Neo-British Empire of the Crown 500 Year Chronology

(A-albionic Reasearch Weekly Up-Date of 3-4-95 and 3-11-95)


     1.  Power Organisms
     2.  The British Empire
     3.  The Crown's "International Bankers"
     4.  Dialectical Method
     5.  Prestige Associations
     6.  Key Enemy, Allied, and Manipulated Organisms
     7.  Manipulated National Organism:  The 3-Bloc World
     8.  Mysticims and the Occult
     9.  Primacy of Geopolitics
    10.  A Tentative Chronology
         a)   Seizing Power in Insular Albion  1485-1694
         b)   The Drive for World Domination  1694-1815
         c)   The World Reign of the Crown  1815-1946
         d)   The Neo-British Empire  1947 to Present

Editor's Note: This summary of research hypotheses and 500 year chronology is reprinted from A-albionic's Summer 1985 Project. Subsequently, the Project theories have been subsequently revised and up-dated many times. Eventually, I will post the revisions. James Daugherty

An Executive Summary of the Progress of a Private Network of Researchers Dedicated to Identifying the Nature of the Ruling Class/Conspiracy. "The British Empire is the Central Phenomenon of World History since the decline of the Vatican". (August-September 1985 - Double Issue - Volume II Numbers 6 and 7).

Progress to Date

Over its first ten months of directed research and "public networking", the initial hypotheses of the Project (See November, 1984 Project) have remained essentially uncontradicted, but have been expanded, clarified, elaborated, and, most importantly, organized into a coherent hierarchical structure through which we can begin to comprehend history as the product of conspiring elites and the power organisms they create, sustain, and manipulate.

I. Power Organisms.

To bridge the gap between "conspiracy" and "history", that is, torespond to the charge that it is ludicrous to claim that "history is a conspiracy", we postulate the concept of "power organisms", which once programmed by their founders, take-on a "life of their own". A wide variety of power organisms, sub-organisms, and supra-organisms exist.

II. The British Empire.

The British Empire (NBE or Neo-British Empire since World War II) constitutes a world supra-organism which includes many organisms and sub-organisms that are manipulated on multiple political, spiritual/psychological, military, economic, and scientific levels.

Its primary, relatively directly controlled organs are:

A. Financial.

The "World Money Cartel" or "Empire of the City (of London)" operated for the "Crown" by the "legendary" Merchant Bankers of the Bank of England, including the Warburgs, Rothschilds, Barings, Brown-Shipley, Schroeders, Morgan-Grenfels, Lazard Freres, etc. with outposts in New York, Paris, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc., provide the financial muscle required to achieve the "balance of power" in all important arenas.

B. Secret Societies.

Masonry and its myriad of Illuminist, Jewish Cabalist, and Sufi offshoots form a coherent (at the top) world-wide propaganda, intelligence, promotion control, and covert action capability at the command of the Neo-British Empire. Covert action ranges from violent "destabilizations" of runaway governments and Institutions (world revolution) to subtle "planting" of "useful" ideas and movements such as communism, ecology, drug revolution, New Age Movement, Bible Prophesy, British Israel/Identity, etc.

III. The Crown's International Bankers.

The "Crown", or "High Cabal" in Winston Churchill's phrase, is the British Royal Family and its allied and inter-married European Royal/Noble Dynasties such as Hesse, von Thurn und Taxis, Orange, Mountbatten, Cecil, etc. ultimately at the helm of the currently dominant, parasitical world supra-organism or "ruling class/conspiracy." The extent to which the Crown" can actually change long-standing directions of the NBE without risking being ground beneath its wheels can, for now, only be surmised.

It must be assumed that a good part of the "Crown's" attention must be directed simply to maintaining its position by "balancing" the NBE component organisms (nations, religions, cults, corporations, etc.) against one another. The world under the "Crown's" domination seems to lurch from one crisis to the next. On the other hand, there is evidence that crisis management is scientifically used to move the world in preconceived directions, at least on occasion. The extent to which the apex of the NBE has a "tiger by the tail" or a "tiger on a leash" remains a prime research topic for the Project.

We hypothesize that the "Crown's" power rests ultimately on personal prestige and enormous hoards of cash, probably secreted in Switzerland and other banking havens and not even hinted at publically. Such a "Royal Depositors League" would have the leverage required to use the worlds Merchant Bankers in multifarious strategies, with or without the explicit knowledge of the Bankers themselves.

IV. Dialectical Method.

The NBE's Crown does not operate in a linear, command and obey fashion outside its direct financial and secret society organs, although it should be noted that these "organs" penetrate all major private and public bureaucracies. Long known by its "continental" enemies as Perfidious Albion, the NBE "High Cabal," from its historically insular island bastion, has used "balance of power" and "divide and conquer" strategies to achieve and maintain its domination of world power organisms beyond its direct control. In all fields of human concern, the "Crown" conceives and sets near equal forces in opposition to each other, thesis vs. antithesis, retaining the "balance of power", required for "policy making" or "synthesis", ie. control.

