(From Protocol No. 20): "You are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the State which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible."

As we are forced to receive shock after shock in our study the real forces which promote revolution, war, depression and social disorder, we find another surprise awaiting us when we give the subject of "money" its proper place. We have been taught to consider the "gold standard" as beyond question, yet we now find much to question as to its origin and as to the care with which we have been taught to regard it.

How many know that WOODEN tallies were in use in England for 726 years beginning in 1100 and ending only by being taken out of circulation by the "Bank of England" after its charter was granted in 1694? Before you might suggest that there were only a few of them in use we will hasten to add that $70,000,000 were in circulation. Have you ever stopped to think that "depressions" started in our proportion of our basic money?

The prime requisite of money is to serve as a medium of exchange, it has no value in itself. It cannot be eaten, used to build with, or worn as clothing. In fact, whenever it takes on an aspect of a COMMODITY instead of a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, it is diverted from its real purpose. Even being of intrinsic value (gold or silver) tends to restrict its natural unimpeded flow as a medium of exchange while limiting its volume to the amount of basic metal AVAILABLE; Its only value comes from being a DEMAND CLAIM on goods or services. If the owner of goods feels that PRICES are too low and will not sell, your DEMAND CLAIM (money) is WORTHLESS.

Thus we find that PRICES are the real index to business activity. Business activity is PROSPERITY. If PRICES are too low to allow sales of goods or manufacturing AT A PROFIT, i.e. receiving more than it costs to handle them, THERE ARE NO SALES -- NO BUSINESS ACTIVITY -- NO PROSPERITY.

If price as a factor is so important it is well to know what decides the PRICES OF COMMODITIES. Every schoolboy has heard of "supply and demand," but how many adults have ever stopped to consider that this law of "supply and demand" also applies to MONEY, the supply of which, as we shall later show, has been juggled up and down by its "creators"? Miss Coogan gives a good definition of prices in her book, "Money Creators." It is: "Prices reflect the balance between the supply of things people need, and the PURELY ARTIFICIAL SUPPLY of what people use to buy what they need, namely, money." Enough money must be available then, to move the physical volume of goods at equitable price levels. To lower the supply of money at a faster rate than lowering the supply of goods also LOWERS PRICES. If you can both create and take out of circulation the people's money you can inflate and loan, then deflate and call in the loans, getting both the goods which acted as collateral for the loan and a deficiency judgment. This is the essence of your "mysterious" business cycle.

The steps involved in subjecting the United States to the present Jewish money control were: First, demonetizing silver; second, getting GOVERNMENT paper money out of circulation; third, taking gold out of circulation, using the result as leverage for the BANKS to obtain the right of creating money, and last, the juggling act in unadulterated perfection.

The United States has always been one of the greatest silver producing nations. As long as coinage of silver was allowed, CONTROL OF GOLD could not effectively govern the VOLUME OF MONEY.

One of the greatest pieces of fraud that was ever put over on an American Congress was the demonetization of silver. It was started in January of 1873 by getting a bill before Congress that wan entitled, "A Bill to Reform the Coinage and Mint Laws." It was understood and represented as dealing with regulations of the mint laws only and in the bill there was not the slightest intimation that silver was to be demonetized. Covering fifteen pages, it was championed before the Senate by Senator Sherman who, in his arguments, left no doubt in the minds of his hearers that he was for the continued free coinage of silver.

In an affidavit signed by Frederick A. Luckenbach before the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Colorado on May 9, 1892, are set forth the activities of Ernest Seyd, agent for Baron Rothschild of England and friend and acquaintance of the affiant, in successfully having this fraudulent bill passed. It was not American Congressmen who were interested in demonetizing silver, but Jewish bankers of England.

