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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android PhoneWe have some very interesting news items this week. The City of London, its UK and Israeli colonies are determined to provoke Iran, China, North Korea and Russia to war, and the alien 'war party' has president Trump trapped. As explained in Newsletter 976, North Korea was created by Jew-controlled USA after WWII as a wedge between China and Russia to trigger war at the opportune hour. Like Iran, North Korea wishes to be treated with respect but needs a deterrent against US aggression. Propaganda suggesting North Korea might strike the US mainland exposes the low IQ of those who watch TV. What would they do next? North Korea's goal is normalization of US-North Korea diplomacy through a peace treaty, a guarantee of its sovereignty and perhaps reunion with the South. Russia, China and Iran all desire peace, but the 'hidden hand' seeks global hegemony and the united States has a death wish.

In our main article "The Cupola" Brother Branham said, "the revival is just about over. You remember as THUS SAITH THE LORD, I said, America made her final decision in 1946. Watch, since then. She's gone, and there's nothing left but judgment and chaos. Look what's happened in that much time. Just watch it, how it's going to keep faster and faster. We're at the end. We're living in the shadows of His coming. "There'll be signs in the heavens above and in the earth, men's hearts failing, fear, perplexed of times, distress between the nations." How the people will "be heady, high-minded," how "the daughters of Zion, the church will walk haughty, high-minded, with the way she'd walk, and mince and twist as she went." Where are we at? We're with Belteshazzar's big rock-and-roll party. And the church has been caught in the tide through television, through radio, through Hollywood. There we are . . . Real Christian women bobbing off their hair, wearing make-up on their faces, dressed in them little old dirty clothes, because reprobate people has told them there's no harm in it".

God wrote three Bibles, the Gospel in the Stars, the Great Pyramid, and the Bible in paper and ink, each declaring the same prophecies and histories showing us precisely where we stand in relation to His plan, and in time. The Prophet said, you will know the year and the month.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Washington pushes harder against Russia

July 31, 2017 — The Russian government, like Chamberlain's, has not responded to provocations far more dangerous than Chamberlain faced, because, like Chamberlain, the Russian government prefers peace to war. The question is whether the Russian government is avoiding or encouraging war by its non-response to illegal sanctions and propagandistic accusations and demonizations. Russia has even allowed Washington to put ABM bases on its borders with Poland and Romania. This is like the US permitting Russia to put missile bases in Cuba.

Russia is disadvantaged because, unlike the United States, Russia is an open society, not a police state like the US where dissent is controlled and suppressed. The Russian government is handicapped by its decision to permit foreign ownership of some of its media. It is disadvantaged by its decision to accept hundreds of American and European financed NGOs that organize protests and constantly level false charges at the Russian government. The Russian government permits this because it mistakenly believes Washington and its vassals will see Russia as a tolerant democracy and welcome it into the Western Family of Nations.

Russia is also disadvantaged by its educated upper class, professors and businessmen who are Western oriented. The professors want to be invited to conferences at Harvard University. The businessmen want to be integrated into the Western business community. These people are known as "Atlanticist Integrationists." They believe Russia's future depends on acceptance by the West and are willing to sell out Russia in order to gain this acceptance. Even some of Russia's youth think everything is great in America where the streets are paved with gold, and some of the Russian media take their cue from the Western presstitutes.

It is a difficult situation for the Russian government. The Russians mistakenly believed that the demise of the Soviet Union made us all friends. It seems only Gorbachev understands that the Soviet collapse removed all constraint on Washington's hegemonic behaviour . . .
Full story:

Comment: Under HR 3364, the "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act," or edict, the EU (and indeed all) nations that ignore trade sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran will lose all assets in the US, be refused entry to international banks and forbidden to pursue business activities outside EU. But Daniel 9:26 and Revelation 17:11-16 inform us that Rome and the Black Nobility will gain the upper hand over the US which will come under Judaeo-Roman and Jewish bankster suzerainty and serve as Rome's bag man and enforcer, the (once) Protestant image unto the beast.

