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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Please welcome our guest contributor, Emanuel Yi Pastreich, Ph.D. Acting Provincial Government of the United States, Director of the Earth Management Business in Daejeon, Korea (Woosong University) and Professor of Humanities, Humanitas College at Kyung Hee University; Co-Director at Global Convergence Forum. Pastreich declared his candidacy for president of the United States as an independent in February, 2020.

Dr. Pastreich's contribution in a series of video presentations traces the descent of the once Christian West into the apostasy of Babylon's trinitarian religion adopted by the twelve tribes and imposed on their Judaeo-Roman Universal church that metastasized into her (once) Protestant daughters. They did run well until they organized behind the Word for a bygone day, blind to the Light of "the present Truth" and "having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof" they seek to serve God by good works and human reason like the Boy Scouts and Freemasons. Because of unbelief God smote Israel blind almost 3,000 years ago as sixty years ago God spewed Rome's lukewarm Pentecostal daughters out of His mouth—blind to His Word, naked of the Blood and bankrupt of faith. Now He is calling the virgins, "Behold the Bridegroom! Come out of Babylon and be filled with the Spirit" (Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4).

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." These immutable prophecies made clear by Brother Branham enable us to see and recognize our day and its Message as Professor Pastreich in, "Globalists crossed the Rubicon: Assassination of Shinzo Abe," identifies the reason and the usual suspect behind this assassination. This requires your sober attention to discover the hidden truths behind history that leads to the termination of the Gentile dispensation. Our items of current news support the main article.

Political censorship in the West is growing, non-mainstream media are bullied, denied access to financial services such as PayPal, and factual information is blocked by algorithms. Education today is designed to dumb down and control people blindly "learning" propaganda to pass exams without independent personal research for truth.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Africa Calling: His Love . . . so Majestic, Awesome, and Divine

"Christ, who loved us!" (Romans 8:37).

No condition can possibly be more dreary, than to feel that no one loves or cares for us!

There is something peculiarly sweet and pleasant, in being the object of another's love. Even the love of a poor child is sweet. But to be loved by one who is most wealthy, most exalted in station, and most honorable in character—must be peculiarly delightful!

How, then, should we rejoice; how happy should we be—who are loved by the Lord Jesus! Especially when we consider:

On the one hand . . .
how despicable,
how poor,
how worthless, and
how unlovely WE are!

And, on the other hand . . .
how glorious,
how wealthy,
how worthy,
how lovely JESUS is!

To be loved by Jesus, is to be preferred before the possession of a world!

Think of . . .
the glory of His person,
the vastness of His possessions,
the number of His angelic attendants,
the unlimited sovereignty which He exercises,
and the excellent character He bears!

Also bear in mind that He knew what loving us would cost Him—how He would be treated by us and by others, for our sakes!

Yet He fixed His love upon US!
He loved US, just because He would!
He passed by others more dignified in nature, more exalted in station—but He chose US!
He did not, could not, NEED us—for He was infinitely happy and glorious without us!
Yet He loved us!
He still loves us!

Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines—except for Russia and China

July 17, 2022 — Infrared satellite imagery designed to measure moisture levels and the health of farmlands suggests that staple crops such as wheat are in poor condition and in sharp decline among major exporters including the Ukraine, the US and India. Two countries do have bumper crops so far though; namely Russia and China . . . political leaders and global banks issued simultaneous warnings of a "global food shortage" and an impending crisis . . . the IMF, World Bank, the BIS and even the White House. So far, a perfect storm of stagflation, supply chain disruptions and poor weather conditions have combined to disrupt food production around the world.

Price inflation due to central bank stimulus measures has been enough to do incredible damage to the many national economies, but a single bad year for crops on top of this could spell disaster.

Russia and China, on the other hand, are enjoying a strategic advantage. As we entered spring of this year, the mainstream media heralded the end of the Russian economy and the swift collapse of their war efforts in Ukraine. Today, Russia is selling more oil and exporting more commodities than ever before, and both Russia and China now have the most healthy staple crops in the world. It's almost as if the public in the west has been deliberately misled about our economic strength . . . the west have forgotten the importance of commodities, industry and energy in terms of geopolitical leverage. Without dominance of these three arenas there is no chance for a nation or group of nations to dictate terms to a country that has such advantages. Economic warfare is about independent production and adaptability; these are two things the US and Europe do not have right now . . . Full story:

Comment: President Putin: "I will publish the depopulation plan that the United States and Europe have prepared. It will be the scientists hidden in the bio-weapons labs that have been found who will uncover everything, they are right now in Moscow."

