The Human Choice - 12


Now a short review of additional evidence disproving chance creation and demonstrating the deliberate nature of the deception.

Why does the peacock have such a large and colourful tail?

Answer: To attract his mate. Nature has evolved a wonderful courtship ritual for that purpose.

You will find (or have already found) that evolutionists have what they call 'a plausible explanation' for everything. Obviously an explanation of sorts can be devised to explain everything imaginable, but do these explanations have any relevance to fact? What if we ask why the sparrow does not need a large and colourful tail to attract a mate?

The explanations evolutionists give do nothing to explain why nature, in her blind unconcern for all things, should evolve birds of fancy colours when brown or black would seem to serve equally well. Or, for that matter, why would nature evolve birds at all? Because they are necessary for this or that purpose, the evolutionists reply. But if nature is spiritually dead then nature does not care about this or that purpose, nature knows nothing and cares nothing.

Physical nature is physical! Physical nature, without life, is a bare rock, and only after the complicated arrangement of biological life is complete do any or all of the oddities of life serve some purpose. Physical nature has no concern with reason. Physical nature neither knows nor cares; physical nature is blind, deaf and dumb.

The trouble with evolutionists is that they look at a complete system and seek to explain the finished product in terms to suit their religious (or employer's) need. If we begin at the beginning we find their plausible explanations are meaningless drivel explaining nothing. Does the earth want birds and bees? Does the water want fish? No!

Because no establishment will accept correction easily, please bear with me while I bury the dead; while I add more examples to confirm, or make even more obvious, what we have already found.


Chance creation, in physics, is a mathematically verifiable proposition. Any logical or scientific theory that depends on chance can be tested.

In a sound materialist logic any theory would begin with its mathematical status. This would be especially important, in fact honestly vital, to people claiming logic and science as their only guide. As chance creationists lay claim to science and logic it is very relevant that we ask for mathematical proof because mathematics is considered as being the ultimate scientific confirmation.

Chance evolutionary theory does not have the honour of mathematical support despite the fact that evolution is the sole base for the materialist philosophy.

Let's hear a little more from Professor Hoyle.

Hoyle, long a proponent of the atheist viewpoint, while on a lecture tour of Australia (1982) said; quote:

REJECTION OF DARWINIAN EVOLUTIONARY BELIEFS IS CRUCIAL TO THE SURVIVAL OF LIFE ON EARTH ... and Once you believe in the evolutionary theory that the weakest go to the wall and that nothing can be done about the selection process, then it's an open invitation to the kind of political behaviour we've had over the last century. One has almost built world wars into the system at that point. (My emphasis).

Hoyle also pointed out that if a theory is correct then the pieces fall rapidly into place. New horizons open up and benefits accumulate. This is the opposite to what has happened with chance evolution theory.

'Creative evolution' has saddled humanity with a dead whale. A hundred years and many millions of dollars spent on scientific search have failed to bring it to life. Meanwhile the social engineering based on chance creation has caused untold misery and wasted countless man-hours of scientific effort. No theory concocted by human mind has ever previously been used so carelessly to such destruction of human welfare. choice12.htm

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