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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android PhoneJesus swore that when He expounds the unwritten Seventh Seal (Revelation 8:1) which is the mystery of the voices of the Seven Thunders John was forbidden to write it will unfold the written Six Seals. This brought Christ (not Jesus the Man) back to earth in W_O_R_D form through the lips of His Prophet William Branham after the close of the Laodicea Church Age in 1963, ending the period of Christ's mediation for our ignorance of the fullness of the Word when the Bible was sealed (I Corinthians 13:10-13). Redemption is over: Revelation 10:1-7 answered the disciples' question in Matthew 24:36 thus (Gk.) 'Chronos' "time is no longer." While Christ's end-time Bride was fully redeemed in Jesus Christ on Calvary, this secret epoch of rest wherein we see and commune with the Logos by revelation of the Seven Seals guiding us to our place in the Word and our position in His Body.

Our duty is not to read to the end of this Newsletter but to understand what it is teaching. II Timothy 2:15, "study to show our self approved to God, a workman that need not be ashamed, but rightly dividing the Word of Truth." This weeks' Newsletter is primarily on current affairs; as you study the articles and their hyperlinks you will understand the scheming wickedness of our God-forsaking once Christian nations.

Please welcome contributing author and journalist David Martin, better known as D.C. Dave. He often provides news leads and authored today's main article "Is Ukraine's New Prime Minister a Jew?"

The United States is a rogue state, the Empire of Lies. "It's a million miles from being a Christian country. I don't even pray for it. How can I pray for it, and it won't repent under the mighty powers of God demonstrated before it; and denying, and closing the doors to it, and walking away? I commit it to God. And she is going further away. And now she is going to sink. Just watch what happens" (65-0718M, Trying to do God a Service without being the will of GOD, par. 137).

"The strongest of all warriors are . . . time and patience." It is later than I thought: Nisan 14, 2023 will be Wednesday April 5 in Israel; Good Friday will be on April 7, 2023 and Easter Sunday on April 9. Pentecost 2023 will be observed on Sunday, May 28, the seventh Sunday or 50 days after Easter Sunday. Believers and subscribers resident in the United States should at a minimum arrange ticketing and accommodation outside the United States and away from coastlands well before until well after Easter, making all haste in preparations. Brethren must stock up imperishable foodstuff as early as possible even if the budget calls for them to skip a few meals now to ensure that they will not have to miss many meals when victuals are in short supply, because prices will rise and quality will fall. Pray for patient endurance, righteous reasoning and revelation President Putin and Russia defending their homeland.

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This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Social Credit Score System Launched in US for the 'Squeeze'

October 5, 2022 — Recently I was denied a transaction via a business debit card. This is the beginning of "social credit" scores that already exist in China. My wife tried to purchase certain things; three times our Visa debit card was declined and finally blocked. She called our bank and they said that our card had been given a "low rating" which caused it to decline. The bank manually removed the "low rating" and I was able to complete my purchase.

I immediately drove to the bank; the account manager said that Visa is now putting their own ratings on credit/debit card purchases and denied my transaction based on their own criteria . . . accounts may be flagged by Visa if, for example, a gun was purchased with their card. He agreed that this is the beginning of Visa implementing social credit scores tied to our ability to transact business.

The long established retailer is an advocate for healthy food choices and exposes federal government politics such as the Covid 'pandemic' and research on whether viruses even exist. It is anti-establishment and thus a threat to the lying narrative in so many areas. We were flagged from doing business with this retail chain. That caused our 'low rating.' On a debit card!! What does a debit card have to do with a credit score anyway? When a transaction is made, the bank account is automatically debited.

If a purchase does not meet arbitrary social criteria, one can be barred from transacting business. Social credit is here. The Federal Reserve announces a Major 'Pilot Exercise' Full story:

Pipeline Terror – 9/11 of the Raging Twenties

October 4, 2022 — The EU is on the way to surefire Trade Devastation. From now on, any possibility of energy trade with Russia would have to be a consequence of the collapse of both NATO and the EU. That may happen, but it will take time.

So what next? The EU cannot rely on Asia: far away and impossibly expensive in terms of LNG liquefaction and re-gasification costs. Any pipeline—for instance, from Kazakhstan—would be crossing Russia or coming from China via Russia. Forget about Turkmenistan; it already ships its gas to China.

