Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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The Holy Spirit in Every Age - 47Kb

tongues is not the Evidence of being baptized with the Holy Ghost
He hath chosen us IN HIM (Jesus) before the foundation of the world
What is the Baptism with the Holy Ghost?
there are not three persons in that Godhead but ONE
the true evidence of being baptized with the Holy Ghost

The Seventh Angel and the Mystery of God - 32KB

God loves you so much, Eve. He loves all the Baptists and the Catholics
Communism has been raised up by God to destroy the FALSE church
In his visions, John saw the prophet God promised to send the Church
He was the ONLY man to whom the Lord revealed these things
In these last days Elohim has veiled Himself in His Fulness behind human
God sometimes uses one man to symbolize many men
the second Coming is through the mouth of a prophet
the Bride takes her revelation direct from the hand of Christ
the "rapture" is a PROCESS of coming into oneness with God, (the Word)

The Organization Man - 27KB

Like the natural man, God has only so many children
Nicolaitanes? The word comes from two Greek words
The church is made up of good and bad
Balaamism or substitution of man-made wisdom and reasoning
God set five different types of minister in the Church
how it is we have as many as five popes in the world today
Bishops and deacons are actually lay offices
Each church is sovereign under its pastor
The church nominal is a hybrid
Constantine decided the God of the Christians was a trinity
Where can you find the 'vicar of Christ' in the Word?

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