The First Seal

Let us bow our heads now for prayer. Our Heavenly Father, we thank  Thee
tonight  for  this another opportunity to come to worship  You.  We  are
thankful  to be alive and to have this great revelation of Eternal  Life
dwelling  within us.  And we've come tonight, Father, to study Thy  Word
together--these great hidden mysteries that's been hid since the founda-
tion  of the world, and the Lamb is the only One that can reveal  it  to
us.  I  pray that He will come among us tonight, and will  take  of  His
Word, and reveal It to us, that we might know how to be better  servants
to Him in this end-time.  Oh, God, as we see that we are now in the end-
time,  help  us  to know our place, Lord, and our frail  being  and  the
certainty  of the coming of the Lord soon.   We ask it in  Jesus'  Name.

I believe it was David said, "I was happy when they said unto me, let us
go into the house of the Lord."  It's always a great privilege to  come;
and the studying of the Word together, gives us this great hope.

Now  there's  many  standing, and I'm just going to hurry  as  quick  as
possible.   But I trust that you have enjoyed the presence of  the  Holy
Spirit  like  I have in these last couple of times.   And today,  I  had
something to happen that I haven't had for a long time.   I was studying
on this revelation here, on the opening of the Seal.

Years ago I run through it here, about some twenty years ago I guess, or
something  like  that, but somehow or another I never was  just  exactly
satisfied.  It  seemed like there was some things  especially  in  these
Seals, because those Seals are the entire Book. It's the Book. The whole
Book is one Book sealed. It starts...

For instance if I had something here--I will show you what I mean.  Here
is one seal.  That's one... And you roll it up like this--the way it was
rolled.  And  you roll it up in this manner, and at the end there  is  a
little piece sticking out like that.  That's the First Seal.  All right.
Then that's the first part of the Book.  Then the next seal is rolled in
this manner, right by the side of it, and it's rolled up in this  manner
like here and then at the end, right here, there's another sticking out,
it  means two seals.  And that is the way the whole Bible was  wrote--in
scroll. And so to break these Seals, it opens the mysteries of the Book.

Did  you get to study in Jeremiah, how he wrote that many of you  taking
it down last night.  How them Seals were wrote and placed away for keep-
ing  until he returned after seventy years... of the captivity.  He  was
returned back and claimed his possession. And I certainly like to stu...
you can't...  There is no way to express it all because it's an  Eternal
Word. It's an Eternal Book.

Therefore,  we just have to kind of hit the high places.  And  today  in
studying,  I have written down many Scriptures so you can study It.  And
also in the tapes It will reveal much of It as you study. And...

There are so many things. If I could just stand here at the platform and
reveal It to you the way It's revealed to me in the room, my!   It would
be marvelous.   But when you get here you are pressed, and you just kind
of jump over the things and try to just get the main part to the  people
that they might see It.

I  certainly appreciate that song Brother Ungren just sang:  "Down  From
His Glory."  If He hadn't of come from His Glory, where would we all  be
tonight? So we're thankful that He come down to help us.

Now  with many standing, we will just hurry right through it, here,  the
best we can. I don't say, we're going to hurry right through, but I mean
we're going to get started as quick as possible.

And now, let us turn now, after the...  We've had the 1st chapter,  2nd,
3rd, and 4th, and 5th last night, and tonight we're starting on the  6th
chapter  of Revelation.  Now as we study this chapter we  are  referring
different places even to Old and New Testament alike, because the entire
Book  is the revelation of Jesus Christ.  See?   That is altogether  the
revelation of the Lord Jesus--the revelation of Jesus Christ.  It is God
revealing  Himself in the Book--revealing Himself through Christ in  the
Book.  And Christ is the revelation of God.  He come to reveal God,  be-
cause He and God were the same.  God was in Christ reconciling the world
to Himself.

In other words, you would never know just what God was until He revealed
Himself through Christ; then you can see.

I  used to think years ago that maybe God was angry with me, but  Christ
loved  me.  Come to find out, it's the same Person, see.  Christ is  the
very heart of God.

And now as we study this; we are comparing it now--the first three books
of the Bible of Revelation (which we have pretty thoroughly combed that)
is  the  church ages--the Seven Church Ages.  Now there's  seven  church
ages,  seven  Seals, seven trumpets and vials and unclean  spirits  like
frogs, and all this goes together.  My, how I would like to have a great
big map and draw it all across the way I see it, you know; just how each
one takes its place. I drawed it out on a little sheet of paper, but you
know...  and everything so far is just exactly right.  And with the time
and  the ages as they have come and gone and everything has  blended  in
just perfectly right.  So, it may not altogether be right, but it is the
best that I know about it anyhow.  And...  I know if I do my best, and I
make  a  mistake in trying to do my best, and the best that I  know  of,
that  God surely will forgive me for doing...  for the error if  I  have
done wrong. But...

Now those first three books is the first seven church Ages, and then  we
find out in the 4th chapter of Revelation John is caught up, see. We see
the churches... There's not too much said about the church ages. There's
where I think that people are going to be so surprised. They're applying
the  church way over into the tribulation to those things that's  a-hap-
pened. And as I said Sunday (yesterday), "The first thing you know those
tribulations  will  break in, and you'll wonder why was  not  the  first
coming was the Rapture. And it'll be as it has been; it's passed and you
didn't know it." See?

Now,  there's  not  too  much  promised  to  that  Church--that  Gentile
Church--the Bride.

Now, I want you to bear in mind, there is a church and a Bride. See? You
always have to make it run in threes, (fours is wrong,  threes)--threes,
sevens, tens, twelves, twenty-fours, and forties, and fifties--and those
unbroken numbers.  The Bible is... and God runs His Messages in numerals
of the Bible in those numbers.   And you get something that flies off of
one of those numbers, you'd better watch. It won't come out right on the
next thing. You've got to bring it back here to where you start from.

Brother Vayle, Brother Lee Vayle--he, I think he's here. We were talking
the other day about people who... getting off the track. It is just like
shooting a target.  If that gun is perfectly balanced, perfectly trained
and  sighted, it has got to hit the target unless that barrel  moves  or
twists or vibrations throws it off and wherever a... wind puff. Wherever
it starts off at, there is only one way to do, is come back to where  it
left the track and start again, if it's going to hit the target.   If it
doesn't, why, it just doesn't hit the target.

And that's the way in studying Scripture, I believe.   If we find out we
start  something  here,  and it doesn't come out right,  you  see,  that
we--we've  made a mistake somewhere, you have got to come  back.  You'll
never figure it with your mind.   It just isn't... We just found out  by
the Scriptures that there's no man in Heaven or in earth or beneath  the
earth or ever was or ever will be that can do it.  The Lamb alone can do
it. So seminary explanation, whatever it might be, is just nothing. See?
It takes the Lamb to reveal it.   That's all.  So we trust that He  will
help us.

John caught up in the 4th chapter to see things which was, which is, and
which is to come. But the Church finishes at the 4th chapter, and Christ
takes  up  the Church, caught up in the air to meet Him,  and  does  not
appear again until the 19th chapter when He comes back with--as King  of
kings and Lord of lords with the Church.  And now...  Oh, I hope someday
that we can get through it all, maybe before He comes.  If we don't,  we
will see it anyhow; so it doesn't matter.

Now,  in  this 5th chapter, the breaking of these Seals.  And  now,  the
Seven-sealed Book... First we want to read the First Seal. Last evening,
(to background it just a little more) we find out that when John  looked
and seen that Book still in the hands of the original Owner--God. Do you
remember how was it lost?--by Adam.   He forfeited the Book of Life  for
the knowledge of Satan and lost his inheritance. Lost everything, and no
way for redemption.

Then  God, made in the likeness of man, came down and become a  Redeemer
to  us to redeem us.   And now we find out that in days past  by,  these
things which was mysterious is to be opened up to us in the last days.

Now  we find out also in this that as soon as John heard this  announce-
ment  for  the Kinsman Redeemer to come forth and to  make  His  claims,
there was no man that could do it. No man in Heaven, no man in earth, no
man beneath the earth--no one was worthy even to look at the Book.  Just
think of that!  No person at all worthy even look at it.   And John just
started weeping.

He knowed that all...  There was no chance for redemption then.   Every-
thing was failing--quickly we find his weeping stopping quickly, because
it was announced by one of the four beast--or the elders, rather. One of
the  elders said, "Don't weep, John, for the Lion of the tribe  of  Juda
has prevailed." In other words, "overcome and has conquered."

John turning, he saw a Lamb coming out. It must have been bloody and cut
and  wounded.  It  had been slain--a Lamb that had been  slain,  and  of
course it was still bloody.  If you had cut the lamb and killed it,  the
way that Lamb was anyhow, it was hacked to pieces on a cross, spears  in
the side, and nails in the hands and feet, and thorns over the brow.  He
was in an awful condition. And this Lamb come forth and went over to Him
that  sat upon the Throne that held the complete Title Deed  of  Redemp-
tion;  and the Lamb goes and takes the Book out of the hand of Him  that
sat  upon the Throne and (was) took and opened the Seals and opened  the

And  then when that happened, we find out there must have been  a  great
something  took place in Heaven, for the elders and the four and  twenty
elders, and the beasts and everything in Heaven began to cry,  "Worthy,"
and here come the Angels and poured out the vials of the prayers of  the
saints.   The saints under the altar screamed out, "Worthy art  Thou,  O
Lamb,  for  You  have redeemed us, and now You have made  us  kings  and
priests, and we shall rule on the earth." Oh, my!  And that's so when He
opened that Book.

You see the Book actually was planned and written before the  foundation
of the world. This Book--the Bible was really written before the founda-
tion  of  the world.  And Christ, being the Lamb, was slain  before  the
foundation of the world.  And the members of His Bride--their names were
put  in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world,  but
it's  been sealed up.  And now it's being revealed--whose names were  in
there, all about it.   What a great thing!  And John, when he saw it  he
said, "Everything in Heaven, everything underneath the earth, everything
heard  him  saying, `Amen, blessings and honor.'"   He just  really  was
having a great time, and, for the Lamb was worthy.

And  now,  the Lamb is standing now tonight as we enter  into  this  6th
chapter--He's  got the Book in His hand and starting to reveal it.   And
oh, I would have absolutely today... and I hope that people are spiritu-
al.  I would have had a horrible mistake on that if it hadn't been about
12:00  today when the Holy Spirit came in the room and corrected  me  on
something that I was writing down to say.

I was taking it from an old context.  I had nothing on it.  I don't know
what  the  Second  Seal is no more than nothing, but I'd  got  some  old
contexts  of something that I'd spoke on several years ago and wrote  it
down, and I'd gathered this context and Dr. Smith, many great  outstand-
ing  teachers  that I gathered, and all of them believed  that,  so  I'd
wrote it down.  And I was fixing to say, "Well, now I will study it from
that standpoint."  And there about 12:00 in the day the Holy Spirit just
swept right down into the room, and the whole thing just opened up to me
and there it was, of this First Seal being opened.

I'm  as  positive as I'm standing here tonight that this is  the  Gospel
Truth that I am going to show you tonight. I just know it is. Because if
a revelation is contrary to the Word, then it isn't revelation.  And you
know,  there's  some of the stuff can look so absolutely true,  and  yet
isn't true. See? It looks like it is, but it isn't.

Now, we find the Lamb with the Book, now.  And now in the 6th chapter we

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were
the noise of a thunder, and one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

And  I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a  bow;
and  a  crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering,  and  to

Now, that's the First Seal.  The one we're going to try by the grace  of
God  to explain it tonight.  By the very best--and I realize that a  man
trying  to  explain that is walking on dangerous grounds, if  you  don't
know what you are doing.

So if it comes to me by revelation, I will tell you so.  If I just  have
to take it through my own mind, then I will tell you that before I  talk
about it.  But I'm just as positive as I'm standing here tonight that it
come afresh to me today from the Almighty!  I'm not prone to just saying
things like that when it comes to this part of the Scripture.  I--I'm--I
hope you know what I'm talking about now. See?

You know, you can't say things if something's supposed to be laying over
here  before it happens.   You can't say it 'til something lays it  over
there. See? Are you reading; are you listening to something? See?

Now,  the Seven-seal-rolled-Book is now being released by the  Lamb.  We
approach that place tonight.  God help us.   As the Seals are broken and
released, the mysteries of the Book are revealed.   Now, you see this is
a sealed Book.  Now, we believe that, do we not?  We believe that it  is
a  sealed  Book.  Now, we never knowed this before, but it  is!   It  is
sealed  with Seven Seals; that is, on the back of the Book, the Book  is
sealed with Seven Seals.

If  we was talking about this kind of book, it would be like  putting  a
strap across it--seven straps. But it isn't this kind of a book; it is a
scroll.  And  then when the scroll is unwound, that's one;  then  laying
right  in  the  scroll is number two, and right here  it  says  what  it
is--but it is a mystery. But yet we have probed in it, but remember, the
Book is sealed, and the Book is a book of mystery of revelation.   It is
the  revelation of Jesus Christ, (see?)--a Book of revelation.  And  now
you  know  down through the age, man has probed and tried  to  get  into
that. We all have!

And yet, one time I remember...  If Mr. Bohannon happened to be present,
or some of his people, I don't mean it by any insult.  Mr. Bohannon is a
bosom friend, and he was the superintendent of the Public Service when I
was  working  there.  When I first got saved, I was  telling  him  about
reading  on the Book of Revelation, and he said, "I tried to  read  that
thing," he said.   And Mr. Bohannon was a fine man, and he was a  member
of the church.   And, I don't know what all he belonged to, but he said,
"I think that John must have had a red pepper supper that night and went
to bed on a full stomach."

I said to him (although it could have cost my job), I said, "Aren't  you
ashamed  to  say that?"  And I was just a boy, but I said,  "Aren't  you
ashamed to say that about the Word of God?"  See.  Yet, I was just a kid
no  more  than early, maybe twenty-one, twenty-two years old,  and  work
scarce, and the depression on, but yet there was a fear in there when  I
slant--heard any slant toward God's Word. It is Truth! All Truth!

So, it was not even a dream or a nightmare; it wasn't what John eat.  He
was on the Isle of Patmos because he tried to put the Word of God into a
book  form and was exiled there by the Roman Government; and was on  the
island  on the Day of the Lord, and he heard behind him a Voice of  many
waters  and  turned to look, and he saw seven golden  candlesticks.  And
there stood the Son of God in between them.

