books and papers on other subjects" (Butz). Butz also remarks that "the media in the Western democracies are exposed as constituting a lie machine vaster in extent than even many of the more independent have perceived". This machine has never been dismantled.

On December 13, 1942 the New York Times carried a report: "Rabbi Israel Goldstein declared: 'Authenticated reports point to 2,000,000 Jews who have already been slain by all manner of satanic barbarism, and plans for the total extermination of all Jews upon whom the Nazis can lay their hands. The slaughter of a third of the Jewish population in Hitler's domain and the threatened slaughter of all is a holocaust without parallel'". Emphasis added: 2M x 3 = 6.

On Dec. 18, 1942, the N.Y. Times published the text of a joint Declaration by members of the United Nations*, issued simultaneously through the State Department in Washington and in London: "From all the occupied countries Jews are being transported in conditions of appalling horror and brutality to Eastern Europe. In Poland, which has been made the principal Nazi slaughterhouse, the ghettos established by the German invader are being systemically emptied of all Jews except for a few highly skilled workers required for war industries. [Note that this implies that the war industries were within the ghettos.] None of those taken away are ever heard of again. The able bodied are slowly worked to death in labor camps. The infirm are left to die of exposure and starvation or are deliberately massacred in mass executions. The number of victims of these bloody cruelties is reckoned in many hundreds of thousands of entirely innocent men, women and children". Butz remarks: "This was the beginning of the State Department involvement in the extermination legend".

*(In December 1942 there was no body called the United Nations -- it was then merely a name adopted to denote the nations allied, somewhat informally, in opposition to the Axis powers. In a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt dated December 22, 1941, two weeks after Pearl Harbor, Secretary of Hull, Cordell Hull, at the direction of faceless sponsors recommended the founding of a Presidential Advisory Committee on Post War Foreign Policy. This Committee was the planning commission for the United Nations and its Charter (which is almost verbatim the Constitution of the USSR). The name became prominent when the Declaration of the United Nations was signed by 26 nations on Jan. 1, 1942. But obviously some inner group formulated the Declaration which set out the war aims of the Allied powers; and by hindsight it can be seen that post war aims leading towards World Government -- were involved. It was not until late 1944 that a formal organization began to emerge, at the Dumbarton Oaks (Washington) Conference. Thus the first of Douglas' 1939 estimates of the "real" objectives of World War II the establishment of the International Police State was confirmed. A full documentary on the present United Nations is contained in G. Edward Griffin's "The Fearful Master" (Western Islands: Boston, 1974). Griffin writes: "In the two decades since the United Nations was created, it has expanded into a giant international bureaucracy with tentacles reaching into every sphere of human activity from matrimony to garbage collection . . . we have not seen the real United Nations -- its purpose, its philosophy, its ultimate goals." We have seen Katanga, there is worse to come).

Again, on March 2, 1943, the N.Y. Times reported a mass demonstration in Madison Square Garden the previous night: "(Rabbi Hertz said) 'appalling is the fact that those who proclaim the Four Freedoms have so far done very little to secure even the freedom to live for 6,000,000 of their Jewish fellow men by readiness to rescue those who might still escape Nazi torture and butchery'.

"(Willkie said) 'Two million human beings, merely because they are Jews, have already been murdered by every fiendish means Hitler could devise . . .'

"(Chaim Weizmann said) 'Two million Jews have already been exterminated . . . The democracies have a clear duty before them . . . Let them negotiate with Germany through neutral countries concerning the possible release of the Jews in the occupied countries . . . Let the gates of Palestine be opened to all who can reach the shores of the Jewish homeland . . .'"

Butz attributes the origin of the 6 million figure to Rabbi Goldstein's statement of Dec. 13. There was also an advertisement which appeared on March 10, 1943, reporting a show organized by the Committee for an Army of Stateless and Palestinian Jews. The advertisement claimed that two million Jews had been killed with four million to go. Butz remarks: "We therefore have a very general usage of the six (or seven) million figure, long before the end of the war, by the political establishment that wrote the charges at Nuremberg so, I believe we can take late 1942 -- early 1943 propaganda as the origin of the six million figure". Later he observes: "We have seen that the first exterminations were not based on one scrap of intelligence data. Zionists, principally in the World Jewish Congress, merely presented their nonsense to the Allied governments, in particular the U.S. Government, demanding endorsement of their nonsense. The first reactions in Washington were to scoff at the claims but, on account of various political pressures, and only on account of those pressures and not because corroborating information had been procured from military intelligence, official Washington eventually cooperated with the extermination propaganda to the extent of having high officials make vague public declarations of an obscure nature. . .

"In regard to our terminology, it should be remarked that the word 'Zionist' is not being employed here as a code word for 'Jewish'; the evidence shows that, while the hoax is certainly a Jewish hoax, in the sense of having been invented by Jews, it is also a Zionist hoax, in the sense of having been invented by Jews who were Zionists, on behalf of Zionist ends. The Zionist character of the propaganda is quite clear; note that, as a rule, the persons who were pressing for measures to remove Jews from Europe (under the circumstances a routine and understandable proposal) coupled such proposals with demands that such Jews be resettled in Palestine, which shows that there was much more in the minds of the Zionist propagandists than mere assistance to refugees and victims of persecutions".

Thus we have the deliberate concoction and massive dissemination of a monstrous lie, and its dissemination is still current both consciously and unconsciously and thoughtlessly by novelists and writers of articles as garnishings to their stories.