To a major extent, the "Crown's" power, contrary to many conspiracy theorists, is based on prolonging the thesis vs. antithesis, or stalemate stage of the "natural", Hegelian conflict process in human affairs. Thus, the "Crown's" nearly "automatic" day-to-day manipulation consists of keeping forces "balanced", often under the rationalization of "fairness". Destructive "destabilization" of ascendant organisms through subversion. both left and right, is usually less expensive than supporting organisms perceived to be weakening. Guiding the creation of a major new synthesis by carefully "tipping the balance" in the conflict between thesis and antithesis. on the other hand, is a major "undertaking" for the NBE. Post-war "decolonization", now rapidly nearing completion in South Africa, is perhaps the best example.

V. Prestige Associations.

The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, and a multitude of lesser Establishment associations perform the function of arranging an acceptable range of public opinion by propagandizing the "higher circles" and "leading lights" of each important field of human activity with spurious "issues" and false dichotomies which fuel the dialectical process and "conflict management" scenarios. Prestige associations are the most fertile field for the work of direct secret society and financial agents of the "Crown".

Additional Hypotheses

VI. Key Enemy, Allied, and Manipulated Organisms

A. Enemy International Organism: The Ancient Regime of Christendom.

The rise and continued growth of the NBE world organism has been in reaction to, in opposition to. and at the expense of the ancient, two-headed European power organism that previously dominated, but never so completely as the NBE, the world: Roman and Eastern Orthodox Christendom. In its own literature. the NBE often refers to itself cryptically as the modernism which defeated the "old order." It should be noted that the Vatican strives to be the explicit control center of a fully integrated world organism World Government). It does not aspire to the parasitical supra-organism status sought by the unprincipled "Crown" or "High Cabal" of the NBE.

It is currently our hypothesis that Christendom, particularly the Vatican, is an organism that has retained a large measure of self-direction and world-influence inimical to the NBE. Catholicism is an organism with an explicit philosophy and powerful history which gives it a life of its own in spite of repeated attempts at financial manipulation, secret society penetration, and even occasional coups at the top designed by the NBE to deflect the vatican from its centuries old course of universal (Catholic) world domination. It should be noted that the Eastern Orthodox power structure is not quite dead either. Its "Third and Final Rome (Moscow)" doctrine is apparently influential among the supposedly atheistic Soviets.

B. Allied International Organisms: Islam and Judaism.

At the height of its power in the 14th Century, the "Old Order" of Christendom succeeded in expelling the Islamic Moors from Spain and subjecting the previously elite Jews of Spain to the Inquisition. The expelled Jews and Moors formed widely dispersed "Cabalistic" and "Sufi" commercial/intellectual networks that could be "organized" (literally!) and utilized by the NBE in subduing and replacing the "old order" of Christendom with a paradoxical "modern" mystical/scientific world order. International Islam and Judaism, in spite of the antagonism to each other, are, through financial and secret society penetration, allied tothe "Crown" against Christendom.

Editor's Note: Lloyd Miller asked me to note here that it is now clear that the Vatican has had considerable success in cozying-up to Islam based on a shared antipathy to secularism, modernism, birth control, etc. Revision needed! James Daugherty

Needless to say, the "Crown" cannot always count on voluntary alliance and must resort to balance of power tactics to keep these organisms vulnerable and, thus, subject to use.

C. Manipulated National Organisms: The "Three-Bloc" World.

After World War II, the NBE "High Cabal" ended the expensive and unstable colonial period based on White Supremacy (White Man's Burden) and replaced it with the dialectical, 3-Bloc balance of power system as explained in Orwell's "1984": Soviet Bloc, Anglo-American (Free World Bloc, and Red Chinese Bloc. The underdeveloped countries are supposed to provide a permanent arena for "safe", controlled, "no-win conflict" between the essentially invincible Blocs or Super Powers. The overwhelming post-WWII dominance of the "Free World" Bloc explains the frenzied efforts of the "High Cabal" to build-up the East Blocs and weaken the Free World that so infuriates right-wing conspiracy theorists and researchers such as Antony Sutton, Robert Welch, Gary Allen, etc. The 3-Bloc, permanent "balance of power" system cannot be stable unless the Blocs are relatively equal in strength. Fortunately for the "High Cabal" which prefers to live in the "Free World", the advent of the new great equalizer, nuclear weapons, and planned Free World cultural degeneration, has brought the Blocs into the apparent balance (MAD) obviating the need for more extreme measures, say communist or fascist revolution in the "Free World".

