World Depopulation and Slavery - Part IV

Revelation 6:7-8, "And when he had opened the Fourth Seal, I heard the voice of the fourth lively creature say, 'Come'."

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the name of his rider was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

All four horses shared the same rider, Satan, working toward incarnating himself at the close of the Gentile dispensation, in that man of sin, the son of perdition. When he commenced his ride in the days of the apostolic church, he was the antichrist spirit manifest in the "deeds of the nicolaitanes," building his mighty church by the old technique of divide and conquer, separating the clergy and establishing a hierarchy over the laity. But the saints were under the anointing of the living creature with a lion-like nature; they stood on God's Word, and were not deceived.

Satan is shown riding upon a white horse, signifying the pure or sanctified nature of the Christ he was impersonating. He had no crown until after the First Nicea Council of AD325 where the Roman Catholic church was organized in the third Church Age. Then a triple crown was given him and he eventually became bishop of all Christendom, changing his nature from white to a red power, and the deeds of the nicolaitanes became enshrined as doctrine.

The Union of church and state gave Satan Roman military might and he went forth evangelizing his false Trinity doctrine and false water baptism in three Titles at the point of that great sword. To Rome, the term "evangelism" is a euphemism for the advancement of the social policy and other aims of the Vatican, rather than the proclamation of the Gospel.

The (London) Sunday Telegraph, (July 21, 1991), summed up the Pope's plans for the "evangelization" of Europe: "He is calmly preparing to assume the mantle which he solemnly believes to be his Divine right -- that of new Holy Roman Emperor, reigning from the Urals to the Atlantic."

As Satan began killing all who refused the mark of the beast under the Second Seal, he will kill dissenters under the Sixth Seal in the near future. But the saints were anointed by the sacrificial nature of the creature with the face of a faithful hard-working ox, and they loved not their lives unto death.

By the Dark Ages he'd killed so many of the saints that the faith, which was in their hearts, was almost completely lost, for It went to the grave with them. Under the Third Seal, Satan's power was symbolized by a black horse, and the darkness of Roman creed and dogma replaced the Light of God's Word in this age which lasted almost a thousand years.

So bold did Satan become, that he began selling forgiveness for future sins, and charging for prayer. Here he is shown weighing-out for sale bread and wine, the staff of natural life, typing the elements of Spiritual Life -- God's Word, and the Spirit that stimulates when It quickens the letter to impart eternal Life.

This Seal took in the first two Ages of the Reformation of the Roman Catholic system of worship. The living creature had the face of a man, signifying the godly wisdom of the Reformers, and the great Bible teachers of the day whose ministry broke the bonds of Roman falsehood.

Under the Fourth Seal, all the evil attributes of Satanic power manifest in the previous three horses combines in this sickly pale colored horse that rides to perdition. This Seal completes the Spiritual redemption of the Church, and the rider receives a name, "Death", and the grave follows with him. This is Satan who is not a believer but a deceiver. Unbelief is sin, the reward of sin is death, and death leads to the grave.

Under this Seal, the saints receive the anointing of the lively creature with the face of a flying eagle, emblematic of a prophet, and signifying that under this Seal, God sends a prophet-messenger to the last Church Age to restore the apostolic faith, finish the mystery of God, introduce the second Coming of the Word, and call both the wise and foolish virgin out from all man-made religions into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation.

Christ finished His Mediatorial work, and the Laodicean Age ended in 1963. Now we're resting in the Presence of the Son-Light as the Holy Spirit incarnates us for the second wave sheaf offering, and the catching-away. Soon the rider of the pale horse will be cast out of heaven to incarnate the man of sin. During the tribulation, he'll persecute to death the 144,000 elect Israelites and all of the "saved." Then the man of sin and his beast system, the false church, will be cast into the lake of Fire.

Satan will be bound throughout the Millennium because his subjects will all be in the grave. After the thousand year honeymoon of Christ and His Bride, his subjects will be resurrected for the judgment, and he'll deceive them again, taking his world-wide church to perdition with him.

Revelation 20:10, 14: Then "the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of Fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. . . And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death."