Of course, the bodies had to have been cremated, to make them disappear. Otherwise they would have had to be buried, and someone would have dug them up as proof of the exterminations.

(One of the difficulties of dealing with large events or large numbers is to make them comprehensible. "The bigger the lie, the more people believe it". Suppose the corpses had been buried in a continuous trench 2.13 by 4.57 metres cross section (7 ft. by 15 ft.) half filled with corpses as to depth. Such a trench would be approximately 18 km., over 11 miles long.

Passengers on commercial transport planes are not weighed, but counted, and 77 kg. is the standardized weight for calculations. The weight on which the above burial calculation is based was taken as 70 kg. (154lbs), and height as 176mm. (5ft.8ins.), converted into volume. As the bodies would not be compacted and would not fit closely a 25% addition in volume was made.

In view of the recent election (May, 1977) of a "hard-line" party in Israel, and statements already made by its leader -- formerly the leader of a terrorist gang making war on the British -- the matter covered in the review Zimunism has immediate importance. International relations are gravely distorted by policies based, whether wittingly or unwittingly, on official acceptance of a gross fabrication concerning the cremation of 6,000,000 Jews. They could not have been cremated, nor buried. The lie should be exposed as widely as possible.

Various other methods of 'extermination' were suggested in the early propaganda: gassing by exhaust fumes in railway carriages and in trucks, mass shootings, injection of poisons -- but killing by cyanide gas has become the preferred version.

Part of the evidence accepted by the International Military Tribunal (War Crimes Trials) was a statement offered by one Lt. Kurt Gerstein. In it he claimed that he saw "700 or 800" people at a time squeezed into a chamber 4 x 5 meters large and 1.9 meters -- high -- a room 13 x 16 x 6 ft. say, the area of an ordinary bedroom. Can anyone imagine 700 persons packed into such a room? (The "Getstein Statement" is reproduced as Appendix A in Butz's book).

Now there were gas-chambers in various prison and other camps: they were used for the decontamination of clothing infested with lice. There were also shower-rooms, where in-comers to the camp washed for hygienic purposes. The gas used in the "gas-chambers" was cyanide gas, released from a powder named Zyclon B on contact with air. (An interesting instance of the hypnotic power of the "big lie" is provided in a review of Antony Sutton's "Wall St. and the Rise of Hitler" by Dr. Medford Evans. This sagacious and perspicacious writer quotes Sutton: "Sales of Zyclon B amounted to . . . enough gas to kill 200 million human beings, produced and sold by IG Farben". That is to say; thirty-three times the amount required to kill six million Jews, particularly if they were packed into gas chambers. It is highly improbable that the Germans under the stringent economic conditions of total war could have overproduced -- or purchased -- such a grossly excessive quantity. This is the sort of point Dr. Evans might be expected to examine for credibility in all the circumstances, but he accepts it in passing. Sutton's figure for the quantity of Zyclon is no doubt based on documentary evidence, but his reference to 200 million persons appears to be gratuitous. But if in fact the gas was used for disinfection of barracks and other areas of habitation, involving billions of lice in several camps, the quantity involved appears reasonable. Or to put it otherwise, the purchase of such a quantity of Zyclon is confirmatory of the existence of typhus bearing lice).

The Auschwitz "camp" was in fact a huge industrial complex, with a main function of producing synthetic rubber -- Buna -- and oil and ammunition. The Buna process gives off a stench, attested to by witnesses, but attributed by them to the burning of bodies. Cremation does not produce a stench -- combustion is too complete.

Jews, and others, were certainly imprisoned in the camps; their labour was utilized in war-production, which became increasingly important as the tide of war turned against Germany. Up until nearly the end of the war, when the internal conditions became chaotic -- bombed railways, bombed cities, bombed roads and bridges, plus the blockade, and with troops being pushed back by the advancing Russians -- prisoners, while used as forced labour, were well enough treated, as attested by the reports of the International Red Cross Committee. But towards the end starvation set in and disrupted the camps.

But even worse, typhus epidemics broke out in the camps, and in the prevailing conditions resulted in a heavy mortality. Typhus is transmitted by lice, and it was for the disinfection of clothes, rooms and barracks that the Zyclon was required. Apart from the typhus, as a large industrial undertaking a considerable 'natural' death-rate could be expected, and bodies were indeed disposed of by cremation as the most practicable means in the circumstances. Butz concludes that the 'camp' had a maximum of 46 cremation ovens, and that this number is compatible with the known death rate aside from any question of exterminations.


Thus about 1942, when it was becoming clear which way the war was going, the "struggle for survival" against "the Nazi menace" became transformed into a struggle for the attainment of Zionist aims, and to this end the legend of the "extermination of the Jews" was invented in London, New York and Washington, and culminated in Roosevelt's setting up the War Refugee Board (WRB). This was formed in January 1944 and included Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau (nominal author of the notorious Morgenthau plan for the post-war despoliation of Germany) Hull, and Secretary of War Stimson; but it was dominated by Morgenthau.

"In order for the reader to completely grasp the nature of this development, and its import in terms of our subject, we should go beyond noting the obvious fact that the WRB was to serve, to a great extent, as simply an instrument of the World Jewish Congress and other Zionist organizations. The Communist apparatus was also one of the directors involved, for the person to whom Morgenthau had delegated all of the Treasury's powers in the areas relevant to the WRB was Harry Dexter White, later exposed as a Soviet agent" (Butz).

