America, Prostitute of the Nations

Genesis 1:11, "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so."

Now I Timothy 6:6-12, "Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses."

"The love of money is the root of all evil." May God add His blessing to the reading of His Word and unlock its treasures to our hearts. For His glory and in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The whole of God's creation is a manifestation of His Spoken Word. It is His thoughts expressed in a material form. God's law of reproduction states that everything bring forth of its own kind. This law applies to the multiplication of natural life as it applies to multiplication of Spiritual Life (Revelation 22:18-19). Jesus said His Word is Spirit and it is Life. When we hybrid his manifested Word between species, or His revealed Word by taking It out of context, misquoting, or mixing it with the ideas of man, its no longer an expression of His Spirit and without Eternal Life.

In the original sin, Eve was deceived when Satan hybrid God's revealed Word with his wisdom. Eve added her own reasoning against the faith, and receiving the seed of the serpent by physical adultery, she bore Cain.

Cain was not part of God's creation. He was a hybrid of two species: man and serpent, not in God's creative thinking from the foundation of the world. Not being a Spoken Word of God, he was not one of Adam's sons. So although he has a soul, he has no Kinsman Redeemer, because he is not on the Book of Life.

The fruit of intermarriage between the races of Adam and Cain is always serpent's seed and can never breed itself back to the Book of Life. We learn from Genesis 6:1-7 and Jude 11-15 God destroyed the world by Flood because Adam's race were interbreeding with Cain's lineage. Jesus said this great evil would repeat in the days when the Son of Man was being revealed, and it has.

Following the Flood, God blessed Noah and his sons, and told them to "be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and have dominion over it" as He'd told Adam at the beginning. God promised Noah and his sons, saying, "I will establish My Covenant with you and with your SEED after you", and He signified It with the token of a rainbow. But reading on we find that Canaan, the first child born after the Flood was not of their seed. Canaan was Serpent's seed by Noah's adulterous wife, Naamah.

Genesis 10, known as the Table of Nations, describes the descendants of Shem, Ham, Japheth, and Canaan who eventually dispersed into their own possessions. God divided these lands among the sons of Adam according to common family, race and tongue (lineage or birthright) when He separated them from the Serpent's seed at the Tower of Babel where they were all of one language and had taken the headship of the "children of men", or Serpent's seed (Genesis 11:5-9; Deuteronomy 32:8).

We must never forget that God is a Separator. Universal brotherhoods are nothing but unscriptural Communist fiction. God separated the sons of Adam from one another, and from the sons of Cain. "The dream of universal brotherhood, because it rests on sentimental fiction that men and women are all the same, cannot survive the discovery that they differ." The UN is FORCING an artificial union among races through 'multiculturalism' as the false church will shortly FORCE the mark of the beast when it rules the UN and NWO. Men will worship its way and obey its will, or be slain.

Jesus foretold there will again be intermarriage with the serpent's seed at the end of the Gentile dispensation. But as God placed enmity between them, they will be unable to establish mutual understanding and lasting agreement between their nations, and the NWO will be broken in pieces by the coming Millennium as foretold in Daniel 2 and by Jesus in Revelation 16-17. You will notice from Daniel 2:42-44 it is the Eastern and Western nations into which the Roman Empire divided which will be unable to keep to their agreement.

We have seen from the Bible that God established our human society in a nationalistic order of homogeneous kindred groups. Satan always sought to usurp all authority and pre-eminence. History describes how rulers under his influence have worked through the ages to unite the nations under a global order wherein the State, often represented by their deified self, became god. This is the object of Communism and United Nations today.

Daniel and Jesus foretold evil men would synthesize an artificial NWO in the end-time which would come to power after the close of the Gentile dispensation. Globalism is unnatural and contrary to God's purpose. Who or what then is the driving force steering this agenda in or imposing it upon every nation? Who but the elite who control international finance, the power that directs every nation. "For the love of money is the root of all evil".