As our subject, "World Depopulation and Slavery" suggests, Death is riding the land today. I read about Death's ride in the Brisbane Sunday Mail, February 15, 1999. This half-page article was buried on page 20, so it was obviously an open secret that would not interest the average citizen which the Government needed to leak so that if need be in the future, it can not be condemned for not warning citizens. The banner reads:

Army Plan for Y2K Chaos

"Defence forces could patrol the streets as a part of a Federal Government plan to tackle civil unrest if the Y2K bug disrupted essential services."

"Federal Government sources said Australian Defence Forces were drafting a contingency plan for Army, Air Force and Navy to quell any 'millennium chaos' if electricity, water and telecommunications systems failed."

I believe these contingency plans were prepared long ago, because Australian troops have been training in urban warfare against civil populations and guerrillas for many years. Let's face it, our troops are ill-equipped to war against anyone but civilians.

Bible Believers' radio program of June 14, last year, quoted Wendy Howard of Queensland who wrote: "There are thousands of foreign troops in Australia, including troops from the United States of America. These are involved in often secret 'war games.' It's alarming. Those who are investigating the NWO sense that we are being manipulated by global forces in order to bring our nation under full control of the international elitists. The training of soldiers for rural and urban search of towns and homes is equally intriguing, sinister and most odd!"

So "contingency plans" are not being drafted afresh, they're so old the Army's had time to build a whole town where they can rehearse them. This isn't some strange idea of those in command of Australian forces. As I quoted from The Australian of April 17, 1997, on the radio, the participants are international:

"A $4 million township built especially to train soldiers in urban warfare was christened yesterday with a noisy exercise featuring the clatter of machine gun and rifle fire, lurid pink and purple smoke grenades and troops falling dead in the streets, like actors in a theme-park performance.

Built in an army training area in rugged, mountainous country 60km south-west of Townsville, the township, known in army jargon as the Military Operations in Urban Terrain Training Facility, has 37 solid concrete buildings. It even boasts a sewerage system which allows training soldiers to disappear down tunnels beneath the streets. . .

. . . Commander 1st Division, Major-General Tim Ford, said development of the facility has been inspired by the army's experience with the UN forces in Somalia and Rwanda, and the potential for Australian troops to face future urban operations - Major Withycombe said most future UN operations or any other overseas deployments by Australian forces were likely to involve urban environments. (The Major, of Delta Company, commented). 'We need to have the skills to deal with any kind of enemy scenario within a built-up area'."

Somalia and Rwanda are UN killing fields, where the object is depopulation to obtain control of resources. Aren't Australia and the US also targets? Certainly they are. Indigenous rights and Native Title legislation is being pushed from behind the scenes by the same people -- and not for altruistic motives but to steal our national resources and impoverish the natives. Or do you imagine these people who cannibalized much of Africa, Russia, the former Soviets and the Asian "tiger" economies regard us as anything more than human cattle to be culled? Read the Talmud, then consider your verdict.

An article in The Strategy, (March 1998), says, "Reports filtering through from Army sources state that they are stockpiling foodstuffs and water to cater for an expected 'lack of supply' when the Y2K bug turns the national utility services into chaos."

"Furthermore, the information says that the army personnel are being trained in 'martial law' aspects of civilian control."

"This of course, only supports the information already printed by this paper that Military and Police personnel have had all leave canceled for the Christmas-New Year 1999 period in quite a few countries (nearly all the Western countries) including Australia."

That article emphasized the reality of the lateness of the hour, and its MY backyard they're talking about. Was it an official leak of information by government to prepare the great unwashed (in the Blood of the Lamb) Australian public to accept their captivity and enslavement in the name of Y2K "for their own good"?

Readers of this Newsletter are aware of plans to introduce martial law at the end of this year or early next, in the US, UK, Canada and other Western nations. I received an e-mail regarding the introduction of martial law in the United States with suspension of the Constitution and a military takeover of the elected government.

Although I am aware that all necessary Executive Decrees have been passed, (some of which are posted on the Church web site), I was not going to mention this e-mail, but following the article in the Brisbane Sunday Mail, I feel I can quote from it. This information is once again, no doubt, an official leak intended for organs such as this Newsletter to spread as "rumor." Here it is:-

"This morning I received a post from one of the militia commanders that Martial law signs have been seen in two states with burlap bags covering them. A state trooper also pulled a truck over in Northern Michigan that had martial law signs loaded on board."

