Bible Believers' Newsletter 1247

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ—we are a privileged people. Each day millions of good folk meet Jesus and love Him yet never know Him. The Beloved is not unaware of their deep pure affection and belief in the end-time Message; this love is unrequited because they lack the mind of Christ in "the present Truth" thus the invisible marriage union is not consummated (Amos 3:3). In addition to listening to the pastor and the Prophet's recorded Messages we must personally and prayerfully prove all things in order to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

Today's news items lead us to understand who and what is behind the thousand years of wars unelected President Joe Biden and his unconvincing look-alikes have joined. All point to innocent Russia; an Orthodox Christian nation opposed by Judaeo-Roman Catholicism, Judaeo-Nazism, Judaeo Communism, non-Semitic self-styled Jews and their oligarchs. Citizens of many nations sacrifice their blood and national treasure without understanding, having proven nothing, persuaded by politicians and swayed by unsupported psychology as in the COVID plandemic, deadly faux vaccines, and the Climate Change hoax and scam.

In Newsletter 1209 "Perception versus Reality," we explained how the enemy causes people to believe the truth but without revelation their good intentions are deceiving them with a false flag.

Following World War II a number of US Presidents have sought to destroy Russia, yet International socialism (Communism) and national socialism (Fascism) were funded by the entity that finances both sides of all wars and plans to destroy perfidious USA which has lived deliciously "in the pursuit of happiness" by the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. A clique of the usual suspects assure them of happiness while owning nothing. The fraudulent vaccines designed to transform people into cyborgs and euthanize billions were funded and devised in the US, UK, China, the Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere as a means to prevent China's primacy. Our news items make this plain and bring us to our main article, "1,500 Scientists: 'There is NO Climate Emergency' – the Real Environment Movement was Hijacked." A careful reading will identify the same group behind the climate change hoax is causing ill-informed people imagining they are saving earth to depopulate and destroy the planet.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

The Cancelled History of Wars

NATO logo

March 5, 2023 — On her visit to New Delhi, Italian Premier Meloni declared "the Russian aggression against Ukraine" is a "provocation at the heart of the UN Charter" and undermined "the rules-based international order," concluding that "we cannot submit to the law of the fittest".

This foolish woman is out of her place (Titus 2:1-5 – Ed).

In this way, the history of the events that led to the current critical situation is erased. We reconstruct it in this episode of Grandangolo, in its essential features:

1. NATO was born from the Bomb
2. Yugoslavia: the founding war of the new NATO
3. NATO's expansion eastward toward Russia
4. US and NATO attack and invade Afghanistan and Iraq Ukraine: An "Afghanistan" in the Heart of Europe
5. NATO demolishes the Libyan state
6. US/NATO leadership in the coup in Ukraine
7. The aircraft carrier Italia on the war front
8. USA AND NATO tear up the Treaties and deploy new nuclear weapons in Europe

The moment when the Cold War ended with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union in 1991 was fundamental. The United States took the opportunity to unleash the first post-Cold War conflict in the Gulf, in which the main NATO countries took part, including Italy. At the same time, NATO moves to expand eastward toward Russia.

The first step was the demolition of the Yugoslav Federation, which the United States and the European NATO powers began in 1990. The war, called "Operation Allied Force," started on March 24, 1999. While demolishing the Yugoslav Federation with war, NATO began to expand eastward. This despite Washington having assured USSR, President Mikhail Gorbachev, that "NATO will not extend an inch eastward."

In twenty years, NATO expanded from 16 to 30 countries. With the forthcoming entry of Sweden and Finland, it will expand to 32 countries increasingly close to Russia. Three other countries—Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly part of Yugoslavia), Georgia, and Ukraine (formerly part of the USSR)—are candidates to join NATO. The Italian video which this article explains in English has been censored on Youtube. For those who want to see it, here is the link.

children of darknessComment: This history exposes the imposters who "made war by way of deception," from its origin in the Hun and Avar to the horde of Ghengis Khan of Lower Mongol that ravaged China, India, Afghanistan, Persia, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. They established Khazaria, now the Ukraine, and in AD740 they were converted overnight by Talmudic Jews from Bagdad. After almost a thousand years of warfare they conquered Russia in 1917 and imposed Judaeo-communism. President Putin has cleansed Russia of communism and it is now a free enterprise democracy whilst the once Christian democratic nations have been communized according to the program set forth step-by-step by The Learned Elders of Zion, "and knoweth it not" (Revelation 3:17; The Thirteenth Tribe). Essential public utilities which once provided reliable and safe water, energy, and transportation, roads, airports, hospitals, schooling, et al. at reasonable cost and earned government an income, are now largely in the hands of 'mates,' and government agencies conduct themselves like tyrants.

Khazars took the Genoese and Venetian Oligarchies, intermarried the aristocracy and royal houses of England and Europe. They rule the USA and the apostate NATO nations, China, Asia, Africa, UN, and the world. "The antichrist spirit isn't communism. No. The antichrist spirit is so close like the real thing till it'll deceive the very elect if possible. Jesus said so, Matthew 24. It's a religious spirit. Oh, why, Cain and Abel were brothers. The crow and the dove set on the same roost. Esau and Jacob were brothers. Judas and Jesus was in the same church, One the Preacher and the other one the treasurer. See there, always just the deceiving . . . The lie that Satan told Eve, was ninety percent truth, ninety percent truth. And men bypass pieces in the Scripture, just to keep from hurting their theology" (53-0325, Israel and the Church, Part I, par. 34).