Sixty years after our money was limited to gold, the polishing process was completed by taking all gold away from anyone fortunate enough to own it. "We have removed gold from circulation" was capably carried out under the leadership of our Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morganthau, whose affiliations were so aptly described by Congressman McFadden on the floor of Congress, Jan. 24, 1934. Concerning Mr Morganthau, McFadden said: "He is related by marriage to Herbert Lehman, Jewish Governor of the State of New York, and is related by marriage or otherwise to the Seligmans, of the international Jewish firm of J & W Seligman, who was publicly shown before a Senate committee of investigation to have offered a bribe to a foreign government; and to the Lewisohns, a firm of Jewish international bankers; and to the Warburgs, whose operations through Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the International Acceptance Bank, and the Bank of Manhattan Co., and other foreign and domestic institutions under their control, have drained billions of dollars out of the United States citizens; and to the Strauses, proprietors of R H Macy & Co., of New York, which is an outlet for foreign goods, dumped upon this country at the expense of the United States Government, which is compelled to issue paper money on said foreign goods of the Strauses; and that Mr. Morganthau is likewise related or otherwise connected with various other members of the Jewish banking community of New York and London, Amsterdam, and other foreign financial centers, and that he has as his assistant, presiding over public funds, Earle Bailie, a member of the firm of J & W Seligman, bribe givers aforesaid. . . ."

(More from Protocol No. 20): "Money exists to be circulated and any kind of stagnation of money acts ruinously on the running of the State machinery, for which it is the lubricant; a stagnation of the lubricant may stop the regular working of the mechanism."

"The substitution of interest-bearing paper for a part of the token of exchange has produced exactly this stagnation. The consequences of this circumstances are already sufficiently noticeable."

Under the money system we had inflicted upon us three drastic methods of deflating us exist. First, by raising the artificial discount rates; second, by refusing to extend or renew commercial loans; and third, by moving gold out of the country (one dollar's worth of gold is a reserve for almost thirty dollars' worth of bank money). In spite of this, honest attempts to get debt-free non-interest bearing money into circulation is greeted with cries of "rubber dollar!" What we now have to contend with is a money structure COLLAPSIBLE AT THE WILL OF A FEW "INDIVIDUALS." The following figures given by the Federal Reserve Board on November 9, 1931, should be read while carefully thinking over the excerpts from the Protocols last quoted above. What a perfect fulfillment!

"You are advised that the aggregate amount of 15-day promissory notes of member banks during each of the past three calendar years has been as follows:

1928 .................. $60,598,690,000
1929 .................. ..58,046,696,000
1930 .................. ..13,022,782,000

Don't be fooled when you read press reports of the banks having "plenty of money to loan," and chiding business for not getting it into circulation. It is not IDLE MONEY, it is IDLE CREDIT. Available credit does not become money until it is loaned and the loan used as collateral for an issuance of currency (bank money).

One of the tasks set before the Communist Party is given in a Handbook, edited by P Malevsky-Malevich. It is, "Transfer to the State of all gold reserves, valuables, securities, deposits, etc.,; the centralization of all banking operations and the subordination of all the nationalized banks to a central State bank, etc."

Thank heaven our Congress has so far (1935) not permitted a Nationalized Central Bank. While money does not grow on trees, and has to be created by someone, bringing value to its manufacturer, and while that "someone" should be the US Government, the function of "LOANING" money must be left in private hands. The National power to both "Loan" and "Create" would complete the dumping of our country into the laps of the "Socialists."

In closing this section and calling to mind, that money is effective as the blood stream of a nation in direct proportion to its value as a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, and NOT AS A COMMODITY, because making it a COMMODITY offers the incentive TO CONTROL IT, the fact is submitted that AS LONG AS THIS INCENTIVE TO CONTROL money exists we are faced with the possibility of financial meddling. Mankind is not yet morally perfect. Now, think deeply, does not the allowing of usury (a fixed return) tend to destroy money's perfect adaptability as a medium of exchange BY TRANSFORMING IT INTO A COMMODITY? We believe the Lord knew His business when He forbade the practice of usury.