Well, what do you think? Sounds parallel to news in the Brisbane Sunday Mail (which unfortunately doesn't have a web site).

Now, let's study a little historical background to profile what's been going on in the world, and what is planned, because the Truth will set us free from uncertainty and fear of the unknown. The Holy Spirit shows us things that will come to pass and that's how we possess inner peace that passes all natural understanding.

On February 18, 1999, I heard a Professor Harry Recker interviewed on Sydney radio 2GB. He said Australian women should be restricted to only one child. On March 8, I caught a few minutes of a program on 2BL discussing the World Bank (WB). I was driving, so I didn't hear the name of the conference, but it was something to do with women's health and reproduction. A caller said she attended a WB convention overseas. As she explained, it focused exclusively on abortion, contraception and population control measures, lauding the WB expenditure of so many tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on the program in the last twelve months.

She said that several doctors had explained to the convention that the WB had not helped women. "We need post natal help. Women who giving birth are dying through lack of a simple blood transfusion service. The WB money is wasted, being spent in the wrong area."

Clearly, delegates like this lady are rather naive. The aim and objective of the UN and UN agencies like the WB, is massive world DE-population. Death! The doctors' complaints confirm, the program WB was funding is accomplishing that objective.

The WB has a division employed exclusively on reducing population. They are working with and financing Third World population control programs in over 90 countries. Their investment policy effectively controls population by funding only primitive forms of labor-intensive agriculture using wooden buckets, plowing with oxen and fertilizing with animal dung. Massive Third World and domestic depopulation is the goal of most Western governments.

For instance, in November, 1998, the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, the third largest tax-exempt foundation in the US, with assets of $9 billion, announced a grant of $333 million for international population control and "reproductive health" programs (New American December 21, 1998).

Maurice Strong of the WB, talking in George Orwell's "Newspeak" in which words mean the opposite to their conventional meanings, calls their programs, which retard development and institutionalize ignorance, poverty and death, "sustainable development."

According to the UN, "the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is a financial mechanism that helps protect the global environment by incorporating activities designed to protect it into> the process of sustainable development." In reality it is a confidence trick for impoverishing the ignorant and unlearned trusting natives, and stealing their resources once they've been buried in debt. With no ownership in their country they become homeless serfs dependent upon a foreign landlord.

Like the WB the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is headquartered in Washington DC, and established operations in 1946. The espoused purpose of the Fund is to provide a reserve of foreign exchange on which member governments can draw during temporary balance of payments difficulties. The clever Swiss are conspicuously not members. And no nation believing the Bible would participate as we are to be separated from unbelievers and usury is forbidden.

The IMF is governed by a board of governors, each member nation appointing one governor and one alternative governor. The voting power of members varies according to their financial contribution to the fund. Administrative day-to-day operations are directed by the managing director and board of executive directors. By tradition and precedent, the managing director is always a European national (as the Secretary-General of the UN Security Council is always a Russian general).

IMF policy has served to destroy the creditworthiness of every nation subjected to its conditionalities which are not financial policy, but depopulation policy. The IMF is institutionalizing backwardness. Their loans compel currency devaluations, reducing the ability of nations to import needed agricultural equipment and food, specifying the elimination of infrastructure development and even maintenance, forcing them to divert land and resources from food production to cash crops for export.

The "Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace," compiled from three year's research by a panel of fifteen experts and submitted to the US Government in 1966, gives us a window to the thinking of the global elite.

As we'll discover, "people" and population are a major vexation to the powers-that-be, who are the servants of Satan, having made a covenant with Death (Isaiah 28:14-22). The Report concludes, most medical advances are viewed more as problems than as progress (as they extend people's lives beyond retirement, and they continue to consume resources without producing). That standing armies are social-welfare institutions in the same way as old people's homes or mental hospitals, and the main goal of controversial defense plans and the draft was the expenditure of vast sums of money (to transfer assets to banking and military-industrial interests), not for the advancement of science or defense, as the public believes.