Neo-Nazi Terrorists invade Russia, kill Civilians

March 5, 2023 — The CIA, through its long-time and trusted propaganda unit, RFR/RL (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty), reported on the Bryansk attack by an heir of the Russian Liberation Army, the Russian Volunteer Corps. The Russian Liberation Army was a Nazi collaborationist formation during WWII organized by Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel, or SS (Gestapo).

The Russian Volunteer Corps "uses symbols of the Russian Liberation Army . . . which is typical for Russian neo-Nazis," according to Antifascist Europe. The group "includes Russians from the Azov regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard and the Right Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps."

"The ultimate programme is to overthrow the Putin regime and establish a new, truly faithful and decent power in Russia that will not engage in acts of aggression and wage local wars but will peacefully co-exist with the rest of the world, focusing more on domestic rather than foreign policy".

This declaration does not differ substantially from that issued by USG war chieftain, Lloyd Austin, who said Russia must be "weakened." In other words, the USG is on the same page as a group of neo-Nazi terrorists attacking and killing civilians in Russia. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering the degree the CIA collaborated with Nazis.

A Ukrainian terrorist attack is underway in Bryansk, Russia. The attackers said on video they wouldn't kill civilians, but there are reports of hostages and mass casualties. President Putin has convened an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

RFR/RL did mention the Nazi connection, and relied on the propaganda outfit Bellingcat (receives money from USG and intelligence agencies), "which has researched right-wing extremist groups, described the Volunteer Corps as 'a unit . . . made up primarily of anti-Putin, anti-Kremlin, Russian far-right figures active in Ukraine'."

According to former Deputy of the State Duma, Ilya Ponomarev, a Russian "partisan" group, the National Republican Army, is responsible for the assassination of Darya Dugina on 20 August. Darya was the daughter of the political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, a supporter of Vladimir Putin.

The Zelensky government, via its state-controlled propaganda media, said the Russian Volunteer Corps, the Freedom Legion, and the National Republican Army signed a declaration of cooperation in Irpin, on the outskirts of Kyiv, in August. The Freedom Legion, or Freedom of Russia Legion, was organized with the help of Ukraine’s SBU intelligence agency . . . Full story:

Comment: CIA and Pentagon have funded and trained Neo-Nazi groups such as Gladio throughout the world since 1947, and they are funding and arming them today in behalf of Cain's outlaw race of impersonators (Genesis 3:15).

Were Americans Lab Rats for DARPA's experimental mRNA Vaccines?

DARPA logo

February 26, 2023 — It seems to me that COVID was created in conjunction with the vaccine. After all, what good is a vaccine without a virus upon which to test it, and an infected human being upon which to inject?

If you were a scientist developing a revolutionary vaccine technology intended to accelerate vaccine development from years to months, how would you test it? Such technology could not be put to the test without the introduction of a pathogen, or virus, upon which to test it. Such a test would necessitate the infection of a human specimen on which to conduct a trial . . .

A post mortem account of the COVID pandemic and the details, which have since emerged, paint a vivid and startling portrait of a secretive US military program, which developed a virus with the intention of infecting human beings so that it could test its revolutionary RNA vaccine technology. In essence, more than one hundred million people were infected with COVID so that experimental RNA technology could be tested. The so-called vaccines weren't distributed and pushed to combat a virus; rather the COVID virus was 'distributed' so that Government could test its experimental vaccines.

In July of 2020, the Washington Post reported "How a secretive Pentagon agency seeded the ground for a rapid coronavirus cure." Amy Jenkins, the manager of DARPA's antibody program, said, "We have been thinking about and preparing for this for a long time, and it's almost a bit surreal." Surreal indeed, DARPA is the research arm of the Department of Defense, an acronym for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Purportedly, DARPA's investment into developing a rapid pandemic response became a top priority of the agency beginning in 2011. ADEPT, DARPA's Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics division, invested $292 million in an array of technologies between 2011 and 2019 in an effort to reduce timelines for vaccines. The program was the brainchild of an Air Force doctor named Dan Wattendorf.

The portrait portrayed by the Washington Post is of a man, who was determined to prove his skeptics wrong. By 2019, a project funded by DARPA at Moderna supposedly demonstrated great promise in a clinical trial. That trial provided protection against a mosquito borne virus known as chikungunya.

On February 14, 2020—before the CDC outlined their 'recommendations' for lockdowns—NPR unveiled DARPA's Pandemic Prevention Platform, known as P-3, which was mRNA technology that DARPA claimed had thus far been conducted in "tens of patients."

By March of 2020, Moderna became the first company in the United States to conduct a clinical trial with the experimental RNA technology to stop COVID-19. But Moderna wasn't the only pharmaceutical company conducting such experiments.

Pfizer, the DARPA funded CureVac, the CCP People's Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences in China, and a lab at the Imperial College in London had all also conducted research.

Notably, it was the Imperial College 'model,' which had been used as the justification for lockdowns. In other words, the same university responsible for the global COVID fear-porn campaign was simultaneously developing a vaccine to treat COVID.

On March 16, 2020, the infamous Imperial College London Covid report predicted that 2.2 million Americans would die from COVID in the "absence of any control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behaviour". . . The US Government, the CDC, Tony Fauci, and the media spent every waking hour discrediting affordable and effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Emails revealed that Fauci even colluded to discredit three infectious disease experts at Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford, who penned the Great Barrington Declaration calling for an end to the lockdowns.