How many realize that credit is the basis of most of our money under the Federal Rescue Act. Under this Act money is to be secured partly by gold and partly by circulating evidences of debt. But, not a dollar can be put into circulation by the Government without the consent and on terms fixed by the Federal Reserve Banks. This in the face of the fact that our Constitution says that "Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof." Most people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are government institutions; they are not. They are private institutions created by Congressional Act; they are not a part of the governmental machinery. When it is necessary for our government to obtain money it must obtain it from those that control the money, relying solely on the cooperation of these central banking organs, giving as security U.S. Bonds, secured by the taxpayers of the nation, the "bankers" collecting interest both on the government bonds and on the money loaned. In the name of common sense, if our national credit is good enough security for billions of dollars of bonds, it is good enough security for money without the formality of a bond issue.

When the Federal Reserve Act became law on Dec. 23, 1913, it was known as the Glass Bill, which was made up of the text of the Aldrich Bill. The Aldrich Bill was drawn up by Paul M Warburg, who testified before the Congressional Hearing looking into his qualifications for chairman of the Federal Reserve Board in 1914 that he did not decide to become a naturalized citizen until after the "conviction reached him that our system should be reformed." According to p. 387, Vol. 4, in the "Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science," published by the Columbia University: "It may be stated without fear of contradiction that in its fundamental features the Federal Reserve Act is the work of Mr. Warburg more than any other man in the country." Paul Warburg's brother, Max Warburg, was a leading figure in German finance at the time. (The same crew that was behind the German Empire). The same banking system is in use in the leading European nations.

The Gold Act that was forced through Congress in January of 1934 was never printed and circulated according to Congressional precedent. Our Congressmen never had a chance to see what it contained. No one would claim its authorship and the President himself, after signing it, publicly admitted he HAD NEVER READ THE BILL. Because of this Act our citizens had to give up their gold under threat at the rate of $20.67 an ounce while "foreign" owners could present and redeem all of the Federal Reserve Notes they cared to, at the same rate. Care was taken that the President's DEVALUATION PROCLAMATION was not given until their "gold wants" were fully satisfied. Then, AFTER THE PROCLAMATION, they sold their gold back AT THE RATE of $35 an ounce. Not at all inconvenient NOT TO BE an American citizen sometimes!

(More from Protocol No. 2O): "Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation."

When Mr. Citizen borrows a thousand dollars the member bank takes his note and sends it to one of the Central Banks, receiving in return a thousand dollars worth of printed "Bank Money." This thousand dollars worth of "Bank Money," will then supply a reserve for loans from ten to fifteen thousand dollars. Your imagination is practically the only limit to this type of "pyramiding." When Mr. Citizen pays the original note the member bank forwards a thousand dollars to the Central Bank, the note is returned, and the thousand dollars worth of Bank Money is canceled, destroyed, and taken out of circulation. MOST OF OUR MONEY is this Kind. If the banks called in and refused to renew all of their commercial loans approximately 80% of the money would be taken out of circulation. Deflate drastically at any time and you have shrunken and frozen assets -- forced sales -- bankrupt business -- markets flooded by producers of raw materials attempting to get cash -- and banks closed. This is 1929 in short-story form.


I. There are two main divisions of attitude towards life, the ramifications of each covering every individual and national phase of human existence; (1) The one division that refuses to recognize or submit either to the rules and morals based on righteousness, or to the Creator who gave them to us for our guidance. (2) The other division that recognizes God's authority, wisdom and justice.

II. The policy of materialism, rebellion and of man's self-deification has been perpetuated by means of a definite, program of economic slavery, beginning with Babylon, carried through Assyria and the various dynasties of the Roman Empire, and represented today by dictators and eastern philosophies. The policy of righteousness and freedom for mankind was codified at Mt. Sinai and practiced for a while by the Israel Kingdom. What few traces of this latter policy that are still in existence today can be found only in those countries that based their laws on the Bible. These are the Common Law countries.