The EU cannot rely on West Asia. Turk Stream is fully booked. The whole production of the Persian Gulf is already bought. If—and that's a major "if"—there was more gas available, it would be a small amount from Azerbaijan (and Russia might disrupt it). Iran remains sanctioned by the Empire—a fabulous own goal. Iraq and Syria are still plundered by the US.

That leaves Africa—where, as it stands, France is being unceremoniously kicked out, nation after nation. Italy may eventually pipe gas to German industry from Algeria, Libya and the Cyprus-Israel fields. There will be an absolutely mad scramble for Saharan gas fields and gas in central Africa—from Uganda to South Sudan.

The Baltic may be a NATO lake, but Russia could easily decide to make waves, for instance transporting LNG in barges to German ports via Kaliningrad—which is ice-free during winter. If Lithuania would try to block it, Mr. Khinzal [Russia's nuclear-capable hypersonic aero-ballistic air-to-surface missile] could settle the issue by presenting his business card. Russia could also use the Gulf of Finland, not a problem for those massive Russian icebreakers.

This means Russia could easily destroy the competition—as in absurdly expensive LNG coming from the US. After all, St. Petersburg to Hamburg is only about 800 nautical miles; and from Kaliningrad, only 400 nautical miles.

The whole chessboard is about to be radically changed before the arrival of General Winter. 9/11 led to the bombing, invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Pipeline 9/11 is leading to a Shock'n Awe on NATO—to take place in Ukraine. Blowback is back—with a vengeance. Full story:

Comment: Springtime in Europe and North America runs from mid-March to mid-May. Brother Branham said, "I believe that Hollywood and Los Angeles, and them filthy places over there, that God Almighty will sink them. They'll go beneath the bottom of the sea. And it's so much sin, you see, it's the barrier."

"Civilization has traveled with the sun . . . and it started in the East, going west. And now it's at the West Coast. If it goes any further, it'll be back East again. So that's the barrier. And sin has traveled with civilization, and it becomes the cesspool of all ages . . . human beings in any other age wouldn't have thought of such a thing. Woman has throwed theirself to such a filth, till no woman in any age would've ever thought of such a thing as we do today. And then still call ourselves Christians. What a disgrace" (64-1227, Who do You say This Is, par. 47-48).

"Look here! Do you know what the Lord says about Los Angeles and these places here? "She's gone!" You remember what I told you, about two years ago, how that earthquake would come in Canada up here, Alaska? I also tell you that "Hollywood and Los Angeles is sliding into the ocean. California, you're doomed! Not only California; but you, world, you're doomed! Church, unless you get right with God, you're doomed" THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT! (65-1207, Leadership, par. 326).

US, UK behind Nord Stream Sabotage? Military Expert

October 4, 2022 — Recently, a former Pentagon adviser stated that the US and UK appear to be responsible for the operation that led to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions. The evident Western involvement in this crime should be reason for condemnation by international society.

Military flagParticipating in an episode of the Judging Freedom podcast with host Andre Napolitano, former US Secretary of Defense's advisor Douglas Macgregor stated that the US and UK could be the countries behind the recent pipeline explosion. Macgregor has categorically stated that the Russians did not participate in such an operation and that an eventual German self-sabotage plan also sounds very unlikely. For him, the US and UK are the countries that not only seem more interested in this type of attitude, but also with the greatest technical and operational capacity to conduct this type of work.

Macgregor . . . stated emphatically that only Americans and British seem to have the technical and material conditions necessary to meet the demands of this type of operation.

"The Russians did not do this (. . .) You have to look at who are the state actors that have the capability to do this. And that means the [UK's] Royal Navy and the United States' Navy (. . .) I think that's pretty clear," he said during the interview with Napolitano . . . Full story:

Comment: Thomas Reed, a senior US national security official, claims in his book "At The Abyss" that the United States allowed the USSR to steal pipeline control software from a Canadian company. This software included a Trojan horse that caused a major explosion of the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline in June 1982. The Trojan ran during a pressure test on the pipeline but doubled the usual pressure, causing the explosion (CIA Trojan Causes Siberian Gas Pipeline Explosion).