The only acceptable 'solution' to the pandemic, according to the various health agencies was the mRNA vaccine. We know definitively today that the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing were entirely ineffective. We also know definitively that hydroxychloroquine and zinc were effective treatments and that the number of COVID deaths and hospitalizations were intentionally inflated—the CDC has admitted it . . . DARPA has acknowledged and even celebrated its role in developing and funding the experimental mRNA vaccines but what role did it play in also developing the virus that was needed to conduct its clinical trials?

It seems to me that COVID was created in conjunction with the vaccine. After all, what good is a vaccine without a virus upon which to test it, and an infected human being upon which to inject? . . . Full story:

Comment: In 1950 the Prophet said, "Great judgments are upon these lands in the last days. Plagues, disease germs already bred up to be scattered throughout the nations. No doctor knows even how to take a hold of it. O God, we'll have to believe in divine healing then. When nations [like US in Ukraine] are breeding germs together, to burst them in bombs, and millions die in hours over it" (50-1815, Who is God? par. E-8).

Not China but the vassal USA. Drs. Fauci and Birx, WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins, Gates' GAVI vaccine alliance, Google labs, Gilead Sciences, Moderna and other interested parties were at table as the genocidal pantomime was filmed. Here is a concise analysis of the Rockefeller Foundation's May 2010 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. Everything foreplanned years ahead of scheduled events. Indeed, over a hundred years ago it was determined by those who want one world of their own "to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the "goyim" see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates, Soros, the UN, WHO, CDC, Sir Klaus Schwab, et al. are simply following the orders of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Bill 36: Destroying Healthcare in Canada
by Dr. Charles Hoffe

February 27, 2023 — Dr. Charles Hoffe, MD, a man of great courage, dedication and integrity, has been in the trenches on the front line of the Covid-19 disinformation war since April of 2021 when he first alerted the general public to the dangers of the vaccine the NDP government of John Hogan had mandated for Health Care Workers and the citizens of the province . . .

We have a crisis of moral integrity in the leadership of this country. And we have a crisis of healthcare in British Columbia because our public health leaders chose to fire 2,500 healthcare workers who refused to get the ineffective vaccine. Firing healthcare workers in a pandemic is beyond stupidity. And firing them for refusing to take a medical treatment that cannot keep anybody safe is even more stupid. How can firing healthcare workers in a pandemic possibly align with their mandate to provide healthcare?

There are one million people in British Columbia who have no family doctor. I constantly have new requests to take on more patients. People are desperate. Rural emergency rooms across the province are recurrently closed due to the lack of doctors, and surgical wait lists grow ever longer. Meanwhile, vaxx-free doctors are not allowed to work in the hospitals under these absurd and illogical public health policies.

So, this seems to be a planned demolition of healthcare in BC. This is a fabricated crisis. Bill 36 gives the medical colleges the right to mandate any vaccine, at any time, as a licensing requirement in BC. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1980 that informed consent is required by law. So forced injections are never legal. Yet the college now has the legal mandate from Bill 36 to forcibly inject any healthcare practitioner against their will as a licensing requirement.

For those who do not understand the supremacy of God, let me say this: Your body, just like every other created thing in the universe, was created by Almighty God. God gave your body to you to possess for the duration of your life on Earth. Therefore, your body belongs to you. It does not belong to the government. It does not belong to your employer. It does not belong to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, or anyone else.

Your body belongs to you, and no one else has the right to do anything to your body that you do not want. Forced injections are a violation and a desecration of your personhood . . . When the government demands to inject things into you that you do not want, they are claiming jurisdiction over your own body. Forced injections are tantamount to rape. They are a violation of your God ordained personhood and your human rights. The code of ethics of the Canadian medical Association enshrines the principle of patient bodily autonomy. Bill 36 violates of this code of ethics. And the fact that our public health authorities do not understand this foundational principle of medical ethics is deeply concerning.

When you have to submit to forced injections to be able to work, you are no longer your own person, you have been bought with a price. You have been bought for the price of your paycheque or your freedom. You are a slave. And your slave master will control what you can do, where you can go and for how long. And if, at any time, you rebel against your slave master your ability to work or travel will be revoked. That is why you are a slave.

Bill 36 threatens any healthcare practitioner who they consider to be guilty of the crime of "misinformation" with a $200,000 fine and/or six months in jail. This is a violation of our constitutional right to freedom of speech but worse than that it shows a profound misinterpretation and revisionism of the very nature of science itself. Just as freedom of speech is the bedrock of democracy, scientific debate is the lifeblood of science. The facts of science and medicine are never settled.

Science and medicine are always a work in progress. Without scientific debate science cannot progress. The "facts" are always evolving. Anyone who has the most basic understanding of science, will know that the concept of scientific misinformation is an oxymoron . . .

So when Bill 36 threatens doctors with jail time and crushing fines for daring to disagree with an unscientific and illogical public health policy this is tantamount to a denial of reason itself and constitutes what would best be described as a totalitarian, dictatorial reaction to medical common sense. It is not about health; it is not about science; and it is not about safety. It's all about government control over every aspect of a person's medical well being and that is why it boils down to nothing else but medical tyranny . . .

So what are BC's health authorities planning to do about this dire situation? Are they sitting down with the anti-vaxx medical practitioners to work out an amiable solution to the issue? No, they certainly are not. Instead the health authorities are trying to attract foreign healthcare workers to fill the void.

But what healthcare worker in their right mind would ever move to BC with the knowledge that they have to relinquish autonomy over their own body to the state and be injected with whatever the state chooses, as a condition of employment?

And what healthcare worker in their right mind would move to BC with the threat of jail time and/or a $200,000 fine for saying anything with which the government disagrees?