May God bless Russia and China in contrast to the pure evil of the apostate West.

Australia Ordered Millions more COVID Vaccines than it Needs (genuflecting to the City, UN & WEF?)

July 18, 2022 — Less than a quarter of the 255m vaccine doses the federal government has purchased have been administered. Some experts argue Australia and other rich nations ordered far too many vaccines. According to Oxford University, just 16 per cent of people living in low-income countries are fully vaccinated . . . Full story:

Toxic JabsComment: 58 babies who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines suffered life-threatening adverse events
Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal
What was Covid really about? Triggering a Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Debt Crisis. 'Ramping up an Imperialist Strategy'?
Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccine
Global planned Financial Tsunami has just begun
The United Nations scrubbed this Article Heralding 'Benefits of World Hunger' from its Website after it went viral
America's New 'Angels of Death': inject Humanity with a Gene-altering Death-dealing Technology. Medical Professionals can't claim Ignorance
European Union finally admits COVID-19 Vaccines destroy Your Immune System
Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data
The Cult of Globalism: The Great Reset and its 'Final Solution'" for 'Useless People'
Beware of the QR Code, remember Agenda ID2020?
UK vaxxed fill hospitals and die, variants hit Kiwis, French MPs block vaccine passport . . . Wake up to the Hotel Paranoia
Deaths are almost entirely among people who are highly-vaccinated/vaxxed are exhausting and depleting their T cells says Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche/They have been lying & lying says DR. Robert Malone, MD. UK Govt: Vaxxed kids 8,100% more likely to die! US: Calculated VAERS data 5,040 vaxxed kids dead!
Dr. Paul Marik, The Federal Government, the NIH, the CDC, the WHO have lied. They have lied about every single plan they have told us; it's a lie, and it's a verifiable lie, and probably the biggest lie of all is that Covid vaccines are safe, and they are effective. That is completely and utterly false, they know they are negatively effective; in addition we know that they are profoundly unsafe . . . the vaccine has killed millions of people . . . the risk of a healthy child coming up with Covid is close to zero . . . Natural immunity to Covid never wanes.
The Church of Pfizer: D.C. promotes 'Faith in Vaccine' Initiative

10% Rise in Excess Mortality in Age Groups who have had Booster COVID Injections

July 7, 2022 — Using weekly data on excess mortality in New Zealand, a study published last week set out to analyze the impacts of rolling out booster doses of Covid injections. It found that age groups most likely to have had booster Covid injections had 7-10% more excess mortality than the age groups most likely not to have taken up a booster dose. "Results suggest 16 (95% CI: 5 to 27) excess deaths per 100,000 booster doses, amounting to over 400 excess deaths in New Zealand given the booster doses administered to date. If this rate of excess deaths is extrapolated to other countries, it amounts to over 300,000 excess deaths worldwide," Professor John Gibson, the study's author, wrote . . . Full story:

Comment: A report quietly published by the UK Government . . . reveals the Covid-19 injections are proving to have negative effectiveness against death among children in England . . . triple vaccinated children aged 10 to 14 are a shocking 13,633.33% / 137.3x more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated children (

B61-12 Mini-nukes 'Made in USA' to be used in 'Nuclear First Strike'

July 15, 2022 — B61-12s, classified as 'non-strategic nuclear weapons,' are deployed in Europe—in Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain and probably other countries—at distances far enough to strike Russia. They thus have offensive capabilities similar to those of strategic weapons.

Another nuclear weapon system the US is preparing to install in Europe against Russia is ground-based intermediate-range missiles . . . launched from 'anti-missile shield' installations, deployed by the US at bases in Deveselu in Romania and Redzikowo in Poland, and aboard five warships cruising in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Baltic Sea close to Russia . . . Lockheed Martin . . . specifies that it is capable of launching 'missiles for all missions, both defense and long-range attack, including Tomahawk cruise missiles.' These can be armed with nuclear warheads. Europe being turned into the front line of US nuclear confrontation with Russia, even more dangerous than that of the Cold War. Full story:

Comment: Australia plans to order nuclear submarines due for delivery in the first year of the Millennium. We fight on the wrong side of every war of the City of London.