Long-range planning and "budgeting" of the number of lives to be destroyed annually in overt warfare was high on the group's list of priorities for government action.

Proposed replacements for war included: a comprehensive social-welfare program, an open-ended space program aimed at unreachable targets, a permanent inspection program for disarmament (like the UN has deployed against Iraq), an international police force, a comprehensive social-welfare program and massive global pollution. The report termed environmental pollution "promising" as an "apparent" species threat: "But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution." A program of deliberate environmental poisoning was considered POLITICALLY unacceptable, but morally, there were no qualms.

After thirty years we see these deceptive "apparent" environmental species threats have been foisted upon the world by those behind the Iron Mountain group. For instance, Greenpeace, controlled by Rockefeller and ICI, Transparency International, World Wildlife Fund and Prince of Wales Business Leaders' Forum (PWBLF) programs of Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the IMF and WB.

Fictitious alternative enemies (such as Saddam Hussein, extra-terrestrials or asteroid strikes), enslavement programs derived from the Peace Corps model, new religious and other mythologies. Socially oriented blood games, and a program limiting procreation "to the products of artificial insemination" was discussed to allow direct eugenic management. And an anti-reproduction pill to be added to water supplies or essential foodstuffs was "already under development."

They concluded poverty is necessary and desirable. The organized repression of minority groups, and even the re-establishment of slavery were seriously (and on the whole, favorably), discussed as possible aspects of world peace.

They concluded peace is theoretically not impossible, but probably unattainable, and not in the best interests of a stable society.

That's the wisdom on which the leaders of this world base national and global policies. Check "Global 2000: Report to the President," and "Global Future; A Time to Act." But "God blessed mankind, with the command to be FRUITFUL, and MULTIPLY, and FILL the earth, and SUBDUE it." God's thoughts and the ideas of the elite are diabolically opposed to one another.

In 1952, John D. Rockefeller III established his "Population Council," responsible for issuing the first reports and manifestos in favor of "zero population growth" to appear in the US. And its "Annual Report, 1979," trumpeted its continuing dedication to "the spread of government-supported family planning programs throughout the developing sector" and "the spread of the zero population growth movement and the Club of Rome's Malthusianism in developed countries."

(Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was an English clergyman and economist who theorized that unless population growth was controlled, the world's population would grow faster than food supply. His theory is false, failing to take into account future developments in science and technology. Nonetheless they are used today by ungodly and unscrupulous groups like the UN, WB, IMF, Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission to support the depopulation agenda of the City of London who control world finance and resources and have no further need of excess population to run "their" world).

By the 1960's, many agencies sought to establish a position for genocide-planning that might reasonably be expected to become a principal US government policy, whether any given President or the Congress at any given time, knew it, or liked it. Among these agencies were the World Wildlife Fund of Princes Philip, Charles, Prince Bernard and the Habsburg family, the Population Crisis Committee of the Draper Fund, the Aspen Institute, etc.,

In 1965, a special commission was established called "Agenda for the Year 2000." This included Zbigniew Brzezinski and issued a report calling for zero population growth in the Third World. George Ball, at that time Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs, appointed the US State Department's first "population officer" and assigned his staff to study the "overpopulation problem."

In 1967, the "population officer's" task force was transformed into a permanent "Office of Population Affairs" with the US State Department with the sole statutory obligation to study, experiment, promote and undertake policy-reviews with the object of reducing the number of people living in the world. The people who established Communism and took over Russia and later Eastern Europe, China and Cuba, who established Nazism and later took over Western Europe by the Common Market, absorbing (once) Great Britain, now control the United States: their eugenics policies are unchanged.

The Office of Population Affairs set up the population-control experiment we know as the Vietnam War. Generals Maxwell Taylor and William Westmoreland were members of the Population Crisis Committee of the Draper Fund, and were committed to world zero population growth. This experiment in genocide was the reason for American involvement against the national interest, for the no-win strategy adopted to ensure a long, drawn-out conflict, and for the sudden abandonment of Cambodia to Chinese sponsorship of Pol Pot.

