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This page is dedicated to exploring the hypothesis that a club of rich international bankers has infiltrated the monetary supply systems of many countries, and through the Federal Reserve banks in the U.S., to promote their own agenda of maximizing their control of worldwide assets. A less conspirational hypothesis contained here is simply the possibility that the Fed has an unnecessarily adverse or constricting effect on the U.S. economy, which could be solved through "money reform" or "alternative money" systems.

These files and links have been painstakingly collected from all over cyberspace in many hours of research and surfing so you don't have to hunt them down yourself. They've also been meticulously reformatted, organized, and summarized so you can find the presentation and angle that is most appealing and makes the most sense to you.

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Fed Up with the Fed
Sleek formatting of an article by Citizens for a Better Government in Florida (HTML'ed by someone on the net). Ability of the Fed to control the economy of the U.S. Fiat money, fractional reserve banking, return to constitutional banking system.
Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People
By Sheldon Emry. Extremely accessable essay possibly comprehensible even by Joe Sixpack on the Federal reserve predicament, with simple language and clear analogies. Compound interest, a stacked deck, cycles of debt and war, citizen monetary control, etc. HTML'ed from another HTML version by Xavier Poez.
The Ossian Papers on Money Reform
By James Gibb Stuart. Excellent summary of the debt problem in both the U.S. and the U.K. and the means by which the public can extricate itself. Link between money and resources, privilege of creating money, breaking the established order. (From Ossian Publishers.)
Killing the Banking Beast
Review on the book Creature from Jekyll Island by Jane H. Ingraham appearing in the Sept. 1994 New American. Secret manipulation of monetary system by the Fed. Invisible fleecing via inflation, a tax equal to approximately ten times the national debt! Astonishing quotes by founding fathers against fiat money. Section on NWO. Ordering information on the book at end.
Return to Constitutional Money
By Edwin J. Viera, Jr., Ph.D. Official transcript of an address to the National Coalition to Reform Money and Taxes. Inflation as hidden taxation, commodity vs. fiduciary vs. fiat money, federal reserve agency, fractional reserve banking, steps to going to a legitimate system.
Income Taxes and Government Fraud
Excerpt of Interview of John E. Trumane by Susan B. Anthony, April 12, 1992, relating to the manipulation of the economy by the Fed. Simple analogies for the layperson. Treasury bonds, inflation, IRS as a suction pump or "governor".
The Issue of Money
Message by Carol Brouillet on PeaceNet on a book called The Debt Virus by Jacques Jaikaran. Depressions and recessions as "unnatural" because money is completely artificial and subject to control. The right of citizens to create interest-free money.
Beyond Greed and Scarcity
Interview with Bernard Lietaer, economist who spent five years at the Central Bank in Belgium, from Yes Journal. Questioning the belief in the scarcity of money that goes back to Adam Smith, with the contrary view that corporations and individuals are actually "competing for money using markets and resources to do so." The theories of Jung on the Great Mother archetype. Possibility of a stock market crash. "Demurrage" (reverse interest) as a possible solution.
What Banks Don't Want You to Know
Compiled and edited by Peter Cook, M.Sc, 1993, distributed by Monetary Science Publishing. Quotes a "landmark decision" reprinted from The Daily Eagle, Feb. 1969 in which lawyer Jerome Daily successfully voided a bank foreclosure by exposing the way the bank created the credit. He was "forced into a disbarment procedure for challenging the banker's recondite practices." Contains actual court proceedings. Mentions a book at end, Legalized Crime of Banking by S.W. Adams.