World shocked by Bolton's Admission US conducts Coups

July 14, 2022 — Bolton . . . US National Security Advisor in the Trump administration . . . withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal (officially JCPOA). Immediately after . . . a Venezuela invasion . . . not a very good idea. Bolton then refocused on advocating for invasions or at least regime change in Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen, North Korea, etc. . . . Luckily, the Venezuelan people pushed back and the (genuinely) legitimate President Maduro remained in office, although in no small part thanks to Russia, which armed Venezuela to the teeth, preventing what was then an almost imminent US attack on the country.

. . . the US has been conducting such belligerent operations against dozens of countries around the globe, resulting in anything from temporary political turmoil and instability to brutal decades-long wars which cause a domino effect of further instability. It's quite clear the bellicose power in decline will continue to conduct this blatant aggression against the world. What the world can do about it is arm itself and try to dilute US power as much as possible, because as long as the "Pax Americana" exists, the hope for global peace will remain just that - false hope. Full story:

Comment: "(NATO-stan) should have understood that they have already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation, because its beginning means the beginning of a radical breakdown of the World Order in the American way. This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world—a world based not on selfish rules invented by someone for themselves, behind which there is nothing but the desire for hegemony, not on hypocritical double-standards, but on international law, on the true sovereignty of peoples and civilizations, on their will to live their historical destiny, their values and traditions and build cooperation on the basis of democracy, justice and equality. And we must understand that this process can no longer be stopped . . . ."

As the whole European Suicide Spectacular Summer Show is nothing but a tawdry self-inflicted torture ordered by His Master's Voice . . . the collective West, naked, dazed and confused, their masses completely zombified, is sucked into the maelstrom of psychological, moral and material disintegration (

Unsmiling Globalist Francis: Poster Pope of the Great Reset

Pope Francis I and Jews

2022 — This is the recorded presentation that Michael Matt gave to the Roman Forum's Summer Symposium in Gardone, Italy. His Remnant Newspaper is sympathetic to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X. Founded in 1968 it and is the oldest Traditionalist Catholic newspaper in the United States and claims to adhere to Catholic teaching in every aspect of its journalism. Michael Matt takes a deep dive into the mysterious Catacombs Pact, Vatican II and the Davos Connection—a signing ritual that took place 55 years ago with more than 40 Latin American bishops on the eve of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. This event, which celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Synod of the Pan-Amazon Region, October 6-27, 2019, is eerily connected to Pope Francis AND to Klaus Schwab. The event—hailed by many as the secret founding of "Liberation Theology"—marks the moment when the Church of Vatican II vowed to become the "Church of the Poor" and to radically reorient her mission from that of the Divine Commission of Jesus Christ to the Freemasonic mission of the "Church of Accompaniment" whose members come from many faiths, but one denomination in particular bars any crossover. Michael Matt connects dots that will blow your mind. (Note multilateralist Trump). Full story:

Comment: The only Revival today is in the heart of Christ's end-time Bride restored to the apostolic faith (Malachi 4:5, 6b; Matthew 17:11). Christ's mediation was fulfilled when the last saint predestinated to the Pentecostal revival of the Laodicean Church Age was redeemed in 1963. Revelation 3:14; 4:1 – 6:8 and Revelation 10:1-7 were fulfilled to call Christ's end-time Bride OUT from the great Whore and her (once) Protestant daughter churches to maturity in the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation (Revelation 18:4; Matthew 25:6; Romans 8:19; I Thessalonians 6:14). The world church system is crucifying the Word afresh to build Satan's material Eden in collusion Judaeo-Roman Catholicism, the Jew's City of London and proxies, Unions, UN, WEF, Covid, Zionism, Judaeo-Communism, banksters, and heads of State.

The Heroic Archbishop Viganò: The Corrupt Billionaire Agenda, 'SARS-CoV-2 Virus is Nothing but a Seasonal Flu'
By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò © 2022 all rights reserved

Steve Bannon (SB): Your Excellency, after the psycho-pandemic, we now have the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Are we in "phase two" of one single project, or can we now consider the Covid farce to be over and concern ourselves with the increase in energy prices?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò CrestHis Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò (CMV): If in the last two years we had been faced with a true pandemic, caused by a deadly virus for which no other cures existed except for a vaccine, we would be able to think that the emergency was not intended. But this is not what happened: the SARS-CoV-2 virus is nothing but a seasonal flu that could have been cured with existing treatments and effective prevention based on strengthening immune defenses. The prohibition of treatment, the discrediting of the effectiveness of drugs that have been in use for decades, the decision to hospitalize the elderly who became sick in nursing homes and the imposition of an experimental gene treatment that has been demonstrated not only to be ineffective but also harmful and often fatal—all this confirms for us that the pandemic has been planned and managed with the purpose of creating the greatest damage possible. This is a fact that has been established and confirmed by the official data, despite the systematic falsification of that same data.

