Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent – V

The use of the term "Chosen People" has been abused by all to whom it has been applied or claimed, whether from a racial, religious, cultural, economic, or some other standpoint. We will commence this teaching by clarifying the fact that "Hebrew," "Israelite" and "Jew" are not synonymous terms.

The word "Hebrew" comes from Eber, Shem's great grandson who was born in about 1723BC (Genesis 10:24). Many are Hebrews including the Arabs, and Abraham born six generations later was also a Hebrew, but not a Jew. The descendants of Abraham's grandson Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, are Israelites but not Jews. The Old Testament was given to the Hebrews descended from Abraham, Isaac and Israel, not to other Hebrew families and not to Jews. After their sojourn in Egypt and the exodus through the Red Sea under Moses, who was an Israelite but not a Jew, the Nation of Israel was formed when the Covenant was given at Mount Sinai.

Exodus 19:5-6, "Now if you will obey My voice in deed, and keep My Covenant, then you shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all people: for all the earth is Mine: and you shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation."

God gave Israel a land where they could rest from their enemies, observe their sabbath day and live Life as a witness. The two principal causes for their resettlement in antiquity were commerce and war. The great expansion of the united Monarchy under David and Solomon sent Israelites as government administrators and colonists, and as private tradesmen, into many parts of Africa and Asia (II Samuel 8; I Kings 4). Many of these undoubtedly settled permanently. However the greatest cause of dispersion arose from divine judgment when they intermarried with the Serpent seed, and corrupted their morals and their worship. Physical fornication is the same spirit that is in idolatry, and all fornicators will have their place in the Lake of Fire.

For approximately 500 years all twelve tribes were united in this Israel Nation. They divided into two separate kingdoms in 975BC: the House of Judah and the House of Israel. The House of Judah was made up of the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin, while the Northern Ten Tribes made up the House of Israel.

In I Kings 11:1-13, we learn "King Solomon loved many [(Heb.) 'nokriy'] strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh: women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians and Hittites . . . when Solomon was old, his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God, as was the heart of David his father. Wherefore the Lord said to Solomon, Because you have done this and have not kept My Covenant and My statutes, which I commanded you, I will rend the kingdom from you, and give it to your servant [Jeroboam]" (I Kings 11:26-40).

Did you notice that prophecy? When Isaac blessed Jacob he said in Genesis 27:29, "Let people serve you, and nations bow down to you: be lord over your brethren, and let your mother's sons bow down to you: cursed be every one that curses you, and blessed be he that blesses you." Likewise in verse 40 He told Esau, "By your sword shall you live, and you shall serve your brother".

The word 'nokriy' covers everyone of alien or foreign character regardless of their place of residence, and is defined by the context in which it appears. It embraces the Canaanites, who descended from Ham's incestuous behaviour, and the Moabites and Ammonites who descended from Lot's cohabitation with his own daughters. These 'nokriy' were strictly taboo with no rights or privileges in the Israel community. Their status was that of a bastard (Heb.) 'mamser,' one of mixed or spurious origin—one specifically prevented by divine decree from entering the congregation of the Lord or election, even to his tenth generation (Deuteronomy 23:2-3). That is, never! The Serpent's seed are 'nokriy'.

Now because the once Christian world has wandered from God's unchanging Word to the expedience of situational ethics wherein the end justifies the means, we have made ourselves servants of sin. God placed enmity between Adam's race and these nokriy, and we are not to associate with them. They do not practice evil in their own name but work under a another name and in a different occupation. Blinded by unbelief, God allowed them to beguile us, and they are now our masters.

Usury has become the dominant force in the world system. People tend to believe that money is notes and coin—legal tender, but currency represents less than 5% of all the money in circulation. Most money in circulation is non-existent, created by banks and financial institutions at the stroke of a pen. It is no more than an entry in the ledger secured by an enforceable promise to pay.

Most transactions are done by cheque or credit card. That money is electronic and was never issued. But if you wish to borrow some of this created money, you will pay interest and charges. The nations (Heb.) 'Goyim' are owned by the Money Power and can never recover their independence. The kingdom has been taken from us and given to our servant, and Israel's servant (Genesis 9:25-27).