Furthermore, Bill 36 is driving even more BC doctors into retirement as they are simply unwilling to work under this draconian legislation. This is the last straw.

It is time that a public health policy was drafted by people who understand democracy, the scientific process and most important of all, medical ethics. We have a crisis of moral integrity in our leadership and the people of Canada deserve better. Dr. Charles D. Hoffe, MD Full story:

Conspiracy Fact

The UK Lockdown Files: text messages reveal How Top British Health Officials Conspired to "Scare the Pants Off Everyone" and Asking "When Do We Deploy the New Variant?"

The Daily Telegraph released WhatsApp messages from ex-UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who resigned 2021 over an office affair.

The British Telegraph has obtained 100.000 text messages from former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, showing how the British government conspired to "frighten the pants off everyone" and asking "when do we deploy the new variant?"

The Telegraph received the WhatsApp messages from journalist Isabel Oakeshott, who wrote a book with Hancock called "The Pandemic Diaries." They show former Health Secretary Matt Hancock discussing with his media adviser Damon Poole on Dec. 13, 2020, who warned that Tory MPs were "furious already about the prospect" of stricter lockdown measures over Christmas and suggested "rather than doing too much forward signaling we can roll pitch with the new strain."

"We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain," Hancock wrote back.

"Yep that's what will get proper behavior [sic] change," Poole replied.

The Covid-19 'Experimental' mRNA Vaccine. Are you being told the Truth?

May 2, 2021 — The American people are not being told the truth about Covid, masks, social distancing, lockdowns, mortality or vaccines. In fact, the only thing of which we can be 100 percent certain is that the government, the public health officials and the media have been lying relentlessly and remorselessly on virtually every topic for the better part of the last year. As far as I can see, lying has become the official state policy. Am I wrong?

"The two main objectives of our health care system—informed consent and second opinions—were denied to us at COVID . . . If the average American knew that almost half of the deaths in America with COVID occurred in nursing homes where less than one percent of Americans live, we would have never ever gone along with this level of subjugation. These are the sorts of data points that have been kept from the American people, so they have not been given the right to informed consent." ("Steve Deace on 'Faucian Bargain': Second Opinions about COVID-19 Denied to Americans" The Epoch Times) . . .

"By injecting pregnant women with novel COVID-19 mRNA gene technologies, the medical establishment has thrown away one of the most fundamental safety edicts of medicine, which is that you do not experiment on pregnant women. None of the COVID-19 vaccines on the market are licensed. They've only received emergency use authorization, as basic efficacy and safety studies are still ongoing. Yet pregnant women are urged to get vaccinated, and are lining up to get the shot . . . This experimentation is doubly unforgivable seeing how women of childbearing age have virtually no risk of dying from COVID-19, their fatality risk being a mere 0.01% . . . Why is this happening? Why are so many women reporting "delayed menstruation", "heavy vaginal bleeding" and miscarriages? Is there a link between the unusual menstrual bleeding and the clotting issues? Why didn't any of these conditions show up in the clinical trials which were praised for their thoroughness? . . . Full story:

Comment: Since mass vaccinations began decades ago childhood disease has exploded. Most children today suffer from ADHD, ADD, depression, autism, allergies, epilepsy, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, nervous system disorders, sexual identity conflicts, etc. The adult population worldwide suffers from more illnesses, than in the entire course of human history.

COVID Vaccines create 9 New Billionaires

New Billionaires

May 19, 2021 — Between them, the nine new billionaires have a combined net wealth of $19.3 billion, enough to fully vaccinate all people in low-income countries 1.3 times. Meanwhile, these countries have received only 0.2 per cent of the global supply of vaccines, because of the massive shortfall in available doses, despite being home to 10 per cent of the world's population.

In addition, eight existing billionaires—who have extensive portfolios in the COVID-19 vaccine pharma corporations—have seen their combined wealth increase by $32.2 billion, enough to fully vaccinate everyone in India . . .

Topping the list of new billionaires who have cashed in on the success of COVID vaccines are the CEOs of Moderna and BioNTech, each with a wealth over $4 billion or more. The list also includes two of Moderna's founding investors and the company's chair as well as the CEO of a company with a deal to manufacture and package the Moderna vaccine. This is despite the fact the vast majority of funding for the Moderna vaccine was paid for by taxpayers. The final three new vaccine billionaires are all co-founders of the Chinese vaccine company CanSino Biologics.
Full story:

Comment: Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin killed the COVID plandemic in India, Japan Brazil, Bolivia and elsewhere. COVID is no danger; the danger is the fraudulent vaccines (sic).

The criminal aspects of banking are evident in

1,500 Scientists: 'There is NO Climate Emergency' – Real Environment Movement was Hijacked

Many people worldwide are concerned about climate change and believe there is a climate emergency. For decades we have been told by the United Nations that Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activity are causing disastrous climate change. In 2018, a UN IPCC report even warned that 'we have 12 years to save the Earth,' thus sending millions of people worldwide into a frenzy.

Thirty-five years ago, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the (World Meteorological Organization) WMO established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide scientific advice on the complex topic of climate change. The panel was asked to prepare, based on available scientific information, a report on all aspects relevant to climate change and its impacts and to formulate realistic response strategies. The first assessment report of the IPCC served as the basis for negotiating the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Governments worldwide have signed this convention, thereby, significantly impacting the lives of the people of the world.

However, many scientists dispute with the UN-promoted man-made climate change theory, and many people worldwide are confused by the subject, or are unaware of the full facts. Please allow me to provide some information you may not be aware of.