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
A conspiracy classic, supposedly found in a copier at a surplus sale; perhaps the most important and revelatory file on this site. An engineering perspective into economic and social manipulation including concepts of energy correspondence and conversion. Keeping the populace "undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand." Could it all be real? A true glimpse into the minds of the megalomaniacs, or an ingenious satire? (Converted to HTML by Xavier Poez.)
The Federal Reserve—A Corrupt Institution
Very long remarks by Congressman McFadden in Congress in 1934. Lays out the entire rotten history of the Federal Reserve in the strongest language imaginable. Link to the depression, crooks thriving on the credit of the U.S., gold shipments, fiat money, world enslavement planning, Britain as a partner in blackmail, Roosevelt as a dictator of the bankers, conspiracy of war debts, charges of treason against the American public.
Fed Up!
Long article by Thomas Schauf of the Fed Up! organization on the illegitimacy of the Federal Reserve. Ownership by foreign banks, millions of dollars for propaganda, push for a cashless society, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, simple ways to abolish the Fed. Excellent and thorough list of references. Mainstream Media "blacks out the facts." Congressional testimonials. Pamphlet ordering information at the end.
Chapter 5 of a book called The True American Way by Thomas John Clark, circulating among U.S. Patriot groups. Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, McFadden, Lindberg, 1907 crash as contrived by "stock watering", Aldrich plan narrowly averted, historical examples of debt-free currencies, FDR as a traitor to the country who imposed martial law for banker profits.
A Study in Corporate and Banking Influence
By Don Allen. Many different charts that show the interlocking relationships between federal reserve banks and old banking families such as the Rothchilds. Morgan, Rockefeller, and many other key names and companies in complex ASCII diagrams.
Against the International Monetary Fund
Written in 1989 by "Endless Struggle". International Monetary Fund and the World Bank as the "two of the most powerful organizations in the world". Promotion of ecological catastrophe via funding. Support of fascist Pinochet regime. Canadian influence. References at the end.
The Monetary System is Collapsing
From the May 30, 1994 New Federalist. Testimony before congress by Christopher White and Richard Freeman of Executive Intelligence Review. Derivatives trading, "looting and asset stripping", economic depresion, "accumulated national fantasy life", "without precedent in human history", huge "gambling" by powerful banks at the expense of the American public, manipulation of prime interest rates by Federal Reserve banks.


President Kennedy, the Federal Reserve, and Executive Order 11110
From The Final Call, Jan 96. A little-known presidential directive of Kennedy's that challenged the role of the Fed. by giving the government the authority to coin its own money, backed by silver. He was assassinated 5 months after the order was passed, and the notes that had been printed were removed from circulation by later administrations. Similarities to Lincoln's policies. McFadden's attempt to expose the Fed. Kennedy's comptroller of the currency, James J. Saxon. (Adapted from an Ossian Publishers file). Also, a short book review posted to a conspiracy mailing list on Battling Wall Street sheds further light on this angle.
None Dare Call It Conspiracy
Excerpt from the book by Gary Allen, 1971. The conspiracy by world bankers such as the Rothchilds to control the world via credit manipulation, and the accompanying worldwide political maneuverings. Quotes Quigly. J.P. Morgan, Schiff, Aldridge, etc. and the scheme of creating bank panics to further control.
Once In Golconda
"A True Drama of Wall Street 1920-1938", by John Brooks, 1969. Detailed analysis of the historical circumstances and zeitgeist leading to the stock market crash of 1929, with further evidence it was intentionally instigated. Examples of how the media becomes a mouthpiece for the manipulators and inadvertently whips public anxiety and confidence levels. Book apparently includes details on members of the Yale Skull and Bones society.
Fourth Reich of the Rich
An excerpt from the book by Des Griffin, on the astounding concept of how the Great Depression was engineered by a cabal including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, either knowingly or unknowingly, at the whims of the powerful international bankers and industrialists. Manipulation of the Supreme Court. Also, an excerpt from Descent into Slavery by the same author. Data on Colonel House.
How Americans Lost Their Right To Gold
. . . And Became Criminals in the Process, by Henry Mark Holzer. Monograph #35, 1981, published by the Committee for Monetary Research and Education, Inc. Documents the steps by which it became illegal for Americans to own gold, starting with FDR and the succession of presidents. Pretense of "hoarding". Congressional schemings. Constitutionality of gold laws. Some editorial comments entered by transcriber, "Linda". (Ed. Note: Rats! sections 8 and 10 of 11 total were lost, can anyone provide a complete copy?)
The Story of the Greenback
By Dr. Edward T. Yorke, 1988, from Monetary Science Publishing. The Greenback as issued by Lincoln's administration as an example of a government money system not controlled by private bankers. Endless cycles of public and private debt, periodic depressions, German inflation, checking, etc. "When the U.S. Treasury creates the dollar and lends it to banks, banks will return to being banks." /DD>

