The Evil of Usury


Part 1

The Supply of Money
Bankers Depression of the 1930's
Money for Peace? No! Money for War? Yes!
Banks Always Prosper - Through the Bad and Good Times
The Greatest Swindle Ever!
Qur'an, Surah Al-Baqarah
Rev. Charles E. Coughlin's famous book Money! Questions and Answers
How do banks create money out of nothing by mere book-keeping entries?
What is the exact nature of the item on bank balance sheets called "Deposits"?
Is this process honest where John Jones pledges real wealth to secure the banker's fictitious bookkeeping money?
When John Jones, the business man, is forced to pay his loan at the bank, what happens to the volume of money in the nation?
What is a genuine loan?
Why are bankers as a rule opposed to the existence of genuine money and prefer the existence of so-called credit money?
why should citizens be opposed to bankers making this extra profit?
Do fundamental, Christian, moral, ethical and philosophical principles harmonise with private ownership of property employed in or available for use in producing wealth?
Is capitalism, as we find it in operation today, in perfect harmony with Christian, moral, ethical and philosophical principles?
Why is it that the modern newspaper (free press) upholds modern capitalists?
Is usury opposed to morality?


Part 2

The ecclesiastical doctrine of interest was the greatest obstacle to modern banking
The Old Testament "classes the usurer with the shedder of blood
The New Testament continued the prohibition of usury
A long-existing and self-perpetuating tax-immune internationalist-transnationalist group uses fronts with inter-locking corporate and or fraternal group of individuals, whose membership is either secret or semi-secret, with undisclosed ownership shares