God Works in the Individual, not through Organization

Matthew 6:19-24, "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of Light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon".

God's Policy is to establish His throne in the heart of the individual Christian who yields himself Soul, spirit and body unreservedly in love, because he understands and agrees with that Policy, and therefore has no questions, doubts or suggestions as to how it might be improved. Those who wish to receive Him through qualified collective group understanding are outside the kingdom. God's Policy is to baptize individual Sons and daughters into the Body, not groups or organizations.

WRITTEN history is the outcome of a manufacturing process. Five percent fact, and ninety-five percent historian, even at its best. Its value depends primarily upon the historian, and secondarily on the ability of the reader to see the related facts in their true perspective.

LIVING history is the operation of policy. To identify policy in history, one must recognize individual events as links in a particular chain—beginning somewhere in the past and extending into the future. When we recognize the chain, we perceive also the core of intent. Jesus said, "After a little while the world will behold Me no more; but you will see Me: because I live, you shall live also. In that day you shall know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you" (John 14:19-20). This is the evidence of the new birth!

Life is full of the accidental; but it's also full of the consequences of policies—policies which may be unrelated, related (inter-linked) or opposed, and short in duration, or long-term. A short-term policy may be defined as one which exists within the span of a generation, and a long-term policy one which transcends the generations. Long-term policies are those of organizations; and the most fundamental of such policies is the survival of the organization as such, be it a people, a nation, or an institution. Faith and principle are forsaken, because 'means' justify the 'ends.' Another such policy is the extension of the influence of the organization; whether by example, precept, or power. Conversely, the existence of long-term policies denotes the existence of organizations which sustain them (like the "hidden hand" that controls governments).

The Hegelian dialectic is being employed to secure and sustain absolute world power and authority to the elite.

Two of the great policies active in history are tension, and power; and these are sometimes in association, and sometimes opposed: like militant religion, or religion in restraint of power. But perhaps the most easily discernible policy is national power. There is, however, another policy, much less discernible, which stands opposed to national power: and that is international power. It is known by its manifestation, but the ORGANIZATION which sustains it is much less easily discovered than in the case of a nation.

C.H. Douglas wrote in 1946: "Perhaps the fairest material prospect ever opened to human vision, the Promised Land of Plenty and Leisure, appeared, towards the close of the nineteenth century, to be at hand. The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria marked the summit of a British Empire superficially invincible, widely, if not universally, respected and far more united than any other organization of comparable size, either before or after the disintegration of Medieval Europe; and a Continent of Europe which, if it betrayed disquieting signs to the trained observer, yet remained the unquestioned and unquestionable centre of civilization and culture.

Fifty years later, Europe lies in ruins; its grace and culture rent and torn, the helpless prey of conflicting ideologies and half-crazed fanatics; it and the British Empire, attacked from every quarter and disrupted by internal intrigues, would appear to be mere children of the storm of war, whose only hope of survival is a refuge under the shadow of a World Government."

Hence the EEC, a step to regionalization in Europe, and the destruction of national sovereignty.

This transformation from a World of Promise to a World at War (which still endures; and will continue to the Millennium) is the manifestation of a policy which stands opposed to nationalism—a policy which is crystallized in the history of the first two-thirds of the twentieth century—a period marked by war, revolution and murder on an unprecedented scale, but a period marked also by the emergence of the organs of a World Government. Yet to the untrained observer, the events of all these years have an episodic appearance; the appearance is, for example, of two World Wars, one due to the Kaiser, the other to Hitler, whereas the reality is one World War in two phases, brought about by manipulation by an International Power.

What Power?

We can never know until we recognize the individual events as links in a particular chain—beginning somewhere in the past and extending into the future. Only when we recognize the chain, will we perceive also the intent, and the Power at work behind the scenes.

Too many people still regard Communism as a military threat emanating from Russia, and, to a lesser extent, from China—a threat mitigated to some degree by the supposed 'split' between those two countries. We dare not confront China for fear of ending the 'thaw' in our relations with Russia—not to mention the threat to our growing 'trade,' (which is the name we give to strengthening our enemies).

In fact, however, Communism is not a military confrontation. It is an international conspiracy, organized in every country of the world. It is a sort of many-tentacled octopus, the movements of the tentacles being coordinated from a central nervous system, the main part of which is almost certainly located in the great international banking houses of New York. Subsidiary centres of co-ordination exist in each country.