This was secretly negotiated with China by Henry Kissinger, and Pol Pot murdered 40% of Cambodian population in the next four years. Kissinger then ordered the Office of Population Affairs to undertake a new series of "demographic studies" targeting areas of Latin America and Africa. The world is now familiar with the US-sponsored warfare, drug-running and AIDS disseminating programs in those countries.

After a series of conferences of present and former officials of NATO and the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, NATO's non-military body), the Black Nobility-controlled Club of Rome was founded in 1968. Its objective was to oppose the philosophy behind NASA's space programs. To this end, it gave birth to the environmentalist movement, and it developed a fraudulent computer model as "proof" that "scarce resources" made economic growth undesirable, in order to support their Malthusian argument for population control.

Their objective is world depopulation, a return to serfdom and the restoration of feudal power to the Vatican and Black Nobility. You will understand that behind this is the Vatican push for one world government if you study this very lengthy document which explains how America has never been independent of the British Monarchy and the Crown of the City of London, and remains a British Colony to this day. This document explains how the Black Nobility "franchised" Rothschilds through the British Throne, and how, through International Law and by virtue of the Holy Alliance, the citizens of "former" British Colonies (at least the United States), are still subjects of the Crown. And their nations and personal wealth belongs to the Crown.

I believe that at this time there is tremendous tension between the Black Nobility and the Crown of the City of London, the Empire of the City (or international bankers). I believe this was reflected in decolonization following World War II, and in the current issues of indigenous rights to land and resources, whose purpose is to break the legitimate (though generally unrecognized) legal ownership under international law of the British Sovereign, and possibly the other monarchies over those "former" colonies and their resources.

If the international bankers can successfully dispossess citizens of substantial parts of their country on behalf of the natives, and have those natives recognized under international law as conquering beligerants then possession and Title will legally pass from the Crown. However this is not necessarily in the best interests of us or the subject peoples of any other country because in a monarchy, all property is vested in the Crown from whom private ownership is also bestowed and by whom its security is protected and guaranteed.

The international bankers are behind moves to declare Australia a republic. Already they have successfully overturned 200 years of Common Law to introduce Native Title to pastoral leases or ranch land. If they can successfully persuade citizens to forsake the Monarchy, radical Crown title will be dissolved and all land will revert to Native Title. Politicians would not have the courage to enforce this in cities, but country people will become tenants overnight.

History has demonstrated how easily the international bankers have impoverished and robbed the native peoples in recent months through their shrewd banking system, whether the WB, IMF, or one of the international merchant banks. One way or another, these people are determined to control the world, and everyone in it.

As Malachi Martin, Pope John Paul II's mouthpiece, wrote in his book, "The Keys of This Blood," there is a contest for world hegemony between three aspirants: Communists, the International Jews, and the Vatican.

The international bankers seem determined to wrest sovereignty, or at least control, from the Crown and the majority of citizens, by transferring it to minority native sovereignty or control, which they can readily usurp for themselves in quick time.

Through Khrushchev's "peace offensive" Communism is planning for one world government, after the three planned world wars and three planned revolutions discussed in previous lessons. One world war and one revolution remain. The "peace offensive" is destroying the West, as they knew it would. The international bankers who established Communism have destroyed Russia's economy and pillaged her industries, enriching themselves as they mainpulate the Russian people back to Communism to fulfill Bible prophecy.

Since 1992 the bankers have caused over 20 million Russian deaths by disease and starvation. Amassing huge reserves of hatred for the West, "always working in another name and under a different occupation" (as instructed by Rothschild and Weishaupt). They have thousands of years' experience in fostering hatred and acting the part of innocent victims themselves. One day, the Russian people will rise up and demand a restoration of Communism to save them from the hopelessness of crime, violence, unemployment, poverty, starvation and disease inflicted upon them by the treacherous plan of the international bankers -- their controllers . . . our controllers.

The "Jews" and Freemasons were behind the founding of such a ruthless dictatorship as Soviet Russia, financing it from 1917 to the present day, and are still in control. As the role of the USA was to lead us into the NWO, Russia's role is to FORCE us to drink! You'll see this card played after the earthquake that sinks Los Angeles and Russia invades the United States. There's a universal game of chess is being played by the Vatican, the Black Nobility, the international bankers (or hof Juden) and the Communists -- you and I are the pawns in their game.