Now, and then the Book is a revelation.   So, a revelation is  something
that is made known of something--something that has been revealed.   And
now,  notice  so you won't forget it: It is closed up until  the  latter
time.  See?  The whole mystery of it is closed up until the latter time;
we find that in the Scripture here.

Now, the mystery of the Book are revealed when the Seals are broken. And
when  the Seals completely are broken, the time of redemption  is  over,
because  the  Lamb left the intercession post to walk out  to  take  His
claim.  He  was a Mediator between that, but when  the  real  revelation
happens  on the Seals as they begin to break, the Lamb is  coming  forth
from the sanctuary. It is according to the Word.  We read it last night.
He come from the--out of the midst and took the Book.   So, He's no more
Mediator, because even they called Him a Lion, and that's the  King--and
He's not a Mediator then.

Although the actors of these Seals begin at the first church age...  Now
remember, so you will--we will get the background of it thoroughly if we
can, or as thoroughly as possible. The actors--I will place it like that
because, an actor is a man who changes masks. See?

In  this  act tonight, we're going to see that it's Satan  changing  his
mask.  And all actors--Christ, acting the part as He did when He  become
from  a  Spirit  to  man,  He only  put  on  an  actor's  garment--human
flesh--and  came  down  in the form of a man in order to  be  a  Kinsman

Now, you see it's only an actor's form.  That's the reason they are  all
in parables and the way they are here like beast, and animals, so forth;
it's in an act.  And these actors begin in the first church age, because
that  it was Christ revealing Himself to the seven church  ages.  Are...
you understand it? All right. See. Christ revealing Himself to the seven
church  ages.  Then through these church ages, there's a  great  mess-up
comes  along.   Then at the end of the church age, the  Seventh  Angel's
Message is to pick up these lost mysteries and to give it to the Church.
See? Now, we will notice that.

But...  not then revealed in their true state.  Now, in the Bible  time,
the mysteries were there, and they seen these things happen the way John
saw it here.  Now he said, "There is a white horse rider."  But what the
mystery of it is--there's a mystery that goes with that rider. Now, what
it  was,  they didn't know; but it's to be revealed.   But it is  to  be
revealed  after the Lamb leaves the Father's Throne of His  intercessory
as Kinsman Redeemer.

I  am going to drop a little something in here.   Now, if  anybody  gets
these tapes... Any man can speak whatever he wants to. He has a right to
anything of his conviction. But if, you know, if a minister doesn't want
this amongst his people, then tell him not to take it.  But I... this is
amongst  the people that I have been sent to speak to, therefore I  must
reveal what is Truth. See.

Now, the Lamb in the time of intercessory back here, He knew that  there
were  names  in there that was put in there from the foundation  of  the
world  and as long as them names have never been manifested on earth  as
yet,   He   had  to  stay  there  as  Intercessor.   Do  you   get   it?
Perfectly--predestination. See?

All  right, He had to stay there, because He came to die for those  that
God had ordained to Eternal Life. See? By His foreknowledge He saw them,
not  by His Own will.  His will was that none should perish, but by  His
foreknowledge He knew who would and who would not.

Therefore  as  long  as  there was one name  that  had  never  yet  been
clared--declared in earth, Christ had to stay there as an Intercessor to
take care of that name. But as soon as that final name had been splashed
in that Clorox or bleach, then His intercessory days was over. "Let  him
that's  filthy be filthy still.  Let him that's holy--he's holy  still."
See.  And he leaves the sanctuary, and then it becomes a judgment  seat.
Woe unto those outside of Christ then.

Now, notice: But it is to be revealed when the Lamb leaves His interces-
sory place from the Father.  (Now, that's Revelation 5).   Now, He takes
the Book of Seals--the Book of Seals or a Book sealed with Seals--breaks
them and shows them, (look) at the end of the age now, after the  inter-
cessory is over; the church ages has done finished up.   He come in  the
first age, the Ephesian Age, revealed--sent the messenger.   Notice what
happens as we go along.

Here  is the plan of it: The first thing happens, there is an  announce-
ment  in the heavens first.  What happened?  A Seal is opened.  What  is
that?   A mystery is unfolded.  See?  And when a mystery unfolds, then a
trumpet  sounds. It declares a war.   A plague falls, and a  church  age
opened.  See?  What is the war for?  The angel of the Church catches the
mystery  of  God, not fully yet revealed, but when he does,  he  catches
this  mystery of God, and then he goes forth to the people,  (after  the
mystery has been given to him) goes forth to the people.   What does  he
do  out  there?   He begins to proclaim that Message, and what  does  it
start? A war! A spiritual war.

And  then  God takes His messenger with the elect of that age  and  lays
them  away  asleep, and then He drops a plague upon  them  who  rejected
it--a temporary judgment.

And  then, after that is over, then he goes on and they denominate,  and
bring  in  denominations,  and start off with that man's  work  like  of
Wesley  and  all the rest of them, and then it gets all  in  a  scrapple
again; and then another mystery comes forth. Then what happens?  Another
messenger arrives on earth for a church age. See?

Then when he arrives, he--the trumpet sounds. He declares war. See.  And
then what happens?   Finally then he's caught away.   And then when he's
laid away, then plague falls--destroys them.   Spiritual death hits  the
church and she's gone--that group. Then He goes on to another one.

Oh, it's a great plan until it comes to that last angel.   Now he has no
certain mystery, but he gathers up all that has been lost in them  other
ages--all the Truths that wasn't truly revealed yet, see, as the revela-
tion come. Then he reveals those things in his day.  If you want to read
it, there it is: Revelation 10:1-4. You'll get it. All right. See?

Takes the Book of Seals and breaks them and shows the Seventh Angel, for
this alone--the mysteries of God--is the ministry of the Seventh  Angel!
Now,  we  have just come through the church ages with even  history  and
prove that. See. It is the angel's Message of the seventh church.

All  right, reveals all the mystery that has been in the  past--all  the
things in the past. Revelation 10:1-7. That is to be.

Now  remember,  in the days of the Seventh  Angel--his  sounding  forth,
blasting forth the Gospel Trumpet,  he is to finish all the mysteries of
God.  Just like here come forth in the early church ages (we will get it
after  while),  a doctrine, then it become a saying first, then  a  doc-
trine, and then become a statute, then become a church, and through  the
Dark Ages, and out of the Dark Ages come the first  Reformation--Luther.
And  he  brought with him all kinds of mysterious things  that  happened
during  that church age (all back in there), then... but he  never  fin-
ished it up.

Then  along come Wesley with sanctification, got some more of  it--still
never finished it--left loose ends everywhere such as sprinkling instead
of  baptism, and Luther took "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" instead of  "Lord
Jesus Christ"--all these different things.

Then along come the Pentecostal Age with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,
and  they "cabbaged" down on that.   Now, there cannot be no more  ages.
That  is all of it--that's the Philadelphia or the--not... the  Laodicea
Age.  But then the... we found in the studying of the Scripture that the
messenger to the age come right at the end of the age every time.   Paul
come at the end of the age.  We find out Irenaeus come at the end of the
age.  Martin, end of the age.  Luther, the end of the Catholic Age;  and
what?--Wesley, at the end of the Lutheran Age; and Pentecost, at the end
of the age of sanctification to the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

And  at the end of the Pentecostal Age we are supposed to  receive,  ac-
cording  to the Word, as God help me tonight to show you  through  here,
that  we are to see--receive a messenger that will take all those  loose
ends  out there and reveal the whole secret of God for the rapturing  of
the Church.

And then there is coming forth seven mysterious thunders that's not even
written  at all!  That's right!  And I believe that through those  seven
thunders  will  be revealed in the last days in order to get  the  Bride
together for rapturing faith; because what we got right now, we wouldn't
be able to do it.   There is something we've got to step forward for  we
can't have enough faith for divine healing hardly.   We have got to have
enough faith to be changed in a moment to be swept up out of this earth,
and  we will find that after awhile, the Lord willing, find where it  is

Then  all the judgments of these evil doers--now, see down  through  the
ages  as these Seals has been breaking, until now the last Seal is  bro-
ken.  And  now  as they have been watching in on these  Seals  and  just
presu--presuming  what they were doing, now at the end of the  ages,  of
the church ages, all these evil doers will take place and head up in the

All  of these evil doers of the Seven Seals has been working  mysterious
in  the church, and we will find out in a minute it even worked  in  the
name of a church. They call themselves The Church!  You just see if that
isn't right!  No wonder I have been so against denomination, not knowing
why. See.

They  end up... Now, it starts back here in a mild form and  just  keeps
getting  worse and worse--on down until... and people go right into  it,
saying, "Oh yes, this is just fine."   But in the last days these things
are made known.  And they finally go so bad until they go plumb into the
tribulation period. And...

How can a man say that the Bride of Christ goes into the tribulation?  I
can't understand it!  See. She's took away from the tribulation.  If the
Church has been judged, and they have judged themselves and have accept-
ed  the Blood, how can God judge a man that is perfectly,  totally  sin-
less?  You say, "There is no such a person."  Every born again believer,
true  believer, is perfectly, absolutely sinless before God.  He is  not
trusting  in  his works, and the Blood of Jesus  that  his  confession's
dropped into... The Bible says so. See?

"He that is born of God does not commit sin for he cannot sin."  How can
you make a man a sinner when the bleach of the Blood of Jesus Christ  is
between him and God?   That would scatter sin 'til there be nothing left
of it. See? How can that pure Blood of Christ ever let a sin pass there?
He cannot.

Jesus  said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven  is
perfect."  And how could we even start the thought of being perfect, but
Jesus  required it.  And if Jesus required it, He has got to make a  way
for it--and He has--His Own Blood.

Now, all--reveals all the mysteries that has gone on in the past.   Now,
the  thought is here at the end-time that the mysteries that  begin  way
back  long  ago and has come down through the church ages is to  be  re-
vealed  here at the breaking of the Seals--here at the last  age,  after
the time of intercession is just about finished at that time.

Then  the judgments wait for those who are in the back.  They go on  out
into that.  That is after the Bride has been taken from the scene.   Oh,
let's just read a Scripture. You all like to put down some of the Scrip-
tures?   Let's take II Thessalonians just a moment and look here just  a
minute. It's such a beautiful picture here.  I like it. Let's see.  Yes,
II Thessalonians, and I want the 2nd chapter of II Thessalonians and the
7th verse. Let's see.  II Thessalonians 2:7.  I think that's right. Now,
I was writing this down, quivering and shaking.

will let, until he be taken out of the way.

Who?--he that letteth.  See?  See, a mystery... the mystery of  iniquity
way  back in that very first church age, here.   Here is  Paul  writing,
saying  that the mystery of iniquity...  What is iniquity?  Iniquity  is
something  that you know you ought not to do, and you do it anyhow.  And
Paul said there is such in the earth today, workers of iniquity.  Oh, if
you... we're going to get to...  Let's just read that piece--start up  a
little farther--the 3rd verse.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except
there  come  a falling away first, and that (M-A-N) man of  sin  be  re-
vealed, the son of perdition; (right)

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or  that
is  worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,  shewing
himself that he is God. (remitting sin)

Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
(I would like to have sat under some of his teaching. Wouldn't you?) And
now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.

Not then, see!  Not then, but in his time.  See, at the breaking of that
Seal. We know exactly what it was.  Who is this man of iniquity?  Who is
this  man of sin?  This fellow that is working iniquity, that he be  re-
vealed in his time?

For  the  mystery of iniquity doth already work:  (deceivers,  you  see,
deceiving  the  people off into something, see) only  he  (God)  that...
letteth will let, until he, (the Church--Christ, the Bride) be taken out
of the way.

And  then  shall the Wicked [one] be revealed, (at the breaking  of  the
Seal,  at his time.  Paul said, "Not in my time but in the time when  he
will be revealed.  See?)  whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of
his  mouth, (we're going to get to that after awhile)... the  spirit  of
his mouth (watch what that is), and shall destroy with the brightness of
his coming:

Even  him, whose coming is after the working of Satan (him, him,  a  man
whose  working is after the working of Satan) with all power  and  signs
and  lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness  (de-
ceiving people by unrighteousness) in them that perish; (not this Bride,
in  them that's looking for such a thing) because they received not  the
love of the truth (and Christ is the Truth, and Christ is the  Word--but
they would rather have a creed), that they might be saved.

And  for this cause God has sent them strong delusion, that they  should
believe  a--a  lie: (It should be translated there as I  looked  in  the
Lexicon, "the lie"--not "A lie"; "the lie"--same one he told Eve.)

That they... might be damned who believed not the truth, but had  pleas-
ure in unrighteousness.

What a statement!  My!  After the Bride is taken away, then this man  of
sin will reveal himself.  She, the true Bride of Christ has been elected
out of every church age.

Now,  the other day I made a statement--the Bride could go Home and  you
would never know nothing about it.  That's true.  Somebody said,  "Well,
Brother Branham, that would be a mighty small group." Jesus said, "As it
was  in the days of Noah"--now, you talk to Him about it,  see--"wherein
eight souls were saved by water, so shall it be in the coming of the Son
of man."

If  there were 800 went in the Rapture tonight, you would never  hear  a
word about it tomorrow, or the next day or no other time.  They would be
gone and you would know nothing about it. See. It would just be the same

What am I trying to say?  I'm not trying to scare you, worry you. I want
you  to be on your toes.  Be ready, watching, every minute.   Quit  your
nonsense.   Just get down to business with God, because it's later  than
you think.

Now, you remember, the true Bride... Now, there is a false bride. We get
that  in  Revelation 17.  She said, "I am a widow and have  no  need  of
nothing," you see--sitting upon the scarlet colored beast, and so forth,
(the beast rather) now, but the true Bride will be made up of  thousands
times  thousands of people but it will be the Elect out of every  church
age.  Every  time a Message went forth and the people  believed  It  and
accepted  It in all the Light It was, when they were sealed  away  until
that day of redemption.

Don't  Jesus speak the same thing when He said, "The sound come  in  the
seventh  watch"?  That's the last church age.  See?  And said,  "Behold,
the Bridegroom cometh, go out to meet Him."

