The Human Choice - 6

Jesus Vs. Satan


Introduction Today the religion promoted by Satanists is the materialist theory of creation by chance and natural selection. In earlier times this was expressed in various forms of nature or idol worship; today we see it returning to its primitive expression as nature worship. This does not mean that Satan is ignorant of the spiritual nature of life - in fact, among insiders, spirit is in religious awareness - but the plan to control the world has to be a plan based on deceit.

Spiritual religion, and the humanist materialist religion, engage in a life/death struggle; both cannot survive, one will become dominant and the other will terminate. The success of one will lead us to the limits (if any exist) of human development; success for the other will mean a civilization based on a false concept of life and proceed to total enslavement. The purpose of this study is to expose the credentials of both sides so that intelligent choice can be made.

The question is: what is the main driving force controlling society? Fortunately the answer is a matter of simple logic: the principal driving force of social behaviour is our belief in how we came to exist.


The most important question in mankind's universe is,"How were we created?"

The importance of this is that humans have a capacity for intelligence. The way we behave - our social moral - is directed (so much as it is in our power) by our perception of our origins. Creation belief is the ultimate directive of social behaviour and the shaping of human social development.

Is information now being kept from the public in order to serve the development of a certain social ideology designed to shape and enslave human society?

If social engineering is taking place, then creation belief is the "absolutely essential" tool of manipulation.

A takeover of human culture (if the manipulators are to have any chance of success) requires the installation of a creation concept that will support the deceiver's plan.

When we understand this we understand the purpose of the deceit that has been introduced, also the importance of the need that this deceit be exposed.

There are obvious problems when it comes to exposing indoctrinated social fantasy because not only will the glory of the world's most powerful families be at stake but there will also be widespread opposition from the enslaved public.

It may, at first, seem incredible that the enslaved will hesitate to throw off their yokes, but once reality has been hidden then reality itself becomes part of the frightening unknown. When a belief has been accepted and has become the rationale for behaviour it becomes a religion. Creation belief is the base for our attitude to life and, once accepted, must be defended. Rebirth is a difficult challenge.

Looking closely at the problem we see that there are only two significant and opposed concepts of creation on which all present social deviations are based.

One is that man has an intelligent and spiritual nature attached to a physical nature; the other denies the existence of spirit or any non-physical intelligent force in either nature or creation.

Obviously there is a lot of ignorant intermixing or confusion between the two opposed creation beliefs and academics are not immune to this confusion, but the question comes down to "creation by chance or creation by intelligence - a world of spiritual design or a world of chance forces?"

All who want to be rational and able to make decisions in their own best interests, have to eliminate beliefs that are mutually exclusive and opposed to each other.

So long as people are massively indoctrinated to believe in creation by chance evolution - so long as people are told that this is the only intelligent belief - society must, if materialist belief is in error, work toward its own self-destruction. That is the logical result of following a creation belief not true to our nature.

All error and confused reasoning deserve exposure but, in the case of a theory of creation, that need is vital. choice6.htm

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