1. Very few people actually dig into the data, they simply accept the UN IPPC reports. Yet many highly respectable and distinguished scientists have done exactly that and found that the UN-promoted manmade climate change theory is seriously flawed. Are you aware that 1,500 of the world's leading climate scientists and professionals in over 30 countries have signed a declaration that there is no climate emergency and have refuted the United Nations claims in relation to man-made climate change? See this.

2. I have also signed this declaration. How can I make such an assertion? I have experience in the field as a former scientist at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK Government; and as former staff member at the United Nations Environment Division, where I was responsible for servicing the Pollution Release and Transfer Register Protocol, a Multinational Environmental Agreement, involving the monitoring of pollutants to land, air, and water worldwide. Real pollution exists, but the problem is not CO2. Industrial globalisation has produced many substances that are registered as pollutants, including thousands of new man-made chemical compounds, toxins, nano-particles and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are in violation of the scientific pre-cautionary principle.

Transcending Climate ChangeA book I published recently also provides ample evidence and testimony from renowned scientists that there is no Climate emergency. The book titled 'Transcending the Climate Change Deception Toward Real Sustainability' is available here.

3. Next, I will mention the Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF) website, a valuable resource founded by Jim O'Brien. I am grateful to the ICSF for their excellent work in highlighting the scientific flaws in the UN climate narrative. The ICSF provides a comprehensive lecture series from renowned international scientists providing much evidence, analysis, and data that contradicts the UN assertions. The lectures are available here.

The ICSF scientific view coincides with those of the Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) foundation that operates in the fields of climate change and climate policy. CLINTEL was founded in 2019 by emeritus professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout and science journalist Marcel Crok. Based on this common conviction, 20 Irish scientists and several ICSF members have co-signed the CLINTEL World Climate Declaration "There is No Climate Emergency" (see this).

4. The reality is that the climate changes naturally and slowly in its own cycle, and solar activity is the dominant factor in climate and not CO2. We can conclude that carbon emissions or methane from livestock, such as cows, are not the dominant factors in climate change. In essence, therefore, the incessant UN, government, and corporate-media-produced climate hysteria in relation to carbon emissions and methane from cows has no scientific basis.

Please note that I have no commercial interest in stating that climate change is not caused by CO2. In truth I am against 'real' pollution, and the reality is that the CO2 component is not a pollutant. Unfortunately, many misinformed environmentalists are driving around in electric cars, the battery production for which has caused vast amounts of 'real' pollution via the industrial mining and processing of rare earth metals, and the consequent pollution to land, air and water systems. Note that the UN does not focus on the thousands of real pollutants that corporate industrial globalisation creates.

5. The conclusions of the Climate Intelligence foundation include the following

6. In the above book I reference the relevant work and scientific presentations of some of the world's leading climate scientists. Let us examine some of the work and testimonies of these scientists:

    "Deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that Co2 from human industry was a dangerous plant destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world—that Co2 the life of plants was considered for a time to be a deadly poison."—Professor Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT.

Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner was a former Committee Chairman at the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He was an expert involved in reviewing the first IPPC documents. He says the UN IPPC is misleading humanity about climate change.  He tried to warn that the IPPC were publishing lies and false information that would inevitably be discredited. In an interview, he stated: "This is the most dangerous and frightening part of it. How a lobbyist group, such as the IPPC, has been able to fool the whole world. These organised and deceitful forces are dangerous" and expressed shock "that the UN and governments would parade children around the place at UN Climate summits as propaganda props." The following is his testimony as detailed:

    "Solar activity is the dominant factor in climate and not Co2 . . . something is basically sick in the blame Co2 hypothesis . . .  It was launched more than 100 years ago and almost immediately excellent physicists demonstrated that the hypothesis did not work.

    I was the chairman of the only international committee on sea levels changes and as such a person I was elected to be the expert reviewer on the (UN IPPC) sea levels chapter. It was written by 38 persons and not a single one was a sea level specialist . . . I was shocked by the low quality it was like a student paper . . . I went through it and showed them that it was wrong and wrong and wrong . . .

    . . . I have thousands of high ranked scientists all over the world who agree that NO, CO2 is not the driving mechanism and that everything is exaggerated. In the field of physics 80 to 90% of physicists know that the Co2 hypothesis is wrong . . . Of course, metrologists they believe in this because that is their own profession—they live on it . . . I suspect that behind-the-scenes promoters . . . have an ulterior motive . . . It's a wonderful way of controlling taxation controlling people"—Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, a former Committee Chairman at the UN IPPC, and former head of the Paleo Geo-physics and Geo-dynamics department in Stockholm.

Another climate scientist with impeccable credentials that has broken rank is Dr. Mototaka Nakamura. He asserts: "Our models are mickey-mouse mockeries of the real world." Dr. Nakamura received a Doctorate of Science from MIT, and for nearly 25 years specialized in abnormal weather and climate change at prestigious institutions that included MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, JAMSTEC and Duke University. Dr. Nakamura explains why the data foundation underpinning global warming science is "untrustworthy" and cannot be relied on and that: "Global mean temperatures before 1980 are based on untrustworthy data".

Professor John R. Christy, Director of Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, University of Alabama, has provided detailed analysis of climate data, see Endnote [i]. I summarise the main points from his analysis below:

    "The established global warming theory significantly misrepresents the impact of extra greenhouse gases; the weather that affects people the most is not becoming more extreme or more dangerous; temperatures were higher in the 1930s than today; between 1895 and 2015, 14 of the top 15 years with the highest heat records occurred before 1960; the temperatures we are experiencing now in 2021 were the same as 120 years ago . . .

