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Eternal Security - 29KB

the Bible is the story of God POURING HIMSELF INTO HIS FAMILY or CHANGING HIS FORM from the Eternal Spirit ALONE with His thoughts to the manifestation of those thoughts in the glorified flesh of His Family
God transform Himself (from His eternal thoughts) into the FORM of His Family
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are "three DISPENSATION CLAIMS" or Titles of the One and ONLY Person of God
The " shout" is the Message of God's prophet calling the wise AND foolish virgin
It is NOT possible to attend some church and be "saved"
If in Adam's race, your name is on the Book of Life, and you are BORN "saved"
There is NO TRUTH in the doctrine "once saved always saved"
The goal of God's Elect is NOT just to be "saved" but born again "saints"
"Eternal security" is the new birth. Christ's Body is built on "Faith," not psychology

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