Index - The Two Babylons

The Two Babylons

(or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife).

An extremely well-researched study by the Rev. Alexander Hislop.

2bab001.htm -  2KB  Note by the Editor.
2bab002.htm -  6KB  Preface to the Second Edition.
2bab003.htm - 13KB  Preface to the Third Edition.
2bab004.htm -  4KB  Introduction. 

Chapter I.

2bab005.htm - 21KB  Distinctive Character of the Two Systems.

Chapter II.

2bab006.htm - 18KB  Objects of Worship. Section I. - Trinity in Unity.
2bab007.htm -  3KB  Section II.- The Mother and Child, and the Original
                     of the Child.
2BSB008.htm - 41KB  Sub-section I. - The Child in Assyria.
2bab009.htm - 13KB  Sub-section II. - The Child in Egypt.
2bab010.htm - 20KB  Sub-section III. - The Child in Greece.
2bab011.htm -  8KB  Sub-section IV. - The Death of the Child.
2bab012.htm - 36KB  Sub-section V. - The Deification of the Child.
2bab013.htm - 36KB  Section III. - The Mother of the Child. 

Chapter III.


2bab014.htm - 24KB Section I. - Christmas and Lady-day.
2bab015.htm - 23KB Section II. - Easter.
2bab016.htm - 35KB Section III. - The Nativity of St. John.
2bab017.htm -  9KB Section IV. - The Feast of the Assumption.

Chapter IV.

Doctrine and discipline.

2bab018.htm - 44KB Section I. - Baptismal Regeneration.
2bab019.htm - 36KB Section II. - Justification by Works.
2bab020.htm - 25KB Section III. - The Sacrifice of the Mass.
2bab021.htm -  7KB Section IV. - Extreme Unction.
2bab022.htm - 11KB Section V. - Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead.

Chapter V.

Rites and Ceremonies.

2bab023.htm - 16KB Section I. - Idol Processions.
2bab024.htm - 17KB Section II. - Relic Worship.
2bab025.htm - 18KB Section III. - The Clothing and Crowning of Images.
2bab026.htm - 11KB Section IV. - The Rosary and the Worship of the Sacred Heart.
2bab027.htm - 14KB Section V. - Lamps and Wax-candles.
2bab028.htm - 19KB Section VI. - The Sign of the Cross.

Chapter VI.

Religious Orders.

2bab029.htm - 33KB Section I. - The Sovereign Pontiff.
2bab030.htm - 16KB Section II. - Priests, Monks, and Nuns.

Chapter VII.

The Two Developments Historically and Prophetically Considered.

2bab031.htm - 41KB Section I. - The Great Red Dragon.
2bab032.htm - 36KB Section II. - The Beast From the Sea.
2bab033.htm - 20KB Section III. - The Beast from the Earth.
2bab034.htm - 13KB Section IV. - The Image of the Beast.
2bab035.htm - 30KB Section V. - The Name of the Beast, the Number
                    of His Name - The Invisible Head of the Papacy.
2bab036.htm - 29KB Conclusion.
2bab037.htm -  3KB Appendix - Woman with Golden Cup.
2bab038.htm -  9KB Appendix - Hebrew Chronology.
2bab039.htm -  9KB Appendix - Shing Moo and Ma Tsoopo of China.
2bab040.htm -  5KB Appendix - Ala-Mahozim.
2bab041.htm -  7KB Appendix - Meaning of the name Centaurus.
2bab042.htm - 11KB Appendix - Olenos, the Sin-Bearer.
2bab043.htm - 10KB Appendix - The Identification of Rhea or Cybele and Venus.
2bab044.htm -  3KB Appendix - The Virgin Mother of Paganism.
2bab045.htm -  9KB Appendix - The Goddess Mother as a Habitation.
2bab046.htm - 14KB Appendix - The Meaning of the name Astarte.
2bab047.htm -  5KB Appendix - Oannes and Souro.
2bab048.htm - 3KB  Appendix - The Identity of the Scandinavian Odin and Adon of Babylon.
2bab049.htm -  4KB Appendix - The Stripping of the Clothes of the Initiated in the Mysteries.
2bab050.htm - 13KB Appendix - Zoroaster, the Head of the Fire-Worshippers.
2bab051.htm -  8KB Appendix - The Story of Phaethon.
2bab052.htm -  5KB Appendix - The Roman Imperial Standard of the Dragon of Symbol of Fire-worship.
2bab053.htm -  5KB Appendix - The Slaying of the Witness.
2bab054.htm -  6KB Appendix - Attes, the Sinner.