    The number of major tornadoes between 1954 and 1986 averaged 56/year, but between 1987 and 2020 the average was only 34/year; between 1895 and 2015 on average there has been no change in the number of very wet days per month, and no change in the number of very dry days per month, and the 20 driest months were before 1988. Between 1950 and 2019 the percentage of land area experiencing droughts has not increased globally—the trend is flat; the incidence of wildfires in North America between 1600 and 2000 has decreased substantially. Sea levels rose 12.5 cm per decade for 8,000 years and then it levelled off, now it rising only 2.5 cm per decade . . . worrying about 30 cm rise in sea level in a decade is ridiculous, in a hurricane the east coast of the US.gets a 20 foot rise in 6 hours, so a 30 cm rise will be easily handled!"

In a lecture titled The imaginary climate crisis—how can we change the message? Available on the Irish Climate Science Forum website, see Endnote [ii]. Richard L Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT summarises the battle against the climate hysteria as follows:

    "in the long history of the earth there has been almost no correlation between climate and CO2 . . . the paleoclimate record shows unambiguously that CO2 is not a control knob . . . the narrative is absurd . . .  it gives governments the power to control the energy sector . . . for about 33 years, many of us have been battling against the climate hysteria . . . There were more important leading people who were objecting to it, they were unfortunately older and by now most of them dead . . .

    Elites are always searching for ways to advertise their virtue and assert their authority. They believe they are entitled to view science as a source of authority rather than a process, and they try to appropriate science, suitably and incorrectly simplified, as the basis for their movement."

    "CO2 . . .  it's not a pollutant… it's the product of all plant respiration, it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis…  if you ever wanted a leverage point to control everything from exhalation to driving, this would be a dream. So it has a kind of fundamental attractiveness to bureaucratic mentality."—Prof. Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, and President of Greenpeace in Canada for seven years, states:

    "the whole climate crisis is not only fake news its fake science . . . of course climate change is real it's been happening since the beginning of time, but it's not dangerous and it's not caused by people . . . climate change is a perfectly natural phenomenon and this modern warming period actually began about 300 years ago when the little ice age began to come to an end. There is nothing to be afraid of and all they are doing is instilling fear. Most of the scientists who are saying it's a crisis are on perpetual government grants.

    I was one of the (Greenpeace) founders . . . by the mid-80s . . . we were hijacked by the extreme left who basically took Greenpeace from a science-based organisation to an organisation based on sensationalism, misinformation and fear . . . you don't have a plan to feed 8 billion people without fossils fuels or get the food into the cities . . ."—Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace

Professor William Happer, Princeton University, Former Director of Science at the US Department of Energy, is also a strong voice against the myth of man-made global warming. He states: "More CO2 benefits the Earth".

7. The UN IPCC cherry picks data, uses flawed modelling and scenarios not remotely related to the real world

The UN climate crisis predictions are not based on physical evidence, rather they are based on complex computer modelling. One has to decode and analyse the modelling process to ascertain whether or not the models are valid and accurate or whether they have obvious flaws. The vast majority of scientists, economists, politicians and the general public have simply assumed that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) models are accurate. Very few people have the time or skills to analyse these models, not to mention actually dispute them. Nonetheless, there were many senior and highly distinguished scientists that did exactly that—they claimed the UN narrative was incorrect and that there was no climate emergency. Their voices have been drowned out by a vast money-driven political and media establishment of the globalised 'system'. The vitally important work of some of these renowned scientists is referenced in the above book.

    "The computer models are making systematic dramatic errors . . . they are all parametrised . . . fudged . . .  the models really don't work"—Patrick J. Michaels, Director, Cato Institute Center for the Study of Science

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. University of Colorado, has conducted a detailed scientific review and analysis of the UN IPCC AR6 report, see Endnote [iii]. He describes that in relation to climate modelling, the IPCC detached the models from socio-economic plausibility. In creating the models, instead of first completing integrative assessment models (IAMs), the IPCC skipped this essential step and jumped straight to radiative forcing scenarios and thus these scenarios are not based on competed IAMs. This led much of climate modelling down the wrong track. I quote points from Dr. Pielke's analysis as follows:

    "The four IPCC scenarios came from a large family of models so instead of splitting modelling from socio-economic assumptions the models already had the assumptions faked and baked in to them, because they had to have those assumptions to produce the required radiative forcing (to produce a desired climate 'crisis scenario' outcome).

    In another fateful decision the 4 representative concentration pathways (RCPs) came from 4 different IAMs, which was a huge mistake. These models are completely unrelated to each other, but the impression has been given that they are of a common set, only differing in their radiative forcing, this was a huge mistake. Furthermore, no-one has responsibility for determining whether these scenarios are plausible. The climate community decided which scenario to prioritise and they chose the two most implausible scenarios! There are thousands of climate assumptions, but only 8 to 12 of them are available currently for climate research. The IPCC report even states that "no likelihood is attached to the scenarios in this report." The likelihood is considered low they admit—This is an incredible admission by the IPCC.

    These extreme unlikely scenarios dominate the literature and the IPCC report; therefore, the IPCC report is biased. Bottom line is that there is massive confusion. The IPCCs' Richard Moss warned that RCP 8.5 was not to be used as a reference for the other RCPs, but 5,800 scientific papers worldwide misuse it like that . . . The whole process is seriously flawed . . . Nothing close to the real world is represented by the IPCC scenarios. Climate science has a huge problem! The IPCC currently uses RCP 8.5 as the 'business as usual' scenario, but RCP 8.5 is wild fantasy land and not remotely related to current reality at all . . . climate science has a scientific integrity crisis."—Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. University of Colorado,

8. Financialization of the entire world economy is now based on a life-killing 'net-zero' greenhouse gas emissions strategy.

