Spiritual Amnesia

'There will be signs in the sun, and moon and stars, and upon earth distress between nations, because they're in doubt, not knowing which way to turn, on account of the roaring of the sea. (Thousands of square miles are about to fall into the lava of the earth. Millions will die at one time, great tidal waves will dash our eastern seaboard, tossing ships like flotsam). Men's hearts will fail for fear of things that are coming upon the world; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.' Why, certainly, when a nation the size of Cuba can destroy the world in ten minutes.

Luke 21 prophesies the legacy of the Laodicean Age that ended in 1963. The church weak, apostate, and uniting together against the faith. Society full of homosexuals and fornicators. Everything that was decent has become indecent in this, the last generation that will ever be upon the earth. Nobody will write our history, because there will be no one to read it.

The world is suffering from Spiritual amnesia, but it is becoming to us to fulfill all righteousness.

Amnesia can result from a shock, or from halting between two opinions. The trouble with Australians today is we don't know who we are. Spiritual amnesia has been injected into us by those who would destroy Australian society. We cannot identify ourselves, we have forgotten who we are. Like a bastard child or some mongrel dog, we've forgotten our origin; in desperation we are prepared to believe the lies and make-belief fed to us by our Prime Minister, parliamentarians, back-slid preachers and minuscule loud-mouthed lobby groups financed by some hidden hand, representing perversion and ideas once considered abhorrent to Western society and Christendom.

Australians have forgotten their Christian heritage. We've forgotten we have a queen, we've forgotten the fathers who carved this nation out of a desert in the middle of an ocean. We've forgotten we have a God, and we have forgotten His Word. We've forgotten that Christians are a separated people. We have forgotten the Reformation of the Roman Catholic system of worship. Like a dog to its vomit or a sow to its wallow, poor blind men and women who know not God are trying to befriend the old whore who never repented. A terminal case of Spiritual amnesia.

We are spectators instead of participants in democracy, instead of demanding accountability, we watch our government spend taxpayers money and borrow against taxes to be collected from our children in twenty years time. Mesmerized, we watch as they squander it on heathen nations, trying to buy friendship. We have forgotten that God put enmity between us and them, and that the enmity is still there.

As the sun brings natural light and life, the Son of God is the source of Spiritual Light and Eternal life. The Moon represents the church which, in the absence of Christ is the Light of the World. The signs in the sun and moon signify the decaying of all glory, excellency and prosperity of the Gentiles. The shaking of the powers of heaven signifies a total subversion of polity, laws, and religion which were once under God in heaven, containing in themselves the Light of both, to the anarchy into which the world is presently descending. The consequences shall be the vast, extensive, and lasting ruin that is the desolation of the whole world at the last day.

This century has witnessed the gradual demise of 2,000 years of Western (Christian) civilization. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the Son shone His Light from the east to the west. We are merging with the forces of Darkness and with the eastern part of the world which never saw the Light. The ancient monarchies of Europe have been largely overthrown, Protestantism no longer follows holiness, and rather than protest embraces the teachings of Mystery Babylon the Great.

We have allowed our women to vote and to usurp authority over men. They have invaded the pulpit, compete in the workplace, and wear clothing pertaining to men. Woman is to be a keeper at home, but the economics of today's society are structured on a two income family, and the family structure has been destroyed.

Jesus said, 'when you see the fig tree, and all the trees have their revival, you will know it is time for God to take His church Home'. Israel and all nations have had a revival. The colonies have all gained independence. No tribe is answerable to anyone else, and every individual within them has his own rights.

Laodicea means 'people's rights,' egalitarianism, or
communism. It is a spirit, the spirit of this last day. Nowhere is communism more active than in the churches. The Holy Spirit has been replaced by psychology and counseling whilst the simple Word is crucified afresh to accommodate the 'people's rights.' The authority of parents, teachers, police, dignities and the state is disputed by children's rights, or the 'rights' of illegal aliens such as boat people, homosexuals, murderers, thieves and cut-throats or any minority. Everybody has 'rights' but white Anglo-Saxon trash of Asia, particularly if they claim Christian principles.

The fear of God is cast down with contempt and forgotten. Nothing remains. Even man-made creeds and traditions which once restrained the superstitious cannot preserve the morals of society in this day. There is no appeal but to self-interest. Not this country alone, but the whole world is on the brink of anarchy. Very soon, natural catastrophe in the form of a massive earthquake, will tip it over the brink.

Government calls us 'the clever people', seducing by flattery, as the Serpent beguiled Eve. Spiritual amnesia has set in. The fathers of the Federation knew the strength of an homogeneous society. Government today declares we must be a 'multicultural' society, when they mean a multi-RACIAL society. Subtle deception: whereas 'Multiculturalism' is innocuous, multi-racialism is malignant. Hybridization of the races caused God to destroy all life in the Flood. Jesus said it would repeat! And like the Protestant church that protests nothing, our characterless opposition, with a wishbone instead of a backbone, oppose nothing.

This is the day of racial disintegration. In the United States, England, France, Bosnia, Timor, Bosnia, Africa, China, Israel, and the former USSR, racial conflict is dividing and destroying nations. Yet 'the clever country' defy proven experience of 6,000 years. Like an ugly girl with no character, Australians have been seduced by the flattery of deceivers from Canberra, stripped of our purity, we have no birthright to pass on to posterity. We've hybrid the churches and are hybreeding our nation so we cannot reproduce Christ or our race. The Australian people is near its end.

When these things begin to happen, Jesus said, lift up your heads for redemption is nigh. You had better find the prophet He promised in these last days to restore the faith and finish the mystery of God. One of these days God is going to redeem this Message in the flesh of those that have received It. strat017.htm

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