Never were the Houses of Israel united. In about 732BC Tiglath-Pileser deported the Tribes of Naphtali, Reuben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh to Assyria (II Kings 15:29; I Chronicles 5:25-26). And in 721BC the House of Israel was deported by Shalmaneser IV (II Kings 17:5), ending their recorded history, their destiny being foretold from this point in prophecy.

In 709BC, nine years after he'd finished removing the kingdom of Israel, Sennacherib carried away 200,000 from the walled cities of Judah into Assyria. Isaiah foretold this fifty-years ahead of the event, calling Judah "the remnant".

From 586BC Nebuchadnezzar took the remainder of the House of Judah captive to Babylon until "none remained except the poorest people of the land"  (II Kings 24:14). There they remained seventy years. These are the Jews of the Bible, a mixed multitude as Ezra and Nehemiah confirm: it is essential we understand this word "Jew" does not refer to Semitic Judahites for it is a contraction of the word "Judean" meaning a Chinese, Eskimo, Negro, Englishman and everyone resident in Judah, so the word "Jew" relates to geography and has nothing to do with race, religious belief, or God's promises to Abraham and his seed.

The influence of the Babylonian captivity upon this remnant of the House of Judah is not generally comprehended. It changed the world; priest-kings flourished in Nebuchadnezzar's neo-Babylon, which was the head of gold above four successive Gentile world powers that would rule the world from the captivity until the Kingdom is restored to Israel in the millennium. The captivity was Judah's initiation into the Asiatic banking system, secret societies, mystery religion and one world government.

The remnant who returned from Babylon to Jerusalem after seventy years was but a portion of the original captives supplemented by an admixture of races from the provinces of Medo-Persia that extended from India to Ethiopia. After the Israelite Mordecai's victorious struggle against the treacherous intrigues of his Serpent seed adversary, Haman the Edomite, King Xerxes or Ahasuerus, decreed that the Jews may kill their enemies. Consequently, "many of the people of the land became (Heb.) 'yahad' Judaised false Jews [like "the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" that organized the Judaeo-Roman Universal false Church as an impersonation of the formal temple worship with its high priest; for the fear of the (Heb.) 'Yhuwdiy' Judahites fell upon them" (Esther 1:1; 8:17; Revelation 2:9).

Conditions in Palestine at the time of the return were grim, while life in Babylon was so comfortable and prosperous it detained many Jewish families, perhaps due to their expedience in defecting from the faith and ancient customs. Whereas many Jews, perhaps the faithful, did not fare so well (Psalms 137; Isaiah 14:3).

Instead of being a separated people, Judah spent seventy years amid a conglomeration of races with Babylonian cults based on man's deification of man, and intermarried the Serpent seed transported from Edom and Canaan, with Moabites and Ammonites who bore God's curse because they hired Balaam to curse Abraham's seed, and Egyptians (Ezra 9:1-2, 12; Nehemiah 13:1-2, 23-30). Is it any wonder that Christ was rejected as the Messiah?

When Israel conquered the Promised Land, Canaan was saturated with evil practices of idolatry, immorality and bloodshed. Canaanite religion was extraordinarily base. Many of the rites at their high places involved gross acts of sexual depravity. Incest, sodomy and bestiality were "the doings of the land of Canaan," making it so unclean it was to "spue out its inhabitants" like the spirit of Laodicea today (Leviticus 18; Revelation 3:16).

Magic, spellbinding, spiritism and child sacrifice, were among the Canaanite's detestable practices (Deuteronomy 18:9-14). Their most prominent deity was Baal. Ashtoreth and Anath were worshiped using temple prostitutes. Anath is depicted in the Baal Epic from Ugarit as effecting a general slaughter of men, then decorating herself with suspended heads and attaching men's hands to her girdle while joyfully wading in their blood. Figurines of Ashtoreth discovered in Palestine show a nude woman with rudely exaggerated sex organs. Archaeologist W. F. Albright observed: "At its worst . . . the erotic aspect of their cult must have sunk to extremely sordid depths of social degradation" (Archaeology and the Religion of Israel 1968, p. 76-77).

According to Merrill F. Unger: "Excavations in Palestine have uncovered piles of ashes, and remains of infant skeletons in cemeteries around heathen altars, pointing to the widespread practice of this cruel abomination" (Archaeology and the Old Testament, 1964, p. 279). Like Bohemian Grove?