The UN Agenda 2030 plan and the Paris Agreement goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 7% per annum until 2030 is in effect a plan that would disable the current resource mechanisms of the industrial economy for the food, energy and goods that enable human life and survival. This is being implemented before humanity has transitioned away from the flawed polluting trans-national industrial economy toward self-sufficient local/regional economies.

Zero carbon emissions, in essence, means pulling the plug on current systems of industrial agriculture, transport, goods production, electricity production, etc., and many millions of people reliant on these systems worldwide could be faced with a lack of electricity, food, goods, etc. This could have terrible consequences, particularly in locations and countries, that are currently unable to produce much food.

It should be noted that for decades, these same political, government, and corporate powers have rampantly promoted corporate economic globalization and fossil fuel dependency. Whilst, at the same time actively hindering the funding, creation, or government support of, more self-sufficient local communities/regions, and local co-operatives. Most of the world population thus became reliant on the globalized fossil-fuel dependent system.

9. Central bankers are entirely funding/controlling the advancement of the worldwide climate change 'project '

The decision to drastically reduce CO2, one of the most essential compounds to sustain all life, is no co-incidence. It should be noted that it is the world's central bankers that are behind this decision and are entirely funding and controlling the advancement of the worldwide project of combatting man-made climate-change.

This project involves an attempt to de-carbonise the activities of the entire world population. In December 2015, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) created the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), which represents $118 trillion of assets globally, see Endnote  [iv]. In essence this means that the financialization of the entire world economy is based on meeting nonsensical aims such as "net-zero greenhouse gas emissions". The TCFD includes key people from the world's mega-banks and asset management companies, including JP Morgan Chase; BlackRock; Barclays Bank; HSBC; China's ICBC bank; Tata Steel, ENI oil, Dow Chemical, and more.

The fact that the world's largest banks and asset management corporations, including BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, the UN, the World Bank, the Bank of England and other central banks of the BIS, have all linked to push a vague, mathematically nonsensical 'green' economy, is no coincidence. There is another agenda at play that has nothing to do with environmentalism. The green economy along with UN Agenda 2030 is an agenda of world control, and will also develop trillions of dollars for the behind-the-scenes mega-banks. When the world largest banks, corporations, and institutions, all align to push a climate change agenda that has zero evidence, one can see there is another major agenda going on behind the scenes. This agenda tries to convince the common people of the world to make huge sacrifices under the emotive guise of "saving our planet." While all the time the corporations and banks make vast profits, and political institutions implement worldwide technocratic control systems under the banner of combatting, and adapting to, so-called man-made climate change.

    "The links between the world's largest financial groups, central banks and global corporations to the current push for a radical climate strategy to abandon the fossil fuel economy in favor of a vague, unexplained Green economy, it seems, is less about genuine concern to make our planet a clean and healthy environment to live. Rather it is an agenda, intimately tied to the UN Agenda 2030 for "sustainable" economy, and to developing literally trillions of dollars in new wealth for the global banks and financial giants who constitute the real powers that be . . . "—F. William Engdahl, strategic risk consultant and lecturer

Back in 2010, the head of Working Group 3 of the UN IPCC, Dr. Otmar Edenhofer, told an interviewer,

    ". . . one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore."

To better perceive what is 'behind the curtain' of the Climate hoax and the UN/WEF agenda it also helps to examine what has happened in the decades beforehand. It is important to perceive the implications of the worldwide fractional-reserve debt-money banking scam and the subtle system of debt-slavery that has existed for decades.  If you look at the World Bank website you will see that virtually every nation on Earth is in vast debt. In debt to who you may ask? The answer is to privately owned mega-banks. For many decades the so-called banking and corporate elites have had full control of the source of money creation and its allocation, via the debt-money system, and have therefore, by default, been able to fund, and increasingly control and manipulate the entire world spectrum of industry, media, government, education, ideological supremacy and war to their own design, agenda and benefit. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (banker) is widely reported to have said:

    "Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws."

10. Central bankers hijacked the real environmental movement in 1992 creating the fake climate change agenda

Psychopaths can utilise any ideology and, change it from within to something that may eventually be entirely different to its original purpose.  Meanwhile, the original followers and advocates continue to pursue what they believe is the original ideology, but gradually become mere pawns in the agenda of a self-serving elite. Unfortunately, over the past decades, this is exactly what has happened in the environmental movement.

Whistleblower George Hunt served as an official host at a key environmental meeting in Denver, Colorado in 1987, and states that David Rockefeller; Baron Edmund De Rothschild; US Secretary of State Baker; Maurice Strong, a UN official and an employee of the Rockefeller and Rothschild trusts; EPA administrator William Ruccleshaus; UN Secretary General in Geneva MacNeill, along with World Bank and IMF officials were at this meeting. Hunt was surprised to see all these rich elite bankers at the meeting and questioned what they were doing there at an environmental congress.