This act of sabotage was kept hidden for decades. Around Halloween 1982, an explosion occurred in the middle of Siberia, vaporizing a large segment of the newly-built trans-Siberian pipeline. The explosion—which was reported to be a seventh the magnitude of the nuclear weapons dropped on Japan during WWII—severely damaged the pipeline, which was set to produce $8 Billion in petroleum revenue annually for the USSR. Only recently has this silently successful CIA operation been disclosed to the public.

Does this mean the CIA or associated intelligence/military organizations are responsible for the Nordstream explosions? No, but it does demonstrate they are capable and have a history of sabotaging Russian operations. Recall the cognitively vapid one, pretending to be the "leader" of the "free world," saying they'd put an end to Nordstream one way or another. He said this prior to Russia going into Ukraine to denazify it (

If the US was behind the attacks . . . Washington would have done more than move out of the shadows, turning its proxy war in Ukraine into a more direct, hot war with Russia. It would indicate that the US is willing to turn the whole of Europe into a battlefield, and bully, betray and potentially sacrifice the continent’s population as cruelly as it has traditionally treated weak allies in the Global South . . .

By contrast, this act of sabotage strangles Europe economically, driving it into recession, deepening its debt and making it a slave to US energy supplies . . . the only justification for such pitiless aggression is that the US is maneuvering to avoid the collapse of its post-war global dominance, the end of its military and economic empire . . . an act of desperation: a last-ditch preemption by Washington of the loss of its hegemony as Russia, China and others find common cause to challenge the American behemoth, and a ferocious blow against Europe to hammer home the message that it must not stray from the fold. . .

Europeans have been persuaded that they must give unflinching moral and military support to Ukraine because it is the last rampart defending their homeland from a merciless Russian imperialism. But the attack on the pipelines hints at a more complex story, one in which European publics need to stop fixing their gaze exclusively at Russia, and turn round to understand what has been happening behind their backs (

America in Name Only

October 4, 2022 — We shake our heads at the steady stream of violations of our constitutional protections, wondering how these flagrant abuses can take place in America.

For example, how is it possible that our own DOJ has locked up dozens of innocent men and women for attending a peaceful demonstration in our nation's capitol, and left them to languish in squalid conditions in the D.C. Gulag for nearly two years, many still awaiting their trials? What happened to Habeas Corpus? . . . Have you read about the mysterious fires annihilating large food packing plants all over our country? . . . Full story:

21 Years ago Afghanistan was Invaded under the Doctrine of 'Self-Defense'

October 7, 2022 — The legal argument used by Washington and NATO to invade Afghanistan was that the September 11 attacks constituted an undeclared "armed attack" "from abroad" by an unnamed foreign power, and that consequently "the laws of war" apply, allowing the nation under attack, to strike back in the name of "self-defense".

Osama bin Laden & Hilary ClintorBoth the media and the US government, in chorus, continue to point to the 9/11 attacks and the role of Al Qaeda, allegedly supported by Afghanistan, when in fact (amply documented) Al Qaeda was an intelligence asset created by the CIA. Lest we forget, Osama bin Laden had been recruited by National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski during the so-called Soviet-Afghan war.

The bombing and invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 was described as a "campaign" against "Islamic terrorists", rather than a war. To this date, however, there is no proof that Al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks. Even if one accepts the official 9/11 narrative, there is no evidence that Afghanistan as a Nation State was behind or in any way complicit in the 9/11 attacks. The Afghan government in the weeks following 9/11, offered on two occasions through diplomatic channels to deliver Osama bin Laden to US Justice, if there were preliminary evidence of his involvement in the 9/11 attacks . . .

Condolezza Rice & Osama bib Laden at CIAOn September 10, 2001, according to a CBS news report, Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan. He had been admitted to a Pakistani military hospital in Rawalpindi. . . . According to Jane Defense, India had been approached in March 2001 by US to participate in a US military operation against Afghanistan: Insider accounts published in the British, French and Indian media have revealed that US officials threatened war against Afghanistan during the summer of 2001. These reports include the prediction, made in July, that "if the military action went ahead, it would take place before the snows started falling in Afghanistan, by the middle of October at the latest."