Halley's Bible Handbook says: "Canaanites worshipped, by immoral indulgence as a religious rite, in the presence of their gods; and then, by murdering their first-born children, as a sacrifice to these same gods. It seems . . . the land of Canaan had become a sort of Sodom and Gomorrah on a national scale. Did a civilization of such abominable filth and brutality have any right longer to exist? . . . Archaeologists who dig in the ruins of Canaanite cities wonder that God did not destroy them sooner than He did" (1964, p. 161). Israel were to be a separated people.

During the Greco-Roman period, Babylonia was the area most densely settled by Jews outside Palestine. The dispersion in Egypt was next in importance. The fact that within the aging Jeremiah's own lifetime, he ministered in Egypt to the Jews at Migdol, Tahpanhes, Memphis, and in Pathros shows there was a large established Jewish population (Jeremiah 44:1).

Under Rome, the Jews received favourable treatment until the short reign of Gaius Caligula (AD37-41), who took his divinity seriously and demanded of his Jewish subjects full observance of emperor worship. He tried to introduce his image into the temple, inciting riots. Caligula was murdered by conspirators in Rome.

The destruction of the second Temple turned Rome into a ruthless regime in the eyes of the Jews everywhere. The Empire required all Jews to pay, instead of the half-shekel previously contributed to the temple, a tax of two drachmas to the treasury of the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. The "Jews tax" continued to be an aggravating and humiliating tax burden until about the fourth century.

During the reigns of Trajan and his successor, Hadrian, there were massive and bloody revolts of Jews throughout the Roman empire in Mesopotamia and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean sea, particularly in Egypt, Cyrene (in North Africa) and Cyprus. It was the most dangerous agitation against the Roman regime in the east since the wars of Mithradites at the end of the Republican period.

Later emperors became more favourably disposed towards the Jewish religion. And circumcision, forbidden under Hadrian, was again allowed, although circumcising non-Jews was forbidden with the aim of halting proselytization. These more favourable relations between the Jewish people and the empire continued in effect until the beginning of the fourth century when Christianity became dominant following the First Nicaea Council.

The Northern Kingdom had long been carried away and its population replaced by mingled peoples who followed a form of Jewish religion but did not attend the Temple in Jerusalem, and were not fully accepted by the Jews.

Judah had begun to disperse since the carrying-away of captives by Sennacherib. Many of Nebuchadnezzar's captives never returned like numbers of Judah's citizens who'd escaped to Edom, Moab and Egypt. Titus destroyed the temple in AD70, but not before its work was complete. Babylon had been the hub of Jewish scholarship for 600 years. So with the Temple destroyed and the sacrifice done-away, there was nothing to bind the Jews to Judah. They've been apostate since Calvary, and over time, most of them have become Moslems.

In Jesus' day two and a half million Jews lived in Jerusalem, one million each in Asia Minor and Antioch, Babylon and Mesopotamia, and in Alexandria, and a hundred thousand in Cyrene, and in Italy.

The Hellenised Jewish philosopher, Philo, listed far-flung Jewish settlements in Egypt, Phoenician Syria, Coele-Syria, Pamphylia, Cilicia, Asia Minor as far as Bithynia and the remotest corners of Pontus; in Europe, Thessaly, Boeotia, Macedonia, Aetolia, Attica, Argos, Corinth and the "fairest parts" of the Peloponnesus, the islands of Euboea, Cyprus and Crete; and in almost all the countries beyond the Euphrates, in "all the satrapies which contain fruitful land" (Esther 3:8).

Acts 2:9-11 testifies to this dispersion, for many Jews continued to pay the half shekel Temple due and to travel great distances to the compulsory festivals (John 7:35; James 1:1; I Peter 1:1).

Today, the largest concentrations of Jews are to be found in the American continent, in Russia and Israel. But who are these people and how did they come to be in these far-flung places?

According to Isaiah 11:10-16, "When the root of Jesse, [Christ who is both Root and Offspring of Jesse's son David and therefore also the root of David's father], stands for a banner of salvation to all the world, the Gentiles will receive Him and enter His glorious rest (Matthew 11:29; John 12:32). And when the last Bride Age saint has been baptized into the Body of Christ, it shall come to pass that the Lord shall recover the remnant of His people the second time, from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Ethiopia, and from Persia, from Shinar, and from Upper Syria and the countries bordering on the Mediterranean sea. (That's where the ten lost Tribes were resettled or were sold into slavery by the Assyrians).