This will divide the East from the West after the midst of Daniel's Seventieth Week as Daniel and Jesus prophesied. I see the Eastern nations forsaking the SWIFT money transfer system for the BRICS alternative. The Rouble and Yuan have strong gold backing, the US dollar is backed by Chutzpah, gold stolen from the Ukraine and Libya (US$150bn) and forced payment for oil in US dollars that many nations bypass, and the oil price is falling. Vatican City State will reinvigorate the US and Western European states when it refinances the US dollar with gold.

Churchill the Movie

William Branham

June 10, 2017 — Churchill certainly acted on occasion as a "doddering fool" as portrayed in the new movie Churchill, reviewed by Chris Knight (NP June 9, 2017). However, to dismiss his disastrous seeming ineptitude as merely drunken stupidity, hardly does him credit. The Great Man was arguably the most profoundly evil war criminal of all time. He was also probably the greatest con-artist ever, spellbinding the media and whole otherwise-sane populations into thinking WWII was a splendid idea, even though the catastrophic experience of WWI was still within recent living memory.

In 1939, Churchill and his "War Party" campaigned for war against Germany in the full knowledge that the real threat to Western Civilization was Bolshevist Russia, not our cultured Christian German kinfolk who had done nothing to harm us. Clear confirmation of his perfidy emerged when Germany and Russia invaded Poland and Britain declared war only on Germany when the occasion called for neutrality and eventually a NATO-style alliance to overthrow the cruel Soviet dictatorship and liberate its terrorized subjects.

Britain had a second chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in 1940 when Hitler offered a munificent peace treaty that would have saved the British Empire and millions of lives, but Churchill, inflamed by hatred imparted by his secret, vengeful Zionist paymasters, rejected the offers and doomed Britain, and Western Civilization to inevitable collapse. For this calamitous, contrived blunder and his many other fatal decisions, "that Bastard Churchill", as he was known to colleagues who understood him, does not deserve enshrinement in movies as a statesman, no matter how inept, but rather should be condemned in perpetuity as an arch-traitor and war monger supreme, responsible for incalculable loss of life and loss of freedom, especially freedom of speech, by survivors and their descendants.

Churchill's image as a competent and fearless leader is a myth that can be demolished easily by any objective, intrepid researcher. The myth originated when Churchill was sent to South Africa as a young correspondent to cover the Boer War. To create a story, he persuaded a gullible local British Commander to send an armoured train into Boer territory and to take him along. The Boers readily captured the train, taking the troops and Churchill prisoner. Churchill, left unguarded, easily "escaped", and was given undeserved acclaim, while the British Commander was reprimanded for his folly.

The notoriety helped Churchill win a seat in Parliament and eventually appointment as First Lord of the Admiralty, He soon revealed his bloated ego and incompetence in the Dardanelles Campaign when thousands of Australians and New Zealanders were mindlessly sacrificed in a hopeless assault (a lethal stupidity Churchill repeated when he sent Canadian soldiers to be slaughtered on the impassable beach-front at Dieppe).

Adolf HitlerIn the mid-'thirties, the discredited warmonger, after accepting large payments from Jewish-American millionaires to stave off his impending bankruptcy, formed a group known as the "War Party" that strongly urged Britain to make war on Germany. After war was declared and the British Army quickly defeated, Britain was left defenceless, but spared by the pro-British Hitler who allowed the 300,000 man British Army to leave France unhindered. and offered Britain an honourable peace that would have preserved the Empire intact, with German military protection if required. Although Hitler's magnanimity made possible the "miracle of Dunkirk", Churchill, contemptuously and contemptibly, rejected the peace offer, sealing the fate of hundreds of millions, dooming Western Christian civilization and sacrificing his own country, simply to satisfy his quest for Supreme War Lord status and to satisfy his Shylockian Zionist paymasters.

As for hero status, he was a coward, cynically trashing the lives of trusting subjects, military and civilian, while ensuring his own safety (during the Blitz, Churchill would leave London when Intelligence informed him of an impending Luftwaffe attack, then return to bomb sites as soon as the raid ended for photo-ops, giving the impression he had shared the danger).