Editor's Note: Another area requiring major revision since the downfall of the Soviet Bloc. James Daugherty

D. World Government: League of Nations and United Nations.

We think the record will show that although the NBE has promoted World Government in order to limit national sovereignty and thereby increase the susceptibility of nations to manipulation, the primary goals of NBE World Government attempts have been public relations, that is, to provide an outlet for intellectuals and technocrats who long for a peaceful world and who might otherwise be attracted to Vatican visions of Catholic (universal) "World Order." Carroll Quigley notes that the Rhodes/Milner Round Table's "World Federation" dreams often served only as a cover for anti-German propaganda in preparation for WWI and WWII.

VIII. Mysticism and the Occult.

Mysticism and the occult play a surprisingly pervasive role in the Crown's secret societies and within the "Crown" itself. We postulate several reasons for this, all of which complement each other. Oligarchic fascination with the occult built on existing traditions within Judaism and Islam with which the Crown allied itself: Cabalism and Sufism. Cabalism and Sufism may contain esoteric psychological knowledge useful to power wielders in attaining self-mastery and learning propaganda (mass hypnotism) techniques. The occult provides an excellent "cover" for intelligence gathering and covert activities in Secret Societies such as the Masons and Illuminati. Also, "secret" or esoteric Bible interpretations, known as Cabala to the Jews, have been a propaganda technique since Queen Elizabeth I's astrologer, John Dee, invented the "British Israel/Identity" doctrine that has done so much to rationalize British world rule. Cabala is a pre-mass media propaganda technique that still has important uses on the fringes of society. NBE strategy, particularly in the Middle East. is designed to appear to fulfill Bible Prophesy, giving British strategy a "magical", inevitable quality to Bible Prophesy fans. Both occultism and esoteric Bible interpretations fly directly in the face of the authority of the Vatican, covertly uniting the Vatican's Protestant and Jewish enemies for the "Crown".

Lastly, a proliferation of cults, spiritual seekers, New Age Movements, etc. are postulated by the "Crown" to be a safety valve designed to harmlessly release the desire for freedom among increasingly oppressed and regulated individuals in increasingly Malthusian, no-growth societies. The "Crown" believes that the Vatican's dogmatic attempts to produce spiritual conformity will always backfire to the advantage of the more liberal and tolerant "Crown". This was explicitly stated by the "Crown's" top theorist Arnold Toynbee and is in line with Britain's historically winning strategy of appearing to side with "liberalism" against "authoritarianism".

IX. Primacy of Geopolitics.

Contrary to conspiracy researchers who postulate mystical, "Satanic" adepts of Illuminism, Cabalism, or Sufism as the ultimate conspirators, we postulate worldly Super-Dynasties practicing "geopolitics". Secret Societies and subversion are seen as the "underbelly" or "covert adjunct" of geopolitical manipulation. Thus. "Perfidious Albion" ruthlessly shifted its alliances as the balance of power shifted, remained fundamentally opposed to the Vatican, its primary competition for world domination, and finally achieved a stable 3-Bloc world geopolitical system.

Tentative Chronology

The Primacy of Geopolitics is best illustrated by reviewing the following tentative chronology:

Seizing Power in Insular Albion - 1485 to 1694

King Henry VII (1485-1509), a Tudor, stabilized England after the bitter "Wars of the Roses" between claimants for the British Throne. Promoted commercial alliance with the Netherlands and backed John Cabot's exploration of North America in competition with the claims of Spain and Portugal which were sanctioned by the Pope.

1492 Jews expelled by Inquisition from Spain. Moors defeated by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella.

1505 Conquered Moors expelled from Spain. Jews with Moorish (Islamic/Sufic/Cabalistic) scientific/mystical!intellectual influence flee to trading centers of Netherlands and Venice.

King Henry VIII (1509-1547), a Tudor, attempts and "Renaissance" Reign on a grand scale. Great naval, military and commercial expansion. Seeks divorce and remarriage because of dynastic need for an heir.

1529 Henry's secret agent, Richard Croke, travels to Venice to consult with Jewish Rabbis and "Christian Cabalist" theologian Georgi in an attempt to Biblically justify divorce and remarriage to the Pope. This was the tip of a growing iceberg of a commercial/intellectual alliance between England s Crown" and the Jews fleeing the Vatican's Inquisition.

Henry spurns the Vatican, turning to Jewish inspired Bible interpretation.

1535 Act of Supremacy. Henry declared Supreme Head of the Church of England. Church Lands seized. Break with Rome complete.

1542 Still Catholic, Scotland in alliance with Catholic France, attempts invasion of England. Defeated at great cost. Agreed that Henry's son will wed Mary Queen of Scots, but never occurs.

King Edward VI (1547-1553), a Tudor, proceeds with Protestant Reformation and institutionalizes the Church of England. Catholic Mass forbidden. English liturgy ordered. First Prayer Book introduced.