The true meaning of the assertion that Israel "disappeared" is to be found in the Talmud, which says: "The ten tribes have no share in the world to come." Thus, the "children of Israel" are banned from heaven by the ruling sect of Judaism (Sanhedrin 110).

"And He shall raise up a signal for the nations [Christ's parousia by the Message of His prophet, William Branham, calling the Los Angeles earthquake, signalling the end of the Gentile dispensation, the commencement of the first resurrection and the manifestation of the Sons of God], and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, [they are Muslims, we just recited whence they return], and gather together the dispersed of Judah [who were more widely scattered], from the four corners of the earth. [God will assemble and gather the Israelite peoples by the Message of two Hebrew prophets]."

"The envy also of Ephraim [head Tribe of the Northern Kingdom] shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah will be cut off [sounds like Moab, Ammon, Egypt and the Serpent's seed peoples]: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim."

"But together they will swoop down upon the land of the Philistines sloping toward the west; together they shall spoil the Arabs of the east: they will possess Edom and Moab; and the Ammonites shall obey them. And the Lord shall utterly destroy [cherem] the tongue of the Egyptian sea [or the Gulf of Aqaba which simulates a tongue, it's another exodus]; and with His mighty wind shall He wave His hand over the Euphrates river, and divide it into seven streams that can be easily crossed dryshod. And there shall be a highway for the remnant from Assyria as there was for all of Israel [as when God once divided the Jordan for Israel's return from Egypt to the Land of the Covenant]".

Non-Semitic Khazar identitySince we know from whence Israel's "lost" ten Tribes will return, let's identify these so-called "Jews," living in America (which they won't escape from), Russia and the rest of the world (C.O.D., p. 97:235). Known as Ashkenazim they represent 95% of Jewry. We'll turn to Genesis after the Flood and study the lineage of Japheth. Yes I know, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were descendants of Shem. But the "Jews" are mostly from Japheth, or they are Serpent's seed; either way they have no historic presence in Palestine.

Gomer settled originally in Armenia. His son, Ashkenaz, in Turkey. Later Jewish traditions associate Ashkenaz with Gomer and Germanic races. Because the name "Ashkenaz" was applied to medieval Germany in rabbinical literature, German Jews are known as Ashkenazim. The Assyrians tell us in their inscriptions of the Askuza, a tribe who allied themselves with the Mannai in a revolt during the seventh century BC. This incident is also mentioned in Jeremiah 51:27. In this statement Jeremiah confirms the identity of the Ashkenazi with the Askuza. The Askuza of the Assyrian records, later became the Skythai (Scythians) of Herodotus. Other early sources confirm their place of settlement in what was to become Pontus and Bithynia (northern Turkey), where the peoples of Ashkenaz gave their name to the lake and harbour of Ascanius, and to the district of Ascania. They are also said to have given their name to the Axenus or Euxine Sea (the modern Black Sea), on whose shores they first settled. Josephus tells us they were known to the Greeks as the Rheginians.

The Ashkenazim Jews are not descendants of Shem, but Khazars, and sons of Japheth who intermarried with the Serpent's seed of Heth, progenitor of the Hittite nation, known to the Assyrians as the Khatti.

Khazaria mapHeth's name was perpetuated in the Hittite capital Hattushash, modern Boghazkeiu in Turkey. The Mongol Khazars were Huns, a mixture of warlike nomadic people of the Turkic language group, driven westward by the Chinese and other Asiatics. In about AD600 this belligerent tribe of half-Mongolian people, similar to the modern Turks, conquered the territory of what is now southern Russia. Before long the Khazars' kingdom ran from the Caspian to the Black Sea with its capital, Ityl, at the mouth of the Volga River (A History of the Jews, Solomon Grayzel).

In AD740 the Khazars were converted to Talmudic Judaism by rabbis from Babylon, which was the center of Jewish scholarship from the Captivity in 586BC until about AD1100. Although neither Hebrews, Israelites or even Jews of Idumea, the Khazars make the most vocal claims to be "God's chosen people." After AD765 the Khazar empire ceased to exist, as the independence of the Khazar state waned unto extinction, this Asiatic mixture migrated into Europe, contributing further to the downfall of Jewry; as may be confirmed in any Jewish Encyclopedia or history. These self-styled or International Jews have made trouble wherever they went. They've been expelled from England and every kingdom in Europe; until after 1497 there were no professing Jews (except for an underground of forced converts) left in all the lands bordering the Atlantic, including England. During the seventeenth century, however, they returned and penetrated to Holland and England. Not until 1917 did the Revolution abolish the Pale of Settlement and take away the last barriers to their settlement throughout Russia.