In 1944 the WRB issued a booklet German Extermination Camps: Auschwitz and Birkenau (WRB report). "This report constituted the formal birth of the 'official' thesis of exterminations via gas chamber at Auschwitz. In it all of the essentials and many of the details of the later Auschwitz hoax are found. The Nuremberg charges grew out of the WRB report" (Butz).

In 1943 the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration was set up -- clearly an organization with post-war objectives. When the war ended, UNRRA set up Displaced Persons camps. In 1946, British General Sir Frederick Morgan, nominal head of UNRRA operations in Germany, at a press conference in Frankfurt, charged that an organized Jewish group was sponsoring an exodus of Jews from Poland into the U.S. zone of Germany. "They certainly do not look like a persecuted people. I believe they have got a plan, a positive plan, to get out of Europe." They had plenty of money, to a great extent occupation marks, printed by the Russians. (Butz remarks: "It may be recalled by the reader that one of the most spectacular acts of the Soviet agent Harry Dexter White, whom we encountered . . . as the boss of the Treasury's international operations, was his transmission to the Russians of the plates of the U.S. occupation currency").

A demand was made for General Morgan's dismissal. This was not immediately effected, but he was fired in August, I946; and this was because he had exposed a state of affairs that was being concealed from the world. "The Jews, mainly Polish, were pouring into Western Germany from the East and passing through the UNRRA operated camps. In these camps many of them received military instruction, for the invasion of Palestine, from uniformed non-commissioned officers of the British and U.S. armies. Although it was the case that almost none wanted to go to Palestine but to the U.S., every means of forcing immigration to Palestine was employed. Summing up his association with UNRRA, General Morgan wrote in his memoirs (Peace and War, 1961): 'To serve such an outfit is beyond description'." (Butz).

But General Morgan was completely vindicated by a House of Commons Select Committee Report (H. M. Stationery Office, No. 190, Nov. 5, 1946) which said that "very large numbers of Jews, almost amounting to a second exodus, have been migrating from Eastern Europe to the American zones in Germany and Austria with the intention, in the majority of cases, of finally making their way to Palestine. It is clear that it is a highly organized movement, with ample funds and great influence behind it, but the Sub-Committee were unable to obtain any evidence who are the real instigators." A second corroboration came in the Report of a War Investigating Committee sent to Europe by the U.S. Senate; this said that heavy migration of Jews from Eastern Europe into the American Zone of Germany was "part of a carefully organized plan financed by special groups in the United States."

Butz makes sufficient comment on this: "Palestine was not invaded by six million dead Jews, or, indeed, by any dead Jews".

There is, however, something further in all this. Any government powerful enough to engage in war, whether by offense or by defense, necessarily treats its own nationals as troops. Hitler, or whoever, must have known that large numbers of Germans would be killed if he went to war. The number of Germans 'exterminated' in World War II (and I) certainly exceeded the number of Jews allegedly 'exterminated'; and this applies to other major combatants.

Similarly, the references to an organized exodus of Jews to Palestine raises the question, who organized the exodus, and directed it to its destination? There are reports that large numbers of Jews believed they were going to America (whither previous exoduses had been directed -- mainly to New York, and for political reasons), and others were simply bewildered and under orders. Various reports indicate that the conditions under which the 1946 exodus took place were appalling, particularly the (illegal) sea transport to Palestine. They were sent there, after military training, to make war on the Arabs -- and later, on the British. What distinguishes this from the German conquest of Czechoslovakia? In this respect, then, their organizer -- their government -- was anti-Semitic. And the Arabs are Semitic too. This brings us back to Douglas's central thesis: that centralization of power over initiative as opposed to individual freedom is a persistent and conscious policy.

Douglas also wrote (Programme for the Third World War): "I suppose that about two thousand millions of individuals are affected by the present war. I should place the number of individuals who would be quite unable to say with approximate accuracy what it is about at roughly nineteen hundred and ninety-nine millions, so that we are left with this simple alternative. Either the total population of the world likes war without knowing what it is about; in which case it is obviously absurd to do anything about abolishing it, or, on the other hand, we can find the causes of war if we examine the actions of a minority hidden among less than a million individuals.

"It appears to me (but, of course, I may be wrong) to be elementary and incontestable that it wouldn't really matter much what this minority did or thought, if they were not in control of mechanisms which enabled them to force the other nineteen hundred and ninety-nine millions to take part in a war they didn't understand and didn't want. If I am not wrong in this, it appears equally incontestable that you can prevent war amongst the nineteen hundred and ninety-nine millions if you destroy the power of the small minority over them.

"Now, it is equally incontestable that every effort possible is being made to increase, and, in fact, render impregnable the power of this minority over the majority.

"Unless there is some flaw in the argument which has escaped me, war is even more certain to be universal and devastating, as a result of this increasing concentration of control, than it was in 1939. Fascism and Bolshevism only enter into it as two parties enter into a Parliamentary contest."


On December 17, 1942 Mr. Eden read in the House of Commons a U.N. Declaration: "that those responsible for these crimes shall not escape retribution". He was referring specifically to the alleged crimes against the Jews -- i.e. the extermination legend which, as we have seen, only began in 1942. Out of this Declaration came the War Crimes Trials.