One of many evils this elite is imposing upon the (once Christian) Western world in order to irredeemably divide and conquer our population is euphemistically called 'multiculturalism'. It is enforced multi-racialism, which is accursed in the Bible and encourages miscegenation. This has been imposed by illegally changing our immigration laws, by our association with non-Western European non-Christian peoples in a UN, and by alliances for defence, trade, development aid, education, student exchange, etc., forbidden by Scripture. And by fomenting famine and wars with the consequent artificial need to resettle refugees thus displaced.

These people have taken command of our language through their control of education, Hollywood, entertainment and the media. They've generated an ever-changing language of antonyms, filth and oxymorons among the youth, intentionally offensive and unintelligible to mature, thinking adults. They do not hesitate to ridicule and malign honest loyal citizens who see through and speak against their evil strategy.

Now, even though you and I know we are at the end, and that things will not improve, I'm going to talk common sense from the perspective of the natural man because we must stand for righteousness and not be quitters. Brother Branham told us to keep on planting our potatoes or whatever our responsibility is in this world, until we hear the Trumpet sound. In other words, until the earthquake sinks Los Angeles beneath the sea.

The precipitous rise to popularity of Mrs. Pauline Hanson, Independent Member for Oxley, implies immigration is not the sole issue. Immigration is a great problem only in some areas—but Australians recognized some-one who spoke for them and their own country—because we were nurtured in the idea that one's home is his castle. Socialism's fundamental idea is government "right of entry"—not only into their homes, but into the personal affairs of individuals; like card-indexing and computerizing of the population.

Australians, no doubt, would respond to a Cabinet of Pauline Hansons as they did to Gallipoli, or winning the America's Cup. By deliberate misreporting, dishonest, and selective non-reporting, the mass media are doing their worst to make sure the opportunity is not presented to them. But if its not yet too late for public opinion to root out the traitorous Socialists and establish a patriotic Government, it is essential to recognize that no real solution to our problems is possible which does not traverse the canons of orthodox finance. Any administration which succeeded the Keating cabal with the idea that sovereign control of our own affairs would rectify the economic problems which are the root cause of the political problems of crime, and protest, would rapidly become discredited by the media and those who manipulate public perception. And should this happen to a patriotic Government, the gates would be thrown wide open to the Communist reign of terror.

The first thing any country proposing to alter its financial system should do is "Arm to the teeth." Well, of course, Australia's teeth have been extracted. But in present world conditions it is just possible that moral armament might suffice—that is, a united nation, supporting a patriotic Government prepared to expose and defy the powers of financial internationalism.

It is not certain that at this juncture the USA, which represents the official Headquarters of International Finance, would resort to armed force, whereas a further collapse of the economic system is certain to lead to Communism. If there is a way back from that impasse it lies in making suitable barter (in principle) arrangements with other countries for the supply of necessary raw materials, and the use of internal credit to subsidize home consumption and to restore incentive by the progressive reduction of taxation.

Every country except those already subjugated, is under attack by International Finance—Communism; and Australia has been driven to the point where counter-attack is not so much the best means of defence, as the only one.

Dr. John Coleman in his book, "National Suicide: Immigration 1965-2080" describes how the internationalists have turned the United States into what Brother Branham called, "The prostitute of the nations" by changing the law to permit massive inflows of immigrants of non-European, non-Christian races so they can divide and conquer the nation in their drive for One World Government. Australia always follows American trends.

He says, "What we have today in America, clearly visible, is cultural radicalism which will lead the United States down the Gaderene Slope to perdition. Multiculturalism is threatening the very existence of our nation. Multiculturalism, moreover, is being legislated, and this will never work. What Frederic Bastiat put in his memorable essay, "The Law," is worth quoting: 'Enforced fraternity destroys liberty'.

Fraternity cannot possibly be 'legally' enforced without liberty being 'legally' destroyed and thus justice being 'legally' trampled underfoot. Legal plunder has two roots: One of them, as I have said before, is in human greed; the other is in false philanthropy".