The Bush administration began its bombing strikes on the hapless, poverty-stricken country October 7, and ground attacks by US Special Forces began October 19. (See Patrick Martin, US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11,, November 20, 2001). According to statements of former foreign Secretary of Pakistan Niaz Naik, the US had already decided to wage war on Afghanistan prior to 9/11 (BBC report published one week after the attacks, September 18, 2001).

Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October. Russian troops were on standby . . . The underlying objective according to Mr. Naik, was to "topple the Taliban regime" and install a government "possibly under the leadership of the former Afghan King Zahir Shah."

He said that he was in no doubt that after the World Trade Center bombings this pre-existing US plan had been built upon and would be implemented within two or three weeks . . . Invoking article 5 of the Washington Treaty is an illegal and criminal procedure. The (former) US and NATO heads of state and heads of government should be prosecuted for war crimes. Full story:

Comment: How about Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, South American nations, etc.? The United States is a rogue state, the Empire of Lies. Henry Kissinger said, "To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal".

Brother Branham said, "It's a million miles from being a Christian country. I don't even pray for it. How can I pray for it, and it won't repent under the mighty powers of God demonstrated before it; and denying, and closing the doors to it, and walking away? I commit it to God. And she is going further away. And now she is going to sink. Just watch what happens" (65-0718M, Trying to do God a Service without being the will of GOD, par. 137).

It is later than I thought: Pentecost 2023 will be observed on Sunday, May 28, the seventh Sunday or 50 days after Easter Sunday.

'Safe and Effective: a Second Opinion'

September 28, 2022 — This UK-based documentary investigates the government's response to the epidemic, the vaccine's distribution and the hazards associated with it, government censorship, and more. "It shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, and also takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them," according to its news release.

"The documentary looks at the leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject."

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, NHS trained and a leading cardiologist was also featured in the documentary. Dr. Aseem Malhotra was one of the first to get vaccinated. A flood of disturbing information caused him to reconsider his stance. Now he is speaking out about the dangers of mRNA COVID vaccines and is also urging other doctors to stand up and demand an investigation into the matter. Full story: video

Comment: More studies confirm the COVID jab "does more harm than good" ( Apostate once Christian governments feed the people with propaganda. July 15 2022, Britain's Reuters news agency headlined "70% of Germans back Ukraine despite high energy prices, survey shows," and reported that "Some 70% of those polled backed Germany's support for Ukraine, . . . the survey was conducted between July 12-14 by broadcaster ZDF." ZDF is funded by the German Government—German taxpayers. (Now see this).

Red Heifer Update

September 29, 2022 — They are correct in their timing, but like the Edomite Jews, Israelites and Sadducees two thousand years before, and the churches of today, they are looking from the wrong thing. Because, like Messiah's second Coming for us, His second Coming to Israel will be an unseen (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming. Full story: red heifer.

Is Ukraine's New Prime Minister a Jew?
By David Martin © 2014 all rights reserved

A few days ago I received an email sent out to a number of people that proclaimed excitedly that the new interim prime minister of Ukraine, Yatsenyuk, is a Jew. The evidence presented in support of the assertion was this sentence on his Wikipedia page: He was born to in a family of Jewish-Ukrainian professors of the Chernivtsi University. The fact he says that he is now a Ukrainian Greek Catholic, also noted on the Wikipedia page, was discounted by the sender of the email as simply a matter of convenience for him.

My own view is that people should not be evaluated based upon who their antecedents were or are but upon who they are. I expressed that view with my poem, "Against Birthism", some time ago:

       I think that people should be assessed
       On individual worth,
       Not, as is all too often done,
       On accident of birth.

Not everyone thinks that way, though. In 2009 a political opponent of Yatsenyuk Uzhgorod Mayor Sergey Ratushniak according to Interfax News Agency said, "Impudent Jew Yatsenyuk, who was successfully serving to thieves, who are at power in Ukraine, is using criminal money to plow ahead towards Ukraine's presidency.

Anti-Jewish feeling is still strong among many Ukrainians, not in a small part for the genocidal policies imposed upon them by Joseph Stalin, many of whose top henchmen were Jewish. Even though the post-Communist, Vladimir Putin-run Russia has reflected Russia's own anti-Jewish backlash from the Bolshevik era, the most ardent of current Ukrainian nationalists tend to lump Russians and Jews together as alien meddlers in Ukraine:

    "There is a need for Ukraine to be finally returned to Ukrainians" from the "Muscovite-Jewish mafia that runs Ukraine today."