Queen Mary (1553-1558), elder daughter of Henry VIII, a Tudor, attempts to restore Catholicism and submission to Rome. Protestants burned at the stake.

Elizabeth I (1558-1603), daughter of Henry VIII, a Tudor, reverses Mary's Catholicism and enacts the second Act of Supremacy. Demands conformity to the Church of England.

1561 Mary, Queen of Scots, a Stuart, plots with Catholic Church to seize English Throne.

1585 Elizabeth helps Netherlands Protestants and Jews against Spain.

Elizabeth's favorite, Drake, plunders Spanish Galleons of their treasure.

1587 Numerous Catholic/Scottish plots end in the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

1558 to 1583 John Dee, Elizabeth I's famous scientist, magician, astrologer. and intelligence agent publically introduces English to Renaissance Christian" cabalism, magic and science with Jewish/Sufi roots in Venice. Dee invents "British Israel/Identity" doctrine as an explicit justification for the British Empire. First public hint of alliance with Jewish enemies of the Vatican "Anti-Christ." Dee, on an intelligence gathering trip under occult 'scrying' cover plants Rosicrucianism in Germany.

1558 Spanish Armada sent to Britain to crush British rebellion against Papal Authority. British victory marks the beginning of British naval superiority.

"Puritans" first come to the attention of the public, not for intolerance, but for "cabalistic" Bible interpretation in defiance of Rome and advocacy of pure, Biblical worship free from Rome's idolatry. Seek out Jews for correct interpretation of the Old Testament, accused of "Judaising".

l600 East India Company chartered as a Crown Company. Exploration and colonization proceeds with gusto.

Literary Note: Secret intellectual warfare between Catholic and Jewish-Cabalist influences surfaces. Marlowe writes "Faust" to defame John Dee as a Satanic Magician, "The Jew of Malta" to enrage public opinion against the growing commercial alliance with Jewish Merchants and "Tamburlaine" to discredit Elizabethan British Empire ideals. Spenser writes "Faire Queen" to eulogize Elizabeth I as the magical "virgin" Queen. Shakespeare writes the "Merchant of Venice" to humanize Jews and cautiously soften attitudes toward Jews who are still banned from England. Shakespeare's "Midsummers Night Dream" romanticizes the Elizabethan Age.

King James I (l603-l625), a Stuart, cautiously backs-off spirit Elizabethan cabalism. John Dee loses favor. "Witches" persecuted, James edges toward Rome.

Puritan influences grow in spite of James I. King James Bible issued, providing basis for anti-Catholic policy of individual Bible reading and interpretation.

Francis Bacon continues work in tradition of John Dee under the influence of Rosicrucianism. Down-plays magic to please Catholic-leaning King, emphasizing inductive science. Bacon's "New Atlantis" reveals Britain's alliance with Jews, proposes Royal Society and Masonry. "New Atlantis" published post-humously, Bacon purged from James' Court well before his death.

King Charles I (l625-l649), a Stuart allows increasing Puritan agitation to reform "Romish" practices in the Church of England to be frustrated which divides the country. Parliament, the "City", and the Navy line-up against the King. Revolution.

1646 Royal Society formed to support science. Rosicrucians infiltrate stone Masons, introducing mysticism and cabalism.

1649 Oliver Cromwell has Charles I executed.

Mannaseh Ben Israel, a Dutch cabalist Rabbi, petitions Cromwell for return of the Jews to England based on a cabalistic Bible interpretation that the millenium cannot come until the Jews have spread to every corner of the Earth. Cromwell's Puritan advisors believe Jews should be allowed into England confident they will convert to pure, Biblical Christianity.

Cromwell seeks help from Jewish Merchants in his war with Spain, the incarnation of the Papal anti-Christ.

Jews unofficially allowed to settle in England.

1660 Charles II (1660-1685), a Stuart, is restored to the Throne of England by country exhausted by revolution and warfare.

1670 Charles II conspires with French Catholics in Secret Treaty of and by a country exhausted by revolution.

1672 Charles attempts to ease restrictions on Catholics. Defeated by Parliament.

1673 Test Act excludes Roman Catholics from office.

1678 Popish Plot scare. Titus Oakes discloses Jesuit/Papist plot to restore Catholicism. Anti-Catholic frenzy.

1679 Parliament attempts to exclude Catholic James of York from the Throne....Fails.

1681 Charles II dissolves Parliament and rules absolutely to prevent exclusion of brother James from the Throne.

King James II (1685-1689), a Catholic Stuart, repeals Habeus Corpus and attempts to rule absolutely and restore the Catholic religion.

Suspends all laws against Catholicism and non-conformism.

1688 Seven leaders of the Whigs and Tories invite William of Orange to invade England from the Netherlands to restore "English Liberties."