Well, the 'elite' who would rule this world have certainly manicured the weakness for power, wealth and ego-massaging human greed, wherever they saw that weakness in others could be employed to their advantage. As to 'false philanthropy', some of our charities promote unnecessary causes—such as research into industrial medicine to cure ills which result from industrial medicine, or for which natural remedies are well-known. Vast sums are spent on relieving famines, halting wars or curing epidemics of AIDS, etc., which were deliberately designed and executed by the world philanthropist, the UN and its various agencies. I praise God He has opened my eyes to see this plunder.

In the US Constitution, the word 'person' applies to those who are "citizens". But Marxist influence in both US and Australian legislatures has ruled that children of illegal aliens and even resident aliens are automatically citizens if born in the land. The unratified 14th Amendment to the US Constitution deals with "All persons born or naturalized in the United States AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF are citizens ..." Illegal aliens are not "SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION" as they are present as outlaws. They are outside the law and not subject to it. Their children also are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. They too are outlaws. The child cannot be a citizen as the parents are not citizens. We have to cease the stupid practice of granting instant citizenship to children born here of illegal aliens, for they are not citizens.

The case of America is the case of Australia. Our countries were set up as culturally particularist Western European Christian nations. Without attaching ourselves to this 'cultural particularist' heritage as our founding fathers intended for us, we will cease to be a people and a nation. This, of course, is precisely the intention of our present laws and of the shadowy faceless men behind them.

This is no slight to any other race or nationality but an historical fact. We were never intended to be a nation based upon "universal brotherhoods" which is a Communist fiction.

When we dare to defend our traditional heritage we are called bigoted racists. Earlier this century, large numbers of non-Christian people from Eastern Europe settled in the United States and have since had an influence on government and society disproportionate to their numbers. Henry Ford described their customs and propensities, warning his fellow countrymen in a series of articles courageously researched and published in "The Dearborn Independent". His unselfish loyalty almost cost him his business empire through the underhand actions of international bankers, whose representatives moved the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. Similar legislation introduced in Australia by an undemocratic bipartisan vote, overturned our selective immigration laws.

Since passage of these Bills, the vast majority of migrants in both countries is from non-Western, non-Christian countries. Worse yet, their extended families are entitled to immigrate whether they are young, aged and infirm, skilled or unskilled. They are encouraged to retain customs and traditions alien to our cultures and are not required to learn the English language. Unless the trend is altered immediately we will become an Asian nation within 100 years in which Western European Christian society will be a minority. This is not what was intended by the fathers of Federation.

These races were not included and were not intended to be included as citizens. Indeed, they were specifically excluded in the wisdom of our fathers, and by the immigration laws of both countries. That, brethren, is Scriptural.

The intentions of our founding fathers are being circumvented by partial judges in Australia's High and America's Supreme Court interpreting the Constitutions to the advantage of Globalist interests busily undermining States' rights in order to dissolve national sovereignty into the UN NWO whereby we would be ruled by foreigners as part of a global region. This is what George Orwell forewarned in his book, "1984".

The disastrous changes to our immigration policy were deliberately designed to change the social cohesiveness of Australia. Our new Act did not eliminate discrimination against other nationals, but ushered in a new era of discrimination against immigrants from Western Europe (and white Anglo-Saxon nationals).

Often nowadays, our foreign-controlled media lauds the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme and other great works as icons to multiculturalism without pointing-out that the migrants from diverse nations and cultures who laboured on these public works were nonetheless all ONE race. In those days it was illegal for people of diverse races to migrate to Australia.

Australia's original immigration laws were SELECTIVE, but nowadays, UN agreements for admitting "refugees" mean that regardless of whether we invite incompatible immigrants, we are bound to accept incompatible refugees. This is worse as we have less opportunity to be selective.

In addition to refugees admitted to Australia legally, many thousands of illegal aliens invade our country each year. "Not since the Roman Empire was overrun by illegal aliens in the fifth century has the world experienced the massive population movements of recent years."

