The Year 2000 Computer Problem

In recent programs we've discussed the Y2K, Year 2000 Computer Problem, otherwise known as the Millennium Bug. Recently, National Australia Bank announced that it's spending $225 million trying to make its software Year 2000 compliant. Qantas said it's investing $145 million, and Coles Meyer is spending $100 million.

"No Problem! Trust me!"

National Australia Bank later informed the Stock Exchange that they won't be compliant by the Year 2000. The AMP Society expressed similar doubts about their ability to fix the problem in time.

The few conservative financial newsletter writers who know about Y2K deny its economic relevance. Yet a shut-down of all mainframe computers would put these newsletter writers out of business after 1999 - a thought too terrifying for them to countenance. So, they brush Y2K to one side with a brisk: "Of course, the government may not get its computers fixed." This is supposed to calm you?

It should terrify you! Ask yourself: What happens to Treasury notes and bonds, if the Taxation computer breaks down, and a tax revolt spreads, because taxpayers know the Department will never find them, and that if they do pay their taxes, they won't get their refunds?

What happens to money market and bond funds that invest heavily in government debt, when investors realize the Taxation Department can't collect taxes? Why, governments will default on their debts.

What happens to the banks when depositors figure out the system's bankrupt, and that nobody insures their accounts any more?

What happens to your job when banks close because of bank runs, and no business can borrow money or even write a cheque to its own employees?

What happens to the delivery of food into cities, when money fails because the banks are busted?

What happens to the delivery of public utilities, when money fails because the banks are busted?

What happens when your retirement, superannuation fund, or pension programs go bankrupt?

What happens to 15 million people in Australia who are dependent on Medibank? What happens to 6 million people on Social Security?

What happens to every state government?

What happens to crime rates when the state can't imprison violent criminals, and may have to release those who're locked up because they can't be fed? What happens to the world economy when this scenario is multiplied across every government?

Kiss you job goodbye. Especially if you're a journalist. I figure you'll be out of work; in forced retirement: come January 1, 2000. Maybe you should make plans to be in small-scale agriculture. I'm out of debt. What about you?


Let's consider psychological deferral. People don't like to accept unpleasant realities.

Those in authority prefer to defer thinking about problems such as the Millennium Bug. They're playing Scarlett O'Hara - "I'll think about it tomorrow," followed by, "Well, fiddle dee-dee."

Deferral is a normal response to distant problems. The question is: When it comes to the Year 2000 Computer Problem, what can we afford to defer? People defer making this assessment. The fact that you haven't read much about this looming problem doesn't mean that it isn't a problem. If your employer hasn't actively sought solutions to this problem, your firm had better not use mainframe computers, or be dependent on suppliers that rely on mainframe computers.

Everyone assumes that someone else is doing something to solve these problems. "It's being taken care of." The problem here is the passive voice. Who, exactly, is taking care of it? What, exactly, is this person doing? Is he on schedule? How do you know for sure? Are you taking his word for it? Anyone who takes the word of a computer programmer that he's on schedule is the supreme optimist. If the programmer says: "Sorry, I didn't make it". On December 31, 1999, your firm's dead. Meanwhile, he moves on.


Here's what you should do, beginning today. First, investigate if what I'm saying is true.

Second, think about what'll happen to you, if electric, water and sewage utilities in your city shut down for six months. "Who're you going to call?" Especially if your phone's also dead? But if you do get through, how're you going to pay if your bank's broke?

Third, here's my personal strategy. I ask myself this question: "Can I prove on paper that he owes it to me?"

I want hard copy print-outs of all of my government transactions. If you're owed money by Social Security, and you're dependent on this income, contact the DSS every year, and get a letter stating what you're owed. The same applies to superannuation and pension schemes.

Do you have a copy of your birth certificate? If not, write to the Registrar and get one. And do so now for all of your records.

Even if records are in a desktop computer, do it. When word starts to spread, they may be buried in requests in 1999. You want your paperwork completed before word gets out.

Do you have a copy of your college transcripts? If not, get one. The same goes for your work record history.

Assume that your records are in some company's mainframe computer. Assume also that the company's failed to update their software.

Do you have a print-out of all of your insurance records? Would they stand up in court? If not, get what you need, now.

Have you spoken with your local insurance agent? Is he fully aware of the problem? Ask him straight out if he's scheduled an update of his software, especially if he relies on vendor-supplied software. He deserves to know what's coming. And so do you.

Think this problem through in advance, before it creates a banking panic . . . all over the world. This story will get out eventually. In 1999, when reporters are running around looking for sensational Year 2000-third millennium stories, this one will at last surface. It's already featured in Newsweek. At that point, every government bureaucrat whose agency's at risk will start playing the "No problems" game. A bureaucrat's #1 rule is to evade responsibility. "It's being taken care of."

