Walk In The Light

I John 1:7 is one of the most important yet least understood verses of Scripture. It's Message becomes more apparent when it is paraphrased: 'Unless we walk in the Light God is manifesting now, we are not and cannot come under the blood or be born-again'.

God has an agenda, and His purpose is to manifest the attributes of His Own nature and character in the lives of His children. So a life lived by the Word is the Word expressed. But God is only making written epistles of that part of the Word He predestinated to be fulfilled in this day.

Clearly only a special class of people will be born-again into His Family. Those who are able to discern the promises of God's Word for this day and manifest them in their own lives are the only ones in the election. How can we hope to be His people unless we are constantly in the Word to understand what He is doing and to recognize and fulfill our part in His Word.

The Book of Revelation is the actual revelation of Jesus, Himself, in the church and His work in the future Ages. It takes the Holy Spirit to give us revelation, or we will fail to get it. Bringing these two thoughts together you will see that it won't take just ordinary study and thinking to make this Book real. It is going to take the operation of the Holy Ghost. That means this Book can't be revealed to anyone but a special class of people with prophetic insight, and the ability to hear from God. It will require Supernatural instruction, not just a student comparing verse with verse, for a mystery requires the teaching of the Spirit or it never becomes clear.

The Revelation is the consummation of the Scriptures. It is even placed exactly right in the canon of Scripture; at the end. Now you can know why it says that anyone who reads or even hears it is blessed. It is the revelation of God that will give you authority over the devil. And you can see why they who would add or take from it would be cursed. It would have to be so, for who can add or take away from the perfect revelation of God and overcome the enemy? It is that simple. There is nothing of such prevailing power as the revelation of the Word.

Revelation 1:3: 'The time is at hand'. The time was not at hand previously. In the wisdom and economy of God this mighty revelation (though fully known to God) could not come forth hitherto. Thus we immediately learn a principleóthe revelation of God for each age can come in that age only, and at a specific time. Look at the history of Israel. The revelation of God to Moses came only at a specific time, and even more specifically it came as the people cried unto God. Jesus, Himself, came at the fullness of time, He being the complete Revelation of the Godhead. And in Laodicea, the revelation of God came in its due time. Think on this and heed it well, for we are in the end-time today.

We cannot manifest Anglican, Lutheran or Presbyterian Light from the early Reformation of the Roman Catholic system of worship. They did run well in their day, but Satan hindered them when God added another line, another precept in the further revelation of Wesley. Neither can we manifest Methodist or Baptist Light, for the Philadelphian Age is also over and that Part of the Body is complete. Nor can we be modern Pentecostals from Laodicea, this last Move of the Spirit in the Church Ages, was refused by the Baptists and Methodists. It was they who rejected Christ when He was revealed at the close of their Age (Luke 17:29-30; Genesis 18; Hebrews 4:12; Revelation 3:20; 10:1-7).

All seven Church Ages have been fulfilled. We must find the Light God is manifesting now, or like Israel, we will find ourselves walking in the glare of a day gone by, impersonating a genuine Move of the Spirit already fulfilled.

It is wise to understand society, commerce, politics, industry and religion are manifestations of One Spirit or the other. Jesus has foretold what is happening now and what will soon come to pass, and revealed these things to His elect that they may know what to anticipate and rest in that peace which passeth all understanding. strat001.htm

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