William lands at Torbay with the largest force ever to invade England. James II's forces desert. James II flees to the protection of Louis XIV in France.

Paradoxically, the Pope, in a feud with Catholic Louis XIV, does not oppose "Orangeman" take-over of England. William's "Glorious Revolution" takes England out of the Catholic orbit permanently. British/Dutch/Jewish Alliance firmly established.

1692 England, Holland, and Austria war with France, limiting expansion under Louis XIV.

Pope foolishly or treasonously amenable to Grand Alliance to subdue Louis XIV. Vatican never recovers.

1694 Bank of England established with Royal/Jewish/Noble ownership. A mighty engine of government. National Debt inaugurated. Basis for financial domination of the world obtained.

The Drive for World Domination - 1694 to 1815.

Queen Ann 1702-1714, a non-Catholic Stuart, fights War of Spanish Succession to oppose French claim to the Spanish Throne. England leads Holland, Hanover, Prussia, and Austria against France.

1707 Scotland united to England.

1703 General Marlborough, after many victories, is ready to march on Paris to install a Constitutional Monarchy on the British Model. Support for war wanes.

1713 Peace of Utrech gives Britain tremendous commercial and colonial gains at the expense of France.

King George I (1714-172), of Hanover, assumes British Throne when Stuarts refuse to convert to Protestantism.

1715 Stuart-Catholic rebellion crushed.

1717 Masons purged of Stuart-Catholic influences which had temporarily gained influence for the "Jacobite" cause. Masonry established as a covert intelligence agency with its familiar occult "cover".

Triple Alliance against Spain to secure succession Hanover to the British Throne and the House of Orleans to the French Throne should Louis XV die.

1718 Quadruple alliance vs. Spain to uphold the Treaty cf Utrecht.

King George II (1727-1760), of Hanover, fights War of Austrian Succession (1743-1748), lining-up England with Hanover against France, Prussia, and Bavaria.

1745 Jacobite (Stuart) rebellion in Scotland crushed.

1748 Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. Prussia's Frederick the Great allowed to keep Austria's Silesia. France recognizes Hanoverian succession in England.

1756 Seven Years War. Austria lines-up France, Russia, and Saxony to recover Silesia from Prussia. Balance of power geopolitics dictate that England support Prussia's Frederick the Great.

Note: "Co-incidentally" Frederick develops an interest in Britain's "Speculative Masonry". Later Frederick is rumored to have been a member or even leader of the Illuminati.

1759 British, with capture of Quebec, end French Empire in NorthAmerica.

1760 Britain drives French out of India, achieves superiority.

King George III (1760-1820), of Hanover, assumes the British Throne.

1763 First Treaty of Paris ends Seven Years War. Vast British gains ratified.

1764 Quarrel with American Colonists begin.

1776 Weishaupt's Illuminati formed. American Declaration of Independence.

Britain puts up token resistance to "American Revolution" while fighting a World War against Russia, France, Holland, French Canadians, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Prussia: The League of Armed Neutrality.

1781 British momentarily lose control of the sea to the French which requires Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktown. According to British historians "this provides the new nation at its birth with a myth to sustain it." (!!!)

Masons install Constitutional Government in America with "checks and balances" designed to make it permanently subservient to the Money Power of the Bank of England and its agents: Peabody, Morgan, Brown, Belmont, etc. America becomes "covert" colony of Britain.

1789 Illuninist/Masonic forces with Prussian support and complicit Orleanists bring down the French Monarchy for the benefit of Britain.

1792 Austria and Prussia invade France to restore order at the invitation of Bourbons. Enraged mobs massacre Royalty and Nobility. Louis XVI taken prisoner.

1793 War with the French Republic. England against France, Holland, and Spain.

1795 England cracks down on Jacobin extremists in England to safeguard the throne.

1798 First War with Napoleon Bonaparte.

1802 Peace of Aniens

1805 Second War with Napoleon. England supports Austria, Russia, and Spain against France.

King George IV (1820-1830), of Hanover, assumes British Throne.

1814 Napoleon retires in defeat to Elba.

1815 Napoleon escapes from Elba, raises an army, but is defeated at Waterloo. Britain's power enormous world-wide.

1815 Holy Alliance formed. Pope, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Spain to stamp-out democracy and individual rights. Britain refuses to join.

Britain refuses to abandon its main weapon, "world revolution", conducted under the color of liberty, in its war with its major competing "international power organism" the Vatican's Catholic Church (and to a lesser extent, the Czar's Orthodox Church).

Rothschilds and other "continental" Jewish Bankers rewarded for their financial services to the "Crown" with positions in "the City". Rothschilds helped the Elector of Hesse hide his enormous wealth from Napoleon. House of Hesse related/allied to House of Hanover.