Butz writes: "The 'war crimes trials' which the victors in World War II conducted, mainly of Germans but also of many Japanese, were precedent shattering in their scope and in the explicitness of the victorious powers' claims to some sort of legal jurisdiction in respect of laws or understandings which did not exist at the time they were allegedly broken by the Axis powers. Thus in disregard of European honour conventions which had been respected for centuries, German military and civilian prisoners, many of the highest rank, met violent deaths while in Allied captivity as a supposed consequence of these extraordinary proceedings.

". . . it is a fact that without the evidence generated at these trials, there would be no significant evidence that the program of killing Jews ever existed at all . . . if the trials had not been held, a person claiming the existence of the extermination program could not, if challenged, produce any evidence for this save a few books . . . whose claims are just as unsupported as his original claim.

". . . That is to say, we have a tale of extermination and we should enquire into the circumstances of its generation. Germany had an anti-Jewish policy involving, in many cases, deportations of Jews from their homes and countries of citizenship. That is certain. The wartime policy of Washington was to claim extermination and the post-war policy was to hold trials at which there was generated the only evidence that we have today that these wartime claims had any foundation. That is also certain. The policies of both states are necessarily of interest . . . Thus we are interested not only in what Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebels and Heydrick were doing during the war in regard to these matters, but also what Roosevelt, Hull, Morgenthau and the N.Y. Times and associated media were doing during the war, and what the various tribunals controlled or dominated by Washington did after the war. This is not only fair but, more importantly, an illuminating historical approach.

"The conclusion is that Washington constructed a frame-up on the Jewish extermination charge. Once this is recognized, the true nature of German Jewish policy will be seen."

Butz examines very carefully the genesis of the War Crimes Trials, the composition of the charges to be made, and of the investigating bodies. The first trial was the International Military Tribunal Trial. Of this, Butz says: "The only relative merit of the IMT trial, for our purposes, is that the complete transcript and a reasonably complete selection of documents put into evidence are readily available in numerous libraries as a 42 volume set with a very complete subject and name index." (HISTORIANS PLEASE NOTE.)

It was analysis of these volumes and other relevant data that enabled Butz to substantiate his conclusion of a frame-up. He began his investigation by reading Raul Hilberg's 'The Destruction of the European Jews': "The experience was a shock . . . I not only became convinced that the legend of the several million gassed Jews must be a hoax, but I derived what turned out to be a fairly reliable 'feel' for the remarkable Cabalistic mentality that had given the lie its specific form." [Incidentally, Butz in his book seems to have overlooked a point, relevant to the above, which the accurate reporter, Douglas Reed noted (From Smoke to Smother, written in 1947): "What seems to me to have been a most significant event at Nuremberg, where the world's press was gathered, passed without mention in the mass circulation newspapers. The dates of sentence and execution were Jewish festivals.

". . . For Jewry everywhere there was an unmistakable significance in those dates. To Gentiledom everywhere they meant no more than any others.

". . . The choice of those dates can hardly have been accidental and thus the executions were given the nature of a tribal vengeance under the Old Testament law. The British and American political representatives whose names are associated with these events either consciously or unwittingly accepted the implication, that European Christendom was in all this a thing of secondary importance or of none. If these hangings were not performed in the name of all victims, but only of one group, the other victims are by plain inference put outside the law that was dispensed, and it was neither justice nor Christian. They were posthumously outlawed just as effectively by this symbolism as in life by Hitler's decrees . . .

"Once again the support of American and British politicians for something quite unrecognizable in the proclaimed purpose of the war is plain to see. The lengthening shadow of Nuremberg and of the powers behind it reaches far into our future. People who are strong enough to arrange such great affairs in a way that suits them clearly will not confine their ambitions to Germany."]

Butz's research disclosed that the evidence presented to the Courts was largely documentary and that no actual evidence of extermination was brought forward. Also it was clear that much 'evidence' was obtained by frame-ups, prolonged solitary confinements, and even brutal torture. Deeply involved, indeed virtually controlling, the preparation of charges and evidence was the War Crimes Branch in the Department of the Advocate General. This is a complex story, but one observation Butz makes is apposite to the central issue: "the filling of the War Crimes Branch position with a fanatical Zionist, the first soldier since Biblical times to hold the rank of General in the Army of Israel" is not only significant in terms of what the Zionist might do in the position, but is also significant in revealing, in a simple way, the nature of the overall forces operating at the trials. This is the important point. It is simply not possible to imagine an appointment that would make the trials more suspect.

"Under these conditions it is simply silly to expect anything but a frame-up at the trials."

As to the Nuremberg Trials, the following constraint was imposed: "The determination of the International Military Tribunal in the judgments . . . that invasions, aggressive acts, aggressive wars, crimes, atrocities or inhuman acts were planned or occurred, shall be binding on the tribunals established hereunder and shall not be questioned except insofar as the participation therein or knowledge thereof by any particular person may be concerned. Statements of the International Military Tribunal in the judgment . . . constitute proof of the facts stated, in the absence of substantial new evidence to the contrary."

Butz concludes his text: "The 'justification' that Zionists invariably give for driving the Arabs out of Palestine always involves the six million legend to a great extent . . .

"Today the United States supplies enough aid to Israel to assure that Israel is able to retain, by armed occupation, lands which the United States itself declares to be rightfully Arab (the territories seized in the 1967 war) . . . The obvious fact that this support is immoral in terms of the moralizing that has become a pervasive feature of Western foreign policies makes it doubly mad.