No one with any authority will admit that his mismanagement's going to create a disaster on January 1, 2000. The basic response will be this: "There's no problem here, and furthermore, I'm not responsible when everything collapses next year!" "Keep visiting our Web site for updated information."

There's a deadline when the Y2K problem will hit the world. And there's a deadline when the Gentile dispensation will end. All of this makes one realize afresh, that GOD'S the One in whom we must place our trust.

The prophet Daniel foretold how in the time of the end, that is, after the revelation of the Seven Seals, which was in 1963, that many shall travel extensively. And has there ever been a time in the history of the human race when man traveled as extensively as he does today? You never read of Paul claiming "frequent flyer points". And knowledge shall be increased said the prophet Daniel.

There's never been a time of so much learning. Knowledge has been increasing faster than it can be disseminated or absorbed. Today's men and women are so clever, they no longer need God. They've even proven His Bible to be in error. Why, you can buy a book called "Monday School" that purports to put God in His place, or at least grade Him a D-minus in Bible comprehension.

Man is so clever, his knowledge is destroying civilization and the human race. It was human knowledge that brought about the deluge in the days of Noah. Human knowledge caused the chief priests and leaders of Israel to crucify their own Messiah. The prophet Daniel foretold they would. Human knowledge caused the churches to reject God's Word today, and to crucify Him unto themselves afresh.

Daniel also said, "the wise shall know their God". Hosea said, "My people are destroyed for lack of a different kind of knowledge:" "because you've rejected Spiritual knowledge, or faith," said God, "I'll also reject you . . . " (Daniel 12:4; Hosea 4:6).

And that's where we stand today. But God always sends a prophet with a way of escape before He brings judgment upon the world. If we receive the Word of His prophet we receive life. But if we reject that prophet and his Message, there remains no hope for us is this world, or in the world to come.

And God has sent us a prophet in this day, as Jesus promised He would. The ministry of the late William Branham restored the apostolic faith, finished the mystery of God, and is now calling both the wise and foolish virgin out from all man-made religious systems. The wise virgin are coming into the unity of the one and only faith of Jesus Christ, to bring them into maturity, for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation.

It is later than you think. Peter said that the soul who does not hear this prophet will be destroyed from among the people. Malachi and Jesus said he'd be accursed with the earth, and John said he'd be cast into the tribulation. Why would anyone refuse so great salvation?


Dissenters in every country are struggling against an emerging NWO that has weaponry, surveillance techniques, and wealth beyond our wildest dreams. It's now too late to find answers in the might of freedom-loving men and women. There's no democracy in Australia as we live under an elected Liberal or Labor dictatorship, controlled by the City of London. Whilst people like Pauline Hanson and her One Nation candidates are to be applauded as perhaps the best news for Australia since the end of WWII, there's no possibility our national greatness and independence can ever be recovered.

However Christians war not with flesh and blood but against powers and against spiritual wickedness in the air (Ephesians 6:12). The only answer is Jesus Christ. Do you know Him as Savior and Lord? If not, it's high time you did! The Millennium Bug waits for no man. On January 1, 2000, civilization will meet its Waterloo.

There'll never be real justice, peace, harmony or righteousness until Christ's Millennial Reign! The Lord Jesus Christ will bring His own One World government. During the Millennium, after the destruction of all life on earth, we'll see true unity under His perfect governmental system.

Until that time, society is going to race towards anarchy.

It's been said that if Australians who call themselves Christians stood shoulder to shoulder, the line would stretch from Melbourne to Hong Kong. In contrast, a line of those who are genuinely born-again wouldn't span the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Yet a whopping 12.6 million Australians think of themselves as Christians. That's more than seven in every ten people. Nearly 80% of Australians say they believe in God, or at least in a higher power. Two thirds of Australians say they pray - but to whom, and what do they pray? There were actually 117,000 more people calling themselves Christians in 1996 than there were in 1991.

That's a wonderful profession, but without a genuine revelation of the PRESENT Truth, and a life to match, anyone can call themself a Christian. Are you aware, that contrary to the rosy projections of denominational actuaries, the number of genuine Christians must decline in these last days. Of course it must decline. The Gentile dispensation ends in apostasy, NOT revival. The sowing's over. The growth's finished. The corn of wheat died, fell to the ground, and rotted. Then the Life produced the stalk and the husk, finally it's reproduced itself in multiplied form in the head of wheat and the stork and the husk are dead. They represent the church system. It carried the Life through Seven Church Ages. Now that the Church Ages are over, the denominations have rejected the Word again, as Jesus predicted. And the wheat Bride is outside the Church, trying to get the Word back in.

We're living in the harvest time, when the shuck or husk opens and rejects the wheat. Genuine Christians are that wheat, rejected by the church world, exposed to the SON-Light of the fullness of the Word, bringing us to maturity for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation.