The World Reign of the Crown - 1815-1946

1815 Final Britain-led and Bank of England financed victory over Napoleon creates new era called the "Concert of Europe" with Britain as the covert "Conductor".

1822 Treaty of Verona. "High Contracting Parties" of the Holy Alliance. Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Pope Pius VIIth of the Papal States of Italy (and now including France upon which the Holy Alliance had imposed a Bourbon Monarch by force) meet to ratify article Six of the Congress of Vienna that ended the Napoleonic Wars, Agreed to suppress popular government, Freedom of the Press, individual rights, etc. and to restore Monarchy wherever possible. Jesuits, recently reinstituted, to become covert agents in the plot.

1822 Greeks throw-off rule of the Turk with support of British, French, and Russians.

1823 British recognize independence of South American Republics heavy blow to the Holy Alliance.

King William IV (1830-1837) starts reign with Second French Revolution which puts the British-linked Duke of Orleans on the throne.

183l Struggle for reforms in England.

Queen Victoria (1837-l90l). of Hanover, assumes the British Throne.

1839 First War with China. British enforce their right to push opium from India in China.

Invasion of Afghanistan by British removes Russian-allied regime.

1842 Afghans revolt and remove British regime, British re-take Kabul.

I845 British defeat Punjab (Sihk) up-rising in India.

1846 Corn laws repealed. Moneyed Aristocracy of "The City" victorious at the expense of the "landed" Nobility. Rothschild agent Disraeli pretends to support landed gentry in "Young England" movement. Assumes leadership of Tories in great betrayal.

1848 Third French Revolution overturns Orleanist Monarch. Republic declared. Holy Alliance Thrones of Europe totter under assault revolutionary movements.

Chartist up-risings in England fail.

1849 Second revolt in Punjab defeated by British,

1850's Disraeli raises the "Secret Society Spectre". Mysterious ancient, secret societies are blamed for the British (Masonic) destabilization program against Holy Alliance in subtle disinformation campaign. Disraeli pushes "British Israel/Identity" concept with support of Queen Victoria. Postulates Jewish/British Alliance as representing the Biblical Israel.

1851 Louis Napoleon overthrows the Republic and declares self Emperor

Prime Minister Palmerston dismissed for overt support of Napoleon.

France back in the Holy Alliance.

1852 Crimean War. England, France, and Turkey block Russian advance toward warm water port.

Sardenia, under the leadership of the House of Savoy's Victor Emanuel joins the fight against Russia and is rewarded by being made King of Italy with the help of the British.

1856 Second War With China. French and British open up additional trading privileges in China by force.

1858 Indian Mutiny suppressed. East India Company relieved of its governing role in India. Victoria made Sovereign of India.

1859 Fear of French Invasion leads to formation of large bodies of volunteers.

1861 American Civil War. British and Holy Alliance instigated sectional, tariff, and slavery conflict cause war. 500,000 put out of work in British cotton mills. Holy Alliance installs Maximillian in Mexico with French troops.

Britain officially neutral. Rothschilds leads Holy Alliance to believe Britain supports the South. Britain allows the defeat of Holy Alliance supported South and Maximillian.

1864 Bismark's "Blood and Iron" program launched to unify Germany under Prussian auspices and financed by Rothschild connected Bliechschroeders.

1870 Bismark defeats Napoleon III in Franco-Prussian War. Britain does not intervene.

France loses remnant of independent power, becomes abject "little partner" of Britain.

British puppet Victor Emanuel seizes Papal States, making the Pope a virtual prisoner in the Vatican. Holy Alliance in shambles.

1871 Russia breaks previous agreements limiting Black Sea Fleet.

1873 Silver demonetized in America. British Gold Standard sweeps world.

1877 Russo-Turkish War. Turkey viciously crushes a Christian revolt in the Balkans. Russians invade Turkey. Britain's fleet checks Russian drive for a warm water port.

1878 Treaty of Berlin limits Russian gains at British insistence, British take Cyprus to prevent further Russian advance. British invade Afghanistan to again prevent Russian advance toward India.

1879 Zulus defeated in South Africa.

British and French take Egypt on collapse of Turkey's power.

1885 Egyptian revolt of the "Mahdi" finally crushed by Lord Kitchener.

1849-1883 Karl Marx uses London as the staging point for promoting violent, utopian communist revolution. In England Marx has little effect. Instead, the Bismark copying Fabian Socialists are successful in seeding the ground for the modern welfare/warfare state.

1884 Fabian Society formed.

1896 Jameson Raid in South Africa. Cecil Rhodes attempts to foment a British up-rising against the Boers in South Africa. Germany threatens to support the Boers.

1890's Britain begins to fear growing power of collectivist-militarist Germany and her demands on world trade and Empire.

South African gold and diamond magnate, Cecuk Rhodes, forms "Round Table" conspiracy to renew idealistic support for "British Imperialism".