Nationalist leader Oleh Tyahnybok spoke those words in a speech ten years ago. Most recently he was one of the key figures along with Yatsenyuk in the ouster of President Viktor Yanyukovich. Politics, as they say, makes strange bedfellows.

Returning to the title question, more than raw emotion or political demagoguery can be behind the labeling of Yatsenyuk as a Jew. Orthodox Jews, as it turns out, agree with Mayor Ratushniak that regardless of the religion that he currently professes, Yatsenyuk is a Jew. With them, accident of birth is everything. His mother was a Jew so he's a Jew as they see it.

The Larger Perspective

This bloodline-based view, of course, is very far from the Christian position. As a professed convert to Christianity, Yatsenyuk should be embraced.

Within the entire context, however, there are, indeed, reasons to be wary of Yatsenyuk's profession of the Christian faith. First, there is the local context of Ukraine. The Jewish Virtual Library reports that since the fall of the Soviet Union, 80% of Ukraine's Jews have left the country. This is a truly remarkable exodus, taking place, as it has, in little more than two decades. That same Jewish web site states, "Many Ukrainian citizens still distrust Ukrainian Jews and believe that the Jews' primary loyalty is to the Jewish people and not to the Ukrainian nation." The formerly large Jewish community, descended mainly from ancient Khazaria, is now down to only .2% of the population of Ukraine according to the CIA's World Fact Book. All indications are that anyone with political ambition who openly professes to be Jewish would face quite an uphill climb.

Then there is the larger historical context. Here is the Wikipedia definition for something that has been a rather widespread practice for a long time: "Crypto-Judaism is the secret adherence to Judaism while publicly professing to be of another faith; practitioners are referred to as "crypto-Jews" (origin from Greek kryptos, 'hidden')." The practice is often excused as the natural response to forced conversion or expulsion from the country such as occurred in Spain. The "force" motivating the "conversion" can be less draconian, however. It can simply be social pressure, of the type we currently see in Ukraine. Even in Spain, there is a bit of a chicken and egg problem when it comes to the question of forced conversion and crypto-Judaism. The Spanish Inquisition began in 1478 and the expulsion order came in 1492. A major motive for the Inquisition was that many actual Jews, of the same group that had frequently acted as a fifth column within Christian Spain in their struggle with the Moors for control of the Iberian Peninsula, had risen to positions of power and influence within the church and the state by pretending to be Christians.

Unfortunately for Mr. Yatsenyuk, his accident of birth, his heritage, places him almost automatically under a cloud of suspicion when he says that he is a Christian. The heritage goes back much farther than the 15th century, as well. The following is from page 159 of Atzmon's The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics:

Both in Exodus and The Book of Esther, the author of the text manages to predict the kind of accusations that would be leveled against Jews for centuries to come, such as, tribalism and treachery.

As in the Holocaust religion, in the Book of Esther it is the Jews who believe in themselves, in their own power, in their uniqueness, sophistication, ability to conspire, ability to take over kingdoms, ability to save themselves. The Book of Esther is all about empowerment. It conveys the essence and metaphysics of Jewish power.

Within that context, the practice of crypto-Judaism for the purpose of power seeking falls under the larger and more serious category of treachery. Anyone who might tend to doubt the treachery charge is invited to read my article, "The Zionist Mentality and Method" or to study the Lavon Affair or the assault on the USS Liberty. Anyone familiarizing himself with those episodes will be much more inclined to believe the allegations that Jewish treachery was behind the James Forrestal and John Kennedy assassinations and the outrage of 9/11.

Perhaps the most important context in which to examine the ethnicity of Arseniy Yatsenyuk is that of the rivalry between the United States and Russia, while looking at who really runs things in each country. Russia under Putin appears to be coming to grips with the damage to its society wrought by the excessive power wielded in the country by the Jews. As such, Russia may be described as in its post-Two Hundred Years Together period, referring to Alexander Solzhenitsyn's two-volume work that has still not been made available to the English-speaking world. For its part, the United States has never been more in Jewish thrall than it is currently. Ukraine lies right at the fault line between a post-atheist-Communist Russia that is returning to its Christian roots and the clearly Jewish-dominated US Empire.