To satisfy his blood-lust and ensure, before the war's end, his place as the most indefatigably sadistic war criminal of WWII, he ordered the fire-bombing of the undefended City of Dresden, knowing it was packed with women and children fleeing the rapacious Red Army and that most would be burned alive in the holocaust. (W/C "Giff" Gifford of St. John, NB, who unwittingly led an RCAF Squadron in the diabolical attack said, upon learning of the purpose and result of the raid (as told to the Senate CBC "Valour & Horror" enquiry) that he "felt remorse every day" for the rest of his life for the murder of the innocents and mindless obliteration of Europe's most beautiful architectural treasures).

Churchill was my childhood hero for whom I was—literally, by enlisting in Air Crew—prepared to die. I now see him for what he was; a drunken, unscrupulous, corrupt, cynical, racist, immoral, dishonest, self-serving arch-traitor. Ironically, it was his nation's would-be saviour, the much reviled Adolf Hitler, whom I was taught to hate, and who graciously offered an optimum solution which would have handed Britain not only a real victory but also would have liberated Stalin's terrified subjects. A genuine statesman, he would have made possible a permanent Pax Germanicus-Britannicus-Americanus that would have freed the Western Democracies from rule by a cunning, parasitical, hostile, powerful Enemy Within (against whom Hitler repeatedly warned) who were (and are) a far greater threat to our freedom than ever was posed by our resurgent, friendly, compatible, cultured German kin.

Churchill became an icon by combining outrageous chutzpah with cunning, deception, duplicity and unmatched eloquence but as a leader was hardly more competent than Steven Harper, and couldn't hold a candle to Mackenzie King, or Hitler, for that matter. Most young Canadians of my era fell for his oratory, and many paid with their lives.

Had justice prevailed, Churchill would have been charged, convicted and hanged as the greatest war criminal of WWII, if not of all time. By declaring war, then prolonging the war instead of accepting Hitler's generous offer of an honourable peace in 1940, he caused 150 million unnecessary casualties, incalculable suffering, destroyed Britain, the country he cynically pretended to save, eliminated Christian Germany as a bulwark against the genocidal Soviet dictatorship, betrayed Poland into Stalin's clutches and, calamitously, as it turned out, abandoned innocent, defenceless Palestinians to the tender mercies of sadistic, predatory Zionists.

ZionChurchill set the stage for the Cold War, Middle East wars, Third World chaos, ethnic conflict, refugee invasions and subversion of the Western Christian democracies, leaving them under hostile Jewish hegemony—a much more deadly threat to their race, traditions, property, freedom and ultimate survival than the invented threat posed by Hitler's Germany. Had it not been for Churchill's diabolical treachery, which cannot be excused by mere bouts of drunken megalomania, the world today would be, in every respect, a far better and safer place.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald
Ex-RCAF, RNFAA, Canadian Foreign Service rtd.
Author Star Weekly at War, OTTAWA—the Golden Years etc.
Member, Dominion Command, Royal Canadian Legion
455 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa ON K1N 6M7
613 241 5389

The Squeeze is On

July 31, 2017 — 'The three decades immediately following WWII generated genuine economic growth through productive activity: manufacturing, agriculture etc. Wages and savings grew.

'Whereas the economic "growth" of the past 30-plus years has largely been due to the private sector spending money they had not yet earned. The global dominance of the financial sector . . . is a direct result of the Western world's 30-year credit-dependent habit. Coming down from this "credit high" is the last thing financial institutions, central banks and governments want. These institutions don't mind seeing a slight temporary downturn, however, the prospect of a sustained and lasting change in society's attitude towards debt is abhorrent to them.

'The whole system (tax revenues, welfare promises, health funding, corporate profitability, share prices, property values, retirement incomes, award wages, etc.) has been built on the tenet of people continuing to spend more than they earn. The financial structures supporting Western society have been developed from 30 years of conditioning . . . What happens if these "bedrock" foundations morph into deflationary quicksand?'

It's taken longer than I thought—due to the relentless, unprecedented and coordinated stimulus efforts—for the squeeze to work its way into mainstream consciousness. But it's now making regular headlines . . . The absence of inflation doesn't mean that all household costs are falling. Some, like power costs and health insurance, are rising far faster than the CPI . . . wages growth is much harder to come by . . . Discretionary spending—and that includes the ability to take on more debt—is under pressure . . .