Certainly, those who wanted to manage the pandemic in this way are not disposed now to yield easily, also because there are billionaire interests behind all of it. But what "they" want does not always necessarily happen.

SB: In your opinion, Your Excellency, was the pandemic managed in this way due to inexperience? Or was it due to the corruption of those in positions of control who are in a conflict of interest because they are paid off by the pharmaceutical industry?

CMV: This is the second element to consider: the response to the pandemic was the same all over the world, where health authorities slavishly adapted to health protocols that were contrary to the scientific literature and medical evidence, instead following the directives of self-proclaimed "experts," who have a record of sensational failures, apocalyptic predictions completely divorced from reality, and very grave conflicts of interest. We cannot think that millions of doctors all over the world have lost their basic knowledge of the art of medicine, believing that a flu should be allowed to evolve into pneumonia and then be treated with tachypirin or by placing patients on ventilators. If they have done this, it is due to pressure—even to the point of blackmail—by health authorities over medical personnel, with the help of a scandalous campaign of media terrorism and with the support of Western leaders. Most of these leaders are members of a lobby—the World Economic Forum—that trained them and placed them at the highest levels of national and international institutions in order to be certain that those who govern would be obedient. Klaus Schwab has publicly boasted, on many occasions, of being able to interfere even with religious leaders. These too are documented facts in all the nations that followed the directives of the WHO and the pharmaceutical companies. There is clearly a single script under a single direction: this demonstrates the existence of a criminal design and the malice of its creators . . . Please read the Full story:

Globalists crossed the Rubicon: Assassination of Shinzo Abe

July 14, 2022 — July 8 was a muggy day in the ancient capital of Japan. Shinzo Abe, the most powerful figure in Japanese politics, was delivering a stump speech for a local Liberal Democratic Party candidate in front of the Nara Kintetsu railway station when suddenly a loud bang rang out, followed by an odd cloud of smoke.

The response was incredible. Among those in the unusually large crowd gathered, not a single person ran for cover, or hit the ground in terror. Abe's body guards, who stood unusually far away from him during the speech, looked on impassively, making no effort to shield him, or to pull him to a safe location. A few seconds later, Abe crumpled and collapsed to the ground, lying there impassive in his standard blue jacket, white shirt, now speckled with blood, and trademark blue badge of solidarity with Japanese abductees in North Korea. Most likely he was killed instantaneously.

Only then did the body guards seize the suspect, Yamagami Toruya, who was standing behind Abe. The tussle with Yamagami took the form of a choreographed dance for the television audience, not a professional takedown. Yamagami told everything to the police without hesitation. He did not even try to run from the scene and was still holding the silly hand-made gun when the bodyguards grabbed him.

Even after Abe was lying on the pavement, not a single person in the crowd ran for shelter, or even looked around to determine where the shots came from. Everyone seemed to know, magically, that the shooting was over.

Then the comedy began. Rather than putting Abe in a limousine and whisking him away, those standing around him merely called out to passersby, asking if anyone was a doctor. The media immediately embraced the "lone gunman" conclusion for this attack, repeating entertaining tale of how Yamagami was associated with Toitsu Kyokai, a new religion started by the charismatic shaman Kawase Kayo, and why he blamed Abe, who had exchanges with that group, for his mother's troubles.

Committee of 300Because Toitsu Kyokai has followers from the Unification Church founded by Reverend Moon Sun Myung, journalist Michael Penn jumped to the conclusion that the conspiracy leading to Abe's death was the result of his collaboration with the Moonies. [America's leading evangelicals Rev. Sun Moon and the US Intelligence community seem strange bedfellows until you discover their links to the Council on Foreign Relations and similar institutions through which the Committee of 300 control our governments. Such an unholy alliance exists to bring life to the (once) Protestant image unto the beast via Rockefeller's pagan World Council of Churches. It came up out of the Earth, the US, and had two horns like a lamb signifying separation of church and state powers. But after a time it began to speak like the Dragon, declaring, "You are either with us or you are our enemy." We are presently witnessing the reunion of those two horns to establish and enforce Satan's one world government. Please read the revealing Full story:, unfolding the image unto the beast before our eyes;" Revelation 13:11-18)].