Vatican Rome is the most powerful of the three contestants with over one billion Roman Catholics, and her Protestant daughters in returning to Rome will almost double that figure. The Roman empire knows no international boundaries and reigns in every nation under heaven. Following the Treaty of Rome, the Common Market has reunited the elements of the Western leg of the empire. Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and reunification of East and West Germany, the member states of the Eastern leg are returning. Recently the European Economic Community has changed from a union for the purposes of trade to the political superstate called the European Union.

With the exception of (once) Great Britain, its member countries are all Roman Catholic, and Rome is quickly diluting the doctrine of the Anglican church from within. If we study this document to which we referred, we'll see why it is in the mutual interests of the Black Nobility to give their power and strength to Rome in the spirit of the Holy Alliance, and for Rome to support them.

I realize we're off our subject: just a few more words. There has always been tension between the Throne and the Altar; Britain's monarchy now needs Rome's support through the Holy Alliance to overcome the international bankers and preserve her sovereignty over her "former" colonies. While Rome needs Britain so she may command (American) force of arms to ensure her authority. (Read Revelation 17:12-13 - Part I: Reconstructing the Tower of Babel and the three parts that follow).

Now let's return to our subject of world depopulation and slavery. In 1972, the Club of Rome published "The Limits to Growth" based upon false computer data, to promote the limitation of population growth and human development.

The personnel of the Population Council was strongly represented among outside consultants employed by the architects of "Global 2000" and "Global Future," as was the Club of Rome and its US Association.

A 1969 UN policy paper on world population claimed that the "population crisis" was as important as peace itself. And a US Academy of Sciences report, "Resources and Man," concluded that a world population of 10 billion "is close to (if not above) the maximum that an intensely managed world might hope to support with some degree of comfort and individual choice."

World population in 1968 was 3-4 billion, and projected to reach 7.5 billion by 2000 (UN and US State Department figures). By 1980 that projection for 2000 had diminished to 5.4 billion. The fact is the growth rate in most countries of the world is now below replacement levels, and it will continue to fall unless there is a complete reversal of the economic, monetary and "ethnic cleansing" policies.

In 1976, the Rockefeller Foundation organized a meeting of the thirteen largest environmental institutions which included the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Planned Parenthood, the Population Council and the Club of Rome. Its Chairman was Project Director (and one-time minister) Gerald Barney. He issued a report called "Unfinished Agenda" which recommended:

  • American population reduction. (If I recall correctly, the program calls for a maximum of about 75 millions).
  • An end to all high technology, fertilizer and irrigation-intensive farming, as well as pest-control programs, in the US.
  • The elimination of all nuclear power.
  • No further expansion of US electricity grids.
  • Curtailing of cancer-care research in favor of attacking the products of industry as carcinogens, (thus closing-down industrial development and retarding economic growth).

At this time, Cyrus Vance was serving as study-group leader for the CFR's "1980's Project" which stated: "A degree of controlled disintegration of the world economy is a legitimate objective for the 1980's." Vance subsequently appointed Gerald Barney to head the State Department's Global 2000 task force.

In August 1980, Howard Odum revealed in Fusion Magazine the plan of the Club of Rome: "The United States has a new and exciting leadership role in the world. We will lead the world down. We will help the world down to a lower plateau in energy use." Global planners believe "it is necessary that the United States cut its population by two-thirds within the next fifty years."

And that, friends, is US Policy! Read all about it in "Global 2000 Report to the President" and "Global Future: A Time to Act," -- political statements of intent on the part of such policy-centers as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Federal Reserve and the IMF to pursue policies that would result in the deaths of upwards of 2 billion by 2000.

This Global 2000 view signed by Jimmy Carter and followed by his successors, Ronald Reagan and George Bush is currently guiding the economic and foreign policies of the US. Its object? Depopulation and serfdom by policy.