The last thing the banking system wants is for people to live within their means. The banks . . . need—debt slaves. The interconnectivity created by globalisation means that what happens in one corner of the world eventually ripples through to our island nation . . . Excessive and aggressive use of monetary steroids can do wonders in the short term for an economy, making it appear bigger and stronger than it really is. When, not if, China eases up on the 'debt juice', the deflationary effects will not just ripple—they'll flood into all corners of the world.

Central banks reduce interest rates to make debt cheaper (hoping to rekindle the debt-dependent economic growth model), but lower rates also reduce the income of conservative retirees . . . Income-constrained and debt-burdened consumers . . . We are caught in a vicious bind of our own making . . . Suppliers, retailers and consumers are . . . cannibalising each other. The world has too much debt, too much capacity, too many entitlements . . . Reality is going to hit—and hit hard. The squeeze is on. Full story: Vern Gowdie

Religion Declining, Secularism Surging

May 13, 2017 — An ongoing spate of recent studies—looking at various countries around the world—all show the same thing: religion is in decline. From Scandinavia to South America, and from Vancouver to Seoul, the world is experiencing an unprecedented wave of secularization. Indeed, as a recent National Geographic report confirms, the world's newest religion is: No Religion . . .

* For the first time in British history, there are now more atheists and agnostics than believers in God. And church attendance rates in the UK are at an all-time low, with less than 2% of British men and women attending church on any given Sunday . . .

* Nearly 70% of the Dutch are not affiliated with any religion, and approximately 700 Protestant churches and over 1,000 Catholic churches are expected to close within the next few years throughout the Netherlands, due to low attendance.

* According to a recent Eurobarometer Poll, 19% of Spaniards, 24% of Danes, 26% of Slovenians, 27% of Germans and Belgians, 34% of Swedes, and 40% of the French, claim to not believe in "any sort of spirit, God, or life-force."

* In Australia, 15% of the population said they had no religion in 2001, and it is up to at least 22% today . . . Full story:

The Cupola

Were we looking over the banister of heaven with eyes of Supernatural seeing when time and creation began we would have witnessed the fullness and finality of God's eternal thoughts, the Attributes of what He is, expressed as the Logos—a Greek word meaning thought in speech. Ezekiel 1:28 described this amber-coloured Pillar of Fire as the "the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord": God is Light.

The natural types the Spiritual: "in the beginning" the Logos created an immense blazing sun soaring through the vacuum of space with no determined course, disgorging segments of itself to give birth to stars and planets. Over perhaps billions of years in which "the earth was a chaotic wasteland" they established an interdependent balance of predetermined orbits we know as "the heavens and the earth . . . the world that then was".

God was creating His first Bible we call the Zodiac. Sanchuniathon and other ancient historians inform us the seven vowels in the earliest alphabet were "so arranged as to express the places of the seven visible planets in the Zodiac" at the time when the alphabet was completed. The twenty-five letters and the twelve zodiac signs were superimposed, with the vowels unevenly spaced to represent the planetary positions at that time. Thus the alphabet records "an exact notation of the actual condition of the heavens at an ascertainable date, which can occur but once in many thousands of years, and that date is the seventh of September, 3447BC" (Joseph Seiss, Gospel in the Stars p. 23, 174).

Even if he has miscalculated by a day or two, a finished astronomical science as well as writing were already completely developed in Adam's lifetime and these astronomical facts and chronologies were preserved in the Great Pyramid.

Since Mary's conception by the Word of the Angel, when Earth was in Virgo, the first sign of the zodiac, Earth's position in space has moved about 30 degrees, or one full sign so that Leo, the last sign in the zodiac will take Virgo's position when the Zodiac has travelled its full cycle. This prophecy is recorded in the Sphinx that stands before the Great Pyramid in which the Body of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Church, is united with the Head of the Virgin, in the catching-away of Christ's Bride, the Church.

God's Second BibleThe word sphinx derives from the Greek "sphiggo" which means "to bind closely together" and this signifies to us Christians the cycle began with Jesus' conception by the eternal Word and it ends by taking the Offspring of that Word back into eternity with Him (Isaiah 53:10; I Thessalonians 4:17).