Although the mainstream media accepted this fantastic story, the Japanese police and security apparatus did not manage to squash alternative interpretations. Blogger Takashi Kitagawa posted materials on July 10 that suggested Abe was shot from the front, not from the back where Yamagami stood, and the shots must have been fired at an angle from the top of one, or both, of the tall buildings on either side of the intersection across from the railway station plaza. Kitagawa's analysis of the paths of the bullets was more scientific than anything offered by the media that had claimed, without basis, that Abe had only been shot once until the surgeon announced that evening that there had been two bullets.

The chances that a man holding an awkward home-made gun, standing more than five meters away in a crowd, would be able to hit Abe twice are low. The TV personality Kozono Hiromi, who is a gun expert himself, remarked on his show "Sukkiri" (on July 12) that such a feat would be incredible. A careful viewing of the videos suggests that multiple shots were fired by a rifle with a silencer from atop a neighboring building.

Pastors WATCH, READ and LISTEN to the Full story: 729553917 and explain this to the saints in your care. The "squeeze" is tightening to separate the make-believers and un-believers from the wise virgins and the Token MUST be on display for your "third pull" to manifest that you are a Son or Daughter of God. Watch and listen to Remembering Reverend King's Trip to the Mountain Top, June 30, 2022. You must INVEST TIME to WATCH, READ and listen to the URLs that follow.

[William BranhamBrother Branham said, "One thing, I pray that Brother Martin Luther King will certainly soon wake up. He loves his people; there's no doubt. But if he just only sees where his inspiration . . . What good would it do if you went to school and a million of you laying yonder, dead? Wouldn't just be, going to school, just the same? Now, if for hunger, if it was for something another, slaves, the man would be a martyr to give his life for such a cause, a worthy cause, and that would be a worthy cause. But just to go to school, I don't see it. See? I don't think the Holy Spirit is agreeing with him, at all, on that. It's got the people all worked up, in a bunch of ballyhoo, you see.

Just like Hitler did, over in Germany, led them right into a death trap, them precious Germans. And they laid by the billions, or millions, piled up there on top one another. And that's exactly the same thing. And remember, I'm on tape. You'll see it, after, maybe after I'm gone. That's exactly what's going to happen. Them precious people will die down there, like flies. Starts a revolutionary, both white and colored will fight again, and die like flies. And what you got when it's all over? A bunch of dead people" (63-0630M, The Third Exodus, par. 142-144)].

Emanuel Yi Pastreich comments on the background and objectives of the 'hidden hand concerning the following questions: What is the United States Part I; Does Russia offer a Way Forward? What is the United States, Part II, the Rise of the United States as a Global Power; and What is the United States, Part III, the United States after 9/11: the Decay of the Angel.

The Message to the World

For a figure like Shinzo Abe, the most powerful political player in Japan and the person to whom Japanese politicians and bureaucrats rallied in response to the unprecedented uncertainty born of the current geopolitical crisis, to be shot dead with no serious security detail nearby makes no sense.

Perhaps the message was lost on viewers at home, but it was crystal clear for other Japanese politicians. For that matter, the message was clear for Boris Johnson, who was forced out of power at almost exactly the same moment that Abe was shot, or for Emmanuel Macron, who was suddenly charged with influence peddling scandal for Uber, and faces demands for his removal from office, on July 11—after months of massive protests had failed to sway him in any way.

The message was written all over Abe's white shirt in red: buying into the globalist system and promoting the COVID-19 regime is not enough to assure safety, even for the leader of a G7 nation. [The honourable presidents Magufuli of Tanzania, Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, Jovenel Moïse of Haiti, and Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Madagascar died after disallowing the WHO to vaxx citizens, with inoculations proposed in the 19th century in Protocol 10:19 of the Learned Elders of Zion: "But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the "goyim" see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else." A costly but effective means of depopulation, elimination of small business and the middle class and ensuring the rich own everything but YOU will "own nothing, and be happy." Statistically the toxic Covid-19 faux vaccines are killers, whereas Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are cheap, proven effective cures].