And then the sleeping virgin come, rubbed her eyes, and said, "Suppose I
ought to have some of that oil, too; so maybe we'd better have some."

And  the real true Bride standing there said, "We have just  got  enough
for ourself.  We've just got enough to get in ourself. We can't give you
nothing. If you want some, you go pray up."

And while she was gone, the Bridegroom come, and in went the Bride.  And
then  them  remnant there, the ones that were  absolutely  virtuous--the
church was left outside! And He said, "There will be weeping and wailing
and gnashing of teeth." See?  Now, that's the Elect.  And when the sound
come,  "The Bridegroom cometh," then everyone of those that  slept  down
through those ages awakened--everyone!

See,  it  isn't  God, as we'd think, just going to hunt Him  out  a  few
thousand people of this age and take them.  It's the very Elected out of
every age!   And that's the reason Christ has to stay on the mediatorial
seat  back there as an Intercessor until that last one comes in  at  the
last age.   And these revelations then of what it has been breaks  forth
upon the people, and they see what's happened. See? Do you get it now?

All right. Notice, the rest of the dead--church members--lived not again
until one thousand years was passed. The church members - the  Christian
- the church - lived not again until the end of the thousand years,  and
then  they  come forth to stand before the  Bride.  That's  right--stand
before the King and the Queen. Glory!

Some  church  today calls herself "The Queen of Heaven."  The  Queen  of
Heaven is the selected Bride of Christ, and she comes with Him.

Daniel saw it and said: "Ten thousands times ten thousands ministered to
Him."  Now if you'll watch the Scripture there in Daniel.  Judgment  was
set, and the books were opened.

Now remember, when He come, He come with His Bride.  The wife  ministers
to  her  husband.  And ten thousands times ten  thousands  of  thousands
ministered  to  Him.  Judgment was set, and the books were  opened,  and
another book was opened which is the Book of Life. Not the Bride at all!
She  has  done gone up and come back and standing there in  judgment  of
those generations that refused the Gospel Message.

Didn't Jesus say the queen of the South shall rise with this  generation
in  her days of the judgment and will condemn this generation,  for  she
came  from the utmost parts of the world to hear the wisdom of  Solomon;
and a greater than Solomon is here!

There stood the judgment, the queen of Sheba of the South stood there in
the judgment, and her own testimony...  Not even a Jew came up with that
generation  that was Jews, and they were blind and missed  Him,  because
they  were looking for Him; but He come so simple that they  went  plumb
over the top of it, like that.   And there that great queen humbled her-
self,  and  come and accepted the Message.  "And she will stand  in  the
judgment," He said, "and condemn that generation."

Now  you see the three classes always.  The book, the dead  were  judged
out;  another  book, the Book of Life--them who had their names  in  the
Book of Life. Said, "If your name is in the Book of Life it's all right,
huh?"  No, sir!  Look, Judas Iscariot had his name in the Book of  Life.
Now say that's wrong!  Jesus, in Matthew 10, gave them power to cast out
devils  and sent them forth to heal the sick and to cleanse the  lepers,
and  raise the dead.   And they went out and returned back--Judas  right
with  them--and they cast out devils and done all kinds of miracles  and
returned back and said, "Even the devils is subject unto us."

Jesus  said, "Don't rejoice that the devils is subject to you,  but  re-
joice  because  your... names... are... written...  in...  Heaven,"  and
Judas was with them! But what happened? When it come down to the elected
group  to go up there at Pentecost and really receive the  Holy  Spirit,
Judas showed his colors. He will be there in the judgment.  So the books
was  opened  and the Book of Life was opened, and every man  was  judged
thus. Now the Bride is standing there with Christ to judge the world.

Don't  the... Paul say, "Dare you (talking to the Bride)  having  a--any
matter  or grievance against each other that you go to the  unjust  law.
Don't  you know the saints shall judge the earth?"  There you  are.  The
saints is going to judge the earth and take it over.  That's right!  You
say, "How in the world is a little group like that... ? I don't know how
it's going to be done, but He said it is going to be done; so that  just
settles it as far as I know...?...

Now,  notice the rest of the dead (the church members--dead church  mem-
bers) lived not again until the thousand years, and then at the thousand
years,  they were gathered--another resurrection come, which  is  second
resurrection--and  they  were gathered and Christ and  the  church,  the
Bride,  (not  the  church, the Bride) Christ and  the  Queen,  (not  the
church).  Chur... Christ and the Bride stood there, and they were  sepa-
rated like the sheep from the goats.  That's right!  There's the  church
members  come up.   And if they heard the Truth and rejected the  Truth,
then  what's  going to be said when the big thing is spread  across  the
canvas  when  even your own thoughts will be  there?--what  you  thought
about it.  How are you going to escape, and it right there on the canvas
of  the skies; and God's great television and there's your own  thoughts
rebelling--your own thoughts will speak against you in that hour!

So  if you speak one thing and think another, you had better stop  that.
Get your thoughts on God.   Keep them pure and stay right there with it,
and speak the same thing all the time. See. Don't say, "Well, I will say
I will believe it; but I will go find out." You believe it! Amen.

Notice, these type--the reason they die out, they go through the purging
of  trial  of the tribulation; because they're not  actually  under  the
Blood!  They claim they are, but they're not.  How can they go through a
trial  to purify them when the bleach Blood of Jesus Christ takes  every
symptom of sin and stuff away from you.   And you are already dead,  and
your  life  is hid in Him through God and sealed in there  by  the  Holy
Ghost, what are you going to be judged for?  Where are you going to  get
your  purification?  What do you have to be purified from when  you  are
perfectly in Christ?--sinless! How--What is the judgment for?  But it is
the sleeping bunch that them people can't make out.

Now, they haven't done it for years, see, but this is the hour of  reve-
lation (see) being revealed, just at the coming of the Bride... the last
winding up, the last things are coming... It's coming to an end, friend,
I believe.  When? I don't know. I can't tell you, but anything... I want
to live tonight like if it was tonight, I'd be ready. See. He might come
tonight; yet, and He might not come for twenty years.  I don't know when
He will come, but whenever it is...  And my life might be over  tonight.
Then whatever--I have done here is finished at that hour, I have got  to
meet Him in the judgment the way I went down here.   The way that a tree
leans; that's the way it falls.

Remember, when they went to buy oil, they... "Oh," you say, "now, wait a
minute, Brother Branham. I don't know about that." When they went to buy
oil,  when  they come back, the Bride was done gone; and  the  door  was
shut;  and they knocked and said, "Let us in, let us in," but they  were
out in outer darkness.

Now, if you want a type of that, now look: "In the time of Noah,"  Jesus
said (referred to it).   Now in Noah's time, they went into the ark, but
they were carried over during the time of the judgment.  But that didn't
type Christ's Bride; Enoch typed the Bride.

Enoch... Noah went over through the Bride--went over through the  tribu-
lation  period, and suffered, and become a drunk, and died.   But  Enoch
walked before God for 500 years and had a testimony; he pleased God with
raptured  faith and just started walking right out and went  up  through
the skies and went Home without even tasting death. Never died at all!

That  is a type of "We which are alive and remain shall not  prevent  or
hinder  those same type of people that are asleep," that fell asleep  on
account  of  the human age and the state of human age.  They  died  back
there, but they are not dead.  They are sleeping!  Amen! They are asleep
- not dead!  And the only thing it needs is the Bridegroom to wake them.
And we which are alive and remain shall not hinder those that's  already
fell  asleep, for the trumpet of God shall sound and the dead in  Christ
shall rise first; then we which are alive and remain shall be caught  up
together with them and will meet the Lord in the air.   And the rest  of
the  dead  lived  not for a thousand years.  There you  are!  They  went
through the tribulation period. What was it? --like Enoch.

You know, Noah watched Enoch, for when Enoch come up missing, he  knowed
judgment was at hand.  He got to hanging around the ark, but Noah didn't
go up.  He just lifted a little piece up and rode over the tribulations.
He was carried through the tribulation period to die the death. See? But
Noah was carried through; Enoch was translated without death--a type  of
the  Church being caught up with those who are asleep, to meet the  Lord
in the air, and the rest of the church is carried over into the tribula-
tion period.  Can't make nothing else out of it myself!   Enoch raptured
--no death.

Now, let's start studying a little now.  Get down here...?... if we keep
on that we never will get into these--this Seal. Now, notice. Let's take
now,  because we're going to have a long, (maybe tomorrow night  or  the
next  night) hit a trumpet now and then, because the trumpet  sounds  at
the  same  time  the Seals. It's just the  same  thing--the  church  age
opens--it's just the same thing.

Now a trumpet always denotes war or otherwise political disturbance. The
trumpet does. A political disturbance, and that causes war.  When you go
to get messing in politics, and get them all messed up, like we have got
it now, look out! War is at hand!

But see, the kingdom still belongs to Satan.  He has still got this part
in his hand because, why?   It is redeemed by Christ but He is doing the
part  of  the Kinsman Redeemer taking His subjects, until the  last  one
name is put on that Book, has already received it and been sealed  away.
Now, do you got it?  Then He comes from His Throne, His Father's Throne,
walks  forward,  takes the Book out of God's hand from  the  Throne  and
claims His rights. The first thing He does is call for His Bride.  Amen!
Then what does He take? He takes His opponent, Satan, and binds him, and
casts him into the fire out there with all his following.

Now remember, it wasn't Russia!  No, the antichrist is a smooth  fellow.
Just watch how smooth he is. He is smart. Yes, sir.  Just takes the Holy
Spirit, the only thing can outdo him.

Notice,  trumpets  means political disturbance--war. Matthew  24,  Jesus
spoke of it.  He said, "You'll hear of wars and rumors of wars..."  See,
all the way down through. You remember Jesus speaking that. Wars, rumors
and wars, and rumors and wars, and plumb on down to the end.  Now that's
a trumpet sounding.

Now, when we get on the trumpet, we will go back there and pick up  each
one of them wars and show you that they followed them churches. Show you
they follow these Seals.  Wars and rumors of wars.   But trumpet denotes
political disturbance, whereas seals deals with a religious disturbance.

A Seal is opened, a Message is dropped. And then the church is always so
set  up  in  its own political ways and whatever more, and  all  of  its
dignitary,  and when that real Message drops down, that  messenger  goes
forth, and he shakes them to pieces.  That's right!  It's religious dis-
turbance when a Seal is opened. That's what has happened. Yes.

They get all at ease in Zion.   The church gets all settled down  and...
"We've got it all made."  Just like the Church of England --they was all
settled  down;  the Catholic Church--all settled down,  and  along  come
Luther.  There was a religious disturbance.  Yes, sir, sure was!   Well,
the  church  went on off with Zwingli and from Zwingli come on  down  to
different  ones,  and to Calvin; and after awhile  the  Anglican  Church
settled down, and it was just at ease; and along come Wesley!  There was
a religious disturbance. That's right!  See, it always denotes a religi-
ous disturbance.

Now, the Seal. Let us just read it a little bit now. I want to get this,
we will read... I get to talking. I...

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, (what happened?) and  I
heard, as it was the noise of a thunder...

Oh,  how I'd like to dwell on that just a few minutes!  Now, I hope  now
that  all of the people that know these things and are waiting  for  the
consolation of the Lord will now study real close, and on the tapes also
that  you'll think of this.  The first thing happened... When that  Lamb
broke that First Seal, a thunder roared.

Now, that has got a significance; it's got got a meaning.  It's a  mean-
ing. Nothing happens without a meaning.  All right, a thunder, a thunder
roared. Wonder what that thunder was.

Now,  let's read a little bit.  Let's turn to Matthew... no, let's  take
St.  John first.  St. John, 12th chapter and just hold it a minute.  St.
John,  the 12th chapter, and now let's begin with the 23rd verse of  St.
John 12.  Now listen here, now real close; then you won't have to wonder
no more what it is.

And Jesus answering them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of  man
should be glorified.

See,  you're at the end of an age there.  His ministry is  ending.  See.
"...  The hour is come, that the Son of man should be  glorified."  What
about the hour has come there when His Bride must be taken away?  Or the
hour has come that time shall be no more.  The Angel is ready to set one
foot  on  land and the other on the sea with a rainbow  over  Him,  with
feet, and say, "Time has run out."   And besides that, He raised up  His
hand and swore that time would be no more when this happened.  How  per-
fect  it is--a sworn affidavit to the Church!  "The hour has come,  that
the Son of man should be glorified."

Verily,  verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat falls  into  the
ground and dies, it abides alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth  much
fruit.  He  that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that  hateth  his
life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there... also my
servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.

Now is my soul troubled;...

You  say, "Well, Him coming to the end of the road and you got  trouble?
What does it make you think when some great spiritual something  happens
that troubles you? Oh, my!

Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this
hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.

Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I
have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.

The  people (said)... , that stood by, that heard it, (they) said...  it

Then  when the Lamb took the Book and broke that First Seal,  God  spoke
from  His Eternal Throne to say what that Seal was to be revealed.   But
when it was placed before John, it was in a symbol. When John saw it, it
was still a mystery. Why? It wasn't even revealed right then.  It cannot
be revealed until what He said here at the end-time.   But it come in  a

When  the thundered...  Remember, a loud clapping noise of a thunder  is
the  Voice of God.  That's what the Bible says, see--a clap of  thunder.
They thought it was a thunder, but it was God.  He understood it for  it
was revealed to him. See? It was a thunder.

And notice, the First Seal opened...  the First Seal, when it was opened
in the symbol form, it thundered! Now what about when it's opened in its
reality form?

It thundered as soon as the Lamb struck back the Seal.  And what did  it
reveal?  Not all of Itself.  First it's with God, next It's in a symbol,
then  It's  revealed--three things.

See.  It's coming forth from the Throne.  First It can't be seen, heard,
or nothing.  It is sealed up.  The Lamb's Blood paid the price. It thun-
dered when He spoke it out. And when He did, a white horse rider started
out. And it still was a symbol.

Now watch, He said it would be known in the last day, but it comes forth
in a church symbol.  Do you understand it, church?  It comes forth in  a
symbol  of  a church as they know there is a Seal, but just what  it  is
yet, they don't know, because it is a white horse rider.

