Roth$child Money Trust

By George Armstrong

Chapter XVI.

Plan of Mobilization

"It is only with a despotic ruler that plans can be elaborated extensively and clearly in such a way as to distribute the whole properly among the several parts of the machinery of the State; from this the conclusion is inevitable that a satisfactory form of government for any country is one that concentrates in the hands of one responsible person. Without an absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilization which is carried on not by the masses but by their guide, whosoever that person may be." 150; From Protocol 2.

We are now preparing for war on a gigantic scale. With an admitted national debt of $45,000,000,000, with the taxpayers taxed to the point that industry is no longer attractive, and with poverty and distress stalking throughout the land, Congress has authorized about 17 billions of dollars for war purposes.

In a speech in the United States Senate on March 6, 1939 (see Congressional Record of that date, page 3224), Senator Lynn Frazier of North Dakota said:

"No one can make me believe that all these war preparations are for defense. In my opinion they are preparations for war, and a foreign war at that. Does anyone know what nations are expected to attack us? Does anyone know who is going to invade our shores? Surely all the great nations of the world have their hands full at home at the present time, and there is no imminent danger of any attacks upon the United States . . .

"We have recently heard about secret conferences and secret sessions here at home. The question naturally arises, Are we ourselves already involved in foreign entanglements and secret treaties? Who knows? If there is anyone who knows, he will not tell, because we have been unable to find out what these secret agreements are, if any, and whether or not we have any."

Surely the members of the United States Senate should be advised of "foreign entanglements" and "secret treaties." The Constitution provides that they must be ratified by the senate. If the President made such commitments he has already assumed the powers of a dictator.

Upon conclusion of the military compact between England and France, England's King and Queen visited the President of France, which visit he later returned. Magnificent receptions of medieval splendor were held in both England and France. The King and Queen then came to America, visited President Roosevelt at the White House and also at his Hyde Park residence. These visits, both to Paris and Washington, were evidently arranged by the Jewish administrations of the three countries to effect the triple alliance they were attempting to make in preparation for the war.

It is likely that President Roosevelt is responsible for the Russian invasion of Finland. Soviet Russia sought in advance to obtain from Finland by negotiation, the territory that was taken from Russia by the Treaty of Versailles. This failed upon the advice of the Allies and upon their promises to hell Finland in case of war. They no doubt made these promises believing that if Finland was attacked that the United States would come to her aid because Finland alone of all European countries had recognized her obligation to the United States to repay the moneys loaned her. They no doubt made them on assurance: that had previously been given by the President.

Although deeply sympathizing with Finland, the people of America were not willing to go to war in her behalf. "Uncle Shylock" has become "gun shy;" he has been worked once too often. If it is true that Finland was made a sacrifice to get us into the war, as appears to be the case, then she is another "Athenia" and another victim of British diplomacy and duplicity.

Senator Frazier said further, in the speech mentioned:

"There is agitation for the passage of the so-called industrial mobilization bill. According to my information, the bill has not been introduced at this session of the Congress, but it was introduced at the last session, and a great deal was said about it. It was modified somewhat at the last session, and still there is much agitation about it . . .

"This industrial mobilization bill was introduced in the last Congress—it was an administration measure—so that in the event of war the President of the United States would be given the power to draft about 4,000,000 young men for war purposes."

This mobilization plan was gotten up about five years ago (i.e 1934) by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy which indicates that they have been contemplating war for a' least that length of time. Indeed, all of this regimentation of the laborer and the farmer and the industrialist has been priming us for war, and with war as the objective.

The plan has been amended, making it a little less drastic and in its final form appears in a government document called "Industrial Mobilization Plan, Revised 1936." As soon as war is declared a bill embodying it will be introduced in both houses of Congress and rushed through as an emergency measure under whip and spur of the Administration.

The following are some of its salient provisions:

"With respect to any product, foodstuff, material, real property, or right declared by him essentially for the national security and defense in the prosecution of war, to fix and establish just and reasonable maximum, minimum, or absolute prices or rates or rentals at which such product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real property, or right may be bought, sold, rented, or otherwise contracted for, whether such transaction be with the Government or between persons of the civilian population or between any other parties whatsoever . . .

"(i) To regulate, limit, or prohibit the purchase, sale, use, IMPORT, EXPORT, * * * transportation, manufacture, or distribution of any product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real estate, or right;

"(j) From time to time, whenever he shall find it essential to license the production, manufacture, sale, USE, IMPORT, EXPORT, storage, distribution, or transportation of any product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real property, or right . . .