"Another country that has extended considerable material aid to Israel is West Germany. As of 1975, the Bonn Government has paid Jews about $2 billion worth of restitutions and indemnifications of various sorts (calculated mainly in terms of dollars of the late Fifties and early Sixties), and was still making commitments for new payments . . . "Whatever the rest of the world has been hypnotized into thinking, at least an inner core of Zionists know, and many others must have a good idea, that the justification for such reparations does not exist, and that not only Germany, but the whole of Christian Western civilization has suffered a gigantic hoax and now faces total destruction.


In historical terms, sixty odd years is but a moment of time. Yet in that sixty years -- since the outbreak of World War I -- civilization has retrogressed to a degree which would have been inconceivable to any adult living at the turn of the century. But seen in the historic perspective, it should be clear that these sixty years, with a few more to go, constitute in themselves an historic event: the emergence into the field of practical politics of a conspiracy to establish a formal World Government. There is now readily available evidence to prove this. The evidence of the intent to institute World Government before the current attempt has been available, though not readily, for many years back.

In 1798 John Robison published his Proofs of a Conspiracy, and besides describing the Order of Illuminati, gives extracts from documents seized from the Order by the government of Bavaria, where the order was founded. These documents in relation to current events are like finger-prints on a murder weapon.

Nesta Webster's World Revolution gives an extensive bibliography of older sources, and writes a comprehensive history of the development of the revolution up to the current situation of portending catastrophe.

But few writers on conspiracy have grasped the virtually symbiotic relationship between International Finance and conspiracy.

In 1966 the Macmillan Co., N.Y., published Dr. Carrol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope. Dr. Quigley is a professor of history at Georgetown University, N.Y., and his 1,300 page book is a history of the background and development of international banking, based on access to documents as revealing as those discussed by Robison. For example, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, controlling the Federal Reserve Banks, was set up by private international bankers, but under cover of an attack on those bankers ("Wall St."), and by obviously conspiratorial means. The Federal Reserve Board controls the money supply of the United States but, of course, has international connections. Then there is the Council on Foreign Relations, also of conspiratorial origin and interlinked with the Federal Reserve Board. Et. Cetera.

Tragedy and Hope was subsequently withdrawn by the publishers, but after it had opened a lot of eyes. A copy was on the shelves of the Canberra Public Library, but has disappeared and not been replaced. A request by a member of the staff of an Australian Government Department for the book from the Department's library, which normally is able to obtain any book requested, could not be met; only one copy of the book could be located in the Library of one of the States. However, the book has recently been republished in the U.S.

More recently (1974) Arlington House (N.Y.) have published Antony Sutton's 'Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution' a thorough study based on research in U.S. and U.K. government files, and other books and documents. In his preface Sutton writes: "We find there was a link between some New York International bankers and many revolutionaries, including Bolsheviks." In other books Sutton demonstrates from impeccable sources (largely government files) that virtually the whole of Soviet Russia's industrial development and marine capacity both merchant and naval -- has come mainly from the U.S. but also Western Europe. And this aid continues.

There is now ample evidence that World War I, which via the Balfour Declaration ("The British Government views with favour the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine.") opened the gates of Palestine; the Great Depression, which prepared the way for World War II and its continuation in the enormous territorial expansion of Communism and the near final conquest of Africa, are the outcome of the activities, not of nations, but of interlocked international and supranational forces. Douglas's forecast of the real objectives of the 1939 war has been fully vindicated. It is as Disraeli wrote in his novel Coningsby (which makes no secret of the Jewish connection): "So you see, my dear Coningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."


There are two conceptions of history. One is the merely chronological, or episodic, view for example, establishing in what order in time some historical event, such as a war, or change of dynasty, or a murder, etc. took place. The other is the view of related historical events in perspective as one event giving rise to a subsequent event. C.H. Douglas characterized this second concept as history being "crystallized policy" a consequential relationship between historic events in chronology.

The occurrences of just this present century are so contrary to the promises proffered by its dawn that only two explanations seem possible: Human stupidity, or deliberate intent -- that is to say, the pursuit of "a persistent and conscious policy". As regards the former, it appears that reputedly 'great' statesmen have done things that in retrospect appear stupid. Chamberlain was hailed as great when he obtained the Munich Agreement, and reviled for his stupidity when war became inevitable. In any case, if the mainspring of history is human stupidity, then there is nothing that can be done to avert further catastrophes. This view, however, hypostatizes stupidity -- that is, makes stupidity an active force. If this is not what is meant, then history itself must be hypostatized, and this appears to be the Marxist view. The build-up of Soviet power is supposed to be caused by history.

On the alternative view, that history is crystallized policy, the task of the historian is to identify the policies, and the persons who formulate them, which give rise to the history they record. There is, for example, the history of the Roman Catholic Church -- a history generated, until quite recent times by the policy -- an international policy -- of disseminating a particular formulation of Christian doctrine. This is a policy which transcends the passing of the generations, however much its precise formulation may be modified by other historical developments. But the proposition that the records of history would be as they are today without the prior existence of the Roman Catholic Church is untenable. Similarly, the Church gave rise to schisms, each with a continuing policy; and this again modified the record.