The occult-secret-society set-up that comprised the nervous-system of the succession of Babylonian dictatorial governments was perpetuated after the fall of Rome and during the Dark Ages, through many lines of secret orders throughout different parts of the world until the latter part of the 18th century.

IV. A group of financiers mostly of Tartar extraction, calling themselves Jews because of their outward acceptance of Judaism, set about at some time previous to the latter part of the eighteenth century in an attempt to take over and coordinate the subversive organizations then in existence. They also set about to organize Jewry's leadership for their own ends.

V. Their plans were successful and resulted in the establishment of the Illuminati and other various cooperating units during the years 1770-1790. Their plan also included measures for changing Christian thinking with regard to education, religion, political science, economics, industry and finance. Just as Weishaupt separated morals from the Bible, Adam Smith "divorced political economy from ethics." Miss Coogan, one of our greatest writers on finance today, says, "The evidence at hand today creates a grave suspicion that the two Adams (Weishaupt and Smith) were financed by the same international money."

VI. In Germany, a nation ruled over by an occult Order of Knighthood (Teutonic Knights), this ring recognized an opportunity for eventually bringing a military machine under their control.

VII. They were fairly successful in Germany because the huge financial trust that comprised a large portion of the economic structure was also interwoven with the government and was a part of it. The Deutsche Bank was established the same year as the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War. Soon afterward the German Empire was re-established (Jan. 1, 1871) and William I of Prussia was proclaimed Emperor seventeen days later. This combination with the Prussian Military System still existed at the time of the beginning of the World War with Rathenau, von Gwinner, Furstenburg, and Thyssen running the show. (Read "Men Around The Kaiser," by FW Wile.)

VIII. Today we are witnessing the fulfillment of the statesmanship expressed in the Protocols. To the student of revolution these statements have a familiar ring because upon closer examination we find that they are substantially the same ideas that were expressed in the writings of Rousseau, Weishaupt, Marx, Bakunin, Lenin, etc. The most startling and tragic aspect of the satanic program comes to light with the exposure of the fact that the same diabolic hook-up now exists between the financial backers of Communism. Fascism and Nazism. In other words, there is still another veil to pierce before we are ushered into the innermost sanctum.


Anti-semitism, as far as world leadership is concerned, is generally for foreign export. It is many times directed by the hidden hierarchy itself. In spite of Mussolini's ultimatum we find that behind Mussolini and Italy is the Banca Commerciale Italiana, at whose head is the Galician Jew Signor Lodovio Toplitz. At the famous conference between Hitler and Mussolini at Venice in June, 1934, the only other persons allowed to attend were the German Foreign Secretary and Count Volpi, the latter the agent for the Banca Commerciale. Another one who assisted in the establishment of the Italian Banca Commerciale was Zaharoff. Zaharoff was responsible for the Maxim-Nordenfelt armaments combine which was joined with the Vickers' armament trust. Zaharoff, according to "All These Things," by Field, "came to play an important part in the international armaments industry and was a dominating force in Vickers during the war." (p. 101.) It was this same armaments combine that has been "named in the Lloyd George war memoirs as failing to supply to Russia munitions of war as contracted, and by its default helping to precipitate revolution in that country" (p. 211.) Basil Zaharoff was born in Odessa, his parents being named Zacharias.

Mrs. Otto Kahn, according to a quotation by Field, "is interested in Russia, and when she goes to Leningrad is officially welcomed by the great Stalin himself." On one of her trips, Mrs. Kahn had Lady Ravensdale as her traveling companion. Lady Ravensdale is Sir Oswald Mosley's sister-in-law. Lady RavensdaIe and the late Lady Cynthia Mosley were granddaughters of the Chicago Jewish millionaire, Levi Leiter. Sir Oswald Mosley capitalizes on anti-semitism in obtaining membership and publicity for his Black Shirts!