And  it only is to be revealed at the last day when this actual Seal  is
broken.   Broken  to  who?  Not to Christ, but to  the  Church.  Notice,
now...  Oh my, that just makes me tremble!  I hope that the Church truly
understands  it, see--what I mean, you people.   I'm going to  call  you
Bride. That... You understand it?

The voice is a thunder. The voice came from where? From the Throne where
the Lamb had just left as Intercessor.  Now He is standing here to  take
His position and His claim.  But the thunder came from the inside of the
Throne--thundered out!  And the Lamb was standing out here. The thunder,
where the Lamb had left.  Left the Father's Throne to go to take His Own
Throne. Glory! Now, don't miss it, friend.

We all know as Christians that God swore to David that He would raise up
Christ to sit on His Throne and give Him an everlasting kingdom here  on
the earth.  He did it.  And Jesus said, "He that overcome the antichrist
and all the things of the world shall sit with Me on My Throne as I have
overcome and have sat down on My Father's Throne." See.

Now someday He rises from the Father's Throne, and goes to take His  Own
Throne.   Now He comes forth to call His subjects.   How is He going  to
claim  them?   He has already got the Book of Redemption  in  His  hand.
Glory! Oh, I feel like singing a hymn:

                      "Soon the Lamb will take His Bride
                      To be ever at His side,
                      All the hosts of heaven will assembled be;
                      (To watch that.)
                      Oh, It will be a glorious sight,
                      All the saints in spotless white;
                      And with Jesus we shall feast eternally."

Oh, my!  Talk about sitting now in heavenly places.  What will it be, if
we  can  feel  this way sitting down here on earth  before  the  Rapture
comes,  in this condition that we're in now, and we can enjoy; stand  up
around walls and stand in the rain just to hear this.   What will it  be
when we see Him sitting there? Oh, my! Oh, it will be a glorious time!

Left  the Father's Throne; came forth, to--His son, to be the...  He  is
he  Son of David.   That is what the--Israel thought He would  do  then.
Remember  the  Syrophenician woman said, "Thou Son of  David"?  Remember
blind Bartimaeus, "Thou Son of David"?   And Jesus knowing what the plan
was,  yet they didn't know it; they tried to force Him to make Him  take
the throne, and even Pilate asked Him.  But He said, "If My kingdom were
of this world, then My subjects would fight.  My kingdom is above."  But
He  said,  "When you pray, pray: Thy kingdom come, Thy will be  done  in
earth, here like it is in Heaven." Amen. How glorious this great thing.

Left the Father's Throne to take His Own Throne.   He now has come forth
from  His  intercessory work to claim His Own Throne His  redeemed  sub-
jects. That is what He come forth from the Throne to do. It is then that
the Lion-like creature said to John, "Come see." Watch!  Are you reading

der, and one of the four beasts...

You know what the beasts were. We took them. One like a lion, one like a
calf; and one like a man; and one like an eagle.   Now, this first beast
said...  Watch each time there is a different beast 'til them four horse
riders pass. There's four beasts, and there's four horse riders.

Notice, each one of them beasts announce: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
We are going to get back in and prove which one Matthew; Mark; which one
Mark; which one was John, each one as they went.

Now...?... , one of the beasts saying, "Come, see."  He heard the  noise
of  a  thunder, and one of the beasts said, "Now come,  see."  In  other
words, here stands the Lamb, and John is standing out there watching  it
happen.  And the Lamb come up from the Throne like He had been  slain  -
blood all over Him.   He was the One that was found worthy, and when  He
reached  over and took the Book, then everything began to shouting,  and
screaming,  and carrying on, you see, because they know  redemption  was
paid for.

Now,  He  has come to claim His Own.  So He takes the Book,  stands  out
there before John, and He pulls it back, and breaks the Seal, pulls  the
Seal  down; and when He pulls the Seal down, a thunder  clapped  through
the place.   And when a thunder clapped, no doubt John might have jumped
up  in the air, when a thunder roared; and then one of the  four  beasts
said,  "Now,  come and see what it is, what is revealed  beneath  here."
(Oh, my!) "John, write what you see."

So John goes to look see what it was.  John goes to see what the thunder
said.  It is then that this creature told John, "Come see what the  mys-
tery is under the First Seal." The thunder, the Voice of the Creator has
uttered it. Now, He ought to know what's there. Oh my!

But  think, now he wrote this, but when he started to write those  other
seven thunders, he said, "Don't write it."  He had been commissioned  to
write everything he seen.  But when these seven thunders over in Revela-
tion 10 uttered, he said, "Don't write them at all." They are mysteries.
We  don't know what they are yet, but my opinion they will  be  revealed
right away.  And when it do, it will give faith for that rapturing grace
for  that Church.  We've just moved through everything that we know  of;
through all the dispensations we've watched everything. We have seen the
mysteries  of  God.  We have seen the appearing of the  great  gathering
together  of the Bride in the last days, but yet there is  something  in
there that we just can't enlighten ourself with.   There is something or
other.  But I imagine when them mysteries begin to come forth--God said,
"Hold it back now.  Wait a minute.  I will reveal it in that day.  Don't
write it at all, John, because they'll stagger over it.  Just let it go.
See. But I will reveal it in that day when they have reason to see."

They never uttered for nothing.   Remember, like the little drop of ink,
everything  is for a purpose.  Everything is for a cause.   Notice,  the
Creator uttered, and he heard this voice, and he went to see.

But  now the Lamb is showing John in the symbol of a church scripture  -
like (for the church to know) what to write. He just... show him, "Don't
tell this, just what it is.  Don't go down, John, and say, `Now this  is
just what this is, now what is under this Seventh Seal.'  Don't go  down
and  tell that, for if I tell John that, then all down through  the  age
the whole plan will be broken--it's a secret." See. He just wants... His

He  said,  "Nobody is going to know when I'm coming; I'm  just  coming."
See, see. That's all. It ain't for my business to know when, I will just
be ready, see? So...

Then he said, "Now John, went forth..." He thought, "I'm going to see it
now," and what did he do? When John went forth; he, now what's he got to
do?  Now he has got to write this to the church age.  That is what he is
supposed to do--write it to the church ages. Write what you see of these
seven  golden  candlesticks at the beginning, write to this  Church  and
tell them.

All  right, and a thunder went off.  John knew it was the Voice of  God.
And  then the lion-like creature said, "Come see what it was," and  John
went forth now with his pen to write what he was going to see.

Now, he never seen exactly what it was. He never understood it, but what
he  saw  was what God was sending to the Church for "a time."  Now  He's
got...  He  will, He always does, He makes it plain when it is  time  to
make it plain.  But He didn't make it plain then.  Why?  Because He  was
going  to keep it a secret until the last days, and the sounding of  the
last angel's Message was to gather up these mysteries, see, it--make  it

But what John saw he just seen a white horse go out with a rider on  it;
so that is what he wrote down. See.  When he did... That's what he said,
"Come,  see,"  so  John went to see what he could see to  write  to  the
Church,  and when he did, he saw a white horse, and him that sat  on  it
had a bow, and he went forth conquering and to conquer.   And there  was
given  to him a crown.   And now, that is all that John saw, so he  just
write--wrote that down.

Now  see,  that's in symbol.  That is the way the  Church  has  received
it--but with the promise that at the last day, He would reveal  it--show
what it is. God help us to understand.

Church  ages--but  is not made fully known 'til the Seventh  Message  of
this last church age.

Notice, he starts--this messenger of the seventh church age, if you will
notice  it, he doesn't start a denomination like the rest of  them  did.
Remember if, he doesn't start...  No, if you'll find out, he is  against
it.  Was Elijah against it? Sure he was.  Was John against it (with Eli-
jah's spirit)? What kind of a spirit did Elijah have on when he was... ?
Nobody knows much about him. He was just a man, but he was a prophet. He
was  hated.  My!  And what time did he rise?  Right in the time  of  the
popularity of Israel when they'd all went worldly, and he got out  there
and he was a woman hater.  Sure was.  And he loved the wilderness.  That
was his nature.

Then  them people ought to knowed when that fellow come out  there  with
that same Spirit on him--come out there, and this John; not dressed  all
up like the celebrity, as I said last night.  They kiss the babies,  and
marry,  and  bury, and so forth, but this man come out as  a  wilderness
man.  What was he?  He loved the wilderness.  Another thing he done,  he
hated denomination. He said, "Now, don't you begin to say, `We belong to
this  or that,' for I will tell you God is able of these stones to  rise
children to Abraham."  He was no compromiser.  They couldn't... He said,
"Did you go to see a reed shaken with wind?" Not John! No, sir.

What did he do also?  Just like Elijah that told Jezebel, he told  Hero-
dias. Walked right up to Herod's face and said, "It's not lawful for you
to  have her."  He chopped his head off for it.  See.  She tried to  get
Elisha. That same spirit was in Jezebel was in that woman.  And the same
thing is in the Jezebel church today. The same thing.  Now, notice this:
what  a great lesson we find here.  And now, it looks like those  people
would have knowed.  John began to bawl them people out, and stand there,
look  like they would have knowed that was that Spirit of  Elisha.  They
should have understood that. That's what it was.

Now, and we find out and have through the church ages, according to  the
Scripture  that we are promised a return of that Spirit just before  the
end-time.  Is that true?  Now, and notice, you will notice the nature of
it.  Now, he will not start another church age like Luther, and  Wesley,
and  all the rest of them did.  He won't start another  church,  because
there is no more church ages to come. See? There won't be anymore, so he
must  be against it, because his Spirit will be just exactly  like  they
were  back there... the same Spirit.  As I said last night, "It  pleased
God to use it three different times." That's His number, three, not two,
three!  He's already used It twice, now He is going to use it again.  He
said so. He promised it.

Now,  notice, he... notice now when He did.  He is not going to start  a
denomination  because the Laodicea Church Age is the last age,  and  the
messenger  of the Seventh Angel, which is the Seventh Messenger  to  the
seventh  church age, is the fellow that is going to reveal, by the  Holy
Spirit,  all  these mysterious things that is going to... How  many  was
here last night? Let's see your hand.  I guess I won't have to read over
there. You know just where it's at. (the 10th chapter, see?)  All right.
All right.

The reformers came to reform the last fallen church age preceding  them.
And  then after the reformers come and reform the church age from  where
it  was and it's went back into the world, then they start a new  church
age. They always done it. Always. Now, we went through that. See?

In  other words, here had been a Catholic church age, of the  Roman  Ca-
tholic Church.  Along come Luther, a reformer.  He's called a  reformer.
And  what does he do? He starts out there a-hammering away, and when  he
does--he protested the church - and the first thing you know, what  does
he  do? He builds the same thing that he come to drive  out  of--another
church. Then they have another church age.

Then  the first thing you know, here comes--the church age is in such  a
mess--along  comes John Wesley, another reformer.  See,  builds  another
church age. Get what I mean? Another church age is built up. They're all

Notice.  This last message of the last church age is not a reformer,  he
is a prophet!  Not a reformer!  Show me where one prophet ever started a
church age! He is not a reformer, he is a prophet!  Others was reformers
but not prophet.  That they would have been--the Word of the Lord  comes
to  the prophet, that is the reason they continued on in the baptism  in
Father,  Son, Holy Ghost, and all these other things--because they  were
reformers and not prophets.  But yet they were great man of God and  saw
the need of the day that they lived in, and God anointed them, and  they
were sent out there and tore those things to pieces.  But the full  Word
of  God  never come to them, because they was not  prophets.  They  were

But  in the last days, it will have to be a prophet to take up the  mys-
teries of God,...?... back, because the mysteries would only be known by
the prophets.  So it has to be this fellow come. See what I mean now? He
can't  be a reformer; it has got to be a prophet, because it has got  to
be somebody that is gifted, and set there that catches the Word.

Now them reformers knowed there was something wrong.  Luther knowed that
the bread wasn't the body of Christ, and so he preached, "The just shall
live by faith," and that was his Message.

And  when John Wesley come along, he saw that there was  sanctification,
so he preached sanctification. That was his Message. See?

The Pentecostals brought in the Message of the Holy Ghost and so  forth.
But  in the last days, in this last age, the messenger is not  to  start
any  reformation, but is to take all the mysteries that those  reformers
left off, and gather them together, and solve them to the people. Let me
just read it again. It sounds so good to me, I like to read it.

And  I  saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed  with  a
cloud:...  a rainbow... upon his head, and his face was... the sun,  and
his feet as pillars of fire:

Now  we  saw  the same thing, which was Christ. And we  know  Christ  is
always the Messenger to the Church.  Alright.  He is called a Pillar  of
Fire, the Angel of the Covenant and so forth.

And  he had in his hand a little book opened: (Now, the Seals have  done
been  broke  here!  We  are breaking them  now,  but  this  the  thing's
opened.)... and he set his right foot on the sea, and his left... on the

And  (he) cried... a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when  he...
cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

And  when  the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was  about  to
write:  and  I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal  up  those
things  which  the seven thunders uttered, and write  them  not.  (Don't
write them! See.)

And  the angel which I saw stand upon the sea... lifted up his hands  to

And sware by him that lives for ever and ever, who created the  heavens,
and  the things... in there are, and the earth, and the things that  are
there--in there... , and the sea and the things which are therein,  that
there should be time no longer: (Watch! Don't forget this now, as we go)

But in the days (days) of the voice of the seventh angel,...

That last angel--earthly angel. This Angel come down from Heaven. Wasn't
Him.   He come from Heaven, but He's speaking here the voice of the Sev-
enth Angel. Which is a--angel means a messenger. Anybody knows that. And
the messenger to the church age...

to  sound, the mystery (Seven Seal, all--all the mystery) of God  should
be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.  [Revela-
tion 10:1-7]

The entire mystery is unfolded. That is the ministry of that angel. See,
be  so simple people just drop over the top of it.  But yet it  will  be
perfectly a-vindicated everywhere. Just be perfectly a-vindicated.  See.
Everybody that wants to see it can see it.  That's right.   But those...
Jesus said, as He said when He come, said, "You got eyes and can't  see,
Isaiah  said you did. See. And you got ears and you can't hear."  Now...
So we find out that...

That scared me.  I looked back there at that clock and I thought it  was
10:00 o'clock.  But, I got... not even 9:00 yet. All right. Oh my! Let's
get it now!