The real spread of Communism is in the extent to which these centres exert control over local populations, so that increasing centralization of government is an advance in Communist objectives, as in Australia and the USA (Matthew 4:8-9). Most of this extension is the result of the penetration, first of schools and universities, and much later the governing bureaucracies, by Fabian-type socialists. We are seeing the fruit of the policy of financing the London School of Economics, "to train the bureaucrats who will run our future socialist state." (Also Rhodes, Fulbright, Churchill, Schwarzman Scholarships, and the World Economic Forum).

Since that policy was enunciated, many generations of students have been indoctrinated in theories which make socialism seem natural and inevitable (like Australia's 'inevitable' republic). From among these students and graduates, suitable personnel are recruited into the more secret ramifications of the apparatus—that is to say, they are made conscious to varying degrees of the real intention of socialism; and some come to realize that short of totalitarian control, there is almost certain to be resistance to government. Such resistance they call counter-revolution, and come to 'realize' the necessity of using force to suppress it.

On the face of it, Australia's situation now appears to be hopeless. But "in every country in which the Conspiracy has not attained complete control of the army and the police, the Conspiracy's control depends on deceit: massive, universal deceit; and power that is exercised by deceit can be destroyed by exposure".

International Finance is essentially a conspiracy.

Marxist Communism never pretended to be anything else.

And it was always clear to students of politics that Fabian Socialism was a conspiracy, albeit of a more 'respectable' kind.

These are only three aspects of ONE Conspiracy, by which the power of Finance has penetrated and taken over the mechanisms of government, using Fabian-type socialists—conscious or brainwashed—to penetrate organizations and government instrumentalities; and the Communists to exploit the economic and political disorders promoted by false economic theories (J-curve, deregulation, level playing-field, LIMA Agreement, economic rationalism, etc.,) and eventually to provide the secret police of the ultimate totalitarian world state.

There are now many countries where Communism is in full control; but the primary target of the Conspiracy is Christian civilization, and many of the countries captured so far have been taken mainly in order to deprive the so-called West of their use and resources, and in the course of a general outflanking movement (which with the fall of South Vietnam was a component).

The broadest name for the long-term policy (or conspiracy) under which we suffer is "internationalism," and internationalism implies the destruction of nationalism, which is precisely what has been happening in Australia and the world.

Communism openly proclaims itself as a policy of internationalism; and it is clear 99% of politicians in the West are communists and know it not. Their policies are internationalist, centralist and directed toward a World Government. The policy of the Royal Institute for International Affairs is internationalism; so is that of the American Council for Foreign Relations, and of the great International Banking houses, and the United Nations. In fact, the 'plot' has now reached the status of an open secret.

With every week that passes, the stranglehold of the Washington-Moscow axis is intensified. This situation has been brought about, in the main, by Fabianism—the steady, consistent, but gradual application of the policy of centralization, proceeding through financial policy and in the growth in power and monopoly of 'federal' governments. At the present time we are witnessing the culminating phase in the frenzied rounds of international consultations to 'integrate' defences and disarm in favour of the UN.

For a long time there has been little to choose between the Liberals and the Labour Socialists. Soon we will discover that effective resistance to internationalism is a crime punishable by death. Hence our citizens are being disarmed. There has been considerable speculation about Scotland's Dunblaine killings, Tasmania's Port Arthur massacre, and coincidentally, a mass shooting in New Zealand, accompanied by the call for gun control. "One man one vote" has pretty well accomplished its mission in Australia by installing an elected dictatorship. Australians are being disarmed by fiat. Speculation asks whether the killers were is some way programmed and the massacres choreographed. God knows.

Recently my school year held a reunion; our speaker was Ken, now 'Judge' Taylor. He reflected on the life of a school boy in the 60's. Boys fired Bren and Owen machine guns at the school rifle range in the middle of North Sydney. It was usual to see fourteen-year-old lads carrying .303 rifles on the bus and train every Tuesday, storing them at home in their bedrooms. Hundreds of thousands of schoolboys throughout the nation were entrusted with a .303. There was no licensing of non-military long arms, and no mass murder or massacres were provoked. Times have changed.

Communism is the power-structure of a system of World Government that is designed to replace the world government which hitherto has been exercised through centralized international control of the financial system—a control which, since 1914, has largely been directed to the destruction of the British Empire, then to the destruction of Britain as a nation. The last target is the American public. The gold 'crisis' of 1968 was a warning of the universal economic crisis, so long foretold. In 1971, the US became bankrupt and was forced (by France among others), to abandon the Gold Standard because she could not exchange gold for her own currency.