Americans embark on Imperialism guided by Britain. McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt take Cuba and Philipines from Catholic Spain.

1899 British defeat Boers in Boer War. Boers armed by Germany.

Milner's Kindergarten reconstructs South Africa with diamond/gold monopoly securely in British control Diplomacy yields Boer support for Britain in future conflicts with Germany.

King Edward VII (1901-1910)

1902 Britain allies with Japan for protection of Far East Empire and to limit Russia's Far East expansion.

1904 Japanese defeat Russians in Far East. Concurrently, British connected Anarchist/Nihilist movement destabilizes Czarist regime in Russia.

1910-1913 Germany fails to accede to the British demand that she limit her Navy.

King George V (1910-1936)

1913 Col. House with Fabian and "Round Table" connections guides Wilson Administration in preparing America for war in support of Britain: Federal Reserve and Income Tax enacted into law.

1914 Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand starts World War I. France, Russia, Italy, America, and Japan line-up under British guidance to check German/Austrian/Turkish domination of Europe.

1917 Balfour Declaration on Jewish Homeland gains Jewish support for war efforts and sows the seeds for Middle East "balance of power" card.

1917 Bolshevik Revolution takes Russia out of the war. Germans had transported Lenin in Russia in a sealed train. Anglo-Americans fall all over themselves to get their agent Trotsky into the act.

Anglophile Wilson/House cabal manipulate United States entry to WWI.

1918 Germans defeated. In spite of deafening British propaganda campaign, America refuses to join the League of Nations. Federal Reserve joins Bank for International Settlements anyway, using private bankers as representatives.

British refer to the League of Nations in religious tones as the "Covenant" taking advantage of centuries of "British Israel" propaganda .

Arabs liberated from the remainder of the Turkish Empire. Britain's Lawrence of Arabia wins support of Arabs in spite of the hated Balfour Declaration.

1922 Turkey defeats advance of Greeks. Modern Turkey, minus Empire and Sultan, is formed under Kemal.

1924 British attempt to return to the gold standard at the pre-war rate. Press Federal Reserve to support the pound by inflating the dollar. Leads to l920's stock market boom and l929 crash followed by world depression.

The Italians, betrayed by British at WWI "Peace Conference" turn to Musolini who restores the status of the Vatican.

The Vatican sees the world depression as its chance to smash the hated British monopoly capitalism and its usurous "Jewish Financiers." The Catholic Church embarks upon a project of rebuilding the "continental" powers under the banner of fascism, what it sees as a modernised format for feudalism. The Catholic Church cautiously revives anti-Semitism.

Father Coughlin is assigned the fascist campaign in America building on Church support for the UAW in Michigan. Promotes alliance with Italy and Germany to break the back of Britain's Jewish Financiers. Coughlin fails and is denied by his Church superiors. British retain control of America through Anglophile Franklin Roosevelt.

The British Israel World Federation now claims today's Jews are not part of Biblical "Israel", being "Khazars", rather than real Israelites. Now British Israel provides anti-Semitic competition to the Catholic fascist campaign.

British use these and similar tactics to attempt to seize control of "continental" fascist movements. They succeed with Hitler.

l933 Hitler comes to power in Germany. Catholic Center Party gives way in spite of pro-British views expressed in Mein Kampf. Hitler, springing from British connected, pagan Secret Societies, seeks to divide the world with Britain.

l938 Britain's "Round Tablers" and "Cliveden Set" orchestrate initial appeasement of Hitler, encouraging his lunge Eastward.

Ex-British ally, Japan, runs amok in the Far East.

l94O Hitler-Stalin Pact. Partition of Poland. Cliveden Set strategy temporarily thwarted.

Hitler invades west scaring Britain to death. However, he still hopes for a settlement with Britain and spares Britain's army at Dunkirk.

Cliveden tool, Winston Churchill, put in power.

l94l Hitler influenced to attack Russia.....doomed Hitler to defeat. US enters European war after "inviting" Pearl Harbor attack. US finishes-off Britain's Frankenstien monster of the Pacific, Japan, with the A-Bomb.

United Nations formed to put a happy face on the Neo-British Empire conquest of the world.