"(l) To requisition and take possession of any product, foodstuff, materials, commodity, real property, or right, and on such terms as he may deem advisable to sell or otherwise dispose of such product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real property, or right . . .

"The power and authority conferred by this title upon the President may be exercised in whole or in part under his direction and during his pleasures by such agencies or offices of the United States as he may designate, and he shall have power to appoint an administrator or administrators to exercise such designated powers. Such administrator or administrators shall receive salary or salaries of $10,000 per annum. The President is authorized to create or provide for such additional agencies of the Government as he may deem necessary to execute the functions authorized under this title, and to appoint and dismiss at pleasure such officers and employees and to fix their salaries and compensation."

"It is," said Congressman Shafer of Michigan, "the most astounding document ever published in a democracy."

If it does not mean a dictatorship, what does it mean? The President is given absolute dictatorial power to conscript the people of America and all of their possessions, which means that this power will be exercised by the bunch of Jews that are now in control of the executive department of our government. It means that our constitutional form of government has been discarded,—not temporarily but permanently.

Barney Baruch or some other Jew will be Chairman of the War Industries Board, and he will not relinquish this post when the war terminates; nor will our President relinquish any of his war powers. There will be no more elections. It will be goodbye to our constitutional form of government, to our state governments, and to our freedom.

It was stated in the press that Bernard Baruch had lunch with the President and had a conference with him regarding the war situation. Baruch was non-committal after this conference as to whether or not they had discussed the subject of his being appointed chairman of a War Industries Board soon to be created. It is likely that he wants the job and that he will get it in due time.

It is a matter of some surprise to have my conclusions fully confirmed by no less an authority than General Hugh Johnson, the President's former administrator of the N. R. A., and Baruch's former associate. He knows both Roosevelt and Baruch intimately, and his words are entitled to great weight. In a syndicated article in the press of April 18, 1939, he said:

"Freedom of speech press, the right of assembly and petition and practically every guaranty of the bill of rights would go down automatically . . .

"If war comes soon, the Administration which has advocated these trends, if not these objects, would be continued another term, because of war. Having attained these objects because of war, how many of them would be relinquished at the coming of peace?

"Woodrow Wilson gave up most of his war powers immediately after the Armistice—because he detested them. Would the present Administration give them up, having greatly desired them? Has it ever willingly given up a single extraordinary emergency power since March 4, 1933. It would give up nothing of power . . .

"No matter who wins, the next world war will permanently destroy the democracy of every nation, that gets into it. If we want to save democracy for the world, we will keep out of European war."

This is the key that explains the Jew deal, the Roosevelt deflation, and every act of the Roosevelt Administration. Mr. Roosevelt has been "On Our Way" up to now, but when war is declared he will have reached his destination. Congress and the State governments will then be cast aside and our dictators will be handed down to us instead of elected.

Whether our sympathy is with the British or not, we must recognize that the probabilities are that the President will drag us into the war unless Germany wins a quick victory. Even if we escape this war there is cocky little Japan, ready and willing to fight us at any time we want to fight. The Jews are saying that such a war is inevitable. There will undoubtedly be plenty of provocation for it, and if Mr. Roosevelt gets his third term we will soon be up to our necks in war.

All of these elaborate preparations mean war, and war means that Roosevelt will be dictator with Baruch and Morgenthau as his assistants. It means the destruction of our republican form of government and the loss of our liberties. Indeed, it must be admitted that our own morale is at the lowest ebb in our history. Hunger stalks throughout the land, and hunger has no patriotism; the farmer and the laborer have been corrupted by gratuities; the rich are notorious cowards, and the poor are discouraged and beaten. These are the logical and intended consequences of the "Jew Deal."

By act of congress the State Militia (396,000 men) have been drafted into the United States Army. The act requires that they undergo one year of military training, and it authorizes the President to impress them into service at any place in 'the western hemisphere. These patriotic men enlisted into the State Militia for service in their respective states, and congress is without legal authority to force them into the United States Army in time of peace.

At this time (August 17, 1940) President Roosevelt, the Rothschild-power, and the Jewish press are endeavoring to drive through congress a conscription bill known as the Burke-Wadsworth bill. This measure appears to have been written by one Grenville Clark of the law firm of Root, Clark, Buckner & Ballentine,—Morgan attorneys, and to have been inspired by the Jew, Julius Ochs Adler, general manager of the New York Times.