Realistic accountancy, not gold, is the proper 'reserve' for 'money' but our politicians are afraid to denounce international financial orthodoxy and expose all the forces united in maintaining it. The assassination of leaders like JFK, Harold Holt, Enrico Mattel, Aldo Moro, Herrhausen, Uwe Barschel, Olaf Palme, Rohwedder, Zulfikar Bhutto, Zia Ul Huq and Rajiv Ghandi, who sought to free their nations from the vulnerabilities of the financial markets, narcotics, arms trade and associated terrorism cautions today's leaders, not to place 'national' ahead of Establishment interests.

The barrage of economic 'analyses' all following the same line, to which the industrialized West is constantly subject, are irrelevant. The international financiers know exactly what they are doing. Crisis is their policy to prevent reform of a system that concentrates world power in their hands—until they can achieve a policed World Government.

The heart and brain of the Conspiracy is the International Financial Power, the real but largely unrecognized World Government, whose power was threatened by the overwhelming productivity of modern industry—UNTIL the advent of the EEC, GATT, LIMA Agreement, Maastricht Treaty, NAFTA, etc.

The ration card, cashless society, or welfare in one form or another, is their ultimate instrument of government; and it is to maintain the power to impose the conditions of access to the necessities of life that the Terror of "Global 2000" has been prepared.

One such consequence is the planned depopulation of the world, already under way. In the days of the Industrial Revolution, employees produced more than they consumed. This excess was translated into profits for the entrepreneur. To further increase his wealth, he employed more workers. Today, capital equipment: computerized automated robots produce far more than any number of employees, and at less cost. We now consume more than we produce and profits from increased production represent an inadequate return to the entrepreneur on additional capital investment required to meet orders. It is his personal and company taxes that largely support a rapidly crumbling infrastructure, primarily for the benefit of a growing population of unproductive citizens. Furthermore, the world's resources of raw materials are finite and being consumed at an exponential rate by people who can contribute no material benefit to society and represent a charge to the elite. Nowadays the manufacturer, like his financiers, is an internationalist on the "level playing field," where he buys labour from the cheapest source. Were he to demonstrate Nationalist sympathies, his competitors would put him out of business overnight.

Many people would ridicule all that I have just said. But cast your eyes around at the deserted factories, check what manufactured product we now import which once we manufactured and exported. Even basic staples such as potatoes, wheat, oranges, dairy products, bottled water, lemonade and rice are now brought in from overseas whilst local industries close and orchards are bulldozed. There is even lobbying to import cooked chicken. If you had been to as many auction sales as I have over the past five years, and seen state of the art computerized machinery sold for a song, you would better understand the fact that local industry cannot compete with Asian competition. I've seen overseas Chinese labour dismantle huge Sydney factory buildings for shipment to Malaysia and reassembly. We did not even supply the labourers to dismantle them.

Now some of the following quotations might be five or ten years old, but remember it took many more years for the various organs of the elite to infiltrate bureaucracies and institutions to the extent that they have become policy-makers and implementers or saboteurs of unfriendly policy. Although the skeptic says, "everything's changed since the elections," what really changed? Only the ministry, the country is administered by the same officials coordinating the same regulations. New legislation takes ages to be passed and implemented. It takes even longer to reverse policies and change public perceptions.

Towards the close of the Carter' Presidency in 1980, "Global 2000 Report to the President," a two-volume study hailed as the most comprehensive effort to project global economic trends for the next 20 years, painted a picture of a world endangered by over-population, resource shortages, food shortages and environmental hazards. Among its forecasts: 170 million deaths through disease and famine in the developing countries. Then "Global Future: a Time to Act," presented policy recommendations on the problems defined by "Global 2000." It lauded 'population control' as the cornerstone of a policy to counter those problems.

Both "Global 2000" and "Global Future" are correctly understood as political statements of intent on the part of such policy-centres as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the International Monetary Fund, to pursue policies that will result, not only in the death of 170 millions cited in the reports, but in the death of upwards of 2 billion people by the year 2000. The policies discussed in "Global 2000" were at the time already being implemented by the IMF and related institutions. For instance, a 1982 study by Fusion Energy Foundation estimated that 115 million people had died prematurely in the developing countries over the previous 15 years alone due to the environmentalist sabotage of nuclear energy.

IMF lending conditions to cut imports (including food and fuel), to increase cash crop exports, cut industry investments and focus on labour intensive agriculture, cut food subsidies and take other drastic actions that will define the country as 'credit-worthy,' will 'cull' the poorest populations. By accelerating depression conditions, characterized by rising bankruptcies, unemployment, continued decline of heavy industries and retarded technological development in advanced economies there will be no reinvestable profits to invest in underdeveloped countries. These conditions will drastically reduce populations in the advanced sector.