Let's take the natural to the Spiritual in a little historical review. Revelation 16:12, "The sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared."

The reign of Constantine the Great forms the most deep-reaching division in the history of Europe. The principles which guided the Greek and Roman world are replaced by a new order of ideas. The outward sign of this mental transformation was Christianity which succeeded emperor-worship which had expressed a belief in the ideal of the earthly empire of Rome whose decay had been visible for the previous 300 years.

In making the State Christian, Constantine made the church a State institution and under Imperial control. The first general Council at which a churchman presided was the seventh (at Nicaea in 787), at which the emperor deputed, not a layman, but the patriarch Tarsius to preside. The resolutions of these ecclesiastical State councils did not become the law of the Empire until they were confirmed by Imperial edicts.

The emperors, in their capacity as heads of the church, did not confine themselves to controlling it by controlling the councils. They soon began to issue edicts dealing with theology, by virtue of their own authority. The emperor was always able to control the election of the patriarch in the East, and through him he directed the church.

The establishment of a second capital marked a shift in the centre of gravity from the West to the East. The Eastern provinces were the richest and most resourceful and needed only a great capital in their midst to proclaim this fact. From its foundation it had no history as the Capital of a pagan empire. New Rome had a Christian stamp, and its culture and language was Greek.

Its chief political role was that of acting as a defender of Europe against the great Powers of Western Asia. While it had to resist a continuous succession of dangerous enemies on its northern frontier in Europe: German, Slavonic, Finnic and Tartar peoples, it always considered that its gravest task was to face the powers which successively inherited the dominion of Cyrus and Darius.

From this point of view we might divide the external history of the Empire into four great periods, each marked by a struggle with a different Asiatic (or Eastern) power:

1. with Persia, ending about 630 with the triumph of Rome.

2. with the Saracens who ceased to be formidable in the 11th century.

3. with the Seljuk Turks, in the 11th and 12th centuries, and

4. with the Ottoman Turks, in which the Roman power went down and did not recover (militarily).

Throughout Medieval history to 1204, Constantinople was the first city in the world. The escape of the Eastern provinces from the fate of the Western illustrates the fact that the strength of the Empire lay in the East. These provinces were more populous and presented greater obstacles to the invaders, who followed the line of least resistance. But it was of immense importance that throughout this period the empire was able to preserve a practically unbroken peace with its great Eastern rival.

With the rise of Islam, two universal religions, for the first time, stood face to face, each aspiring to win the universe. The creation of the political power of the Mohammedans was so sudden that it took the world by surprise. Bostra, the fortress of Roman Arabia, fell into their hands in 634, and by 641 they had conquered Syria and all Egypt. Within 20 years they had conquered Armenia, a buffer state at the source of the Euphrates between Roman and Persian spheres of influence and was divided between these two super powers. Later Islam conquered Africa.

Euphrates was the Eastern boundary and defence of the Old Roman Empire which fell under attrition from the East. Imperial Rome divided between East and West and became the Holy Roman Empire which eventually broke up into ten parts after the fall of their last emperor, Romulus Augustus, in AD476.

In Daniel 7:20 and Revelation 12:3 we see Rome as a beast with ten horns representing these nations, also symbolized by the ten toes of the image king Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream, Daniel 2. These ten divisions were the Anglo-Saxons (Britain), the Alemani (Germany), the Burgundians (Switzerland), the Franks (France), the Lombards (Italy), the Seuvi (Portugal), the Visigoths (Spain), the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Heruli (all Germanic tribes).

It is interesting to observe how the first beast of Revelation 13 arose in the midst of a people surrounding the Mediterranean Sea whilst the second beast arose in America which was previously unpopulated by these people but became a great nation when they were transplanted along with their culture and the Christian religion. For a while they prospered but soon they became apostate and America became an image unto Imperial Rome in the natural, as Protestantism mirrors Papal Rome in the spiritual.