God's second Bible the Great Pyramid tells the same story as the Zodiac. It represents New Jerusalem, Jesus Christ and His Bride of all Ages, our 144,000 elect Israelite attendants and the Old Testament saints. Silent geometry reveals a remarkable witness. It has been called "the Bible in stone" because its passageways and chambers reveal geometrically, in line and symbol, the profound spiritual truths of the plan of redemption.

One enters the Great Pyramid at the Descending Passage which has an elevation of 26° 18' 9.7", the elevation of the Pole Star, Alpha Draconis, the chief star in the Constellation of the Dragon or Great Serpent at that latitude in 2170BC around the time of the Flood.

Prophetic passages in Great PyramidThe Great Pyramid speaks of "the heavens and the Earth which are now." A perfect prophecy in stone whose passageways are aligned with the heavens today.

When earth had its water baptism the Great Flood only washed away past sin. Sinful Ham was in the ark with the remnant, so as man entered the post-diluvium world symbolized by the pyramid he was under the Dragon star sign and dominion of Satan on the Descending Passage and bound for the Pit. However a quarter of the distance down the Descending Passage we meet an Ascending Passage, indicating a separation from sin and representing God's dealings with Israel in the Exodus and under the Law until Calvary.

The elevation of this narrow upward passageway is 26° 18' 9.7". The ceiling is so low one must stoop indicating the Law was based upon works of obedience that no man could satisfy. Corbeled walls of Grand GalleryThe Grand Gallery continues upward at the same angle, representing Pentecost and the Seven Church Ages. Its corbelled walls are formed by seven successive overhanging courses of masonry at an elevation of 26° 18' 9.7" so although the way is strait and narrow, it is no longer necessary to stoop.

This is a picture of the Grand Gallery looking back down the ascending passage from the Great Step at the top of the climb. Soon after the commencement of the Grand Gallery, we encounter the mouth of an open well. The Well Shaft follows a serpentine passage to the Pit or prison house of the lost, opening part way down into an empty cavern that may represent the dimension called Paradise where the Old Testament saints awaited their Kinsman Redeemer. Its covering stone is gone as if violently blown-out from beneath when Paradise emptied-out after His resurrection. Nowadays, the traffic is downward with no return. "Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man drawback, my soul shall have no pleasure in him" (Hebrews 10:38). Those who commence the journey and draw back in unbelief commit the unforgivable sin.

God wrote a third Bible, on paper that is the Scriptures we study today; it teaches exactly the same prophecies and doctrines as its forerunners and is often referred to as "the Word" or Logos. Like the Zodiac and the Great Pyramid it tells the story of God changing His form or unfolding Himself from the eternal Spirit alone with His thoughts through faith in His Word to the flesh of His glorified Family. This is a NEW CREATION. Through Adam man was of the old order or creation, now in union with Christ Who is the last Adam, he has become the NEW CREATION of God. Jesus Christ is the Beginner and Author of this creation, and "we are His workmanship created in union with Christ Jesus unto good works" (Ephesians 2:10) as "epistles written" of "the present Truth . . . read and known of all men" by His Life on display (Acts 4:13).

Ephesians 4:23-24, "Be renewed in the Spirit of your mind and put on the new self which in the likeness of God is created in righteousness and true holiness." This New Creation is not the old creation made over or it could not be called a new creation. This is exactly what it says it is, "NEW CREATION" born Supernaturally of the spoken Word for the hour.

This is ANOTHER CREATION. This has to do with the Church. This is a special designation of Himself. He is the CREATOR of that Church. The heavenly Bridegroom created His Own Bride. As the Spirit of God, He came down and created in the virgin Mary the cells from which His body was born. I want to repeat that. He created the very cells in the womb of Mary for that body. It was not enough for the Holy Spirit to simply give life to a human ovum supplied by Mary. That would have been sinful mankind producing a body. That would not have produced the "Last Adam." Of Him it was said "Lo a body have You (Father) prepared for Me" (Hebrews 10:5). God (not Mary) provided that body. Mary was the human incubator and she carried that Holy Child and brought Him to birth. It was a God-man. He was the Son of God. He was of the NEW creation. Man and God met and joined; He was the first of this new race. He is the head of this new race.