In truth, there is a correlation between the rate at which technological progress defines and expands natural resources, and the rate at which human population grows. The effect of progress in creating more advanced technologies is to redefine the resource-base for the world economy as a whole, creating new resources by transforming formerly 'useless objects' into useful materials for mankind.

Impeded technological progress in the advanced economies will produce a global population decline, severely impacting underdeveloped countries which do not have existing infrastructure to support even the most basic technologies. The huge investments required for irrigation, electricity generation and delivery, telecommunications, transport and public health will not produce a return on investment until these countries reach a considerably higher level of economic development, a process requiring at least one generation.

So you see the International Financiers can reduce world population by the implementation of 'policy.' Investment will not be forthcoming with the advanced countries in enforced retreat, and bankers demanding their 'pound of flesh.' The result will be depopulation by increased poverty, disease and starvation, and transfer of assets to the bankers. We see this phenomenon world-wide in 'debt for equity' swaps. In Mexico and the South American countries, Britain, New Zealand and Australia, public utilities, water, 'wetlands', oil and mineral resources, airlines, banks and national telephone networks are being demanded in exchange for debt. Debt we could finance ourselves were we not ruled by weaklings afraid to withstand and reject the corrupt system of the international usurers.

"Global 2000 Report to the President" of the United States, (and aren't we thankful Jimmie Carter was a 'Christian'), projected an 18% decline in food consumption in large parts of Africa and Asia, and in the same period 30% increase in food consumption in the US. Projected starvation results solely from the "Global 2000 'investment' policies." Proponents of the policy believe that the population of the United States, by early next century, should be no more than 75 million persons, and Australia's down to 7 million.

Of course, since the Menzies era, Australia has always been the lackey of its US masters and their masters, the international elite. The policy of internationalization, deindustrialisation, unemployment, and austere health budgets which deny high technology approaches to health problems and (as in some European countries), restricted sale of certain natural vitamins without prescription, are imposing conditions on the medical profession whose foreseeable consequence is the practice of euthanasia is law in all Australian states.

"The Australian" (January 29, 1997) reports a cunning equivocation of Treasurer Peter Costello. "An embarrassing $1.6 billion error in company tax has helped add $3 billion to the Budget deficit, forcing the Government to cut spending and change taxes this year." Under threat are child-care and $16.7 billion in tax breaks for business expansion. Thus is "Global 2000" policy retarding the future—our children; and R&D for scientific and technological progress. The Treasurer did not consider collecting $40 billion transaction tax foregone on speculative paper, or untaxed repatriation by transnational cartels of profits that alone would bring in $25-50 billion this year, depending on the thoroughness of government taxation audits.

And "The Economist" (September 28, 1996) carried an alarming forecast for the working prospects of the young, and foreshadowed the rise of a growing social problem: uneducated, unmarried, unemployed men. In rural, manual, construction sectors, with government post-industrial policies of induced infrastructure run-down, and the dying rural sector, the jobs for men are just not there.

Failure of an education system to cope with the problem stems from a lack of funds, caused by an economy in which the national productive capacity is declining. The health system is contracting similarity as a result of the nation's contractionary economy problems.

"The Economist" presented a "multi-sided case," the result of a two pronged attack on the male in the community. 1. To provide him with inappropriate 'education.' 2. To take his job . . . there is a connection between work and marriage: joblessness reduces the attractiveness of men as marriage partners . . . To this gloomy picture the specifically Australian phenomenon can be added—the appalling rate of young rural male suicides. The question of alcohol, narcotics abuse and road deaths has not been factored into the above equation, and so-on.

"Global 2000" has been employed as the basis of Australian government policy to depopulate the nation. "Global 2000" is based on fraudulent statistics. Australia's birth-rate is below the 'replacement rate' of 2.1 as are most European nations, the USA, China, Indonesia, Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa.

God's command is to "be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and have dominion over it." Prosperous countries exhibit technological progress and have growing populations. The elite behind "Global 2000" know that any society with a zero or negative population growth must collapse.

It took until about 1800 for human population to reach its first billion but only 130 years to reach its second. The peak of increase was reached in the early 1960s, when each year, world population grew by 68 million. At the present time the number of people added each year to world population has risen to 80 million. Present population is about 5 billion and in the absence of artificial factors like "Global 2000," is likely to double again to be 10 billion before today's children are dead. There is little reason to think the implications of this will be anything but menacing to the species.