Notice,  (I love this) others reformers, but by being great man of  God,
seeing the need of the day, and brought forth reformation.  But  Revela-
tion  10 said his Message was to reveal not reform--reveal  the  secret,
reveal secret. It's the Word in the man. Hebrews 4 said that the Word of
God  is sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing even to...  asunder  of
bone... and a revealer of the secrets of the heart. See. This man is not
a reformer, he is a revealer.  Revealer of what?--the mysteries of  God.
Where  the  church has got it all tied up and everything, he's  to  come
forth  with the Word of God and reveal the thing out, because he  is  to
restore  the  faith of the children back to the  fathers.  The  original
Bible faith is to be restored by the Seventh Angel.  Now, oh, how I love
this! All the mysteries of the Seals that the reformers never understood
fully. See.

Now, look at Malachi 4 just a minute. Well, you just mark it down. He is
a  prophet and restores the original faith of the fathers.  Now, we  are
looking  for that person to appear on the scene.  He will be  so  humble
that ten millions times ten millions will... Well, there'll be a  little
group that will understand it.

Remember  the  other day when John was supposed to  come,  prophesied  a
messenger  before Christ come, a voice of one crying in the  wilderness;
Malachi saw him.  Look, the 3rd chapter of Malachi is the coming of  the
Elijah that was to come and forerun the coming of Christ.  You say,  "Oh
no, no, Brother Branham. It's the 4th chapter." I beg your pardon. Jesus
said it was the 3rd chapter.

Now  take St.--you take St. Matthew the 11th chapter and the 6th  verse.
He  will say this... (11th chapter--I believe it's the 6th  verse;  4th,
5th, or 6th, right along there).  He said, "If you can receive it, (when
He was talking about John) this is he who is spoken of, `I will send  My
messenger before My face.'"  Now read Malachi 3.

Some  of them try to apply it to Malachi 4.  No, sir!  That is  not  it!
Notice,  Malachi 4, as soon as that messenger goes forth, the  world  is
completely  burned, and the righteous walk out in the Millennium on  the
ashes  of them.  So you see, if you put that being him back there,  then
the Bible told something that wasn't so. We have had 2,000 years and the
world ain't burned up yet, and the righteous living in it. So it has got
to be in the future.

Oh my!  If you get here in Revelation and see what that messenger at the
end of this age is supposed to do, then you will see what it is. He must
be a prophet. He has got to catch these ends that these reformers didn't
see and place it in there.

How  can  Matthew  28:19 compare with Acts 2:38  without  the  spiritual
revelation  of God?  How can these people say that days of miracles  are
past  and so forth like that, and?--without revelation of God; the  only
way  they'll  ever know it, know whether it's right or wrong.  See?  But
they've come through seminaries... I hope we have time to get into them.
I want to hurry, because I don't want to keep you over a week (you  know
what I mean) on this... open these Seals. I've got one day, and I'd like
to have prayer for the sick on that day if I could.

Now  look, Malachi 4--he's a prophet and restores the original faith  of
the  fathers.  At the end-time, when the tribulation  period  comes--now
here is a little thing we are going to reverse back a minute--where  the
three  and  one-half years or Daniel's seventy weeks (the last  half  of
Daniel's seventy weeks which is three and one-half years)... Now,  we...
how many remembers that from the church ages? See? There's seventy weeks
determined--look  how perfect it was--said, "Messiah will come,  and  He
will be cut off for a sacrifice in the midst of the week, and the  obli-
gation will cease."

Then  there is still three and one-half years waited for  the  Messiahic
doctrine to the Jew, and God does not deal with the Jew and the  Gentile
at the same time.  He deals with Israel as a nation--Gentile as an indi-
vidual.   He never taken the Gentiles for His Bride, He taking a  people
out of the Gentile. See? Now, He deals with Israel as a nation. And now,
there she sits right there now as a nation.

I got a letter from Paul today, Paul Boyd, and he was telling me,  said,
"Brother Branham, how true it is, these Jews still have a funny  feeling
towards the Gentiles, no matter what has happened." Sure they will. They
ought to.

When  Martin Luther made the proclamation that all Jews ought to be  run
off, and their buildings burned down because they were antichrist.  See?
Martin Luther made that statement himself in his writing.

Now,  Hitler  just  fulfilled what Martin Luther said.  Why  did  Martin
Luther  say that?  Because he was a reformer, not a prophet.  God  dealt
with that prophet--blessed Israel.  He said, "Whosoever blesses you will
be  blessed,  and who curses you will be cursed."  How can  one  prophet
stand and deny what the other prophet said? He can't do it.

It  has  got  to be in harmony.  See?  But... That is  the  reason  they
class... See Germany is supposed to be a Christian nation, and they--way
they treated Israel, they have still got a stick on their shoulder;  and
you can't blame them. But just remember, the--a Jews sitting here: don't
you worry; your--the day is coming! God can never forget them. They were
blinded for our sake.

You  know he said, this prophet--the prophet cried out and  said,  "Will
You forget Israel?"

He said, "Take that measuring stick, and how high is the sky?  How  deep
is the sea?"

He  said, "I couldn't measure it."  He said, "Never could I  forget  Is-
rael."  That is His people, His servants.  And the Gentile is only a few
taken out of there for His Bride. Exactly right! That is the Bride.

Now,  the seventy weeks was determined, perfectly, as Daniel  said  that
Messiah  would come and would be cut off in the midst of the  week.  And
Jesus  prophesied three and one-half years.  Now, in the middle of  this
three and one-half years of Daniel, in the middle of it He was cut  off.
And now the last part is the tribulation period where the Gentile church
is...  Oh, this is great!  Now don't miss.  The Bride goes in  with  the
Groom.   Then  after  the Millennium, walks out upon the  ashes  of  the

Let  me  show you something, here, just... while we've just  got  it  in
mind,  let's  just show you what it says--what the Bible  says.  And  we
can't deny this being the Word of God.   If we do, then we are  infidel.
See, we got to believe it.  You say, "I don't understand it." Neither do
I, but I'm looking for Him to reveal it. Look.

For,  behold,  the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and  all  the
proud,  (like the Americans and so forth) yea,...  all that do wickedly,
shall  be stubble: (It's going to burn.) and the day that  cometh  there
shall  burn  them up, saith the LORD of hosts,... it  shall  leave  them
neither root or branch.

How  have you got Eternal hell in there then?  See, it's the  last  days
when these things are being revealed. There's no place in the Bible says
hell  is Eternal.  To have... To be an Eternal hell, you'd have to  have
Eternal Life to stay there.  There's only one form of Eternal Life,  and
that's what we're struggling for. Everything had a beginning has an end.
Hell was created for the devil and his angels, and will be consumed  and
done away with. Right. See? But when this takes place, it neither leaves
them root or branch.

But unto them that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness rise with
healing  in his wings;... ye shall go forth, as a--grow up as calves  of
the stall.

And  ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes  under  the
soles  of your feet in that day that I will do this, saith the  LORD  of

Where's the wicked going to be after the tribulation?--ashes!

Remember... the laws of Moses... , which I commanded... him in Horeb for
all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

Behold, I will send to you Elijah the prophet before the coming of  that
great and dreadful day of the Lord:

Amen! Here's the Old Testament closing out like that, and here's the New
Testament closing out with the very same thing. How you going to keep it
away?   Then, look, "I will send to you Elijah, the prophet before  that
day comes:"

And  he  shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,  and  the
hearts  of the children to the fathers, lest I come and smite the  earth
with a curse.

There you are.  That's the Word of the Lord.  He's promised it.  It must
come.   And now, if you'll notice how this happens--it's beautiful,  how
God  does it.  The Bride goes forth and--with the Groom, and then  after
that, the wicked is burned with un-quenchable fire.  And after the world
has been purified; reproduces itself...  Everything has to do  that--has
to go through a state of purification. Volcanic will break forth in that
great  last time, and the world will burst, and belch, and go forth  and
all these cesspools of sin and all that's upon the earth will be  molted
into  nothing.  It'll burn with such a fervent heat that it'll  be  like
that  bleach  that  sends the color of the ink back  into  its  original
creation;  so will the fire from God be so hot that it will  turn  every
filthy  thing  back to its condition again, when Satan and  all  sin  is
burned up and everything.  And then she will come forth as beautiful  as
she was in the Garden of Eden.  That's right. Oh, that great hour laying
just ahead of us!

During the tribulation period... Here's what I want you to notice now, a
little thing I've dropped in here: during this tribulation period, after
the Bride has been called out, and the church goes through the  tribula-
tion  period, the 144,000 is called by the two witnesses  of  Revelation
11. Now look, they'll prophesy one thousand, two hundred and three score
days, clothed in sackcloth.

Now,  we know this Roman calendar has... We got 28 days  and  sometimes,
and  30  and 31, but actual the calendar reads this: 30  days  to  every
month. Right!  And take a hundred--thousand, two-hundred and three score
days and put 30 to it, and see what you got.   Three and one-half  years
exactly on the dot.   That's the time--that's allotted time for the Mes-
siahic Message to be preached to Israel, like it was back there.

When  He returns back and makes Hisself known in a symbol, that when  He

When  Joseph  was taken down into the country and was  rejected  by  his
brethren because he was a spiritual man--he could see visions and inter-
pret dreams, and when he did, he was taken down into the country and was
sold for almost thirty pieces of silver.

He  portrayed  Christ exactly, because it was Christ's  Spirit  in  him.
Notice what happened then.  And notice that when he did this, he was put
in  a  prison, and one man was saved and the other  lost--exactly  Jesus
when  He was in prison on the cross; one thief was saved and  the  other
one was lost. Exactly!  Throwed into the grave--supposed to be dead, and
was took up and ascended to the right hand of Pharaoh, that nobody could
see Pharaoh without seeing Joseph first. Jesus sits at the right hand of
God, and no man can come to the Father except by the Son! Right!

And notice, every time Joseph left--when Joseph rose up from that  right
hand of that throne... Watch? Glory!  There sat Joseph by the right hand
of Pharaoh.  And when Joseph raised up to leave that throne, the trumpet
sounded. Bow the knee, everybody! Joseph is coming!

When that Lamb leaves the Throne yonder on His days of mediatorial work,
when He leaves the Throne up there and takes that Book of Redemption and
walks forth, every knee will bow! There He is!

Notice,  and when Joseph, rejected by his brethren, he was given a  Gen-
tile wife.  Potiphar had give him... or Pharaoh give him a Gentile wife,
and  he bore Gentile children--half Gentile and Jew.  They give a  great
symbol that when Jacob was blessing them--Ephraim on one side and Manas-
seh  on the other--he crossed his hands and give the younger  child  the
blessing;  and the two kids was added unto the twelve tribes, which  was
only ten at that time, and he blessed them in Jacob himself; and Joseph,
his prophet son, standing there said, "Father, you've done wrong." Said,
"You put your right hand blessing on the young child, where it ought  to
went on the older."

He  said, "I know my hands was crossed, but God has crossed them."  Why?
Israel, having the rights to be a Bride, rejected and sold their  birth-
rights, and the--went from the old son, Israel, to the new, Gentile, and
the blessings went from there through the cross to them.

But notice, after that, see, through that...  When all... he'd took  his
bride. But when them boys came down to buy food--oh, it's such a beauti-
ful picture. I'm off of the Seal, but I just got to say it, see, because
you'll get the picture better, I believe.

Notice.  Now,  when they come down to buy food, you  know,  Joseph  rec-
ognized them right away. And Joseph was the son of prosperity; no matter
where he went, he always prospered.  You wait 'til He comes to the earth
again--wait 'til our Joseph comes.  The desert shall blossom as a  rose,
and the Son of Righteousness rise with healing in His wings. Oh my!  All
that cactus around Arizona will unfold into a beautiful tree.  It'll  be

Notice, here he comes forth, and he plays a little trick on them  there.
And he stands and he says, "Is my father still living?"  See?  He wanted
to know if that boy's father was living.

He said, "Yes." (He knowed that was his brother.)

But did you notice. When he got ready to reveal himself to his brothers,
and  he  found little Benjamin, which had been born since  he  had  been
gone.  And  that represents these Jews, this  144,000  that's  gathering
right there now, since He's been gone.  And when He returned, he said...
He  looked  at Benjamin; his heart was about to  break.   And  remember,
they'd--they  didn't know that he could speak Hebrew.   He was taken  an
interpreter; he act like he was an Egyptian. See?

And  then  when it was made known--he wanted to make himself  known,  he
kept  looking at little Benjamin.  And remember, he dismissed his  wife!
She  was in the palace when he made himself known to his brethren.   And
the  Gentile  Bride,  the wife--after Jesus being rejected  by  His  Own
people,  He has taken a Gentile Bride and will take Her from here to the
palace  to His Father's House in Glory for the Wedding Supper  and  will
slip back down to make Himself known to His brethren, the 144,000. There
He stands! And remember, look at the symbols perfectly.

And  when he come back to where this was, he looked down to them and  he
said,... begin to look... and they begin to talk.  They said, "Now  Reu-
ben, you know that we are in for it now. See?  Because, you know what we
done? We've got this boy in this fix.  Now we oughtn't to have sold  our
brother." That was their brother standing there, that mighty prince, and
they didn't know it.

That's the reason Israel can't understand Him today.  It isn't the  hour
yet to know it.  And then he said though he couldn't understand  Hebrew,
but he was listening right at them.

They said, "Now we're in for it." And Joseph, when he looked at them, he
couldn't stand it no longer. And remember, his wife, his children was in
the  palace at the time--the saints gone out of their  presence--and  he
said, "I am Joseph, your brother."

And he run over and grabbed little Benjamin, fell on his neck, and begin
to cry. And he made himself known.

And  then they said, "Now, we know we got it coming for we sold him.  We
was the one who sold him off. We was the one who tried to kill him,  now
we know he will kill us."

He said, "No, don't be angry with yourself, you only done it to preserve
life.  That  is why God sent me down here."  And when He  makes  Himself
known, the Bible says (as we come to it), when He makes Himself known to
the 144,000 there--the little Benjamin of today and the remnant of those
Jews left there--when He makes Himself known, they will say, "Where  did
You get those scars? What are they doing in Your hands?"

He will say, "Oh I got them in the house of my friends." See?