Abe was highest ranking victim so far of the hidden cancer eating away at governance in nation states around the world, an institutional sickness that moves decision making away from national governments to a network of privately-held supercomputer banks, private equity groups, for-hire intelligence firms in Tel Aviv, London and Reston, and the strategic thinkers employed by the billionaires at the World Economic Forum, NATO, the World Bank and other such awesome institutions.

The fourth industrial revolution was the excuse employed to transfer the control of all information in, and all information out, for central governments to Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, Google, SAP (System Applications and Products in Data Processing, A.I.) and others in the name of efficiency. As J. P. Morgan remarked, "Everything has two reasons: a good reason and a real reason."

With the assassination of Abe, these technology tyrants, and their masters, have crossed the Rubicon, declaring that those dressed in the trappings of state authority can be mowed down with impunity if they do not follow orders.

The Problem with Japan

Japan is heralded as the only Asian nation advanced enough to join the "West," to be a member of the exclusive G7 club, and to be qualified to enter into collaboration with (and possible membership in) the top intelligence sharing program, the "Five Eyes." Nevertheless, Japan has continued to defy the expectations, and the demands, of global financiers, and the planners within the beltway and on Wall Street for the New World Order.

Although it was South Korea in Asia that has constantly been berated in Washington as an ally not quite up to the level of Japan, the truth is that the super-rich busy taking over the Pentagon, and the entire global economy, were starting to harbor doubts about the dependability of Japan.

The globalist system at the World Bank, Goldman Sachs,i or the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs iat Harvard University has a set track for the best and the brightest from "advanced nations."

Elites from Australia, France, Germany, Norway or Italy, learn to speak fluent English, spend time in Washington, London, or Geneva at a think tank or university, secure a safe sinecure at a bank, a government institution, or a research institute that assures them a good income, and adopt the common sense, pro-finance, perspective offered by the Economist Magazine [Rothschild] as the gospel.

Japan, however, although it has an advanced banking system of its own, although its command of advanced technologies makes it the sole rival of Germany in machine tools, and although it has a sophisticated educational system capable of producing numerous Nobel Prize winners, does not produce leaders who follow this model for the "developed" nation.

Japanese elite do not study abroad for the most part and Japan has sophisticated intellectual circles that do not rely on information brought in from overseas academic or journalistic sources. Unlike other nations, Japanese write sophisticated journal articles entirely in Japanese, citing only Japanese experts. In fact, in fields like botany and cellular biology, Japan has world-class journals written entirely in Japanese. Similarly, Japan has a sophisticated domestic economy that is not easily penetrated by multinational corporations—try as they do.

The massive concentration of wealth over the last decade has allowed the super-rich to create invisible networks for secret global governance, best represented by the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders program [of Rothschild, Sir Klaus Schwab] and the Schwarzman Scholars program. These rising figures in policy infiltrate the governments, the industries, and research institutions of nations to make sure that the globalist agenda goes forth unimpeded.

Japan has been impacted by this sly form of global governance. And yet, Japanese who speak English well, or who study at Harvard, are not necessarily on the fast track in Japanese society. There is stubborn independence in Japan's diplomacy and economics, something that raised concerns among the Davos crowd during the COVID-19 campaigns.

Although the Abe administration (and the subsequent Kishida administration) went along with the directives of the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization for vaccines and social distancing, the Japanese government was less intrusive in the lives of citizens than most nations, and was less successful in forcing organizations to require vaccination. The use of QR codes to block service to the unvaccinated was limited in its implementation in Japan in comparison with other "advanced" nations.

Moreover, the Japanese government refuses to fully implement the digitalization agenda demanded, thus denying multinational technology giants the control over Japan that they exercise elsewhere. This lag in Japan's digitalization led the Wilson Center in Washington D.C. to invite Karen Makishima, minister of Japan's Digital Agency (launched under pressure from global finance in September, 2021) so that she could explain why Japan has been so slow to digitalize (July 13).

Japanese are increasingly aware that their resistance to digitalization, to the whole scale outsourcing of the functions of government and university to multinational tech giants, and the privatization of information, is not in their interest. Japan continues to operate Japanese-language institutions that follow old customs, including the use of written records. Japanese still read books and they are not so enamored with AI as Koreans and Chinese.

Japan's resistance can be traced back to Meiji restoration of 1867. Japan set out to create governmental system wherein Western ideas were translated into Japanese, combined with Japanese concepts, to create a complex domestic discourse. The governance system set up in Meiji restoration remains in place to a large degree, using models for governance based on pre-modern principles from Japan and China's past, and drawn from 19th century Prussia and England. The result is feudalistic approach to governance wherein ministers oversee fiefdoms of bureaucrats who carefully guard their own budgets and who maintain their own internal chains of command.