In 1798, John Malthus thought likewise and published his "Essay on the Principle of Population as it affects the Future of Mankind." The "Principle," to be understood in the general rather than the strictly mathematical sense, is that population grows in a geometrical ratio, while the means of subsistence grow only in an arithmetical ratio. This principle, at times derided (and in the absence of artificial restraints upon development as proposed by Global 2000, quite false), is that which underlies the now much-publicized 'population explosion.' Supposing others besides Malthus, and perhaps even before him, observed this principle; who is to say that they did not foresee at least the more obvious implications "to the species"? And what species?

From a purely biological point of view, 'mankind' is regarded as a species within the Order of the Mammals, and within this species there is, by definition, no reproductive isolation if we don't take account of physical Serpent's seed. But for reasons explored by Dr. B. W. Monahan in an essay (The Aims of Education) in 1944, biological classification of mankind does not adequately classify the human situation. Biological speciation has been overtaken by what might be called "cultural speciation." As far as the natural man can see, what differentiates one 'people' from another is not biological, but cultural characteristics which are acquired after birth and therefore lie outside the genetic mechanism. The important thing which leads individuals to cohere as 'a people' is much less racial than cultural; but once there is cohesion as a group, the aim of survival as a group emerges, and one of the components of that aim is foresightedness.

Thus if Malthus is right, the problem is not that of the survival of the species as a biological whole, but of which culturally differentiated group has foreseen the problem and taken steps towards its OWN survival.

From this point of view, the prospect is terrifying. Depopulation as a conscious policy emerged in the eighteenth century French revolutions, and re-emerged with the Communist revolution in Russia, China, and elsewhere. 'Decolonization'—currently on view in parts of Africa and East Timor—is depopulation on the do-it-yourself principle.

The Republic of South Africa was the one remaining country that might have successfully challenged the emerging World Government. For control of the whole of Africa is essential to effective World Government; and, in the face of the 'population explosion,' so is depopulation. The Republic of South Africa no longer stands in the way.

'Racial' tensions and conflicts are obviously incited and sustained by propaganda, and serve to distract attention from the real conflict in the world, which is cultural. Communism of course is not a culture; it's the vehicle for the survival-policy of those ultimately behind it.

The evidence is overwhelming that behind Communist and associated evils is a self-conscious elite, surviving by appointing its own successors, using war and revolution to keep the 'population explosion' at bay until its own power, and hence its survival, is unchallengeable. The attack on religion, morality and the mores of peoples presages what the future holds.

Genocide! Remember, the rider on the pale horse is named 'Death', "and hell followed with him"!

The main problem for the governing elite is a world population already in excess of a sustainable maximum. A threat rather than an asset, and one that will double is about 35 years. Added to this, the degradation of arable land and pollution of water, exacerbated by UN desertification and wetlands treaties, US and recent EEC regulations regarding planting and harvesting, are establishing conditions for famine. Scarcity of oil, and air pollution from Asian industrialization and the rising purchasing power of workers, promise a new crisis.

Excessive people now present the greatest threat to the elite. According to Humanist teachings, life is a meaningless evolution; moral values are situational, and euthanasia is presented as dying with 'dignity.' How will they reduce population? The US Department of Defense appropriated $10 million in 1970 to produce a synthetic biological agent that will destroy the immune system (House Bill 15090). Were such a politically protected disease as AIDS sufficiently deadly to reduce population by 50%, it would take only about 30 years to replace. Anything less than a 70% reduction would, from a World Government view, be frivolous.

Why do we have fluoride in our water supply? It's rat poison and has no beneficial effect on dental health. There is no fluoride in the Brisbane City water supply. Dental statistics for Brisbane people are in no way inferior to those of Australian Cities with fluoridated water.

The elite who conceived and sowed these deceptive conspiracies could not have brought them to their present stage of harvest ripeness had people known and raised the Word of the hour in their defence. Ignorance of the faith, and rejection of God's Word: their only defence and strong tower, has left them naught but a few pieces of silver. They've become servants of mammon, a fraudulent tool created by the elite to enslave them.

Dr. Faust perhaps best symbolizes the aspirations of the elite and their terrible consequences. A sixteenth century alchemist, astrologer and sodomitic necromancer, he exchanged his soul for 24 years of knowledge and power in the service of the Devil.

Do not follow the group, even if they are Christians. Become the friend of God. Search the Scriptures to understand personally His Word for you at this particular time. Follow God and His Word alone. God will only deal with you as an individual. He deals with those in the group we call the Church on an individual basis. He never works through the collective body of an organization. Personal faith from God, not group consensus. bb970226.htm

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