The Human Choice - 4


It seems to many today that neither science nor religion has answers to life's most important questions. Either that or, if they do have answers, then the answers are not being made available to the general public.

Or is it that the general public (because of the mental confusion created by conflicting 'experts') is no longer able to distinguish between intelligent answers and ignorant answers?

But then, if the latter is the case, would that not seem to indicate some inhuman philosophy taking over the sinews of human communication to deliberately confuse and mislead? After all, a rational, truly caring society should be able to communicate factual social information to itself without confusion.

There are many signs of serious social damage and it is not unreasonable to suppose that the information being ignored by our leading institutions contains the medicine we need.

The immoral lack of regard for human welfare, that is cloaked by a pretence of extreme caring, may be the result of ego trying to defend political ideology, or profits, pride of position, or the easy satisfaction of personal lust. It may also be the result of a deliberate deception in the interests of greed and accumulating power, or then again (perhaps most likely) it is all of those.

If deliberate deception is involved then this deception is on an international scale and can only have as its design and purpose the enslavement of the world's people to the plans and designs of a socially criminal elitist world government.

Whether social subversion is a deliberate use of human weakness, or accidental, is an important question. But also important is the fact that, in either circumstance, the logical consequence would result in the death and misery of millions, probably the eventual genocide of entire nations.


We humans, because of our ability for intelligent behaviour, direct our social and moral concepts so as to bring them into logical accord with our most basic belief - our creation belief. For this reason it is truly vital that we direct our efforts to improving our understanding of the reality in which we exist.

Throughout the ages every tribe has attached itself to a 'god' and this is because every social structure needs an anchor for its behaviour.

It shall be shown that the theory of creation by an evolution directed by chance and natural selection is in contradiction of both science and logic. It is a false god.

At first we may not want to see that our problems largely result from our own ego-driven desires and hopes of acclaim, or that these desires may cause us to risk everything and to create deceptions such as the "Piltdown Man" hoax.

Perhaps we may prefer to see our problems as just honest examples of confused reasoning that gained credence because of deep-seated emotional desires in mankind. In the end however, it has to be recognized that this error could not have accumulated had it not been both deliberately serving the plans of the world's most powerful people and aided by a natural desire of mankind to avoid responsibility.

Covetousness and sloth have combined to aid deceit and produce incredible human harm. To continue this selfishness will result in the death of yet another civilization - ours.

So we have a serious accusation and a serious situation in urgent need of attention. But to justify such a challenge do I need do more than remind readers that intelligence is a logical ability and that the benefits to be gained from intelligence depend entirely on the accuracy of the information on which intelligent decisions are made?

Success in life depends on the accuracy of our understanding of life. If life is a meaningless chance event, then we can only achieve pleasure in our preferred form. Any suffering we may cause others is irrelevant because life itself is irrelevant.

On the other hand, if this life is part of an ongoing process, perhaps a test, perhaps an education, then only a fool would throw away the chance of enlightenment and adventure. choice4.htm

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