Back in 1974 Sir Henry Kissinger had said, "population growth most threatened the US and British national security." He said, "There is also the danger that some Lesser Developed Country (LDC) leaders will see developed country pressure for family planning as a form of economic or racial imperialism; this could well create a backlash . . ." He also referred to "reaching and influencing national leaders" but avoided the mention of the "straight out purchase of national leaders," which was soon discovered to be a major function of US "Aid" Programs. Instead he emphasized "education" and "motivation" (propaganda} programs by the UN, US Information Agency (USIA), and US Agency for National Development (USAID). He also spoke of the need to target these programs world wide.

These efforts have been successful in creating universal mass hysteria regarding "overpopulation and exhaustion of resources." Kissinger's involvement in the 1970 Oil "Crisis" is well documented. His payment to Saddam Hussein of US$4 billion, just prior to "Desert Storm," through the Banco Nazionale del Lavore (BNL) Georgia, came out in questions raised by Gonzalez, chairman of the US Congress Banking Committee. The physical outcome of the Gulf War was the locking-up of Iraqi oilfields, the destruction of Iraq's prosperity, and depopulation.

It is hard to imagine Kissinger KCMG paying Saddam except for "services rendered," or to be rendered. And it's reasonable to assume that Saddam would want payment in advance. Of course this is all supposition because the payment to Saddam for service to the Empire of the City of London has never been explained. But the US$4 billion transfer to Saddam Hussein is a clear example of the way LDC leaders can be bought, misled, and pressured into allowing or assisting in the destruction of their own economy.

Another reason for the Gulf War, upon analysis, was to infect US military personnel with biological weaponry and its antidotes, and subsequently US and world population, and to test weaponry on Iraq to whom factions had sold weapons to be used against US troops.

President George Bush and members of his administration held stock in some of the biotech companies that produced the biological "weapons of mass destruction" sold to Iraq, and subsequently used against US troops. (US Arms also sold Iraq conventional arms to be used against US troops as former Secretary of Agriculture, Ron Brown, a Director of US Arms Inc. and four other passengers on the aircraft conveniently blown-up in Bosnia were to testify. Thirty-seven persons were murdered on that flight; traces of explosives have been found. (President Clinton claimed Executive Privilege as a reason for not disclosing certain documents to Congress relating to these arms shipments to Iraq).

Kissinger's primary weapon of persuading countries to adopt population reduction measures was food. Kissinger lists Nigeria, Egypt and Brazil as "targets." If destabilization of national food production can be achieved, then the primary weapon which can be used is the restriction of food aid. He foreshadows letting people die as a result of the destabilization created: "Mandatory programs may be needed . . . we should be considering the possibilities now . . . We will be forced to make choices as to whom we can reasonably assist . . . should population efforts be a criterion for such assistance" (EIR June 9, 1995, p.16-18).

Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the UN's World Food Program is quoted as saying, "Food is Power! We use it to change behavior. Some may call that bribery. We do not apologize." (Texe Marrs Newsletter, February 1999).

Nations in debt will be forced to yield land for conservation managed by environmentalists in trusts. The international bankers will forgive some of the Third World debt if they give them the land they want.

The concept behind recent moves against Clinton make sense if one considers developments in the financial sector. London appears to want financial chaos, while they move in (with hoarded gold) to conquer the world with their system. They've already succeeded in Europe with Maastricht, and in Argentina and Bulgaria with currency boards. They hope to rule the world with currency board-type colonialism. No sovereign credit! All development is to become the property of the Crown of the City of London.

President Clinton is in favor of re-establishing a Bretton-Woods type of Agreement which would include restoring exchange rates to what they were before the hedge funds manipulated the Asian currencies, limited convertibility, controls on capital movements, and direction of sovereign credit into high technology infrastructure. This would be anathema to the plans of the elite.

The powers-that-be plan to depopulate the world and return it to serfdom. Their policies have been responsible for perhaps almost a billion deaths by famine, warfare and disease in just the past 40 years. After the earthquake that sinks Los Angeles marking the end of the Gentile dispensation, the children of this world will see Rome and its Pope as their political and financial salvation. Many will also see in him the embodiment of their god who has preserved them from slavery and death. And all the world will worship him, whose names were not written on the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world. bb990310.htm

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