Oh,  then  they'll realize that they have killed the Messiah.  But  what
will He say?  The same as Joseph did it: "You did it to serve life--save
life. Don't be angry with yourself." Because that the Gentiles would not
have  been  brought in, if the Jews had not have done  that  blindfolded
trick.  So  He saved the life of the church with the  things  they  have
done.  So there you are.  That's the reason today they can't  understand
this--it isn't the hour.  No more we could understand these things until
the time comes for it to be understood. Oh, my!

Seven Thunders of Revelation.   May He show the Bride how to prepare for
the great translation faith. (Now, let's hurry up because we haven't got
about fifteen or twenty minutes yet.)

Now, what does this "white horse" mean? Let me read this.   I've been so
far off. Excuse me for getting off my subject, but I will read the verse
again, the two verses.

And I saw when the Lamb had opened one of the seals, and I heard, as  it
was  the  noise of thunder, and one of the four beasts  saying,  Come...

And I saw, and behold a white horse: (now, we're going to the 2nd verse)
a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was give...
him:  (he didn't have it then) unto him: and he went  forth  conquering,
and to conquer. (That's all of that. That's a seal.) [Revelation 6:1-2]

Now let us find the symbols.  We found out what the thunder means.  That
is perfectly, we know that.  See.  The thunder was the Voice of God when
the Seal opened.

Now, what does the white horse mean?  Now, here is where the  revelation
comes.  I am just as positive of this as I'm standing here knowing  this
is the Word.  I have read every book on it I could find.  And with  a...
I... The last time that I was--tried to go through it, just teaching it,
about thirty years ago, I took the book... Somebody had told me that the
Adventists had more light on the second coming of Christ than any people
that  they knowed, so I found some of their good books to read  them.  I
got Smith's book on Daniel's Revelation.   And he said this white  horse
that  went forth was white, and it symbolized a conqueror, and  in  this
conquering...  Many of you Adventist brethren here knows the  book,  and
many  of  you others, also, by reading it.   And others, I read  two  or
three.  I read them... I can't call... two more books read, and both man
agreed that that was right.  That was fine teachers, supposed to be some
of the best with the best light. So I thought, "Well, if I don't know, I
will  just say what they said, try to teach it that way."   They give  a
very good explanation of it, what it really meant.

And he said, "Now here is a white horse, and a white horse is a power--a
charger." And he said, "The man that sat on that was the white horse was
the Holy Spirit that went forth in the early age and conquered that  age
for  the  Kingdom of God.   He had a bow in his hand  which  meant  like
"Cupid."   He shot the arrows of love into the hearts of the people--the
love of God, and He conquered."

Now, that sounds very good, but it isn't the Truth.  No, sir. It wasn't.
White does mean righteous.  We realize that.  The white means righteous,
the  teachers taught it, that it was the Holy Spirit conquering  in  the
first age. But my revelation of it by the Holy Spirit is not that way!

My  revelation by the Holy Spirit is: Christ and the Holy Spirit is  the
selfsame Person, only in a different form.   So, here stands Christ, the
Lamb. We know He was the Lamb.  He is standing here with the Book in His
hand, and there goes the white horse rider. See?  So, it wasn't the Holy

Now, that is one of the mysteries of the last days, how that Christ  can
be the three persons in One.  It is not three different  people--Father,
Son, and Holy Ghost--being three gods as the trinitarians try to tell us
it is.   It's three manifestations of the same Person, or you might call
it  three  offices.  If you're talking to ministers,  you  wouldn't  use
office, because I happened to think I'm on tape.  So, I will tell you...
Of course Christ couldn't say, "I will pray My office, and He will  send
you  another office."   We know that.  But if you want to make  it--it's
three attributes of the same God.   Not three gods--three attributes  of
the same God.  See?  And so, how could Christ be out there with a  white
horse conquering and standing here with a Book in His hand? It isn't so;
it isn't Christ.

Notice  now, the Holy Spirit and the revelation and Christ is: the  Holy
Spirit  is Christ in another form.  That's right.  Notice, it is a  Lamb
that  opened  the Book, and the Lamb is Christ; and Christ is  not  seen
anymore  from then, but He is seen in the Book of Revelation,  the  19th
chapter,  coming on a white horse.  If you would like to read it,  let's
turn  to  Revelation  19:11-16.  Let's read it right  quick,  now  while
we're--while  we've got enough time.  I hope, so it will make it just  a
little  better  to us.  (19:11)  Begin at the 11th verse and  read  down
including the 16th.

And I saw heaven opened,... behold a white horse; (not on the earth;  in
Heaven, see) and he that sat on him was called Faithful... True,  and...
righteous... doth he judge and make war.

His eyes were... flames of fire, and on his head was many crowns;  (look
at  the  diadem) and he had a name written, that no man  knowed,  but...

I wish I could stop on that just a minute.  Oh, my!  I got a good notion
but  maybe...?... nobody knows it.   Did you ever know that the Name  of
Jehovah is not correct?  Anyone knows.  Dr. Vayle, you know that's true.
The translators could never translate it. It's spelled (J-U-H-V) J-V-H-U
- I mean.   It isn't Jehovah.  They couldn't touch it.  They don't  know
what it is. Called it Jehovah, but it wasn't His Name. Look.  Every time
a victory is won or something goes on, a name is changed.

Look at the days of Abraham.   He was first Abram, and never could  have
that  baby until his name was changed to Abraham.  And Sarra,  S-A-R-R-A
could  not  have nothing but a dead womb until her name was  changed  to

Jacob means supplanter--deceiver and that's what he did.  He put  sheep-
skin on himself and deceived his prophet father to take the  birthright.
He put poplar sticks in the water, speckled them, scared the cattle when
they  was pregnated with the--with their young, to make speckled  cattle
and  sheep.   Nothing but a deceiver, but one night he caught a hold  of
something  real.   And he knowed it was real, and he stayed with it  and
held  on until he overcome, and his name was changed and  called  Israel
meaning  a  prince  with  power  before  God.   Is  that  right?   Every

Simon  was a fisherman; but when his faith caught, and knowed  that  was
Jesus, when He told him He was the Messiah and told him who his name was
and  what his father's name was, he was overcome and changed from  Simon
to Peter.

Saul, good name. Saul was a king one time in Israel, but Saul didn't fit
an  apostle.  It might be all right for a king, but not an  apostle.  So
Jesus changed his name from what? From Saul to Paul. Look at the sons of
Thunder and on down.

And Jesus, His Name on earth was Redeemer--Jesus.  When He was on earth,
He was the Redeemer, that's true.  But when He conquered death and hell,
and overcome them, and ascended on high, He received a new name.  That's
the reason they holler the way they do and don't get nothing--it will be
revealed in the Thunders. See?

Notice, the mystery. He is coming, riding... There's got to be something
to  change this Church, you know that.   There has got to be  something!
Notice.  No man knowed but Himself.  Now, notice, no man knowed but Him-

And  he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his  name  (was)
called The Word of God. (notice)

And  the  armies which were in heaven followed him  upon  white  horses,
clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

And  out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should  smite
the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he  treadeth
the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.  And he  hath
on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND  LORD

There comes the Messiah! There He is, not this fellow on this horse back
here.   Watch the difference.  Here He stands with the Book in His  hand
here! The redemptive work is just... He hasn't took His place yet!

So,  it  was not the Christ that went forth, the Holy Spirit.  Not  dis-
agreeing with them great man.  No, sir, I don't do it.  I wouldn't  want
to  do that, but this is what my revelation of it is.  See, if you  have
got something different, well, that's all right, but it ain't all  right
with me. See, I believe it this way...?...

And, notice. Christ is not seen anymore (see?) from the time there.  But
He  is on a white horse; so if this guy is riding a white horse,  he  is
only  an impersonator of Christ.  See?   Did you get that?  Notice,  the
rider  on  the white horse don't have any name.   He might  use  two  or
three  titles, but he hasn't got any name.  But Christ has a Name!  What
is  it?  The Word of God!  "In the beginning was the Word, and the  Word
was with God, and the Word was God." And the Word made flesh. See?

The rider has no name, but Christ is called The Word of God. That's what
He is.  He's called that.  Now He's got a Name that no man knows, but He
is  called The Word of God.  This guy isn't called nothing, see, but  he
is on a white horse.

The rider has no arrows for his bow.  Did you notice?  He had a bow, but
there is nothing said about having any arrows; so he must be a  bluffer.
That's  right. Maybe he has got a lot of thunder and no  lightning,  but
you find out Christ had both lightning and thunder; for out of His mouth
goes  a sharp two-edged sword, and He smites the nations, and  this  guy
can't  smite nothing, see, but he's playing the part of a hypocrite.  He
is going forth riding on a white horse, going out to conquer.

Christ has a sharp sword, and watch! It comes from His mouth--the Living
Word!  That's the Word of God revealed to His servants, like He said  to
Moses:  "Go  stand  there and hold that stick out yonder  and  call  for
flies," and there was flies. Sure!  Whatever He said, He done it, and it
come to pass. His Living Word.  God and His Word is the selfsame Person.
God is the Word!

Who is this mysterious rider of the first church age then?   Who is  he?
Let's think of it. Who is this mysterious rider that starts forth in the
first church age and rides plumb on out into Eternity, goes to the end.

The  Second  Seal comes forth and goes right on out into  the  end.  The
Third  Seal  comes  forth and goes right on out into  the  end.  Fourth,
Fifth,  Sixth, Seventh; everyone of them winds right up out here in  the

Now,  at the end-time, these Books that's been rolled up, all this  time
with these mysteries in them, is broken.   Then out comes the mystery to
see what it is.  But actually they started forth at the first church age
because the first church age received the Message, like this.

A  white  horse rider went out.  See?  Who is he?  He is mighty  in  his
conquering power.  He is a great fellow in his conquering power.  Do you
want  me to tell you who he is? He is the antichrist.   That is  exactly
what he is!

Now, because, you see, if an antichrist... Jesus said that the two would
be so close together until it would deceive the very Elected, the Bride,
if it was possible--antichrist! It's the antichrist spirit.

Remember  in the church ages, when we opened the first church age,  back
there,  we  found out that the Holy Spirit was against a  certain  thing
that got started in that church age,  and that was called "the deeds  of
the Nicolaitanes."  Do you remember?  Nico means to conquer. Laity means
the church--the laity. Nicolaitanes--to conquer the laity. Take the Holy
Spirit out of the church and give it all to one holy man. Let him be the
boss of all of it.  You went through it, see--Nicolaitane. Notice, Nico-
laity  was  a  saying in one church, it become a doctrine  in  the  next
church age. And in the first church age it was a forcement; and they had
the Nicaea Council. And it was then made a doctrine in a church.

And what was the first thing happened?  An organization from it!  Now...
Is  that  right?   Tell  me  where  the  first  organized  church   come
from!--Roman Catholic Church.  Tell me if Revelation... don't say in the
Book  of  Revelation  17 that she was a whore, and  her  daughters  were
harlots. That is the same thing that organized with her--harlots!  Taken
the abomination, filthiness of their fornications for doctrine; teaching
for doctrine the commandments of man.

Notice,  look, he starts out to conquer.  Notice, he has no crown.  (The
white horse rider, I'm speaking of here.  See?)   A bow and a crown  was
given him afterwards, see.   He had no crown to start with, but a  crown
was  given  him.   Notice, later he was given a  crown.  Yeh,  three  of
them--three on one.  That was 300 years later at the Nicaea Council when
he  started out a spirit of Nicolaity to form an organization among  the
people, and then it kept on going on, going on, it become a saying, then
it become a doctrine.

You remember Christ speaking back to the church.  Said, "Thou hatest the
deeds of these Nicolaitanes which I hate, too."  Trying to conquer, take
the  Holy  Spirit just on one holy man, he could forgive  all  the  sins
everything,  have we just read there where Paul spoke of it--that  thing
would  sit in the last days, and he couldn't be revealed 'til  the  last
days. Then he that letteth will take the Spirit of God out of there, and
then he will reveal himself.

Today he is under the disguisement of a white horse. Watch how he chang-
es from that white horse in a few minutes.  He don't only become a white
horse,  he  becomes  a  beast, many heads  and  horns.  See?  The  white
horse--he's  a  deceiver now, and that's the reason the  people  haven't
known it all this time.  They thought it, but here it is now; it's going
to be revealed by the Scripture.

Notice, when Nicolaity, see, antichrist is finally... he's incarnate  in
a man; then he is crowned.  When he starts off as a Nicolaity spirit  in
the  church,  he is a spirit.  You can't crown a spirit, but  300  years
later he become a pope!  And then they crowned him!  He had no crown  to
start  with,  but  he got a crown later, see, when  that  spirit  become
incarnate. See? He become a man. Nicolaitane doctrine become a man, then
they  could crown him.  They couldn't do it because he was just  a  doc-
trine. Glory!

Notice, and when this Holy Spirit that we have, becomes incarnate to us,
the One that is in our midst now in the form of the Holy Ghost,  becomes
incarnate to us in the Person of Jesus Christ, we will crown Him King of
Kings...?... That's right. See?

Now, remember, about the time Christ come on the Throne, the  antichrist
come  on the throne--Judas.   About the time Christ went off the  earth,
Judas went off the earth. Just about the time the Holy Spirit come back,
the antichrist come back.

You  know  John said over here: "Little children, I would not  have  you
ignorant  you  know  about the antichrist which he's  already  come  and
working in the children of disobedience."  The antichrist then--there he
was--began to form in there the Nicolaitane spirit to make an  organiza-

No wonder I hated that thing! See.  There you are.  It wasn't me; it was
something in here.  There's the thing--it's come out.  Do you see it?  I
was all around the sides of it I couldn't see it 'til now; and I know it
now. There it is--that Nicolaitane spirit God hated, and now that spirit
become incarnate and they crowned it. And here it is right here what the
Bible said they would do with it--perfect. Oh my!

Incarnate--he become a man and then they crowned him. Read, notice... or
read rather how Daniel said he will take over the church kingdoms. Would
you  like to read it?   We got time to do that, haven't we?  All  right.
Listen.  Let's go back to Daniel just a moment. Turn back to the Book of
Daniel  and we will read just a moment, and we won't be,  maybe  another
fifteen,  twenty minutes or thirty or something.   All right  let's  get
Daniel the 11th chapter, and let's take the 21st verse.  Here's  Daniel.
Daniel is speaking now how this fellow is going to take over.