When we bear that in mind the intercepted telephone conversation between US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in which Nuland uttered the obscenity directed at the European Union takes on added significance:

Pyatt: I think we're in play. The Klitschko Vitaly Klitschko, one of three main opposition leaders] piece is obviously the complicated electron here. Especially the announcement of him as deputy prime minister and you've seen some of my notes on the troubles in the marriage right now so we're trying to get a read really fast on where he is on this stuff. But I think your argument to him, which you'll need to make, I think that's the next phone call you want to set up, is exactly the one you made to Yats. And I'm glad you sort of put him on the spot on where he fits in this scenario.

Nuland: I think Yats is the guy who's got the economic experience, the governing experience. He's the . . . what he needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside. He needs to be talking to them four times a week, you know. I just think Klitsch going in . . . he's going to be at that level working for Yatseniuk, it's just not going to work.

Pyatt: Yeah, no, I think that's right. OK. Good. Do you want us to set up a call with him as the next step?

Nuland: My understanding from that call—but you tell me—was that the big three were going into their own meeting and that Yats was going to offer in that context a . . . three-plus-one conversation or three-plus-two with you. Is that not how you understood it?

Nuland, whose family name was originally Nudelman, is the wife of prominent neocon Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC, noted for the 2000 document "Rebuilding America's Defenses" that speaks wistfully about the inevitably slow pace of massively increased military mobilization and a more aggressive foreign policy, primarily in the Middle East, in the absence of "a new Pearl Harbor." In the intercepted phone call Nuland reveals a certain closeness to "Yats," with whom she has clearly been in contact and who is her choice for the position that he currently holds. The call also reveals that in our meddling in the Ukraine we have also been cultivating the nationalist firebrand, Oleh Tyahnybok, apparently upon the theory that anyone would be better than the pro-Russia elected president Yanyukovich, though Nuland wants him "on the outside" advising. This playing with fire is reminiscent of the same sort of thing that we have done in Syria and Libya.

More Treachery?

When I was well into this essay, on Wednesday, March 6, evidence of just the sort of treachery we are talking about came to light with respect to developments in Ukraine. A second important telephone call has been intercepted and put on the Internet. In this case it is between the foreign minister of Estonia, Urmas Paet, and EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton. In that telephone call Paet reveals that the fatalities among anti-government demonstrators in Kiev and the ones among police were likely caused by the same provocateurs:

Paet: "All the evidence shows that people who were killed by snipers from both sides, policemen and people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides . . . Some photos that showed it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it is really disturbing that now the new coalition they don't want to investigate what exactly happened. So there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition."

Ashton: "I think we do want to investigate. I mean, I didn't pick that up, that's interesting. Gosh."

Paet: "It already discreditates (sic) this new coalition."

Indeed it does, but continuing the same "treachery" theme, while the news of this important new phone intercept was reported in the British mainstream press, US mainstream news coverage the first day was confined to brief online mention in the magazine New Republic On the second day, CNN and Reuters had stories confirming that the phone tape was completely authentic but with an accompanying statement from Paet that his words didn't mean what they clearly seem to mean. With those small exceptions, this important news has been blacked out by a national press that has been busy whipping up anti-Russian and anti-Putin fervor and support for the odd lot.

To our knowledge, the major US news organs have made no mention at all of interim Prime Minister Yatsenyuk's ethnic or religious affiliations. Should they do so one can be virtually certain that he will simply be blandly called a Ukrainian Greek Catholic. As we have seen, one who might suggest otherwise is not necessarily bigoted or rigidly Orthodox; rather, he is prudent.   nl1226.htm

David Martin
March 7, 2014

They're obviously much more out in the open since I wrote "Is Ukraine's New Prime Minister a Jew?" 2014, not too long after the coup the US sponsored overthrew the elected pro-Russian president. Notice from that article the percentage of the Ukrainian population that is Jewish, at .2%, is now much lower than in the US, which they say is about 2.4% as of 2020. As top heavy with members of the tribe as the Ukrainian government has become, it would still have to go a way to catch up with the Biden administration.

Today four Jews are in charge of the Ukrainian nation. Zelensky, Shmyhal, Reznikov, Yermak. Pres, PM, Def, Staff

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