To discover the descendants of the ten 'lost' Tribes of Israel we must search in the old lands of Assyria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Persia, Babylon, Syria and the Mediterranean islands (Isaiah 11:11). Perhaps "for fear of the Jews" these Israelites would be Muslims, and therefore not considered in any census as "Jews" . . . or Israelites.

Ashkenazim "Jews" follow not the Law and the prophets of the Old Testament, but the Talmud. "The Talmud must not be regarded as an ordinary work. Composed of twelve volumes, it possesses absolutely no similarity to any other literary production, but forms, without any figure of speech, a world of its own, which must be judged by its peculiar laws . . ."

"The Talmud contains much that is frivolous of which it treats with great gravity and seriousness; it further reflects the various superstitious practices and views of its Persian birthplace which presume the efficacy of demoniacal medicines, of magic, incantations, miraculous cures, and interpretations of dreams . . . It also contains isolated instances of uncharitable judgments and decrees against the members of other nations and religions, and finally it favours an incorrect exposition of the Scriptures, accepting, as it does, tasteless misrepresentations" (Professor Heinrich Graetz, History of the Jews Volume II: From the Reign of Hyrcanus (135BC) to the Completion of the Babylonian Talmud (500BC), 1863, p. 631).

Sounds as if it has considerable Canaanite influence. Surely the Talmud is the most disgustingly filthy and blasphemous book in print anywhere in the world today. (Many excerpts from the Talmud may be read on Bible Believers' Church Website).

Khazar warriorThe Ashkenazim in the main, are neither Hebrews, Israelites, Jews or even Semitic but they call themselves Jews. From these Asiatic usurpers of Jacob's birthright came a leadership that consolidated within itself the strategy, enslavement and driving of all peoples known as Jews. From this leadership the iniquitous financial cult rose to power, reserving to itself the power of every collective movement world-wide. Communism and Nazism are their inventions and from within this leadership pogroms have been directed against Jews all over the world, to build a people, bound together by fear who could be easily manipulated and controlled to serve their purposes. In World War II (which was planned in 1871) the Nazi Sephardim wearing the Swastika were set against the Ashkenazim Red Star and the Hammer and Sickle. To the elite, all are pawns in the game of world domination. As Meyer Amschel Rothschild once said, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."

Students of the revolution realize that this "Synagogue of Satan" which has evolved also includes those with no Asiatic blood in their veins. The tie is not entirely one of blood; this Babylonian occult leadership is bound together by LIKE FINANCIAL INTERESTS. Strictly speaking, it's not accurate to call them Jews, but since this is what they call themselves we are left with no other alternative.

Modern Jewry is built upon the religious and commercial teachings of Babylon. Babylon was organized rebellion against God, the head of Gentile world dominion, Satan's original seat or earthly power, and was always Israel's enemy. It was a financial and commercial racket on an international scale. Babylon was the first example of collectivism, utilizing mass slavery, occult control and military force. (It sounds like the modern Jewish colony of America today). Nimrod was chief financier, dictator and occult director. The only difference today is that the leaders of this racket are the hidden hand that controls finances and hires governments and religions.

The philosophies behind this God-denying and self-deifying system were brought into Asia Minor by secret societies originating in Chaldea, Persia and Egypt when the Medes and Persians conquered Babylon. The priest-king Attalus, fled to Pergamos with his sacred mysteries where he set up his kingdom and thrived under the care of the Devil. These Babylonian philosophies were perpetuated by the Manicheans, Pharisees, Assassins, and scores of other secret societies.

The occult leadership that was to so profoundly influence the direction of nations, was brought into Europe by criminal remnants of the Crusaders and we see this moral disease being spread in its various forms by the Teutonic Knights (later Prussia), Knights of Saint John, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasonry and others.