In Nazi Germany, anti-semitism is of a special brand, for we find that the Third Reich, the enemy of communism, has rewarded Max Warburg with the title of "Honorary Aryan," for his efforts in financing the campaign to put Hitler in power. This was the same Max Warburg who previously furnished funds to Trotsky & Co., Communist revolutionaries.

Today the Deutsch Bank is the only great privately owned bank in the Third Reich, the government owning approximately 38% of its stock, the ownership, however, existing under the same plan as the RFC in the US. The Deutsch Bank is world-wide in its ramifications, its sphere of influence extending to the Argentine. Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. It was organized the year before the German Empire was re-established, rode through the forty-seven years of imperialism, then saddled the German Republic, and now it is supreme in the Reich.

In German finance, the same deck has been used for the past sixty years. The cards have been shuffled three times since 1870, but they are still the same pack. Straus, Wolff, Silverberg, the Deutsch Bank, et al., comprised the Liberals of the Republic. Thyssen, Flick, Goldschmidt, Vogler, and others comprised the nationalists. Today, we see both factions, the Leftists and the Nationalists, taking part in the politico-financial "Aryan Awakening" backed by such names as Thyssen, Goldschmidt, Solmssen (Salomonsohn), Friedlander, Oppenheim, the Deutsche Bank, et al. Their names may not appear in the German newspaper headlines, but who cares about headlines when his name is inscribed on stock certificates? The Viennese Rothschilds and Fritz Mendel were also the largest contributors to the Heimwehr.

If you have seriously considered scrapping our Constitution because, as some have said, "you cannot eat it," then also remember that Marx's communist Manifesto would not satisfy hunger. This latter fact would be attested to by millions of Russians today, had they not died of starvation.

Before you swallow all of the theories advanced by proponents of materialism, remember that Lenin made himself seventy million marks out of his "idealism." Hillquit, the Jew Socialist leader of America, born in Russia, left an estate of over $200,000. Clara Zetkin, communist leader in Germany, left an estate of many thousands. Bergdoll, the bolshevik draft dodger, had $100,000 in gold somewhere. In fact, many thousands of anarchists of the name brand of "idealism" as Lenin, among them Goldman and Trotsky, have made huge fortunes.


Christian civilization (though not to be judged in its present adulterated form) is based primarily on the promise of salvation and the economic and moral laws given us by the Bible. As long as we would operate under these laws it would be impossible for any dictator to take us over "lock, stock, and barrel." Even though we do not fully follow them today, history has shown that on every occasion on which we took a step away from them, the toll was reckoned in economic bondage for the American citizenry.

Our Constitution was not, as some writers would have us believe, a hodge-podge derivative obtained from all foreign attempts at self-government. The basis of our Constitution was the Common Law. The basis of the Common Law was the Israel Law of the Bible. As God so framed the laws for Israel so that their allegiance to Him could not be tampered with, our forefathers incorporated the Bill of Rights with our Constitution so that their submission to the Creator would not be stolen by a government. The private property right is the greatest possible protector of a man's belief in God. Even Satan knows this much. In discussing the Lord's faithful servant Job, Satan said to the Lord, "But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face" (Job 1:11.) Oh that some or our well-meaning clergy could see the reason for the tie-up between the abolition of private property and the fight against Christianity!

Our form of government, if followed, is the best that mere man can follow for his own protection, that is the reason they are trying so hard to destroy it. Our present difficulties are the result of straying away from the Constitution, not because of it.

America has no need for the collectivist philosophy of life that necessarily includes slavery to a system dominated by a world-trust of racketeers. There is no logical basis for our own American people becoming involved in class wars, fascist movements, or the destruction of life and property through participation in violent strike activities. Refusal to participate or lend aid to the establishment of a "new order" placing America under Asia may be called "selfishness" by the collectivist "social Gospelites," but these false accusations should not drive us to scrap the lessons learned from experience and the Bible.