Now the Doctrine of a New World Order -- or, more specifically, of a One World Order -- has a history probably longer than that of the Roman Catholic Church. It is embodied, in fact, in the Old Testament literature. But its modern foundation or incarnation, can be correlated with the foundation of the Order of the Illuminati, whose motto was "Novus Ordo Seclorum," and whose explicit doctrines of revolution can be followed with precision into the events of today. Thus in 'Betrayal By Rulers' by Prince Michel Sturdza, the following is quoted:

"Whether we admit it or not, we benefit enormously from the capacity of the Soviet Police State to keep law and order over the 200 million-odd Russians and the many millions in the Satellite States. The break-up of the Russian Communist Empire today would doubtless be conducive to freedom, but it would be a good deal more catastrophic for world order than was the breaking up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918."

-- From State Department instructions to Averell Harriman and William C. Foster when they were sent to Moscow to negotiate the Test-Ban and Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It seems clear enough that by "world order" what those within the State Department who formulate those instructions had in mind was One World Order, which in turn implies a One World Government, to which the Soviet Police State is already contributing. That was some years ago; but already eight of President Carter's top appointments were selected from the Council on Foreign Relations, which Dr. Quigley, among others, has revealed as being closely associated with the State Department since the end of World War I (and, in another guise, for a long time before then).

The "crystallized policy" view of history is currently derided as "the conspiratorial view of history." But there is too much vehemence in this derision. As Douglas Reed once wrote: "The strongest evidence in favour of this theory seems to be that there is a powerful ban, in practice, on the very suggestion; the mention of the word conspiracy is taboo. Politicians and newspapers shun it. Yet we have had abundant recent proofs of it [cf. Canadian Report supra]. The essence of conspiracy is secrecy. To our mind, that is why all attempts to penetrate this secrecy are so severely repressed. But they are also the proof that powerful conspiracy exists; they would not otherwise be necessary".

The public is simply hypnotized against acceptance of the conspiracy view of our obviously deteriorating circumstances. Here is what Butz has to say in his explanation of his writing a book that might more properly have been written by a practicing historian: "In books and articles on subjects that are other than, but touch on, the 'holocaust', professional historians invariably give some sort of endorsement to the lie, but the extent to which contrary hints are found in their writings is considerable. No professional historian has published a book arguing, and presenting the evidence, either for or against the reality of the exterminations. The motivations are obvious. No established historian has been willing to damage his reputation by writing a scholarly-sounding work supporting the extermination allegations, solemnly referencing documents and testimonies produced at illegal trials held under hysterical conditions and seriously setting forth, without apology, obvious idiotic nonsense such as the alleged dual role of the Zyclon. At least, no inducement to produce such a work seems to have come along. On the other hand, the pressure of intellectual conformity (to put it mildly) in academia has evidently terrorized historians into silence in the opposite regard. This being the case, it is both justified and expected that works such as the present one will be produced by engineers and whatever".

On the other hand, no one doubts the existence of short-term conspiracies. The Great Train Robbery was obviously a conspiracy; more recently the Great Bank Robbery in France. The Mafia -- organized crime -- is known to be a conspiracy, but is obviously a long-term one, and without super-political complications (although it obviously affects and involves politics). Its long-term, or continuing, policy is to organize crime to obtain large funds, and to use those funds to maintain its existence and power. But the public mind is cloudy concerning Communism, which perhaps most people think of, if they think of it at all, as "another" political party, simply seeking power like the other Parties. Why, they even stand for Parliament!

But the Canadian Report spoiled that view -- for a short time. Gouzenko's disclosures, backed by documents, sufficiently alarmed the Prime Minister, MacKenzie King, so that he flew to Washington. But the disclosures did not get a good press. Of course, a full investigation in Washington following leads from the Report would have uncovered linkages with Washington, also a powerful centre of Communist conspiracy so none was undertaken. And when Senator Joe McCarthy began probing in the U.S. Senate, he was eventually hounded to death -- his only memorial a new term of opprobrium in the English language -- "McCarthyism". This was vehemence and vengeance.

In a sense, novelists are conspirators. Most novels have a "plot" which in crime novels is a crime in fantasy. Nevertheless, it is a consciously constructed sequence of events. World Revolution reveals how what with the Illuminati was a detailed plan for a New World Order in actuality, rather than for the production of a book, was progressively realized as a project. Steps for controlling the Press, manipulating public opinion, penetration of other organizations by that same cell-system discovered in the Canadian Report, controlling politicians by "getting something on them" all are projected in the Order's documents. The ruination of education -- more and more a matter of contemporary concern -- was also projected. Universal, compulsory State 'education' (really indoctrination) derives directly from the Illuminati.

Now the Mafia organizes crime to obtain money -- and with the money it exercises power. The money the Mafia obtains is money in the hands of the community. But the banking system actually creates the money in the hands of the community. Every bank loan increases the volume of money. Equally, every repayment of a hank loan decreases the volume of money. But if the rate of increase of 'loans' exceeds the rate of repayments, there is a net increase in the volume of money. However, it should be noted that since bank loans incur interest, they necessitate an absolute increase in the volume of money. A $100 loan running for a year at 10% interest requires 'repayment' of $110, of which $100 is canceled, but $10 becomes a permanent addition to the money supply.

(It is greatly to be regretted that so many writers on the money supply blame inflation on "government printing of currency notes." Notes and coins in Australia at any given time represent about 7.5% of the money supply, while the average annual increase in the money supply over the nine years to 1974-75 was about 18%. Notes and coins are but the small change of the community, about $200 per head of the Australian population; most monetary transactions are by cheque. "Printing-press money" as a source of inflation is, apart from quite exceptional circumstances as in Germany and Austria in the inter-war years, a myth).