And  in his estate shall stand up a vile person, (Rome talking) to  whom
they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: (now, watch) but he shall
(come  in  a  peaceable) come in peaceably, and obtain  the  kingdom  by

That's exactly what it done--what Daniel said this antichrist would  do.
He will fit the people's place. Yes, it will fit their menu for this day
for  the  churches.  For in this church age they don't  want  the  Word,
Christ,  but they want church.  The first thing--they don't ask  you  if
you're a Christian. "What church do you belong to?" "What church?"  They
don't want Christ, the Word.  You go tell them about the Word and how to
straighten up--they don't want that.

They  want something--just live anyway they want to and still belong  to
church  and  obtain their testimony.  See?  So, he fits  the  menu  just
exactly.  And remember, he was finally called, "she"; in the Bible.  And
she was a prostitute and had daughters.  Just fits the bill of the day -
what the people want. There it is.

God has promised it,  when the Word is refused,  then they are turned to
their desires.  Let's read Thessalonians again.   Let's... I want you to
watch here just a minute. Say, "Well, we read it awhile ago." II Thessa-
lonians  2:9-11.  It said that they would, turning down,  rejecting  the
Truth, they would be given over to a reprobate mind and would believe  a
lie and would be damned by it. That's what the Holy Spirit said.

Now, isn't that the desire of the church today?   You try to tell people
they  have  to do this, that, or the other; they'll let you  know  right
quick  they are Methodists, Presbyterian, or what-more, they don't  have
to paddle in your boat. See? Certainly!  They want it. And God said, "If
they  want it, I will just let them have it.   And I will actually  make
them believe that that's the Truth, because I will give them a reprobate
mind concerning the Truth."

Now, look here what the Bible says also.   "As Jannes and Jambres  with-
stood  Moses..."  so will these guys in the last days with  a  reprobate
mind  concerning  the  Truth and shall turn the grace of  our  God  into
lasciviousness, denying the Lord God.   Now you see where it's at!   Not
only  Catholic,  but Protestant.   The whole thing; it's all  the  whole
organized world.

That's  that  white  horse rider, under the way of  a  white,  righteous
church.  See?   But an antichrist--it's got to look like... on  a  horse
even,  just like Christ is coming on a horse.   All anti--so close  it'd
deceive the very Elect...

Here he is. He is the antichrist.  He started riding in the first church
age. Now he rides on down, on down through every age. Now, watch him.

You  say,  "Way back in the apostles time?"   He was  called  Nicolaitia
there.   Then in the next church age, then he become a doctrine  in  the
church. First he was just a saying, then he become a doctrine.

Swell, celebrity people, fine dressed, highly educated, polished--didn't
want all that carrying on in the church.  No, they didn't want all  that
Holy Ghost stuff.   Must be a church... "And we all will go through  the
Nicaea  Council and so forth at Rome."  Then when they come there,  they
took  the church, and took paganism, (Rome and... paganism)  pagan  Rome
and a few superstition and took Asterus, the Queen of Heaven, and turned
it to be Mary, the mother--make intercessors out of dead people, and  so
forth,  and  took that round kosher wafer which is still puts  round  on
there and called it the Body of Christ, because it represents the Mother
of Heaven.   When a Catholic passes by, he crosses himself because  that
lights burning in there is supposed to be the kosher which is turned  to
God by the power of the priest, when it is nothing in the world but just
plain paganism!

I just don't understand it! Well, yes I do. Yes sir! I understand by the
grace of God, sure.  Now, notice. Oh my, how they can do that! See.  And
they are given their desire. No that is true. You don't have to do that.
No,  sir.  If you don't want to do, you're not forced to do it.  If  you
don't  want to tally up to God's way of living and things  and  worship,
you don't have to do it. God don't make nobody do it.   But let me  tell
you  something.  If  your name was placed on that Lamb's  Book  of  Life
before  the foundation of the world, you will be so happy to do it,  you
can't wait for the minute to do it.

Look here.   You say, "I will give you to understand I'm just as religi-
ous..."  Well, that might be true.   Look...  Who could say them priests
wasn't  religious in the days of the Lord Jesus?   Who could say  Israel
wasn't religious in the wilderness?

When it was even...  "God has blessed me so many times..."  Yes, He  did
them, too.  They didn't even have to work for a living.  He fed them out
of  the  heavens  and Jesus said, "They're everyone lost  and  gone  and

"Our fathers," they said, "eat manna in the wilderness for forty years."

Jesus  said, "And they're everyone dead--eternally separated."  See?  He
said, "But I am the Bread of Life that come from God out of Heaven. If a
man eats this bread, he will never die." See, the Tree of Life.

Notice  just  how... and when Jesus come, those priests,  they  come  up
there, very religious.  Boy, nobody could say they wasn't nice man.  My,
they walked to the line of that law.  Everything that church said,  they
did it. If they didn't, they were stoned. And so they walked out, do you
know  what Jesus called them? John called them, "You bunch of snakes  in
the grass.   Don't you think because you belong to that organization you
got anything to do with God."  And Jesus said, "You are of your  father,
the devil." He said, "Every time that God sent a prophet, what happened?
You  stoned him and throwed him in the grave, and now you go  out  there
and polish his grave."

Isn't that the same thing that Catholic church has done? Look at Joan of
Arc, and Saint Patrick, and all the rest of them.   They are the one who
puts them in, and then dug Joan of Arc's body up, and throwed it in  the
river a couple of hundred years later, and burned her for a witch.  "You
are  of  your  father, the devil, and his works you do."  That  is  just
exactly.  It will go all over the world.

Right, that is what Jesus said; and you think it's all right.  It  looks
pretty good, that white horse; but look what you got.   That is  exactly
what is riding it.

Now,  but He said they wanted it, so He would give them a  strong  delu-
sion.   Remember, this prostitute of Revelation 17, she is  the  Mystery
Babylon, the mother of harlots. And John admired her, just like this man
wrote...  (wait  'til  we get here and watch him  watching  this  horse,
here).  See, but you noticed she was... what happened was this: that  he
admired  her with great admiration, but the mystery was that  she  drank
the blood of the martyrs of Christ. A beautiful church--set there decked
in  purple and gold, and she had a cup in her hand of filthiness of  her

What is fornication? It is un-righteous living.  That's her doctrine she
was giving out.  Taking the Word of God and making it of non-effect with
some  "Hail, Marys" and all this other kind of stuff and giving it  out,
and the kings of the earth committed fornications with her.

Well  you say, "That's the Catholic church."   But she was a  mother  of
harlots!   The same thing that she was.  There you are!  What  happened?
When  the reformer died and his Message died out, you organized it,  and
put  a  bunch of "Rickys" in there and started the thing right  back  to
live  the  way you wanted to.   You didn't want to stay with  the  Word.
Instead of moving right on with the Word, they stayed right there--"This
is it." You don't do that. That's it--Him up there.

Notice,  (That's one thing.   We want to hit just a couple  more  places
before closing.) he is the prince that would destroy Daniel's people. Do
you believe that?  (Now, I am going to make this if you just help and be
lenient  with  me for a few minutes, I will make it just as quick  as  I
can,  but I want to make it positive!   Because the Holy Spirit give  me
this just as certain as I'm standing here. See, see.

Now, look, let's take... go back to Daniel again, just a minute.  I want
to read something.   Of course, if you don't go back, it's all right.  I
will  want to read Daniel 9--Daniel 9, and I want to read the  26th  and
27th  verse of Daniel 9.   Watch, if he is the one to  destroy  Daniel's
people--what he is going to do.

And  after  threescore  and two weeks shall Messiah be  cut  off,  (See,
that's  the threescore and two weeks, he will be cut off out of  the  70
weeks)...  not for him self: but for the people and the  prince  (that's
the hierarchy here) that shall come shall destroy the city and...  sanc-
tuary;  and the end thereof shall be with great flood, and unto the  end
of the war desolations are determined.

I  want to ask you people something.  After Christ was cut off from  the
earth  in  the three and one-half years of His ministry,  and  what  de-
stroyed the temple?  Who destroyed it?  Rome!  Sure.  Constantine, (or I
beg  your  pardon) Titus, the Roman general.  He destroyed  the  prince.
Now, notice. Watch this fellow come right on down. Just watch him.

When  Jesus  was born, the red dragon in Heaven stood at  the  woman  to
devour her child as soon as it was born. Is that right? Who was it tried
to  devour the child when it was born?--Rome!   There's the red  dragon!
Here is your prince.   Here is your beast.  There they are, everyone  of
them,  just the same--devour the child.  God caught Him up  into  Heaven
and  sat  on His Throne.    That is where Christ is now  'til  the  time
appointed. See? Now, watch what he shall do.

Now... I believe I was talking to somebody here. It might've been Broth-
er  Roberson today, or somebody I was talking on about this. (about  not
this  here but just on the same thing)  I believe I preached on it  here
not  long  back, what will happen to this United States  on  this  money
situation. See?  Well, we are now paying our debts on taxes that will be
paid forty years from today. That is how far we are behind.

Did  you  ever turn on "KAIR" up there or "Lifeline" and  listen  to  it
(see?)  from  Washington.  Why, we are completely busted.   That's  all.
What's  the matter?

The gold is all housed up, and the Jews holds the bond.  It is going  to
be Rome.

Now, watch. We know who owns the big department stores, but Rome has the
greatest part of the wealth of the world.  The rest of it the Jews have.
Now watch this. Now just listen to this how the Holy Spirit brought this
out for me.

And  he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week:  (now  watch)
and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the  obla-
tion  to cease,... for the over spreading of abominations he shall  make
it  desolate, even unto the consummation, and that determined  shall  be
poured out upon the desolate.

Watch!   Oh, what a shrewd thing he is!   Here he is.  Now, we  got  our
picture  and know that he is Rome.   We know that he is the white  horse
rider. We know that he went forth as a doctrine. And then what was pagan
Rome?--converted into papal Rome and crowned.

Now,  watch.  In  the end-time--not in the early days  when  Christ  was
preaching but in the end-time, the last part of the week, where we  just
took  the  seventy weeks of Daniel--and Christ has  prophesied  for  the
three  and one-half years, and three and one-half years are  yet  deter-
mined. Is that right? And this prince in that time is to make a covenant
with Daniel's people, which is the Jews. That is when the Bride is taken
out now. She won't see it.

Notice.   In  the  last one-half of Daniel's week, the  people  makes  a
covenant - this prince makes a covenant with Rome; makes a covenant with
them  no doubt for the wealth, for Catholic and Jew holds the wealth  of
the world.

I was in the Vatican. I've seen the triple crown. I was supposed to have
an interview with the Pope. Baron Von Blumberg got it for me on a--for a
Wednesday afternoon at 3:00. And when they took me to the king, they cut
the cuffs out of my trousers. That's all right. Told me never to turn my
back and walk away from him.  That's all right.  But I said, "What do  I
have to do before this guy?"

Said, "Well, just go in and kneel down on one knee and kiss his finger."

I said, "That's out.  No, sir."  I said, "I will call any man a  brother
that  wants to be a brother.  I will call him reverend, if he  wants  to
have the title of that, but to worship a man--that all belongs to  Jesus
Christ." No sir. No man can stand in like that. No, indeed.

So,  I didn't do it, but I got to go all through the Vatican.  Why,  you
couldn't  buy  it  with a hundred billion billion  dollars.    And  just
think,  "The wealth of the world," the Bible says, "was found  in  her."
All... Just think of the great places, the billions times...

Why did Communism raise up over here in Russia? It just makes me sick at
my stomach to hear so many preachers hollering about Communism, and they
don't  even  know what they're crowing about.  That's  right.  Communism
ain't nothing. It is a tool in the hand of God to bring revenge upon the
earth for the blood of the saints. That's right.

And after the church is taken away, Rome and the Jews will make a coven-
ant with one another.  The Bible said they would, with the holy  people.
And now notice, they'll make it because why?  This nation is going to be
busted, and the rest of the world that's on the gold standard is busted.
You know that.  If we are living off of taxes, due bills for forty years
from now, where are we at?  There is only one thing can happen.  That is
to call in the currency and pay off the bonds, and we can't do it.  Wall
Street owns them, and Wall Street is controlled by the Jews; the rest of
it is in the Vatican, and the Jews has got the rest of it in Wall Street
with the commerce of the world.

We can't call it in.  And if we could do it, do you think these  whiskey
guys  and all these tobacco people with billions times billions of  dol-
lars  a year and write off all their income tax for old vulgar  pictures
and things like that--go out in Arizona there and buy millions of  acres
of land--or thousands--and dig them big wells for $50,000.00 and pay  it
off with income tax?  And they'd put you in jail if you don't pay yours.
But they write it off and throw up wells and send bulldozers in.

And what do they do?   They put housing projects in there, and the  next
turn  around with their money they made, (they have got to make  an  in-
vestment)  and put houses, projects in there and sell them for  millions
of dollars.  Do you think them guys is going to compromise to change the

Like  this fellow down here in... what's his name--Castro did.  He  done
the  only  smart  thing  he ever did do  then,  when  he  destroyed  the
bonds--paid them off and destroyed them.   Notice, but we can't do that.
These guys won't let us.

The  rich merchants of the earth hold it, and then there's one thing  to
do: The Catholic church can pay it off.   She's the only one that's  got
the money, she can do it, and she will do it.

And in doing this to get it, she will compromise with the Jews to make a
covenant, and when she makes this covenant with the Jews... Now,  remem-
ber, I am taking this from the Scriptures!   And now, when she does this
and  makes this covenant, we notice in Daniel 8:23 and 25 he will  cause
craft to prosper, and craft is manufacturing, in his hand.

And he makes this covenant with the Jews, and in the midst of this three
and one-half years, he breaks his covenant as soon as he gets the  thing
wrapped  up and gets the money of the Jews tied up.   And when  he  does
that,  oh  my, oh my, he is called the antichrist until the end  of  the
church  age, for he is the--he and his children are against  Christ  and
the Word.  This man called the antichrist.  Now, he is going to hold the
money.  And that is where I think he will come in. Just a minute, I will
say this then. I want to go back to it in a minute.