The history of our nation does not warrant the lending of our support to plans for an incorporated state in which each citizen is "supposed" to have a share of stock, or our doing away with the profit (and loss) system, or our relying on a national checking account for each citizen, or governmental distribution of credit as the sole means of barter. The moment any of these things are done, the citizen may have secured economic security for himself but he could accomplish it just as well by getting himself thrown into the penitentiary.

The American system is the barrier to the plan of the money-mongers to accumulate the wealth of the world. It prevents their securing the disenfranchisement of our people from collectivism by means of formulas that include Bolshevism, corporate states, government ownership of everything, from shoe-laces to human life. Russia happens to be the first outstanding example of a paternalistic autocracy in our generation. Not that it is new, in fact, it was the order of the day in the old Babylonish succession of empires -- it was also feudalism -- it is Lucifer's heritage that God intends to destroy.

There have always been two philosophies of government in the world, one bringing freedom and the other culminating in slavery. One says that government shall exist for the welfare of its people and the other says that the people shall exist for the welfare of the government. One is a blessing to mankind and the other is a RACKET. One was a divine gift to Israel, and the other was proclaimed by a Babylonian Emperor. The American system was established by Sons of God -- Spiritual Israel: Christians. The Asiatic system of mortal-dictatorship came down from the line of Esau. AMERICA's HERITAGE IS WHITE, NOT RED!


Let us get back to the Bible and use those of its laws that could not be misapplied by an unrighteous administration. In our present national unregenerated state we would have a hard enough time to scare up a sufficient number of righteous officials to take care of a small precinct here and there.

Let us not be guided solely by party lines. Platforms have meant little so far. In the last election the Democratic Platform was merely used as a sales talk to elect socialists whom brain-trusters could control. In North Dakota the Republican party platform was used by the collectivists in the Sate's 1922 election. (Read "Stealing Party Nominations.")

Let us not accept anything that involves our being controlled by a financial subsidy without first examining it in order to see whether such movement is for the purpose of making the dependent citizen independent or THE INDEPENDENT CITIZEN DEPENDENT.

Let us not accept any leadership that denies the Bible, such leadership can only terminate in a dictatorship and a dictatorship means a collectivist mass-control of the people. THERE IS NO RECORD IN HISTORY, past or present, of any such type of regime bringing freedom to humanity. A collectivist structure is necessary for the functioning of a dictator and comprises the most perfect set-up of all for the Synagogue of Satan.

Just because one of the main factors in the racket consists of the controlling of the volume of a nation's money is no reason to embrace every program that goes under the title of "Money Reform." Remember that, by adding governmental control of credit or a clause to nationalize the banks, the collapse of the banking structure is made easier and more certain. If the local bankers were completely independent one of the most baleful influences of the Invisible Government would be removed.

Let us not be fooled by everything that goes under the title "anti-Semitism." Just because there are a lot of Jews in the present debacle is no sign that the "directorate" will not again try to cash in by guiding a movement against the Jewish people. [Which is precisely what they did during WWII. -- Ed.]

Let us remove ourselves from the spiritual influence of the satanized occult nervous-system of the racketeers by accepting Christ's sacrifice and acknowledging Him as our personal Savior.

Let us ask God for guidance, but may we at least do our part to the extent of INFORMING OURSELVES so that He may have something to work with.

If you believe with us -- that only Christ's return as King will bring peace on each and goodwill towards man -- then at least stay out of the ranks of those who are engaged in an attempt to destroy our allegiance to the coming King. The glorified Jesus returns after Armageddon has destroyed all life on earth, and He returns with the glorified saints of all ages to step out upon the ashes of the wicked for a thousand years of peace. And if we know enough to stay out, then let us not be accessories after the fact by remaining silent. Nowhere in the Bible is cowardice condoned. Even Christ said that "He that is not with me is against me."

America must choose between LIFE and DEATH! confuse5.htm
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