The Human Choice - 25

EPILOGUE ... is through truth.

The basics have been covered, now let's review main points.

We have a choice! We can go on supporting the present degeneration of social order to increasing war, crime and suffering throughout the world or we can make some small sacrifice to truth and self-discipline in the common interest.

If we fail to discipline children; if we fail to teach right from wrong; if we teach that morals are situational and to the desire of the individual, then, as is becoming increasingly evident, they grow up selfish, arrogant and violent.

We are told that parents must not physically discipline their children, that punishment must be non-violent. New laws propose to outlaw physical discipline of children. What is the purpose of this over-turning of the experience of ages?

The purpose of this plan is to force parents to substitute the quick, effective justice of quickly passing discomfort for emotional forms of punishment which are liable to cause hours of agonizing and perhaps even a lifetime of resentment. As a result of this the child feels contempt for the physical futility of the parent and becomes rebellious in response to the mental torment. Family break-up results in confused people. This benefits the Satanic empire because increasing social strife allows easier overall control.

We are told that if we do not punish children they will grow up gentle and kind; that if we try to satisfy their every desire they will grow up generous and loving; that if children are encouraged to give opinions about things of which they know little, then they will grow up wise and respectful; that if we encourage sexual expression then sex will be ecstatic and loving. All reason and human experience proclaims the opposite, and we already suffer increasing violence, robbery, contempt, sick sex and rape to prove it so. This in the beginning; what of the next generation?

Corruption has become the modern way of business and government.

Male and female are being forced into a war against each other where the only satisfaction is gained from successful violence. If we keep on with this insidious stupidity we face a future in which it will become impossible for people to see beyond injustice and corruption - a very limited future.

So let us not waste time on the obvious but go forward to review a more rational creation and social behaviour.


By the authority of Jesus, who, if not super-human, is clearly the outstanding social intellect of our entire history: God, the Creator, is Spirit. As the Creation is a rational progression of development, then we must accept that, if spirit is not just another word for intelligence, then that intelligence is in the nature of spirit.

Despite that materialist science of recent years (under the influence of Satanist theology) tries to deny all super-physical phenomena, such phenomena is so evident that the great majority of people scorn (in this regard) materialist theory. Psychic experience is just too much in evidence to be ignored by those not totally brain-washed into materialist belief.

But the subtle mixture of creative evolution and spiritual belief is rampant and dangerous. These contradictory beliefs confuse us and disguise (and hide from us) our enemies.

Modern medicine, for instance, in presenting itself as advanced and scientific, is displaying an extreme arrogance. Much of modern medicine is quite primitive; even what is called alternative or folk-medicine is, in many cases, more effective.

However, and this is an important point, it is widely accepted, even among establishment doctors, that a patient's attitude is very important to the patient's recovery.

The weakness of establishment medicine is exposed by the claim that alternatives only work because the patient expects them to work. This is called the "placebo effect". If faith is so often as good as the medicine, then is that not evidence of the spiritual nature of the human or the irrelevance of the medicine?

Establishment medicine, in making its wealth from sickness, not health, has sought to defend itself against the cheaper folk-medicine. However, in the attempt, it has conducted an extensive experiment in faith-healing unaware of what it was doing.

Psychic science, although scoffed at by "hard" science and the more materialist of academics in European based cultures (using the excuse that it cannot be effectively tested by materialist measures) nevertheless has a significant (if confused) following in both East and West.

Humanity would be much better off in both health and happiness if we all took a more realistic view of creation.

So let us accept that the Creator God, Father of Jesus, is Spirit, just as the Son tells us and as common sense observes.

Let us now look at some points of moral revelation!


We should be truthful. We should always bow to the benefits of truth in relation to the needs of our welfare in all areas of living and endeavour. It is beyond intelligent challenge that no beneficial advance, or rational decision-making, is possible without truth. Even the person who has lost a loved one in odd circumstances invariably responds (when questioned by a cruel mass media) to the effect that although the death is accepted it would be more bearable if the whole truth of it were known.


Truth, in relation to sexual behaviour, is a moral imperative. Promiscuity, whether before or during marriage, is a betrayal of one's children and partner.

Promiscuous behaviour exhibits a selfish disregard for the welfare of the children by the parent, or parent to be.

Those who incite promiscuity are the equal of those of whom Jesus says: ".. it would be better for him to have a millstone hung round his neck and be drowned.."

Promiscuity - it should be evident to all who care anything for children, justice, family and the future of humanity - misdirects the natural pair-bonding of marriage. Promiscuity leads directly to strife, contempt, adultery, and violence between husband and wife; it helps promote the war of the sexes and destroys the essential security of respect between marriage partners so essential to the welfare of the children.

There is no magic to this instruction for moral behaviour, it is purely and clearly a direct matter of cause and effect. Indeed, if promiscuity were to have other than disastrous effects, then that would be supernatural.


In Christian morality we are responsible for our own lives; we cannot leave it to some materialistic big brother to take care of us or expect God to save us from the results of our own selfish living. Spiritual commitment requires sacrifice of ego to truth. choice25.htm

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