It isn't commonly known that Germany's rise to power was under a governing aristocracy with whose aims of world dominion the rights of their subjects were not allowed to interfere. According to the Congressional Library's Index File, "up to 1466 the history of East Prussia is identical with that of the Order of the Teutonic Knights." According to Chamber's Encyclopedia, Third edition, the "conquests of the Order raised it to the rank of a sovereign power . . ." (Iron Curtain Over America, J. Beaty, Ch. 1).

Then, as today, in a materialistic system, the money power ruled. And history records the manipulations of the financial-politico-occult ring that so successfully laid their plans for the coordination of the secret societies in Europe in the eighteenth century. While subsidizing these organizations, the plans were laid to take over the governmental system and its military machine that arose from the "Teutonic Knights," culminating in WWI.

Our present revolutionary organizations can be definitely traced back to the Illuminati, founded May 1, 1776. While Adam Weishaupt is credited for its organization, he was in fact only the nominal head, the real masters were they who furnished the money. The huge sums that were at the disposal of the organizers of the Illuminati in the banks of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Genoa and Venice, were not deposited by Weishaupt. There were also many subsidiary organizations set up in order to make the revolutionary machinery run more smoothly. These included the Economists, Philosophers, Encyclopaedists, Jacobins and Haskalah. (All Illuminati fronts).

In considering the connection between high finance, entrenched on Frankfort-on-the-Main, and the Illuminati, we should remember that behind Weishaupt was Moses Mendelssohn, Wessely, Itzig of Itzig, Ephraim & Co., Friedlander and Meyer. Some of the other financiers who played a leading part in the French Revolution which followed this activity were Cerf-Beer, Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid, and Moses Mocatta. Itzig was Friedlander's son-in-law and was also a notable leader of the Berlin Kahilla.

Jewry was whipped into shape by the organizing of its liberal constituency. Modernism was fed to Protestantism by members of the Aufklarung and Illuminati, and the poison is almost fatal to Christendom today. Lessing, one of the first so-called "higher critics," was an ardent supporter of the Illuminati and introduced Mendelssohn into the literary world. Subversive finance had worked its way into Catholicism by infiltrating its agents into the Jesuit Order, and when the Jesuits were suppressed by Papal decree in 1772 this seemed to have been the signal for the unleashing of operations with such force that the momentum has carried through for a hundred and fifty years.

The Wilhelmsbad Congress of 1782 made it possible for the revolutionary tool of the Asiatic financiers to control the continental set-up. The headquarters for Illuminized Freemasonry was moved to Frankfort, and such items as the death of Louis XVI and the French Revolution were arranged.

The Illuminati, under the renegade Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive Satanic society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact antithesis of Christianity. Enticing its victim into the initial degrees by the most beautiful altruistic fraternal ideals, and noble aspirations, it gradually wove a net of murderous Satanism about them, with implications in ritual murders at length binding them securely to the organization with chains of steel.

Thus far we have followed the trail of the Serpent from the garden of Eden where he sought to destroy Adam and his seed. We followed him into the ark and through the Flood in Canaan and saw how Esau married into the Serpent seed and sought to destroy Jacob. It was Edomites who killed Jacob's Messiah and future King, Jesus Christ, and largely Edomites, or Hittites, that are Khazar or Ashkenazim, who impersonate Israel today, calling themselves "Jews." These are the successors of the banking system, occult and secret societies of Babylon.

Their elites would rule this world by a totalitarian government as they consider themselves the "chosen people." Next time we meet I would like to consider the Sephardic Jews. Are they Jacob/Israel, or are they Esau/Edom?

If any credence is given to the Apocryphal writings, it will be observed that "Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of that which follows" (Esdras II 6:7-9). This places the descendants of Esau into a position of great prominence at the end of the ages which culminates with Edom's last desperate attempt to recover his birthright and claim to be "the Chosen People of God."

The "time of the end" commenced in 1963 when Christ opened the Seven Seals. Now we can begin to see why Esau/Edom is such a powerful force, controlling almost every State on earth through its corrupt banking network, its despotic United Nations and its agents in the upper echelons of industry, religious and governments. Satan sure is going about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour for he knows his end is near.

Obadiah 17-21 speaks of the final disposition of any remnant of the House of Esau which is Edom and the restoration of the kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6). Thus it is Scriptural that we see Esau in a position of such strength at the end of the Age, and this warrants our most careful study.
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