The bulk of the money supply is thus "created out of nothing" by banks, and all banks are, directly and indirectly interlinked with the international banking system, which is 'privately' controlled by International Bankers.

Thus the Mafia plots and effects organized crime to obtain its income; but the banks create the source of their income. This control of the source of over 90% of 'money' represents enormous power, and it would be naive to suppose that such power is exercised in the absence of any coherent policy. The first principle in the exercise of power is to preserve that power, and in the case of finance, the prime objective is to secure the supremacy of finance over politics. This is achieved by economic 'laws' which keep political governments in debt -- not to individuals, but to organizations controlled by individuals, from the national to the international level. There is a world system of central banks, culminating in the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, and special purpose banks and funds linked into the system. International Finance is thus a World Power, but was not generally recognized as such until after World War I.

With the huge expansion of industry, with its enormous demand for money, secret control by largely financial techniques had to be progressively supplemented by legal controls; and that is what so-called socialism is really all about. Everywhere socialism has built the Bureaucratic State, with powers of government by decree. Parliaments have been by-passed by the introduction of Enabling Acts, covering broad purposes which are to be carried out by means of Regulations having the force of law. This had been going on quietly for some time when the late Lord Hewart, Lord Chief Justice of England, drew attention to the practice in his book 'The New Despotism' in 1929. Nevertheless, his exposure of what he called "Administrative lawlessness" proved powerless to stop the process, and we have now reached the stage where these powers are being transferred to international bureaucrats. This amounts to the piecemeal usurpation of national sovereignties by a developing One World Government of a New World Order.

Thus we see in broad outline a Conspiracy which encompasses the whole world. The ultimate centre is hard to identify, because of the secrecy imposed by the cell-system of organization. Close to -- surrounding, as it were -- this centre, is International Finance; but International Finance has an apex, and at that apex, shrouded in secrecy, is a group of individuals who must be regarded as the most powerful in the world. Outside that grouping are the military forces of the world, dominated by the forces of the U.S. and the Soviets. And remember that the State Department sees the Soviet forces as keeping law and order over millions of the world's population. Outside again are the semi-secret opinion-influencing bodies, of which the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and globally affiliated siblings, are of extreme importance. And so is the secret section of the international Communist movement, with Moscow-trained operatives infiltrating under conservative guise various political and other groupings, including Parliaments; and, much more importantly, the Churches even -- as has become in recent years glaringly apparent, the Roman Catholic Church. The Zionists, hardly apparent before World War II, disclosed themselves as a powerful force during that war; but it was Lord Rothschild who received the Balfour Declaration during World War l.


In International Affairs, the journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, of November 1939, Professor Arnold Toynbee stated: "We Europeans have called a new world into being not to redress but to upset the balance of the old." (Emphasis in original).

Great Seal The obverse of the Great Seal of the United States consists of a truncated pyramid, with the headstone bearing a picture of the All-Seeing Eye, the symbol of Freemasonry, suspended above the pyramid. The pyramid is the symbol of world government.

At the bottom of the pyramid, in Roman numerals, is the date 1776, the year of American independence, and also the year of the founding of the Order of the Illuminati whose motto was "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
-- "A New World Order."
The Great Seal, with its obverse, appears on the United States one dollar note.


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In the Preface to the Fifth Edition (May 1849) of his novel Consingsby: or The New Generation Benjamin Disraeli wrote: "It was not originally the intention of the writer to adopt the form of fiction as the instrument to scatter his suggestions, but, after reflection, he resolved to avail himself of a method which, in the temper of the times, offered the best chance of influencing opinion.

"In considering the Tory scheme, the author recognised in the Church the most powerful agent in the previous development of England, and the most efficient means of that renovation of the national spirit at which he aimed. The Church is a sacred corporation for the promulgation and maintenance in Europe of certain Asian principles, which, although local in their birth, are of divine origin, and of universal and eternal application.

"In asserting the paramount character of the ecclesiastical polity and the majesty of the theocratic principle, it became necessary to ascend to the origin of the Christian Church, and to meet in a spirit worthy of a critical and comparatively enlightened age, the position of the descendants of that race who were the founders of Christianity. The modern Jews had long laboured under the odium and stigma of mediaeval malevolence. In the dark ages, when history was unknown, the passions of societies, undisturbed by traditionary experience, were strong, and their convictions, unmitigated by criticism, were necessarily fanatical. The Jews were looked upon in the middle ages as an accursed race, the enemies of God and man, the especial foes of Christianity. No one in those days paused to reflect that Christianity was founded by the Jews; that its Divine Author, in his human capacity, was a descendant of King David; that his doctrines avowedly were the completion, not the change, of Judaism; that the Apostles and the Evangelists, whose names men daily invoked, and whose volumes they embraced with reverence, were all Jews; that the infallible throne of Rome itself was established by a Jew; and that a Jew was the founder of the Christian Churches of Asia.

"The European nations, relatively speaking, were then only recently converted to a belief in Moses and in Christ; and, as it were, still ashamed of the wild deities whom they had deserted, they thought they atoned for their past idolatry by wreaking their vengeance on a race to whom, and to whom alone, they were indebted for the Gospel they adored.

"In vindicating the sovereign right of the Church of Christ, to be the perpetual regenerator of man, the writer thought the time had arrived when some attempt should be made to do justice to the race which had founded Christianity.