Colossians 1:18, "And He is he Head of the body, the Church: Who is the beginning, the first-born from the dead; that in all things He might have the pre-eminence".

II Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a NEW CREATION, old things have passed away, behold all things are become new" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 336:4).

Jesus Christ is the manifestation of Logos, the One Person of God manifest in virgin-born flesh. John 1:1-3, 14, "In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God [as His eternal thoughts], and the Logos was God ["for as a man thinks in His heart, so it He" (Proverbs 23:7)]. The same was in the beginning with God. Through Him everything came into being and without Him nothing that exists came into being . . . And the Logos was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth".

There is an unusual feature which Brother Branham mentions concerning the Great Pyramid. "These people who died in here are depending and waiting on us. So this church has got to come to perfection in order to bring the resurrection, and they're souls under the altar, waiting for this church to come to its perfection. But when Christ does come, and this church, you see, is coming smaller in the minority. (It's a whole lot sharper than that, but just as I write that cross there, see?), It's come to a needle point until the church, in the minority, has got to get into the place until it's the same kind of a ministry that this left."

Because when this Headstone comes back, it's got a pocket-like here where it's going to sit there on a regular pyramid. It just isn't a cap that sits across the top: it's a little flange. And it's got to sit there because it sheds the water. And when it comes, this church has got to be honed. All the rest of these stones in the Pyramid are laying so perfectly "till you can't run a razor blade between them, weighing tons laying there. How they got them up, they don't know, but they were built. And up here, when the Pyramid cap does come, the Pyramid itself, the Body of Christ will have to be honed, not only just some creed, or doctrine, or something we've come through. It will have to be so perfectly like Christ 'till when He comes, He and that ministry will fit right smack together. Then will come the rapture and the going Home" (The Stature of a Perfect Man, p. 49:367-371).

Brother Branham compares his ministry to a "CUPOLA"; a neck on the bottom of the capstone which joins the headstone to the top of the Pyramid. The lower part were the Overcomers of the seven church ages. They only had a partial Word. Then he quotes Hebrews 11:40, "Without us they cannot be perfected." He emphatically states that "They must have this ministry." There was a resurrection and they too, are gathered around the descended body-Word of the Son of Man. "Where the carcass is the eagles will be gathered" (Matthew 24:28; COD, p. 1021:118-120).

"The Son of God has come into this remnant to pull a certain people for the Cap-Stone in order to bring back the Son of God (the full revealing Spirit) to complete the thing for the coming of the Lord Jesus:" The Son of Man Body-Word revealed" (Elijah and the Meal Offering, p. 21:129).

"In the Church Ages the full church (Christ) was the Cornerstone (foundation) the Cap never came, because it was the Headstone." The top (Standing in the Gap, p. 19:77).

The capstone is a small pyramid, too. We are at the plane, the fiftieth level, the raptured high-place, plane of the Headstone.

Brother Branham relates what took place when the headstone appeared on Sunset Mountain "I could see those Angels, those shaped-back wings travelling faster than sound could travel. They come from eternity in a split like a twinkling of an eye. Not enough to bat your eye, just a twinkle. They were there. I didn't have time to count. I didn't have time, no more than just look. Mighty ones, great powerful Angels, snow white; wings set in head, and they were "whew wheeew, (Brother Branham illustrates by placing his arms behind his back as though they were wings. I saw him do this, said Brother Ungren), and when it did, I WAS CAUGHT UP INTO THIS PYRAMID of constellation.

And I thought, "now this is it." I was numbed all over, and I said, "Oh my. This means that there will be a blast that will kill me. I'm at the end of my road now. I mustn't tell my people when this vision leaves. I don't want them to know about it, but the heavenly Father has let me know now that my time is finished. I won't tell my family so they'll worry about me, because He's fixing to go and these Angels has come for me, and I'll be killed pretty soon now in some kind of an explosion."