He  is  called the antichrist and will be called the antichrist  in  the
sight  of  God  until the end-time.   Now, but then he  will  be  called
something else.

Now,  when he gets the money all under control, then he will break  this
covenant with the Jews, as Daniel here said he would do it, in the midst
of the last half of the seventy weeks of Daniel. And then brother,  what
will he do? He will have all of the world trade and the commerce--a pact
with the world, because he will hold the wealth of the world completely!

And during that time, them two prophets will rise on the scene and  call
that 144,000.  Then what will take place?  Then the Mark of the Beast of
Revelation  13 will set in, because he holds all of the commerce,  trade
and everything of the world. And what will take place then?  The Mark of
the  Beast will come in that no man can buy or sell except him that  has
the  Mark of the Beast.   Thank God, the Church will be  enjoying  great
three and one-half years in Glory. Won't have to go through that.

Now, notice, at the end-time--at the end of the church ages, now--he  is
called--he and his children are called the antichrist, because  anything
that's against Christ is anti-Christ.   And anything that is against the
Word  is  against Christ, because Christ is the Word.  Now,  he's  anti-
christ. Then in Revelation 12:7-9, when Satan is cast out... (the accus-
er).   You  want to put that down because--if you want to  read  it,  we
haven't got time now because 15 'til 10:00.   But in Revelation  12:7-9,
Satan  the  spirit, the devil, which is up there, now,  accuser  of  our
brethren, all right; the Church is taken up, and Satan is cast out. When
the Church goes up, Satan comes down.   Then Satan incarnates himself in
the antichrist and is called the Beast.

Then in Revelation 13, he sets the Mark down. See, when he that  letteth
-  only now Christianity is left on the earth in its purity  is  because
him  that letteth... Remember back here in Thessalonians,  sitting  upon
the temple of God, calling himself God; forgiving sins on earth and that
will go on, and iniquity shall abound and on, because he won't be  known
yet  until his time to be revealed is called.   Then the Church will  be
caught  away.  When it is caught away, then he changes himself  from  an
antichrist  now.  Oh, my, the church, the great church  and...  Now,  he
becomes the Beast! I wish I could make people see that!

Now,  remember,  the antichrist and the Beast is the same  self  spirit.
There  is the trinity.  Yes, sir.  It is three stages of the same  devil
power.  Remember, Nicolaity, see, it had to be incarnate before it could
be crowned. See?  Now, watch this! Three stages: first stage he's called
antichrist;  second stage, he is called the false prophet; third  stage,
he is called the beast.

Notice, Nicolaity, the antichrist teaching, that started in the days  of
Paul against God's Word--antichrist.  Then, he is called again the false
prophet,  which when the teaching become a man, he was a prophet to  the
teaching  of  the hierarchy of the Catholic church.   The Pope  was  the
prophet to the false word, and that made him a false prophet.

The third stage is a beast.   A man that's crowned in the last days with
every  power  that  pagan  Rome  ever  had,  because  the   seven-headed
beast--dragon--was  cast out of Heaven and come incarnate in  the  false
prophet.   Here,  he is--he had seven crowns, and he was  cast  out  and
throwed into the earth... and the sea. All right.

What are we saying?  Who is this rider--this horse rider?   Do you  know
what it is? It is Satan's superman.

I  went  the other night with two brothers sitting in  this  church  now
(Brother  Norman, back there, and, I believe, and Brother Fred)  we  was
over to hear a man teach on the antichrist. A well known man--one of the
best  the Assemblies of God have got.   And his interpretation of  anti-
christ was, that they are going to take a vitamin of some sort out of  a
man and transfer this life out of a man into a great image that is going
to step a city block at a time.  Could you imagine a man filled with the
Holy Ghost under such illusion as that, (or claimed to be)? When here is
the Bible that says who the antichrist is. It's not a... It is a man!

Notice,  this  rider  is nothing but  Satan's  superman--that  incarnate
devil!  He is an educated genius. Now, I hope you've got your ears open.
They  was  trying one of his children out not long ago in  a  television
cast to see if he wasn't smarter than the next man to run for  presiden-
cy; but, however, he has got a lot of wisdom--so does Satan! He tries to
sell  it.  He sold it to Eve, he sold it to us.   We've been  wanting  a
superman, we got it.  All right.  The whole world is wanting a superman,
they are going to get it.  Just wait until the Church goes up, and Satan
is cast out. He will incarnate. That's right. They want somebody who can
really do the job, he will do it.

Educated...  This is the Satan's superman with education,  with  wisdom,
with  church theology of his own word, of his own making, and  he  rides
this  white  denominational horse to deceive the people.   And  he  will
conquer every religion of the world, because they are all going into the
confederation  of--of  the--of churches and the world  confederation  of
churches.  And they already got their buildings built and everything set
and right in line.  There ain't one thing left.   Every denomination  is
stuck  right into it--the federation of churches.   And what is  backing
it?--Rome!   And  the pope's now crying, "We are all one.  Let  us  come
together and walk together."

And  these people, even some of you Full Gospel people, deny... have  to
deny  your evangelical teaching to take such a step as that.  What  have
you  done... so blind to that denominational thing.   You have  rejected
Truth.  And Truth was set before them, and they walked away from it  and
left  it,  and  now they have been given over to a  strong  delusion  to
believe a lie and be damned with it.  That's exactly what it is, and the
antichrist takes it all. And the Bible said that he deceived all - A-L-L
-  all  upon the face of the earth whose names were  not  written  under
those Seals from the foundation of the world!   Now if the Bible said he
did it, he did it.

They say, "Well, I belong..." There you are. That is just exactly. It is
the same prostitute institution.   It is the same system that started in
the beginning which is anti-Christ throughout.   I will hear from it but
that's, it's the Truth, I expect to.

Now, notice, he will conquer and almost has in his grip right now, while
he is still antichrist before he can become beast.  You talk about cruel
punishment.  You just wait!  Watch what them that is left here on  earth
will  have to go through with.   There will be weeping and  wailing  and
gnashing of teeth.  For the dragon, Rome, spurted water out of his mouth
to make war with the remnant of the woman's seed that was left upon  the
earth  after the Bride had been selected and took out.   And the  dragon
made  war with the remnant.   It didn't want to come in but  was  hunted
down.  And the real Church will go through that if it was possible,  but
you see, they are done under this Blood by the grace of Christ, and it's
not possible.  They have no tribulation period.  The next thing for  the
Church is rapture! Amen and amen!

Oh, how I love this!  Let me tell you.  We are telling what a conquering
he  is  going to do, and he is really going to conquer; he  has  already
done it!  It is just already sewed up, that's all!   Going to sew up the
money--filthy lucre. Exactly. They love money more than God.  Everything
they think about now is how much money has he got. What is it?  You know
it has been said lots of times: "Give the church the money, and she will
revolutionize the world."  "Give the church the money, and she will send
evangelists all over the world." "And what will she do? She will conquer
the world for Christ."

Let me tell you something, my poor blind friend. The world is not won by
money,  but by the Blood of Jesus Christ.   Give God man who is  gallant
man, will stand on that Word, live or die--that will conquer. There will
only be one thing that can conquer--those that's got their names written
in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world. That is the
only  thing  that will hear it.   Money won't have nothing  to  do  with
it--just send them farther into the denominational traditions...?...

Yes, with educational genius, he will be.  He will be smart. My, my, my,
and all of his children around him will be smart--Ph.D., LL.D.,  W.L.D.,
Q.S.D., A.B.C.D.E.F. on down to Z. They will have it all. Smart. Why? It
is after the order of Satan.   Any shrewd craftness against the Bible is
of Satan.  That's exactly what he took Eve with.   Eve said, "Oh, it  is
written.   God said for us not to do that."  He said, "But wait.  Surely
God  won't do it, but I will open your eyes and give you  some  wisdom."
She got it. We have been wanting him, we got it too--this nation.

Notice,  he will conquer the whole religious world.  He will  conquer...
make a covenant with Daniel's people. Here it is broken into Gentile and
into  Daniel's people--the Jews to the last week--and here we are,  even
drawed  out  on boards, and you see it perfectly, there's where  it  is.
Thank God.  There he is. That organizational system is of the devil. And
that is no punches pulled on it either.  Exactly.   It is a root of  the
devil,  it's a--now not people... not people in there.  Them  are  God's
people, many of them.  But you know what, when we get over here to where
we  get  in these trumpets sounding and the next time I come  by,  these
trumpets  sounding,  and remember when them last  angels...  that  third
angel come across--"Come out of her my people!"  When that angel  fires,
at  the  same time that Message drops here for the  last  trumpet,  last
angel's  Message, last Seal opens.  All happens at the same  time.  Yes,
sir. It all seals up and goes over into Eternity.

Now, watch, at the same time that this guy is a-conquering, (then I will
close).   God is going to do something then, too.   Let's not just  give
Satan  all the credit here, see.   Let's not talk about him  altogether.
See.  While this great thing is going out there, this great system wind-
ing  in  these organizations and the union so they can  pull  themselves
together and stand against Communism--and not knowing that God raised up
Communism  to conquer them.  Sure.  What made Communism rise in  Russia?
Because  of the impurity of the Roman church and the rest of them.  They
took  all the money there was in Russia and starved the people to  death
and give them nothing instead of live just like the rest of the world.

I  was down in Mexico not long ago and seen them poor  little  children.
Any Catholic country is not even self-supporting--there is not a one  of
them! Ask me where... Show me where they're at.  Any Catholic-controlled
country  can't even support its own self.  France, Italy, and all  them,
Mexico, wherever you go, they are not self-supporting.  Why?  The church
took everything they have. That is the reason Russia kicked it out.

Watch what taken place.  I know this myself.  I stand down there and you
think the golden jubilee was on you hear the bells ringing.  And here  a
poor  little  woman  coming down the street, dragging her  feet,  and  a
father packing a baby, and two or three of them crying.   She was  doing
penance to some dead woman up there, they had her, thought she'd get  to
go to Heaven by it. Oh, what a pitiful thing!

Then I seen standing down there... Here comes... Their economics, is  so
poorly balanced; the church takes everything they have got.  Here little
Pancho,  maybe Pancho Frank, he comes down, and he's a brick mason,  and
he makes 20 pesos a week, but it will take the whole 20 pesos to buy him
a pair of shoes. That is their economics.  But now here, what about then
if  he  being a mason and a bricklayer and make 20 pesos  a  week  (just
saying, I don't know what he makes, but say that kind of  economics--the
way it's balanced up).

Notice,  now, if he makes 20 pesos a week, here comes Chico, see,  which
means "little one," and he works out there for about 5 pesos a week, and
he's  got ten kids to feed, but there will be somebody knocking  on  his
door to take about five of those pesos or four of them anyhow to pay for
some grease candle to burn on a million dollar gold altar for his  sins.
There you are! That is the balance of economics.  That is the way  their
countries are. The thing takes it all. The church takes it all.

She  has just got it in her hands, that is all.  Her, with the money  of
the Jews and that covenant; the Bible said they'll take the whole thing,
and  then  he becomes a beast, he breaks his covenant, he  ravishes,  he
tears  out the rest of that woman's seed like that and spurts water  out
of his mouth; makes war and there will be weeping and wailing and gnash-
ing of teeth and the Bride is getting married in Glory at the same time.
Don't miss it, friends.  God help me, I want to be there.  I don't  care
what it cost. I want to be there.

Now  notice, in the same time this is going on, just before  this  takes
place rather, on the earth, God... has promised, while all them scruples
of  denominations arguing their difference about their creed, God  prom-
ised  that He would send us a true prophet of the true Word with a  Mes-
sage to return to the original Word of God and the faith of the  fathers
to  bring  down the power of the Holy Ghost amongst the people  and  the
power that will raise her above these things and take her in.

The same Word be vindicated of Jesus Christ that He is the same  yester-
day, today and forever. "Lo, I am with you always, even to the consumma-
tion.  And the works that I do shall you do also.  I will be right  with
you.   A little while and they won't see Me no more, because  they  will
organize  themselves and scatter out, but ye will see Me, for I will  be
with you. I will even be in you unto the consummation."  When he said...
indignation be poured out after the consummation. There you are! Oh God!
Who  is that white horse rider? You are not blind.   You see who it  is.
It's  that  antichrist and that deceitful spirit that has gone  now  and
crept in. Made...?...

See, God just keeps repeating it.   He showed there's a man going  forth
with a white horse and with his bow and no arrow.  He is a bluff. He has
no power.   You say, "The power of the church"--where is it at?  What do
they do?  They say, "We are the original church."   The original  church
cast  out devils, healed the sick and raised the dead; saw  visions  and
everything else. Where is it now?  The bluff--bow with no arrow.  That's

But you see, when Christ come, a sword went forth from His mouth like  a
lightning  flash.  It went forth and consumed His enemies and cast  away
the devil.  It cut away everything else and come, His vesture dipped  in
blood and on His thigh was written "The Word of God." Amen. Here He come
with His army, coming from Heaven.   That white horse rider has been  in
the land all the time.  He will change from antichrist. He does that and
becomes to a false prophet.

See, he first started an antichrist, the spirit; then he become a  false
prophet.   Then later, when the devil is cast out, he is incarnate  then
with the devil.  Three stages: the first, he is a devil to begin with--a
spirit of the devil; then he becomes a false prophet, teacher of a false
doctrine;  next  thing, he comes as the very devil  himself,  incarnate.
See?   There he is.   And at the same time that this devil falls out  of
Heaven and becomes incarnate in a man, the Holy Spirit goes up and comes
down incarnate man. Oh, my! What a time.

Tomorrow night, God willing, the Second Seal. Do you love Him?...?... Do
you believe it? (I just shut the tape off.)  Now I am going to hear from
that, (you know that) but I expect to. Let me tell you something, broth-
er.  I just now know for one time in my life why that Spirit has  always
warned me against them, that organization.

I am grateful to the Lord God for showing me these things.  I know  that
it is the Truth. There it is, revealed right there.  Here he rides right
down through the age and comes right out here and displays himself right
down here just as perfect as he can be. See.  That's him.  Now we're not
deceived on that. Now you got your eyes opened. Stay away from that kind
of stuff.   Love the Lord with all your heart, and stay right with  Him.
Yes, sir. Come out of Babylon! seals003.htm