"The writer has developed in another work ('Tancred') the views respecting the great house of lsrael which he first intimated in 'Coningsby.' No one has attempted to refute them, nor is refutation possible; since all he has done is to examine certain facts in the truth of which all agree, and to draw from them irresistible conclusions which prejudice for a moment may shrink from, but which reason cannot refuse to admit."

And in describing his character Sidonia in the novel, Disraeli wrote:

"...There was not an adventurer in Europe with whom he was not familiar. No Minister of State had such communication with secret agents and political spies as Sidonia. He held relations with all the clever outcasts of the world. The catalogue of his acquaintance in the shape of Greeks, Armenians, Moors, secret Jews, Tartars, Gipsies, wandering Poles and Carbonari, would throw a curious light on those subterranean agencies of which the world in general knows so little, but which exercise so great an influence on public events. His extensive travels, his knowledge of languages, his daring and adventurous disposition, and his unlimited means, had given him opportunities of becoming acquainted with these characters, in general so difficult to trace, and of gaining their devotion. To these sources he owed that knowledge of strange and hidden things which often startled those who listened to him. Nor was it easy, scarcely possible, to deceive him. Information reached him from so many, and such contrary quarters, that with his discrimination and experience, he could almost instantly distinguish the truth. The secret history of the world was his pastime. His great pleasure was to contrast the hidden motive, with the public pretext, of transactions.

"One source of interest Sidonia found in his descent and in the fortunes of his race. As firm in his adherence to the code of the great Legislator as if the trumpet still sounded on Sinai, he might have received in the conviction of divine favour an adequate compensation for human persecution. But there were other and more terrestrial considerations that made Sidonia proud of his origin, and confident in the future of his kind. Sidonia was a great philosopher, who took comprehensive views of human affairs, and surveyed every fact in its relative position to other facts, the only mode of obtaining truth.

"Sidonia was well aware that in the five great varieties into which Physiology has divided the human species; to wit, the Caucasian, the Mongolian, the Malayan, the American, the Ethiopian; the Arabian tribes rank in the first and superior class, together, among others, with the Saxon and the Greek. This fact alone is a source of great pride and satisfaction to the animal Man. But Sidonia and his brethren could claim a distinction which the Saxon and the Greek, and the rest of the Caucasian nations, have forfeited. The Hebrew is an unmixed race. Doubtless, among the tribes who inhabit the bosom of the Desert, progenitors alike of the Mosaic and the Mohammedan Arabs, blood may be found as pure as that of the descendants of the Scheik Abraham. But the Mosaic Arabs are the most ancient, if not the only, unmixed blood that dwell in cities.

"An unmixed race of a firstrate organisation are the Aristocracy of Nature. Such excellence is a positive fact; not an imagination, a ceremony, coined by poets, blazened by cozening heralds, but perceptible in its physical advantages, and in the vigour of its unsullied idiosyncracy . . . "*

The forces threatening the final destruction of this our Graeco-Roman Christian civilisation have become too powerful and entrenched to be met head on. There is, so far as we can see, but one hope left: a widespread public understanding of the fact of a global conspiracy so that the acts of compliant politicians begin to look wrong even to themselves. The acts of the Henry Kissingers and the Ivor Richards in Rhodesia and elsewhere would, if the public understood what they are aimed at, cause revulsion everywhere. If just one country, suitably endowed, would buck the international financial system and demonstrate that true national independence is possible and advantageous it might be an example that could save us all. Then that inner source of life and evolution, which has selected out of the collectivity of the herd the individuality of Man, may begin the task of rebuilding what has been destroyed, in a new economic freedom made possible by the magnificent development of the industrial arts. Not "Full Employment," but Leisure for Opportunity.

* In a Foreward to the March 1977 Bulletin of the John Birch Society, the Leader of the Society. Robert Welch, writes: "But most of the scholars whom we have quoted above, nor even Benjamin Disraeli when he wrote in 1870 that 'The world is weary of statesmen whom democracy has degraded into politicians,' were fully aware of a Master Conspiracy, already a hundred years old and powerfully entrenched".

Yet, in Chapter XV of Book IV of Coningsby Disraeli wrote: "Yet the Jews, Coningsby, are essentially Tories. Toryism, indeed, is but copied from the mighty prototype which has fashioned Europe. And every generation they must become more powerful and more dangerous to the society which is hostile to them. Do you think that the quiet humdrum persecution of a decorous representative of an English University can crush those who have successively baffled the Pharoahs, Nebuchadnezzar, Rome and the Feudal Ages? The fact is, you cannot destroy a pure race of the Caucasian organisation . . . The mixed persecuting races must disappear; the pure persecuted race remains. At this moment, in spite of centuries, of tens of centuries of degredation, the Jewish mind exercises a vast influence on the affairs of Europe . . .

"You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do not greatly participate. The first Jesuits were Jews; that mysterious Russian Diplomacy which so alarms Western Europe is organised and principally carried on by Jews; that mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany, and which will be, in fact, a second and greater Reformation, and of which so little is known in England, is almost entirely developing under the auspices of Jews, who almost monopolise the professorial chairs of Germany . . ."

That is to say, there existed plans, largely unknown in England, for a revolution under the auspices of the Jews, rather than by the Jews. Surely this is related to a Master Conspiracy. And surely it is evidence of a policy continued over the centuries. Can anyone believe it has been discontinued?


A Social Credit Secretariat assessment of the world situation as it has developed up to the present time. Republished from The Social Crediter May-June, 1977. National Library of Australia card number and ISBN 0 85855 006 7 zimunism.htm

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