The Neo-British Empire - l947 to Present

l947 British toy briefly with a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia in preparation for direct Anglo-American world conquest. Settle instead for 3-Bloc "geopolitical" balance of power system.

l948 to approx 1975. British scramble to establish a viable 3-Bloc world in the face of an overwhelming post WWII, U.S.-Vatican anti-Communist alliance. As is well-known, at least by right-wingers, the following blows to American "Free World" Imperialism are accomplished through the auspices of the Crown and their treasonous (to American Unilateralist-Imperialism) Eastern Establishment. Stalin given Eastern Europe, China "lost" to Communism with "curious" retention of Hong Kong by the British, nuclear secrets immediately lost to Soviets through British spies, America dealt stunning "no-win" lesson in Korea, anti-Communist hysteria which began to probe British fronts like the CFR and Inst. for Pacific Relations crushed in "anti-McCarthyism" campaign. Cuba lost to Soviets after Eastern Establishment promotion of Castro. Catholic inspired revolts in Eastern Europe allowed to fail, unsupported by Anglo-Eastern Establishment cabal. French defeat encouraged in Vietnam. Catholic Diem murdered with connivance of CIA. Bay of Pigs allowed to fail by CIA. Kennedy compromises in Cuban Missle Crisis. Balance of nuclear terror (MAD) established. Kennedy assassinated after attempt to discipline CIA. American Unilateralism set-back in humiliating Goldwater defeat. Vietnam War fought on "no-win" basis without an effort at national unity. British drug/rock counter-culture, anti-war movement destroys national unity. Generation Gap. Integration movement perverted into black/white polarization and race riots. Ecology movement concocted (1969) as Vietnam War winds down. Brakes applied to American technology and progress. Movement toward murderous no-growth Malthusian stability initiated. Dangerous unilateralist Nixon disposed of in Watergate. Meanwhile, accelerated economic and military development of both East Blocs promoted through "Anglo-Banking Cabal."

Note on initial Vatican Strategy during the post WW II Period: With Father Coughlin's failure to recruit America to the Catholic Fascist cause in WWII, the Vatican deserts its doomed fascists and covertly co-operates with the Allied invasion of Sicily/Italy through Luciano/Mafia connection. After the war, in an attempt to recover from the defeat of the Church's fascist strategy, Pope Pius forms an anti-Communist alliance with the US, bringing his Eastern European fascist remnants and Nazi International assets into the CIA orbit. Promotes Fatima legend to justify proposed "Holy War" with atheistic Soviet Russia. Stirs-up revolts in Eastern Europe. Cardinal Mindzenty, etc. Catholic Diem in Vietnam. Catholic Tshombe in the Congo. Another possibility in Kennedy Assassination Catholic/Mafia remnants from Cuba punish Catholic traitor Kennedy for failure of Bay of Pigs.

After the death of Pope Pius a dramatic reversal of Catholic geopolitical strategy takes place, with some lags and recalcitrance, including the controversial tilt toward theological "modernism". The Vatican deserts US anti-Communist alliance as a "losing proposition" and joins the anti-Vietnam War "Peace Movement". Encyclical promotes what amounts to fascist/socialist statism with a Christian/Humanist face. Capitalism bad-mouthed in a play for the left Development and progress advocated for the underdeveloped world to align Church with the left and against British Malthusian ecologists in the Third World. Jesuitical "Liberation Theology" preached with the covert compliance of the Vatican. In short, the Church makes a bold attempt to get on the winning side geopolitically after its disasterous pre-WWII fascist episode and post-WWII "anti-communist' debacle.

Note on the widespread "Catholic Traditionalist" conspiracy theory that the Vatican turn-around under Pope John and Pope Paul was the result of a Jewish/Masonic (or British) coup at the top of the Vatican. While such a coup may have played a part, the Catholic religion, as a world power organism, cannot be so easily thwarted. For instance, although Jewish pressure during Vatican II, wrung-out a condemnation of anti-Semitism, the Church refused to endorse Israel or recant on the crucial doctrine of Jewish Deicide. In fact, unless positive evidence to the contrary can be assembled, our theory is that the Church's "lurch to the left" was a clever exploitation of the British orchestrated geopolitical policy of supporting the East Bloc at the expense of the US, Free World Bloc. This interpretation is consistent with the apparent assassination of Pope John Paul I, a leftist in the tradition of John and Paul, and his replacement with John Paul II who immediately acted to discipline the Jesuits (and their liberation theology) and to stir-up revolt against the Soviets in Poland.

1976 to Present. New anti-Soviet, US-Vatican axis formalized as Reagan unconstitutionally sent an ambassador to the Vatican for the first time in US history. The Eastern Establishment, while continuing to make pro-Soviet noises in opposition to the Carter-Reagan arms build-up and Reagan's Star Wars, appears strangely "powerless to determine policy or elect a President in the US. Is this lack of power real, or a ruse to maintain "back-channel" disinformative contact with the Soviets? Has the NBE decided that the Soviet Bloc has gone far enough and must now be dealt some defeats? Perhaps in Afghanistan, the disputed Chinese Border, Eastern Europe, and the Carribean? Or can we expect a sudden catastrophic defeat of the new Vatican-US alliance? Perhaps the loss of all or part of Western Europe, Japan or the Middle East to the Soviet/Orthodox "Third Rome" Imperialist doctrinaires in Moscow?

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