"Then it came to me, while I was in this constellation, "No, that isn't it. If it would have killed you it would've killed Joseph, and I could hear Joseph calling me:" Well, then I turned again, and I thought, "Lord God, what does this vision mean?" And I wondered, and then it come to me, not a voice, just come to me. Oh, that is the Angels of the Lord coming to give me my new commission. And when I thought that, I raised up my hands, and I said, "O Lord Jesus, what will you have me to do?" And the vision left me. For almost an hour I couldn't feel:"

King's Chamber"Go into the Prophet's Chamber"; (the Ante-Room before entering THE KING'S CHAMBER), "and watch the seven steps" (in the GRAND GALLERY), "where the guard (prophet) met the challenge to bring the comer into the presence of the King in the Seventh Step" (The Feast of the Trumpets, p. 15:112). The GREAT STEP represented the RAPTURE at the end of the Seventh Church Age. The top of this step is on the 50th course of masonry, which represents the jubilant JUBILEE. This step is three feet high. In one's going up THE GRAND GALLERY, each inch represents a year. At the end we come to this Great Step. This was the year 1909, the year of Brother Branham's birth and years later the Lord revealed to him His Message. The Great Step is the "little introduction plank" Brother Branham mentions (God's only Provided Place of Worship, p. 33:217).

The Great Step starts in 1909 at point 'A'; rises to 1946 at point 'B.' Remember the Jewish people was declared a nation [at the UNSCOP Committee at Lake Success] on April, May [(UN docs. A/C.I/P.V.46-57 (May 6-13)] the sixth, on 1946, and the Angel of the Lord appeared to me on May 7, 1946 at Green's Mill, Indiana . . . come into the room where I was at, a Man walking. He didn't have wings; He was just a big man, had a white garment down to His feet. And He said that I was born to pray for sick people. And I told Him I was uneducated, illiterate, and I wasn't able to go. He said I'd be praying for kings and monarchs, and Message around the world, a Message that would bring the second Coming of Christ was near . . . THUS SAITH THE LORD, I said, America made her final decision in 1946. Watch, since then. She's gone, and there's nothing left but judgment and chaos (The Handwriting on the Wall, #58-0309). BB CaveThe oncomer of the Church Ages is led by the prophet into the Prophet's Chamber at point 'C,' around 1977 (1909 +68). The distance of 68" under the Great Step is included twice: it is included in the 1,881" of the total length of the Grand Gallery and it is included in the Great Step. As our Brother Morris Ungren explained, I personally talked with him about this. Thirty-six inches up the face of the Great Step is the plane of the second advent (Lat.) 'adventus,' meaning coming, arrival, or appearance. This was several months before his commission by the Angel in the cave at 14-mile road. It is on this step that a guard meets the oncomer of the Church Ages. This guard helps the person up the three foot step to the fiftieth course level. This guard would have to represent the end time eagle-prophet who has the Rapture Message to lift a believer up to the King's level.

Brother Branham speaks about the end-time eagle-prophet in his Message, The Future Home of the Heavenly Bridegooom and the Earthly Bride: "There is another measure, the pyramid, that proves it. This, being this a way, would answer exactly Enoch's sign in Egypt, the Pyramid. Would it? Enoch, before the antediluvian destruction, when justification was coming in, he brought forth a sign, and in this Pyramid is seven steps going to the King's Chamber. Watch on the Seventh Step, if you ever studied the dimensions of the Pyramid, what comes out to take the oncomer, to introduce to the King. Watch whose station that is standing there, and you'll see the day you're living, in the Pyramid" (p. 44:371-373; Isaiah 19:19-20).

On this 50th course level we come to the Prophet's Chamber. To enter this closet (the Ante-Chamber) one must stoop down. Inside is a Granite Leaf. On its face is a projected figure of an inch which is called "THE BOSS"; because it is the key to the lineal measurement of the galleries in the Pyramid of one inch to the year. Actually, it is the seventh SEAL as the Lord revealed it to me. It is as illustrated below. The stone material is all amber-coloured granite, which represents the Pillar of Fire.

