When Love Projects

When Love Projects, Grace Takes Over, 'for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.' This scripture deals with love, and we know there is no power, or teaching, or rule, that will match the love of God. Though many have tried, no one can explain the love of God. Poets and songwriters have failed, and ministers preach but cannot fully explain His wondrous love.

We don't need the Spiritual Gifts like speaking in tongues, or healing as much as we think we do, though they are wonderful and we praise God that we have them. But if these gifts are not governed by love they are not effective, and multitudes in this day are exercising the Gifts of the Spirit without the Spirit.

Love should govern the home. A home that's not disciplined by love is not much of a home. If the husband and wife don't solemnly love one another, they cannot trust one another.

Remember, love is the strongest force in the world. Instead of resting upon some emotion or some gift, like speaking in tongues, we should rest our faith upon the love of God. If we come back to this principle, our Christian growth will progress much faster, for God is love, and love is corrective. Always.

This is the day of which Jesus said, 'As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.' If we have God's love within our heart and projecting through our lives we will receive His correction in these last days.

In the Greek there is 'phileo' or natural love between a man and his wife; but there is also 'agapao,' or divine love, and these two loves are contrary to each other. For instance, with the love that you have for your wife, you might kill a man who would insult her; but with agapao or divine love, you would pray for his lost soul. That's the difference.

I'm sure many of us have confused phileo for agapao love. Phileo or human affection is intellectual, whereas agapao love comes from the heart by faith. Phileo love will always doubt and question, but agapao love will always rest and be at peace. Godly love has trust, and strengthens faith.

Like that little verse, we do many little things in this life, and Jesus said if you but give a cup of cold water in My Name, you have your reward. I'm so glad He sees those little things we do. Love is a powerful force, and when love reaches the end of its strength, sovereign grace takes over and grants love's petition. That's the reason we have a Savior, God so loved the world, and His love projected to the world produced a Savior.

God wanted so much to see you well, His love went out and produced an atonement for your sickness as well as your sins. It was the love of God that constrained Him to do it. Nothing is greater than love - it brings trust, it brings faith, and it brings pardon.

Love has no fear. Love casts out fear. There's a great deal of fear among Christians, and this should not be. Fear stems from a lack of confidence, and a lack of confidence stems from a lack of faith. God wants you to cast your cares upon Him, for He careth for you. Love and trust Him - this will cast out fear and enable you to overcome and serve Him with greater love.

Love is not based on legalism. We can't come to God by government. Love is based on faith in God, trust in God, confidence in God. And when the love of God comes into your heart, you won't go around hurting, or being hurt. When you really believe God, and are united with Him in a new birth, through faith in the present truth, you're dead to the things of the world. Then God projects His love, and His love makes you what He meant you to be. strat010.htm

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