It appears that on May 23, 1940 the said Morgan attorneys and Henry L. Stimsom (our present Secretary of War and then attorney for Kuhn, Loeb & Co.), Julius Ochs Adler and others held a conference at the Harvard Club in New York City and organized a drive for conscription.

"On the 3rd day of June they met again. They met to raise money . . . A quarter of a million dollars was raised at one time. Think of that—men raising a quarter of a million dollars to conscript boys in America." (From Speech of Senator Holt, Congressional Record, Aug. 6, 1940, p. 15167).

The Record does not show who put up the quarter of a million dollars but it is a safe guess that a substantial part of it was subscribed by the Rothschilds' banks of Morgan & Co. and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. What for? What did they expect to buy with it? Not propaganda, for the Jew press are for conscription and no money was needed to obtain that support. Five thousand dollars would have been more than enough to have covered all legitimate expenses of presenting the bill and the arguments in support of it, to congress. Another $10,000 should have been ample to have paid for the telegrams that they showered upon congressmen.

This $15,000 ought to have covered also the taking of the Gallup poll. This poll showed that 67% of the American people favored conscription,—which is simply preposterous. One of two things is true: either no poll was taken except of the few employees constituting the so-called "Institute of Public Opinion," or else the poll was confined to the Jews.

This Gallup poll is one of the greatest hoaxes that the Jew press have perpetrated upon the American people. It is usually given front page publicity in the "Jewspapers." A poll is taken upon

every subject that is of current interest to the public Nobody knows anything about the voting until the result is announced. Nobody ever received a ballot or heard of anybody5 who received a ballot. To take a poll of our 131,000,000 American people would require several weeks time and many thousand dollars. Apparently these Gallup polls are taken in 30 minute: time with an expense of less than 30 cents, and the result announced is always as the Jew press desire it to be.

My estimate of $15,000 to cover the legitimate expenses of the conscription drive, plus the Gallup poll, may be a trifle conservative but surely they would not exceed $25,000, which leave; $225,000, for other purposes. What are those purposes?

The corrupt purpose of these conspirators is obvious. I do not know whether they could or did buy any congressional support; I hope not. I do not care to comment on the subject further than to say that it is a horrible thing to sell the liberties of 12,000,000 men for $225,000. It is as cheap and as detestable as the betrayal of Christ for thirty pieces of silver; and the money appears to have been furnished in both instances by the Jews.

This amazing revelation was scarcely discussed by the senators. Perhaps they were shocked speechless. It has not yet been denied, despite the fact that our present Secretary of War was one of the conspirators. Senator Minton of Indiana defended the meeting and made a vicious personal attack on Senator Holt. Minton appears to have been supported by Barkley of Kentucky, Pepper of Florida, and Lee of Oklahoma. And thus the matter rests.

The original conscription bill as written by Mr. Clark called for the registration of all men between the ages of 18 and 65, estimated at 42,000,000 men. From this vast number the President was authorized to immediately impress into training and service 4,000,000 men.

The measure was materially modified by the Senate Military Affairs Committee who fixed the age limit at 21 to 31, and the estimated number of men at 12,000,000, all of whom are subject to draft for training and service for a period of ten years. The measure contemplates training 1,000,000 men a year, at an estimated cost of $1,000,000,000.00 per annum for each 1,000,000 men.

We have never had conscription in this country except during brief war periods. All of the requirements for the army and navy in peace-time have been filled by voluntary enlistment. Conscription will never be necessary to repel invasion. It is not necessary now, nor is it legal now.

Canada did not resort to conscription for the first twelve months of the present war. Her very recent conscription measure limits the period of enlistment and training to thirty days instead of twelve months, and Canada is now at war with Germany and we presumptively are not.

Senator Norris, who heretofore has been a consistent supporter of the New Deal, says this of the conscription bill;

"It will bring about a radical change in the historic course we have taken since the birth of our Nation. As I see it, Mr. President, that change, if it takes place, will inevitably lead us into a realm where we will have what we are complaining about in other nations—a dictatorship. I can see no escape from it. If we are to have compulsory military training in time of peace, we shall put ourselves on a level with the dictator nations of the world." (Congressional Record, Aug. 12, 1940, p. 15535).

It is reassuring that so trusting a supporter of the New Deal as Senator Norris has heretofore been, has finally caught the drift of it. It is precisely for that reason—a dictatorship-that Henry L. Stimson, Frank Knox, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Morgan & Co., and Julius Ochs Adler are spending their money for conscription. It is for that reason that the President of the United States has endorsed this bill and in employing the full power of his high office to put it over. roths.htm

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