The natural types the spiritual so our numbers can't increase. No crop can increase in the harvest time. It just sits under the full strength of the sun and ripens. And Christians are ripening in the S-O-N_Light, into the unity of the faith, for the manifestation of the Sons of God.

According to a recent survey, younger people are more disposed to believe the Bible than those of middle age. A surprising 45% of 15 to 29-year-olds say they believe the Bible's inspired, compared with 40% of those in their 40's. So Generation-X isn't any more secular that the Baby Boomers. By the same token, they're no more Spiritual.

Around 70% of teenagers identified with a nominally Christian group. But how will they hear the PRESENT Truth? Who knows It to share It with them? Is the "nominally Christian group" anything more than a social club with Jesus' Name on the front?

I guess I fall into the Baby Boomer group, and although I went to church schools and attended Sunday school for many years, I was 33 when first I heard the Truth of God's Word. I'm only now beginning to learn historical truth. I'd imagine most Generation-X-ers have had no church background, were taught no Bible stories, and know nothing of Jesus, the Reformation and Church history. It's going to be very difficult to reach young people not raised in a genuine Christian home.

There's a greater variety of religious groups in Australia than ever before. Many people are becoming eclectic in their tastes, finding something in Buddhism that appeals to them, something in Hinduism, something in one nominal Christian tradition or another but nothing of faith.

Faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God, the mind of Christ in you. Without It we're going nowhere Spiritually. And I'm not talking about learning Bible history. I'm talking about understanding the present reality: what Jesus is doing now. We've got to know what God said He'd do in this day and see that part of God's Word manifesting through us.

Young people are becoming more religious; more superstitious. And there seems to be a fair consensus that there are three pervasive feelings among the young - despair, confusion and narcissism - or morbid self-love. This is the first generation to grow up without absolute truths, believing that the highest virtue is tolerance of the views of others. So much so, that it's now illegal to condemn abomination and filthiness. Poor taste and criminal activity are the norm. As the prophet foretold, the world is falling apart.

This is the Hegelian perversion of the Marxist Pharisees in charge of destroying our once Christian Western civilization. Generation-X people have been raised for Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", a world with AIDS, a man-made disease designed to depopulate the New World. A world of addiction to legalized designer drugs that "make people like their unescapable social destiny".

Huxley's cowardly new world is definitely not for the overcomer, but for defeated serfs, without Christ and without hope in this world or the next. This world has "a foolproof system of eugenics, designed to standardize the human product, and so facilitate the task of managers".

Huxley's ideas have been brought to reality by the godless elites, the masters of mammon. We Baby Boomers and Generation-X-ers were their human guinea pigs. In Huxley's world, "sexual freedom tends to increase as the political and economic freedoms of the goyim or human cattle: their human resources, diminish". The unregenerated, including nominal Christians, who are not living by the Word of God, and every Word, have been treated as laboratory rats. They'll find out in the NWO, which is the tribulation.

Australia's long had a program of dysgenics. Dysgenics refers to the problem of those with poor intelligence or character producing disproportionately more progeny. The result is a steady genetic deterioration in human populations. This program has been active in Australia since WWII. Initially through our immigration program but more recently, through such policies as the Richardson scheme, social security, welfare, Murphy's no-fault divorce, education and youth policies, and the criminal injustice system.

Generation-X is inheriting increasing poverty and destruction of the middle class leaving us serfs living in Third World conditions and wages. Fortunately, we've reached the end of man's day. Soon it'll be too late to make the decisions that will determine our eternal destiny. The Gentile days are indeed numbered.

Generation-X is the result of callous human experimentation by the elites. This generation has been returned to cave-man mentality, believing personal experience supersedes the accumulated knowledge and faith of 6,000 years. And that Truth can be defined by each individual and their local community.

There'll be no generation after Generation-X. The end-time began when the Seven Seals were opened and revealed in 1963. The part-Word that gave the new birth when Christ was a Mediator was done away when those Seven Seals were unveiled.

We must recognize our day and its Message. That's the only part of God's Word that can affect or influence and bless us. The horizon looks dark but God promised Light in the evening time. This Light came through a prophet whose ministry restored the apostolic faith, finished the mystery of God, and is now calling Christ's Bride out from all man-made systems into the unity of the faith, for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation.

If you're old, if you're a baby Boomer, Generation-X, or younger, God's reaching-out to you now with grace, and a way to escape the horrors soon coming upon this world. In His Word there's a way to overcome drug or alcohol dependence, a way out of immorality, a way to master your own body and thoughts.

It's called liberty from the world and the things of the world. We overcome the world and worries, sickness and sin, by becoming the prisoners of Christ. We've got to have the mind of Christ in us, to understand His Word and obey what It says do. That sets us free from the world, enabling us to have dominion over the earth and subdue it.

We qualify by gaining the mastery of the ten senses in this little part of earth we call "me". When we can manage ourselves, we're ready to tackle the big world, and protected from the wiles of the Devil. radio111.htm

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