In a video recording, Hunt later provided important evidence from the documents of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3-14 June 1992. This conference was the well-known UN '92 Earth Summit and was run by UNCED. According to Hunt, via the Earth summit, the UN was setting a net, an agenda, to place the power over the Earth and its peoples into their own hands. The world private banking cartel are the same ultra-rich banking families that had been instrumental in the setting up of the World Bank, the UN, and other international institutions, after WW2. Their political cohorts included Stalin (the leader of a brutal communist regime in the USSR that committed genocide of millions of people), UK Prime minister Churchill, and US President Roosevelt. Hunt refers to these banking families and their financial and international institutional networks as:

    "The same world order that tricked third world countries to borrow funds and rack up enormous debts… and purposely creating war and debt to bring societies into their control. The world order crowd are not a nice group of people . . ."– George Hunt, Whistleblower speaking about the UN Earth summit of 1992

As a consequence of the UN Earth Summit, the honest, genuine environment movement that actually cared about real pollution to land, air and water, was politically hi-jacked by powerful political and financial interests with a different agenda.

Maurice Strong, a UN official and an employee of the Rockefeller and Rothschild trusts, had convened the first UNCED congress in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1972. Then, 20 years later he was the convenor and secretary general of UNCED. Hunt also provided video evidence from the Fourth UNCED World Congress meeting in 1987 of an international investment banker, stating that:

    "I suggest therefore that this be sold not through a democratic process that would take too long and require far too much funds to educate the cannon-fodder, unfortunately, which populates the Earth. We have to take almost an elitist program . . ."

Thus, the decrees leading to the 1992 UN Earth summit were dictated without debate or opportunity for dissent and would supersede national laws. The decrees were dictated into existence by the banker Edmund de Rothschild, who got these major decrees into the '92 UN resolutions without debate or challenge. Hunt asserts that he was denied the opportunity to openly challenge Rothschild's remarks by the meeting Chairman.

Is it any surprise that the Rothschild bank of Geneva is the nucleus of the World Conservation bank and the wealthy elite are integrated into the bank via the Rothschilds private offering of shares. The banks assumes control of world conservation and decides and controls how these resources are allocated or utilized.

11. Despite the deceptive and fake environmental facade, it has adopted, the vast institutional entity of the UN has fully endorsed environmentally destructive industrial globalisation for the past 70 years. The UN climate change, sustainable development and green economy policies over the past 30 years are little more than worldwide marketing tricks that have tragically brainwashed two generations of young people who do not understand what the UN actually is, and who is it is really designed to serve.

This current globalised system involves the promotion of beliefs and fake science that claim to be unchallengeable truths, but are, in fact, ideologies in which evidence is manipulated, twisted, and distorted to prove the 'governing idea', and thus promote its worldwide dissemination. They start with the conclusion they want and then wrench and manipulate what scant evidence they can to fit that conclusion. Man-made climate change due to anthropogenic carbon emission is a major example of this.

Institutions, including the UN, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the World Health Organisation (WHO), are privately-motivated unelected unaccountable organisations controlled by the source of debt-money creation, i.e., the world private-banking cartel; and are just clever marketing tools and political mechanisms for implementing and maintaining a corrupt worldwide system, under the clever guise of 'fixing the problems of the world'.

These powerful special interests have been promoting certain 'ideologies' for decades to advance their corporate and political aims. The word "sustainable" was hijacked decades ago, and it is now deceptively used to advance the agendas of globalist mega-corporate interests who couldn't care less about the environment. The aim is to catapult humanity into the arms of UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF 'reset' plan, which are clever marketing plans entirely designed by the so-called elite mega-corporate interests of the WEF Davos group.

12. Furthermore, the current green energy/renewable technologies being promoted by the UN and WEF, are not a viable solution for the world's energy supply. Although these technologies have some limited viability in certain locations and scenarios, the fact remains that the Energy Returned on Energy Invested is much too low—in essence the entire process is mathematically flawed. This is evidenced by the work of scientists, including Professor David MacKay, former Regius Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University and former Chief Scientific Advisor at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change.


In summary, CO2 reduction is the main focus of the UN-promoted climate-change-hysteria that has been rampant among the world's population. However, the proclaimed climate crisis exists in computer models only.  The cult of 'manmade climate change' is a media and UN politically-promoted 'ideology', that is used for a wider political and corporate agenda. Manmade climate change is not based in fact, and has hijacked real environmental concerns.

The world's central bankers are fully funding the worldwide climate change 'project'. The truism 'follow the money' springs to mind—and by doing so, one quickly discovers who runs the corporate, political, and media world.

Due to incessant UN, government, and corporate-promoted climate change propaganda, many people are, thus, in a media-induced state of confusion, and, thus, blindly assume their pre-determined role in society under this 'dictatorship of words' without even being aware of it. For example, we now have millions of so-called climate change warriors blind to the fact that climate change is not actually caused by carbon emissions. This is all to scare people into accepting totalitarian authority and limitations to their freedom and personal wellbeing.

The unpalatable reality is that people's access to energy and resources is being intentionally reduced via bogus climate change policies, high inflation, ongoing geo-political theatre and intentionally instigated war.

We cannot understand how to create a truly resilient society unless we correctly perceive the current society we live in and how it came to exist. So, who are the architects of the current paradigm. The above book is designed to help in that regard. Unless we recognize the untruths of the current paradigm, even if it is not 'politically correct' to do so, then we will not be able to make the correct adjustments to our current communities and local/regional networks, or create a truly resilient thriving society in Ireland. In this spirit of truth, new networks are emerging worldwide. Source

Mark Keenan is a former scientist at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK; and at the United Nations Environment Division; and is the author of the book Transcending the Climate Change Deception—Toward Real Sustainability


[i] Source: Irish Climate Science Forum lecture titled Testing Climate Claims 2021 Update available at
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[iii] Source: Irish Climate Science Forum lecture titled What does IPCC AR6 say on scenarios and extreme weather? available at www/
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