The Problem with Abe

Shinzo Abe was one of the most sophisticated politicians of our age, always open to make a deal with the United States, or other global institutions, but always cagey when it came to making Japan the subject of globalist dictates.

Abe harbored the dream of restoring Japan to its status as an empire, and imagined himself to be the reincarnation of the Meiji Emperor. Abe was different from Johnson or Macron in that he was not as interested in appearing on TV as he was in controlling the actual decision making process within Japan. There is no need to glorify Abe's reign, as some have tried to do. He was a corrupt insider who pushed for the dangerous privatization of government, the hollowing out of education, and who backed a massive shift of assets from the middle class to the wealthy. His use of the ultra-right Nihon Kaigi forum to promote an ultranationalist agenda, and to glorify the most offensive aspects of Japan's imperial past, was deeply disturbing. Abe gave his unflinching support for all military expenditures, no matter how foolish, and he was willing to support just about any American boondoggle.

That said, as the grandson of Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, and the son of foreign minister Shintaro Abe, Shinzo Abe showed himself to be an astute politician from childhood. He was creative in his use of a wide range of political tools to advance his agenda, and he could call on corporate and government leaders from around the world with an ease that no other Asian politician could. I remember vividly the impression I received from Abe on the two occasions that I met him in person. Whatever cynical politics he may have promoted, he radiated to his audience a purity and simplicity, what the Japanese call "sunao," that was captivating. His manner suggested a receptiveness and openness that inspired loyalty among his followers and that could overwhelm those who were hostile to his policies.

In sum, Abe was sophisticated political figure who was capable of playing one side against the other within the Liberal Democratic Party, and within the international community, while appearing to be a considerate and benevolent leader. For this reason, Japanese hostile to Abe's ethnic nationalism were still willing to support him because he was the only politician they thought capable of restoring global political leadership to Japan.

Japanese diplomats and military officers fret endlessly about the Japan's lack of vision. Although Japan has all the qualifications to be a great power, they reason, it is run by a series of unimpressive, University of Tokyo graduates; men who are good at taking tests, but are unwilling to take risks. Japan produces none like Putin or Xi, and not even a Macron or a Johnson. Abe wanted to be a leader and he had the connections, the talent, and the ruthlessness required to play that role on the global stage. He was already the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history, and had plans for a third bid as prime minister, when he was struck down.

Needless to say, the powers behind the World Economic Forum do not want national leaders like Abe, even if they conform to the global agenda, because they are capable of organizing resistance within the nation state.

What went wrong?

Abe was able to handle, using the traditional tools of statecraft, the impossible dilemma faced by Japan over the last decade as its economic ties with China and Russia increased, but its political and security integration with the United States, Israel and the NATO block proceeded apace. It was impossible for Japan to be that close to the United States and its allies while maintaining friendly relations with Russia and China. Yet Abe almost succeeded.

Abe remained focused and cool. He made use of all his skills and connections as he set out to carve a unique space for Japan. Along the way, Abe turned to the sophisticated diplomacy of his strategic thinker Shotaro Yachi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assure that Japan found its place under the sun. Abe and Yachi used contradictory, but effective, geopolitical strategies to engage both East and West, making ample use of secret diplomacy to seal long-term deals that put Japan back in the great powers game.

On the one hand, Abe presented to Obama and Trump a Japan that was willing to go further than South Korea, Australia or other India in backing Washington's position. Abe was willing to suffer tremendous domestic criticism for his push for a remilitarization that fit the US plans for East Asia. At the same time that he impressed Washington politicians with his gung-ho pro-American rhetoric, matched by the purchase of weapons systems, Abe also engaged China and Russia at the highest levels. That was no small feat, and involved sophisticated lobbying within the beltway, and in Beijing and Moscow.

In the case of Russia, Abe successfully negotiated a complex peace treaty with Russia in 2019 that would have normalized relations and solved the dispute concerning the Northern Territories (the Kuril Islands in Russian). He was able to secure energy contracts for Japanese firms and to find investment opportunities in Russia even as Washington ramped up the pressure on Tokyo for sanctions. The journalist Tanaka Sakai notes that Abe was not banned from entering Russia after the Russian government banned all other representatives of the Japanese government from entry.