Odds and Ends

I am an Interest-Free Barter Unit
Essay by Tom Kennedy on the concept of interest-free money alternatives. Local economies, support from economists, lack of susceptability to artificial money scarcity, impossibility of paying interest, resources.
The Internet and the Future of Money
By Howard Rheingold. The Internet as a potential new medium for exchanging money. On Bernard Lietaer, alternative currencies, experiments in Ithaca NY and elsewhere, national currencies as backed by debt and competition.
Gold and Economic Freedom
A stunning paper from the "Liberty Lighthouse" site purporting to be written by Alan Greenspan but with no further information. On the "hysterical antagonism" of statists against a gold standard. "The process of cure was misdiagnosed as the disease." "In the absence of a gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation." "Gold stands as a protector of property rights."
Murderers of JFK left their calling card
John Dinardo comments on the book Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, suggesting the world bankers were behind the assassination of JFK because he was considering and on the verge of reforming the US monetary system, based on a coincidence of the date of assassination and the secret meeting that created the Fed.
Interview with Eustace Mullins
A pioneering researcher in the field of the Fed. and the NWO. Some book references inserted by Brian Redman of Conspiracy Nation. Expert on all types of conspiracies. Jekyll Island, Ezra Pound, Rockefellers, Charles Lindbergh, Carnegie foundation, monopolies, etc.
The National Debt: Fact and Myth
Remarkable anti-reform views by Edward Flaherty, economics professor at Florida State University. Budget deficit vs. public debt, history of the debt. Actually suggests that the public debt is overplayed as a bogeyman among the public. "Some of the popular concerns about the debt are clearly misplaced. We are not, in fact, mortgaging our children's future."
Who is Running the Federal Reserve?
Also by Flaherty, directly challenging the conspiracy notions advanced by Eustace Mullins, Gary Kah, et. al. that "the Federal Reserve is covertly controlled by powerful foreign banking interests". The conclusion is that "it does not appear" to be the case because there are no "verifyable sources for the allegations". "If the U.S. Central Bank is in the grips of an international conspiracy, then neither Mullins nor Kah have uncovered it."
All About Banking
A poem on the banking system by a conscientious and concerned bachelor of engineering, dating April 1996. Attempt to bring the issue to the masses through a catchy format, with a lot of scientific content between the lines. How money works, comparison of models, financial slavery, game theory, advocation of a "technical inquiry by systems engineers".
Awesome Powers of Bank Deposit Money
Basic outline of the Federal Reserve system of Central Banks in the U.S. and their ability to create money, by Peter Cook of Monetary Science Publishing.
The Elite Families
Edited transcription of a channelled lecture taped April 23, 1988 by Hatonn on "the Internationalists", i.e. the Trilateralists and the manipulators of the Federal Reserve system. See also the book Last Waltz of the Tyrants edited by Judi Pope Koteen for virtually identical information obtained from the channelled entity Ramtha. Fractional banking, oil crisis, third world nations, punishing Texas and the Hunts, Shah's death and the hostages, the new currency based on a debit card.

Other Sites

Coalition to Reform Money
Organization working to wrest control of the money supply from the Federal Reserve
alternative to government-printed money, Local Exchange Transaction Systems invented by Michael Linton
Enabling Markets Online, alternative money systems, digital cash.
Beyond Greed and Scarcity—The Future of Money
new evolving book by Barnard Lietaer with a few chapters online, on the pathologies of current money systems and alternative money systems.
Margaret Thoren
excellent pamphlets available on understanding the Federal Reserve and money reform.
Ossian publishers
excellent source of books by James Gibb Stuart and others on the debt problem in both the U.S. and U.K.

For research into the conspirational side, look into books particularly by Eustace Mullins, e.g. Secrets of the Federal Reserve. A nice compact reference widely available on the federal reserve system is:

Naylor, John A., Ph.D. The Essentials of Money and Banking. Research and Education Association, New Jersey, 1989. moneymad.htm