In Egyptian hieroglyphics I found, from "The Book of the Dead," the meanings in this unusual figure they called the "Boss".
Drawing of There is a halo or nimbus over the top.
A full loaf of bread is represented, meaning a complete revelation (Leviticus 23:16-21; Romans 8:19).
The hill of sunrise, a new day had dawned.
Showing the alpha and Omega in The BossThe Alpha and Omega symbols incorporated in the figure.
The appearing of the glory of God.
And a rainbow.
It also projects out one inch from the Granite Leaf and is offset from the center by one inch representing the displacement factor. This factor is present in order to show there is an imperfection. The cross should never have been, had Satan not rebelled bringing about the fall of himself and mankind.

How will believers know Christ is here "unless they are constantly in the Word to know what He is? The W_O_R_D made flesh is the Light of the Age when you see It" (The Feast of the Trumpets, p. 15:113-115).

Mason WashingtonDaniel said, "the last world power was in the feet. That was iron and clay. See the iron is the Roman Empire. But now it is no longer solid iron. Clay is mixed in it. Yet it is there and running world affairs in both the democratic nations and the more despotic ones. The Romish church is in every nation. It is mixed up in it all."

From 603BC to the present, history has vindicated Nebuchadnezzar's prophetic dream and the interpretation God revealed through His prophet Daniel. Brother Branham said: Khruschev shoe UN"Let me give you a little something on the iron and clay. Remember when Khrushchev beat his shoe on the desk at the UN? Well, there were five eastern nations there and five western. Khrushchev spoke for the East, and Eisenhower for the West. In Russian, Khrushchev is clay and Eisenhower means iron. The two main leaders of the world [both Jews], the two big toes of the feet of iron and clay, were side by side. We are in the end of it all" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 237:1-2; Daniel 2:40-45). British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was making a speech in the UN in 1960 when Soviet leader Khrushchev took off his shoe and banged it to on the desk. "We will bury you . . . We do not have to invade the United States; we will destroy you from within."

Macmillan merely waved his hand and said, "Later, my man, later." Like Matthew 27:25 this was prophetic, for God has raised up Judaeo-Communism to destroy the false church as He raised Nebuchadnezzar to chastise Judah. Now after fifty-seven years the Jewish-ruled united States is provoking Russia, China, Iran and North Korea to "throw the first stone" in World War III as Jewish traitor F.D. Roosevelt forced Japan into World War II. In this war the US mainland will be invaded and briefly occupied. In the peace she will betray Russia as she has twice betrayed Germany.

The Prophet said, "There's your iron and clay [that] will not mix. And he pulled off his shoe and beat the stand with it and everything else. It won't mix. But it's in the days of these empires[—the USA and Russia] that the Stone, that was hewed out of the mountain without hands, smote the image in the feet" (Seventy Weeks of Daniel, p. 115:126). The end of the Gentile dispensation is at hand.

Brother Branham stood in the breach between the Capstone and the Seals calling Christ's end-time Bride out of Babylon into the unity of the faith by the "Shout" of I Thessalonians 4:16 which restores us to the faith once delivered unto Paul and the apostles (Malachi 4:5, 6b; Matthew 17:11) and "finishes the mystery of God" (I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:1-7) which was sealed by the seven unwritten thunders of Revelation 8:1 so that like Jesus' companions on the way to Emmaus, the eyes of the Church Age saints were "holden" and unable to see that the trinity is a pagan myth, water baptism is not sprinkling and pouring in three Titles, the original sin was not eating an apple, hell is not eternal, and so-on.

Throughout the Church Ages the Word of God broke off disbelieving and unfruitful branches from the Vine, chastised and disciplined the Body with a view to correction. Yes, God "winked" at their ignorance but received nothing less than "the present Truth." Through five hundred years of the Reformation of the Roman Catholic system of false Worship the Lord demanded more perfect faith. Now Christ is building the Cupola or Capstone from "lively stones" shaped and dressed by the perfect interpretation of the Bible delivered through the ministry of Brother Branham, the "neck" of the Capstone, the fullness of the Word that positions and fastens us to the Body of PART-Word saints. The Capstone Bride perfects, finishes, completes and consecrates the Body such that when the seventh angel pours out his Vial a great Voice from the Throne will say, "It is done" (Revelation 16:17; 15:8). nl985.htm

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