Index - The Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Making of a Deception
by Robert Karolis

This booklet clearly identifies those behind the conspiracy we know as the United Nations who account most people as `human cattle'. Their hatred for us is abundantly evident in Humanism as manifested in "The Convention on the Rights of the Child".


Foreword by Alan Gourley
Author's Introduction
The Power of Deception
The Clayton's Religion:
The Humanist Manifesto II:
So What Does That Make Us?
If It Feels Good Do It
There's A Lot Of Claytons Going Around:
Live For The Feeling:
Chapter 1 Are we Human or Humanist?
Chapter 2 Children's Rights/Liberation
A Child's 'Best Interests'!...?
Children: An "Invention"!
Child Protection or Child Rights?
What Then, Are These Rights?
Chapter 3 Article 34
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