Clearly it is predominantly the races that made up the Roman Empire, the Japhetic nations, with whom God has been dealing—wherever they moved—these last 2,000 years. Daniel 2:44 says, "In the days of THESE kings, shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom." "The days" is the Gentile dispensation. "THESE kings" are ruling the Roman Empire. Wherever these people travelled, they carried the Gospel, and God's blessing came upon all who respected and served them faithfully, because they were honouring God, Whose Word was in them.

This was demonstrated last night in an illustrated address on "Heraldry" at the Conservative Speakers' Club. I suspect the speaker was a British Israel discerner although I saw none of their people. In an interesting lecture he showed photographs of hewn, carved and illustrated crests of mainly Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people which contain Old Testament symbols of the Tribes of Israel. I don't believe the British Israel theories, but I see in this heraldry a testimony to the Christian faith of our ancient forefathers, mixed perhaps with the chivalrous fantasy of identification with the Tribes of Israel.

The extremity of Imperial Rome's authority lay in the East. The limit of her military control did not extend beyond the River Euphrates. Papal Rome's control is not yet military. That is something which will come to pass in the immediate future. Her authority of creed and tradition ends at what little of God's Word, taken out of context, is mixed with them. Geographically, the influence of Papal authority also ends at the great river Euphrates, beyond which are the Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Confuscist and Communist, etc. The "kings of the East".

Ultimately, Rome will be ruling in Jerusalem, and as Daniel 11 foretells, "tidings out of the East and North shall trouble him..." Rome's enemies will then be not only the Communists, but Israel's Muslim enemies.

God gave Papal Rome 1,000 years during the Dark Ages in which to repent. Her lack of repentance was a rejection of what little Holy Spirit she had about her, eliminating her defence. This is likened to the drying-up of the great river Euphrates. In other words, the apostasy of the Roman Catholic system of worship reproduced in her (once) Protest-ant daughter churches, leaves the descendants of Western once Christian civilization spiritually bankrupt, miserable, blind to God's revelation and mercy and naked of the blood of Christ. We still regard ourselves as "saved by the blood of the Lamb" and like to be called by the Name of Christ, in order to take away our reproach. But live by our own doctrine and wear our own righteousness (Isaiah 4:1-2).

In about the last thirty years Western man has lost his identification. He now imagines that "all men are equal", that there is no distinction among men regardless of race, religion or culture, and that they should be intermingled to produce a new 'blend'. It wasn't so in the beginning, and the whole Bible story declares that God is a separator. This is not "chance mutation", any more than the origin of the species was a "chance mutation". It's a deliberate plan based upon human reasoning against the revealed Word of God, causing the dumbing-down of Western civilization preparatory to One World Government wherein we are accounted cattle.

Because Western man has followed human reasoning away from the revealed Word and the proven wisdom of centuries, he has now no defence. He has placed himself on a level playing field with his historic enemy whom God has set at enmity and expects them to play by the "gentlemanly" rules of his once Christian civilization. There is now no border of defence twixt the nominal Christian West and the children of wisdom and of Cain. No River Euphrates, no Bible faith, and NO rules but the "survival of the fittest".

It should be mandatory in all the Church of God that ministers prepare acquaint their people as to how the other side think by reading a little from the Talmud, the philosophy underlying the NWO. And teaching on the original sin. Thank God for sending us a prophet in this day, though few will understand His Message. Like the human race, it will be prostituted with the hiss of the Serpent, and changed from God's Word and Life, to carnal reasoning against the revealed Word, and death.

After the Beast thinks he has the world under his control, he will break his covenant with the Jews, to stop their power over his money. The love of money is the root of all evil. And at this time the Roman Empire will again divide asunder between East and West.

Russia, taking headship of the Eastern faction will destroy the Vatican, home of the Mother of Prostitutes and annihilate North America by atomic bombs. Armageddon sets in and God stones the old whore with brimstone out of heaven as once He destroyed Sodom and the cities on the plain.

We have been forewarned by a Message sent by God through a vindicated prophet in this day. We do well if well heed his words for outside this Message will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. bb970305.htm

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