Teaching Sermons & Key Words
Page 12
The Ransom of Souls - 16KB

a compulsory tax upon ALL males able to bear arms
This demonstrates the HEADSHIP of the man
One cannot circumcise a woman
That word 'plague' means 'death stroke or mortal blow'
Tabernacle itself was to be built from VOLUNTARY contributions

Silence in Heaven the Space of Half an Hour - 26KB

Daniel, Chapter 11 and the New World Order - 35KB

Fornication, adultery, polygamy and miscegenation with the heathen
the vision is a symbol of Christ incarnating Himself into His Church
the Gentile denominations end in apostasy
He claims to be ruler over heaven, earth and purgatory
The most powerful member states of the UN will impose his edicts
in order to stop the Communist invasion of a crippled USA
Whatever you might understand from the news, Communism is not finished
The Bible is about redemption not replacement

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