Abe also engaged China seriously, solidifying long-term institutional ties, and pursuing free trade agreement negotiations that reached a breakthrough in the fifteenth round of talks (April 9-12, 2019). Abe had ready access to leading Chinese politicians and he was considered by them to be reliable and predictable, even though his rhetoric was harshly anti-Chinese.

The critical event that likely triggered the process leading to Abe's assassination was the NATO summit in Madrid (June 28-30). The NATO summit was a moment when the hidden players behind the scenes laid down the law for the new global order. NATO is on a fast track to evolve beyond an alliance to defend Europe and to become an unaccountable military power, working with the World Economic Forum, the billionaires and the bankers around the world, as a "world army," functioning much as the British East India Company did in another era.

The decision to invite to the NATO summit the leaders of Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand was a critical part of this NATO transformation. These four nations were invited to join in an unprecedented level of integration in security, including intelligence sharing (outsourcing to big tech multinationals), the use of advanced weapons systems (that must be administrated by the personnel of multinationals like Lockheed Martin), joint exercises (that set a precedent for an oppressive decision-making process), and other "collaborative" approaches that undermine the chain of command within the nation state.

When Kishida returned to Tokyo on July first, there can be no doubt that one of his first meetings was with Abe. Kishida explained to Abe the impossible conditions that the Biden administration had demanded of Japan. The White House, by the way, is now entirely the tool of globalists like Victoria Nuland (Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs) and others trained by the Bush clan. The demands made of Japan were suicidal in nature. Japan was to increase economic sanctions on Russia, to prepare for possible war with Russia, and to prepare for a war with China. Japan's military, intelligence and diplomatic functions were to be transferred to the emerging blob of private contractors gathering for the feast around NATO.

We do not know what Abe did during the week before his death. Most likely he launched into a sophisticated political play, using of all his assets in Washington DC, Beijing, and Moscow—as well as in Jerusalem, Berlin, and London, to come up with a multi-tiered response that would give the world the impression that Japan was behind Biden all the way, while Japan sought out a détente with China and Russia through the back door. The problem with this response was that since other nations had been shut down, such a sophisticated play by Japan made it the only major nation with a semi-functional executive branch.

Abe's death parallels closely that of Seoul's mayor Park Won Sun, who went missing on July 9th, 2020, exactly two years before Abe's assassination. Park took steps in Seoul City Hall to push back on the COVID-19 social distancing policies that were being imposed by the central government. His body was found the next day and the death was immediately ruled a suicide resulting from his distress over charges of sexual harassment by a colleague.

What to do now?

The danger of the current situation should not be underestimated. If an increasing number of Japanese come to perceive, as the journalist Tanaka Sakai suggests, that the United States destroyed their best hope for leadership, and that the globalists want Japan to make do with an unending series of weak-minded prime ministers who are dependent on Washington and other hidden players of the parasite class, such a development could bring about a complete break between Japan and the United States, leading to a political or military conflict.

It is telling that Michael Green, the top Japan hand in Washington DC, did not write the initial tribute to Abe that was published on the homepage of CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), his home institute.

Green, veteran of the Bush National Security Council and Henry A. Kissinger Chair of the Asia Program at CSIS, is the author of Line of Advantage: Japan's Grand Strategy in the Era of Abe Shinzo. Green was a close associate of Abe, perhaps the closest of any American. The tribute to Abe was drafted by Christopher Johnstone (the Japan chair at CSIS and former CIA officer). The weird choice suggests that the assassination is so sensitive that Green instinctively wished to avoid writing the initial response, leaving it to a professional operative.

For responsible intellectuals and citizens in Washington, Tokyo, or elsewhere, there is only one viable response to this murky assassination: a demand for an international scientific investigation. Painful as that process might be, it will force us to face the reality of how our governments have been taken over by invisible powers.

If we fail to identify the true players behind the scenes, however, we may be led into a conflict in which the blame is projected onto heads of state and countries are forced into conflicts so as to hide the crimes of global finance. The loss of control of the Japanese government over the military the last time can be attributed in part to the assassinations of prime minister Inukai Tsuyoshi on May 15, 1932 and of prime minister Saito Makoto on February 26, 1936. But for the international community, the more relevant case is how the manipulations of an integrated global economy by the Rothschild, Warburg, and other banking interests created an environment wherein the tensions produced by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914 were funneled towards world war ( nl1213.htm

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